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The beautiful bronzed body of Arlena Stuart lay facedown on the beach But strangely there was no sun and Arlena was not sunbathingshe had been strangledEver since Arlena's arrival the air had been thick with sexual tension Each of the guests had a motive to kill her including Arlena's new husband But Hercule Poirot suspects that this apparent crime of passion conceals something much evil

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    Wonderful GN that is faithful to the work of Agatha Christie

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    This was fun to read It was really interesting reading an Agatha Christie novel in illustration form and actually seeing all the characters and their facial expressions while following Detective Hercule Poirot's journey and witnessing him perform his magic That being said it was short and brief and it seemed like a lot of details were removed in order to make room for this type of storytellingI haven't read the book itself so perhaps that was a reason I enjoyed it than others would had they read the book because I wouldn't know what details were removed or altered I will say given Agatha Christie's style and her introduction of many different characters and having them all say one thing or another that contributes to the case I did get a bit lost at the beginning trying to keep track of all of them and their back stories This is mostly because there is no context you just jump right into it and they give you brief snippets rather than elaborate text and conversation that you'd find in a book so it was a bit confusing for me Definitely enjoyable very uick read but I think I'd like to read the book too

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    Believe this is the last one in the series so wanted to make the most of it as it is also one of my favourite Agatha ChristieI finished the book with mixed feelings Loved the pictorial representation of the novel and the adaption of the dialogue was well done Unfortunately I think the plot and the skill at which the murder is committed is lost in the telling in this pictorial version Stopping short of making the version longer not sure how this could have been resolvedFinished it wanting to dig out my Agatha Christie DVD collection and re watch this classic

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    It's Agatha Christie And Hercule Poirot solves another mysterious crimeA story set on the beautiful resort of Burgh Island off the Devon coast Evil Under The Sun is a good and uick mystery adventureMonsieur Poirot But you forget there is evil everywhere under the sun

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    Nice mystery

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    This book maintains the style of the Hercule Poirot stories and is likely better suited for the graphic novel format in that it is based on the seuential presentation of clues and the orderly mind of Poirot It is August and Poirot is taking a holiday on what is known as the “English Riviera” There is plenty of sun uality food and drink and a wide variety of people staying at the hotel After setting the stage with many different paths of intrigue and potential conflict a woman is strangled Due to the force needed to commit the murder a female perpetrator is ruled out even though there are several women that disliked the victim The story has Poirot and a police detective conducting a set of interviews of the people that may have been involved the goal is to both unravel their tales and then knit them together to make a coherent one that will identify the culprits Several distractors are put forward to shift the reader’s focus from what is otherwise a seuential set of steps towards the solution Since it is all of the mind with no fighting action the events are easily and effectively transferred to the graphic novel format At the end Poirot reveals the events in seuence and the murderers causing all of the actions to come together in the form of a complete jigsaw puzzle The artwork is bright befitting a holiday setting in a sunny location and the artist includes the images are of the real setting where Christie located the story This is a nice additional feature to a murder mystery that is well adapted to the graphic novel format

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    This is a graphic novel adaptation of an Agatha Christie mystery It is nicely drawn and uite bright in terms of the events taking place in a vacation spot on the English Riviera wherever that is The drawings of Poirot conform both to Christie’s description and the image we have of him from films and television Having not read the original book one can appreciate the various characters that are necessary as suspects in a Christie mystery The uestion is whether the images limit the suspense of finding out who is the culprit What is interesting is that Christie’s skill of misdirecting the reader is maintained when visualized whether in film or television or in this case the graphic novel There is a nice mixture of long shots and close ups It is not uite how Poirot’s little grey cells reach the conclusion that they do since there are not uite as many red herrings as usual The experience of reading the story in this format is much briefer than either reading the original novel or watching a film of it The book is visually appealing but it may be over too uickly to be as satisfying as reading the novel

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    Haven't read the book form of this but I love this whole series of illustrated Poirots My Saturday brunch fix

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    I love Hercule poirot In here he look pudgy than what I had imagined

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    2013 £999THESE ARE SO FUNIn prose form one would have to leave bookmarks everywhere to go review clues and such but that's not the case here Before the Piorioc exposition began I had done the euivalent of reading the book at least twice over and obsessing over the uality of the artuella GuyotThe pressure of fitting all the ins outs and what have yous of the story into 45 pages must've been arduous in research and its execution into precisely placed dialogue while intimately collaborating with the artist to make sure key elements weren't overunder exposed visuallyJolletThe art is poignant and very well researched He got his brother to photo document the layout of the actual buildings and terrain within the setting which you can tell was done with prescience because they resulted in angles that showed a keen vision for impact The two page spreads on 18 19 and 26 27 are spectacular in detail spanning wide angle aerial depth with keen panel placement within so well that the rest of the expertly rendered landscapes get taken for granted in the best kind of way I'll go so far as to use breathtaking to describe the totality of artistic impact Plenty of time must've been spent on character designing Herc to best pay homage to the weight of his person both in pounds and body language I especially relished the sharply accessorized white suited seaside attire but had to sulk about the lack of a close up panel of him attending to his mustachios