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Cadence Miller is a good girl She just happens to make one terrible mistake her junior year in high school which costs her ten months in juvenile detention Now a senior she's lost everything her best friend the trust of her parents driving privileges Internet access It's a lonely existenceBut there is one bright spot Mark Connelly her very cute very off limits 28 year old calculus teacher She falls hard for him—a ridiculous schoolgirl crush headed nowhere She can't help it He's the only good thing at Crestview High She doesn't expect him to reciprocate her feelings How inappropriate right? But he does And he shows herAnd that's when her life goes from bad to good

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    My casting for Mark Cadence FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Holy taboo 45 starsGood was a well written rebellious romance that defied rules and crossed lines Bold Daring Forbidden The dedication at the beginning set the tone for the whole story To lovers who fought the odds And won To give a little bit of background Good is a New Adult studentteacher romance but there is nothing sugar coated about it I loved that the author wasn't afraid to explore such a controversial unconventional topicThe taboo screams loud and clear and despite the fact that the relationship was legally acceptable in their state it's up to every reader to decide if they can morally justify it because the facts are this the heroine in a 17 year old student and the hero is her 28 year old math teacher Plain and simple They were attracted to each other they fell in love and they acted on their feelings Now add to the mix the fact that the heroine is a Christian from a church going Bible thumping family and you have the recipe for a story that will leave no feather unruffled And I loved itHere’s the blurb Cadence Miller is a good girl She just happens to make one terrible mistake her junior year in high school which costs her ten months in juvenile detention Now a senior she’s lost everything her best friend the trust of her parents driving privileges Internet access And most importantly anonymity Everyone knows about her mistake and the kids at school like to remind her with hate notes in her locker pranks name calling—the worksBut there is one bright spot in the hell that’s become her life Mark Connelly her very cute very off limits 28 year old calculus teacher She falls hard for him—a ridiculous schoolgirl crush headed nowhere She can’t help it He’s the only good thing at Crestview High She doesn’t expect him to reciprocate her feelings How inappropriate right? But he does And he shows her This book had guts Balls It pushed every boundary I won’t lie though – some scenes did make me squirm The situation was anything but ‘comfortable’ but I couldn’t put it down It was dangerous and thrilling “He’s cute Very cute And very smart And very manly And very off limits”“Those are always the best love stories” Fanny replied“Which ones?”She sipped her tea “The dangerous ones” The prologue starts off with a bang Right from the start I was drawn into the severity and scariness of their situation And I wanted to know I really love S Walden’s writing Her character building is fantastic Within a few pages she managed to make me fall for the hero and be drawn right into the heroine’s storyCadence was a really interesting character She was vulnerable on the inside but tried her best to wear a tough exterior I really liked her She was sheltered but not stupid Innocent but not naive And was fighting an entire life’s worth of doctrines and beliefs while trying to find her own place in the worldI was outraged on her behalf for the way she was treated at home Downright furious How could her parents be so close minded?? Utterly blind Every time that I wanted to cheer her on for standing up for herself they found a way to cut her down It wasn’t outright cruelty but sometimes you don’t need fists to hurt “I worked for an entire month since my release from juvie to get back into my parents’ good graves The irony was that I didn’t need to show either of them I’d chanced because I hadn’t I’d always been a good girl even when I made that mistake Yes it was a really terrible mistake but it didn’t alter who I was I didn’t suddenly overnight become a drug addict or a career criminal I made one bad choice that branded me for life at least in my parent’s eyes” I felt terrible for her I mean who doesn’t make mistakes when they’re a teen? It’s supposed to be the time of screw ups Granted hers were serious than most and while her parents' initial reaction might have been understandable at some point you have to be able to forgive and allow room to rebuild trust no? “I was tired of hearing the word “no” I heard it every day I couldn’t breathe for the “no’s” piling on top of me pressing on my heart smothering my brain making it impossible to think positive thoughts” But because of the way the story was written it made you initially feel one thing but then the you thought about the different perspectives the multi layered the story began to get I mean even with her parents I could “get” where they were coming from the I thought about it even though I hated the stance they took But I think that’s the point – people are rarely “good” or “evil” We’re all comprised of multiple sidesBut lets get to the romanceIt was hot forbidden and thrilling But I love taboo books because you just never know what you’re “supposed” to feel Y’know? Should you root for them? cringes I really wanted to Heck I did Did it feel wrong? Sure Absolutely Did it stop me from feeling that way? Nope It was like my brain and my heart were at war and it was a constant battle to see which one could come out on topI’m not going to lie though – as much as I loved the forbidden romance aspect I won’t deny that the fact that a 28 year old was actively pursuing a 17 year did at least partially rub me the wrong way Honestly there were times when I wasn’t sure wasn’t what he was doing wrong? Shouldn’t an older person know better? What a fine line there is between the fantasy of love and the reality of itHe was so direct No beating around the bush But at the same time he never pushed her He just didn’t hide his feelings from her Gah the conflict And darn him but he was swoony I have to give him that Sweet and swoony He never once pushed her into anything but at the same time he didn’t hold back either “I wasn’t a complete idiot I knew this was all wrong and I knew I had to confront the possibility that Mr Connelly was a bad man A user An exploiter So why didn’t I believe any of it?” There were definitely times though when he crossed the line and was unquestionably wrong But I guess that made him human I mean who is perfect? And the way he apologized for his mistakes gave me a deeper respect for him It’s hard not to respect someone who fully admits their faultsAnother thing I found interesting was that there was never a time when you got so lost in the story that you forgot Cadence’s age or Mark’s job The taboo always loud and clear It felt dangerous and forbidden “Do you really think it’s wrong that we’re together? Or do you think it’s wrong because that’s what you’ve been taught?” See it’s a weird thing with studentteacher books because it’s like Would I want that kind of relationship? No Would I want it for my daughter? No But at the same time sometimes things don’t work out in an ‘ideal’ way and you can’t always help who you fall for I guess the choice then is whether you act on it or not But if you don’t at least try you might miss out on something incredible So it’s hard for me to judge it And I have to take into consideration how much of my discomfort came from my societal norms and from what I’ve been taught my whole life In another country on a different planet maybe this wouldn’t be taboo They weren’t hurting anyone they were both consenting so who am I to judge?Every single thing in this book made sense Everything was a reaction to something I loved that there was no fluff and that everything that happened had a purpose and was somehow tied into either the overall plot or a character’s development It was a well crafted story that made me stop and think I loved that this story made me uncomfortable in places I loved that the questions that it raised I loved the thrill of the taboo and I loved the way the whole story came together It was fast paced attention grabbing and I honestly didn’t want to put it down Good is the first of a 2 part series so everything was not tied up neatly with a bow at the end There was no relationship cliffhanger but there was an external one While their relationship wasn’t in doubt we are left with a lot of unanswered questions and there is a lot to explore in the next book That being said it didn’t leave me biting my nails Sure ideally I’d have loved to have the sequel ready to go but I’m okay waiting here And I will certainly be reading the sequel the day it gets releasedS Walden really did a fantastic job with this book It was bold daring and dangerous This is the kind of taboo you want to read45 starsI also want to share this note from the author because it was a part of what made me want to read the bookYeah so I realize I’m taking a chance with this one as I do with all my books it seems I know many of the studentteacher relationship books out there involve professors and college students to make them a little accepting Yeah I really don’t do “accepting” Plus the story spoke to me It wanted to be written Cadence needed to be written Not only am I taking a chance with the stark age difference between heroine and hero but I’m also taking a chance infusing spirituality in this book It’s not enough that Cadence would embark on a completely inappropriate relationship with her teacher but I wanted to make sure she was a Christian as well So there you go Start ruffling those feathers She’s a Christian She’s involved with a 28 year old while she’s still a minor She’s impressionable but not disgustingly naïve It’s very much a love story that explores personal values societal expectations and the meaning of true love I do have to share this because I thought it was funny My agent asked me “Summer now they don’t do it until she turns eighteen right?”“Well I looked up the age of consent in Georgia It’s sixteen” I repliedBrief pause“Summer they don’t do it until she’s eighteen right?”“Oh Marisa Don’t you want to wait and find out?” For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter

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    4 Stars Good adjective bet·ter bestmorally excellent virtuous righteous pious a good mansatisfactory in quality quantity or degree a good teacherof high quality excellent But who's to judge?I've come to expect that certain things will happen when I read a Summer Walden book My boundaries will be thoroughly pushed and I'll in turn question my moral stance on a given topic This author knows exactly how to tackle the inappropriate HEAD ON and grants her readers the power and courage to do the same Her stories are honest unique edgy and never predictable I can always be certain I'm reading something that's going to make me think feel and question In my opinion there is nothing better in a book than that Cadence has always been a good girl until one mistake on her part changes everyone's perception of her—leaving her a sad and lonely outcast amongst her family and friends When her math teacher takes an unlikely interest in her she begins to come alive again and starts to question everything including her strict religious upbringing Mark is sort of an enigma he's sexy and intriguing with an adorable love of music and is definitely hiding a secret past He sees something in Cadence that no else bothers to recognize sparking a flirtatious but slightly hesitant pursuitThe characters although well fleshed out are flawed and will potentially get under your skin at times Cadence especially Although she exudes a rough exterior her naiveté became apparent in many instances truly highlighting the maturity gap between these two characters Cadence had a tendency to blurt out whatever crossed her mind without a mental filter and some of it felt awkward That said she was young and had been allowing her broken past to navigate her futureand I could appreciate her rocky journey to self discovery The forbidden love element in this story is racy and bold but completely legal The religious aspect was woven in delicately but offered a sense of justifiable controversy There's plenty of angst tons of steam but importantly—an extraordinary well developed plot centered on a thought provoking theme Good is such a subjective term What's deemed good by one may be ridiculed by another We are all flawed in some form and I love how this book really drives that message homeI've often wondered what makes these teacherstudent relationship stories questionable for some readers than many other topics which display major controversy—such as stories centered on kidnap rape and abuse Some of these stories are brutal yet have been romanticized time and again and many readers seem to eat them up—myself includedHere we have a very 'age legal' teacherstudent relationship forbidden for the fact that its taboo yet I've seen the morality of this story and how it's presented dissected under a microscope When we take on a forbidden topic we have to be prepared for a bold outcome Something uncomfortable Conditions we don't have to necessarily agree with but may become captivated by nonetheless It is precisely what makes these stories forbidden Of course not everyone is going to enjoy this book and accept what it represents but I don't feel this is any morally wrong than many other teacherstudent stories out there This installation does leave off on a cliffhanger but one that surrounds the plot and not the relationship There are still many secrets to uncover and I cannot wait for the sequel to this story Book Stats ▪ GenreCategory RomanceNew Adult▪ Steam Caliber Extremely steamy▪ Romance Forbidden teacherstudent relationship▪ Characters Hero 28Heroine 17▪ Plot Bold edgy and controversial Excellent execution ▪ Writing Fluid engaging and gripping ▪ POV 1st Person Heroine▪ Cliffhanger Yes though not a relationship cliffhanger▪ Next Installment Follow up Huge thanks to this generous author for providing both beta and arc copies

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    45 Forbidden StarsMs Walden is the Queen of shock One thing you are guaranteed when you open one her stories is to be pushed out of your comfort zone Good does not disappoint in making me squirm Books that break you out of your norm deserve a try and this book is one of those The forbidden love affair between a highschool student teacher is compelling Eleven years between them makes their forbidden love even naughty Cadence Miller 17 year old high school student Mark Connelly 28 year old high school calculus teacherOne mistake has cost Cadence her 'good' teen status She's in trouble for an error she made the previous year Her family and schoolmates won't let her live it down Mr Connelly is the new hot math teacher and the one 'good' thing to happen to her Avery is a classmate who friends Cadence for an ulterior motive She devises a plan to benefit both girls Fanny is an elderly citizen who Cadence does a church project for and befriends her Fanny has lots of words of wisdom to share She says this about Good Those are the best love storiesWhich ones?The dangerous ones FAQ Is there sex? Yes and it's not until she's of legal ageIs this a series? Yes Their story will take place over the course of two booksIs there a cliffhanger? Yes A story cliffhanger but not a relationship cliffhanger When is the release date? The original date was October The 'good' news is that it has been changed to August 27th What POV is this book? Cadence's POV Is there an excerpt from book 2? Better excerpt Click hereMy pre review view spoilerI woke up this morning to find this book ready for me to Beta read It officially feels like Christmas So excited about this bookA little about the bookHeroine and Hero Cadence Miller 17 year old high school seniorshe turns 18 in the book good grief Mark Connelly 28 year old high school calculus teacher A funny conversation between the author and her agent “Summer now they don’t do it until she turns eighteen right?”“Well I looked up the age of consent in Georgia It’s sixteen” I replied Brief pause “Summer they don’t do it until she’s eighteen right?” “Oh Marisa Don’t you want to wait and find out?” To read about what the author has to say about this book CLICK HERE hide spoiler

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    I will start this review by pointing out that love stories of forbiddenness and passionate affairs between teachers and students are my undoing I love the illicitness the hiding around the inability to stay away from each other even when being together could cost them everything in their lives so I dove into this story with a receptive frame of mind expecting it to rock my socks off But what it did instead is leave me distraught shaking in a corner desperate to get some of those images out of my head wondering how something potentially so great could have turned out to be so very wrong This was not the story I hoped to read I only persevered with it because it felt like a car crash I could not take my eyes off and part of me stayed incredulous until the very end that this was not a satire This book made me angry it ignited every maternal bone in my body and the protective lioness in me wanted to draw blood I will say though that I strongly believe that we do not all connect with books the same way and that reading is a subjective experience so my objections as fierce as they may be are just that – my personal objections They are based on my personal set of beliefs and moral values and they should be taken as that “I knew this was all wrong and I knew I had to confront the possibility that Mr Connelly was a bad man A user An exploiter” This is the story about a very innocent and naïve seventeen year old high school girl from a sheltered and stern upbringing whose one and only mistake cost her her life as she knew it She lost all her friends she lost the trust of her parents and the admiration of her close knit community leaving her bullied ostracised lonely and craving for human attention “I was never allowed to make a mistake and when I finally did I paid the ultimate price” Cadence is convinced that no one loves her that she is being unfairly punished for her one and only reckless act in life and hence when she meets Mark Connelly her handsome math teacher who also happens to be ten years her senior his attentions easily find fertile ground in this lonely little girl What starts as an ordinary schoolgirl crush on a teacher a foolish yet innocent infatuation with the usual hopes of being singled out by him and interpreting every look every word every touch as a declaration of love very quickly changes once he starts actively pursuing her and making his intentions unequivocally clear Cadence is aware all along that had he not made the first move hers would have simply remained a secret crush on her teacher and she knows it is wrong to allow him to pursue her but from the moment Mark makes his intentions known Cadence is incapable of saying no “I was perfectly content to harbor a secret crush on my teacher – one I knew would go absolutely nowhere It was one thing to fantasize about an inappropriate relationship It was quite another to actually pursue it And he was pursuing me” There’s an inherent inequality in their dynamic from the get go He wields power over her by sexually awakening her young body and then using those emotions to make her doubt her uncomfortableness with their relationship The easiest thing to do when a person doubts their actions is to convince them that instead of questioning themselves they should question those who taught them right from wrong He effectively manipulates her thoughts to serve the purpose of keeping her in his bed “What I’m doing is wrong Being with you Sneaking around Lying Letting you do things to me It’s wrong and I feel guilty”“Do you really think it’s wrong that we’re together? Or do you think it’s wrong because that’s what you’ve been taught?” Every interaction between them every exchange of opinions ideas beliefs shows us how different these two people are how little they have in common and how unbalanced their relationship is I did not feel the passion between them at all all I kept seeing was an impressionable little girl desperate to be forgiven and feel loved by her parents again aching for even the smallest bit of attention and acknowledgement from them failing to redeem herself in their eyes and finding solace in the arms of a man who should have known better than to abuse the control gained from making a girl fall in love for the very first time “I’ll be honest with you though There is something sexy about the idea of you cutting me off from the few people I know” It was impossible for me not to draw a parallel between Cadence’s authoritarian father and her need to please him make him proud of her and the way Mark sets the pace in their relationship fully in control of each milestone of intimacy between them and that way maintaining control over Cadence Her parents’ expectations of her might seem high to a disgruntled young girl who has suddenly lost her driving privileges and her social life but an adult like Mark should see them as what they truly are – a normal reaction by two very scared parents that they daughter might be losing her way But instead of justifying their valid parenting methods and helping her see their point of view he distances her emotionally even further from them by calling them “assholes” and validating her childish defiance “You don’t like me You haven’t liked me since I got in trouble You don’t show me love You’re not there for me But someone else was He was there for me And kind to me And he showed me love I was an easy target You’re right about that And whose fault is that?” At the end of the day I never stopped perceiving Mark as the predator in this story I did not feel the passion the depth of emotion that I expected to feel I kept seeing a young girl who’s never even seen a naked man before being manipulated and used by a man who did exactly what he wanted when he wanted it and how he wanted it All consequences be damned There were too many cringe worthy moments that prevented me from enjoying the storyline or becoming invested in the characters At no point did I believe that Mark saw her as a woman and everything he ever said to her implied that he cherished her childlike naiveté than anything else in their bizarre relationship That made me uneasy and mad at the author for romanticising a relationship of blatant inequality “Do that again and I’ll fck that eighteen year old pussy of yours right here in this room” Scenes that were meant to be sexy or romantic were often disrupted by awkward dialogues between the characters and the frequent use of first names in dialogues broke their flow even further On top of that every time he sat her on his lap a little part of me shrivelled away and died Every time he called her “adorable” or “pretty little thing” I wanted to punch him Every time God was brought into the equation and then Cadence’s religious upbringing used when it suited the storyline but ignored when it didn’t made me confused Every time her friends young or old shared their endless ‘wisdom’ with her and gave her the worse advice known to human kind I felt like screaming “He’s doing you in the closet and he loves you? Well Cadence It’s obvious this guy’s a keeper” This book clearly made me feel a whole lot of emotions but I doubt any of them were intended by the author and none of them were at all positive This was not the story for me I did not connect with it and I feel so very angry at it even days after I finished reading it I felt it failed me as a reader because while focusing on pursuing a taboo storyline and pushing the boundaries of comfort it missed on creating a believable and relatable story by ultimately crossing the very fine line between deliciously forbidden and deliberately disturbing I however applaud the author for the courage it took to write such a story and for her unquestionable writing skills Good is the first in a two part series and in the sequel we will hear Mark’s voice “Nice job Marcus” the bouncer said as he looked me over checked my ID and looked me over again “Not even legal” He held up his fist and Mark bumped it “Score” 25 STARSSee this review on my blog | Follow me on Facebook | Follow me on Twitter

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    35 STARSAt the beginning I wasn't sure how to rate this bookI had some problems with the reading of this but still I think that is a good storyThis is a story about CadenceShe is a student who had a bad moment in her junior year in hight school and she was in juvenile detention for ten mounthsNow she is backbut without friendsHer parents do not trust her any and they have her limitedShe feels sad and aloneUntil the moment she met Mark her 28 years old math teacherFrom the beginning there is an attraction between themHe tries to approach her and he makes whatever he canin order to make her feelcomfortable and niceHe wants her to come back to normal and find herselfYou're the saddest thing I've ever seen CadenceThe loneliest thing I've ever seenAnd any chance I get to see you smileI'm gona take it They know that nothing should happened between thembut soon they are togetherMark is so sweet and cuteYou can't read the book and don't like this characterHe cares a lot about Cadence and he showed his feelings from the beginningCadence on the other handI din't like her a lotat the beginning she was funny and smartass but sometimes she just acted weird The only thing that I didn't find nice was the reference to the Christianism I am Christian too but I didn't like to read so many details all the timeThe book ends with cliffhunger ughhhhI need the next book soonI must learn what will happen ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review

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    Enough with barely legal girls and creepy perverted teachers love stories alreadyThe only reason I'm not giving 1 star is because the first 30% of the book was kind of alright and I liked the old lady that Cadence met The rest made little to no sense At the beginning I even got the Gabriel's Inferno vibe but later it turned out that it was nothing like it not even close WARNING SPOILERS We have Cadence who is 17 year old doing community work for getting herself into trouble there were robbery and drugs involved She bumps into a guy with a flat tire He's hot they exchange couple of sentences the sparks are there you know the drillThe next day at school she finds out that he is her new teacher There are 'those' glances and butterflies He keeps stealing glances at her and she keeps blushing It lasts for quite a whileAt first she did seem like a young and naive student but she got bold pretty quickly She goes so far as spreading her legs in the middle of the class to show him her panties He finally snaps After class he asks her to stay and when other students leave he says Come here he says I walked over to stand in front of him You've been very naughty you knowMy heart sped upYou show me your little pink panties in class when you know I can't do a thing about it I can't breatheI think you need a spanking Cadence For being such a bad girlMr Connelly At this point my hope that this book will turn into a love story is shattered After that there is a lot of sneaking around and all kinds of inappropriate teacher studen behavior He acts like a horny perv and she a hormonal misguided young girl She meets a girl at school they become friends and starts covering for each other For the life of me I could not understand what he saw in her besides young flesh Mark went on saying that he found her interesting but I didn't buy it They had absolutely nothing in common You're so interesting and insightful he said after timeAnd can you believe I'm only seventeen? I jokedThat's what I like about you Cadence You're definitely seventeen in many ways You like your little fashion magazines and gossiping and shopping And I love to hear all of it But you also have a wisdom and maturity that not many girls your age have I like that dichotomyI know that word I teasedMark grinned That's why you're irresistible That's why you turn me on Let us put emphases on him 28 old man love hearing her talk about gossiping and shopping Did you noticed that he failed to come up with an example of her being mature and having wisdom? I've read the book and there is nothing absolutely nothing that shows her being mature I reached out my hand letting it hover over his penis It twitchedOh my God Mark It movedI'll do that CadenceOh Okay Here is another quote that shows how mature she is This is on the last page of the book And so I sat on Mark's lap late into the morning Not knowing how to really take care of myself How I would eat Where would I sleep How I would pay for school All the things teenagers never think about insurance taxes bills wow there missy don't you start generalizing there I didn't think about any of those things I thought about Mark saying over and over I'll take care of you Sneaking around lying to her parents behaving inappropriately at school complaining about him looking at some woman's cleavage these are not signs of maturityOne day Mark gets pissed and humiliates her in front of a whole class asking her to come forward and explain the answer knowing that she didn't know the answer and didn't like to be put on a spot Everyone pay attention to Cadence please Mr Connelly said He glanced at me briefly and I know he could see the panic written all over my face All eyes on her That happened to me once when I was in the middle school I still hate that teacher to this dayThen there was drama surrounding a pregnancy scare her brother ratting her out to her parents her parents pressing charges agains him There was not end to exaggerationsWhat annoyed me the most was the fact that he Mark never once thought it was a bad idea to get involved with a student and that young at that Why did you tell your mom you were already dating someone? I snappedWhat do you want me to say Cadence? Mark askedYou want me to tell my mom I'm dating one of my students who isn't even a legal adult yet? So he knows that it's not right but that's not his biggest concern His biggest concern is Cadence I'm not ashamed of you I'm practical You knew from the beginning that we had to keep this a secret At least until we are finished with school Yep Not to get caughtI thought this book was a mess It's not a love story I got why she was crushing on him I had a crush on my teacher once too But he he was just a perv in my eyes By the end of the book he made my skin crawlIt looks like there will be a sequel but after this I couldn't care less

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    45 STARS Do you think love is a choice or a feeling? Taboo goodness The rare kind with lots of depth and 'real' charactersCadence had always been a 'good' girl sweet obedient pious until she messes up in a big way at the age of 15She starts her senior year of high school fresh out of juvie Despite her debt to the state of Georgia having been paid her parents haven't forgiven her and neither have her friends At one of the lowest points of her life no one shows up for her Yes it was a terrible mistake but it didn't alter who I was I didn't suddenly overnight become a drug addict or a career criminal Bullied and isolated the only bright spot in her life is her math teacher Mr Connelly and his kindness Immediately you're thinking the math teacher preys on Cadence right? Well you'd only be partially correct because nothing about this story was straight forward I loved the way the author took the time to construct a very believable premise around characters who were well developed and complex She didn't pull any punches portraying both Cadence and Mr Connelly Mark very realistically Both were flawed and not always likable Cadence was an 18 year old girl and she acted like it Mark was a 28 year old man and he acted like it It made for some really uncomfortable moments for me as well as some very tender ones Mark's reluctance I feel possessive of you It sounded like it hurt him to say the words Cadence's insecurities I don't know if I was supposed to feel that way or if I was supposed to want independence the inherent inequality in their relationship He liked to blame me for this out of control person he'd become all came shining through in the writingBut no matter how fucked up things became I never doubted that they loved each other in their own ways Love comes in all kinds of packages Some are neatly tied up and some are messy And that's what made this story so greatthere was NOTHING clear cut or black and white about it I couldn't fault either character for their attraction to one another no matter how painful it was to watch them build and nurture a veritable ticking time bombI did worry when I started that religion would become the villain of the story That's so easy isn't it? To heap all the blame on something like the prison system or the foster care system or in this case the Church? But that wasn't the case here Yes the author points out major points of hypocrisy but really the story was about Cadence growing up and coming to the realization that her parents' beliefs may not be her own It was all SO WELL DONEThe only reason I couldn't give this book a full 5 stars was because I felt the author didn't touch on how the year in juvie affected Cadence For such a huge event I thought it would have been closer to the forefront of her thoughts Also the writing was a tiny bit clunky in the beginningSo obviously this book isn't for everyone But if you're into taboo reads I insist you get on thisA huge thank you to JADE for reading reviewing and recommending this one If you'd like to read her fabulous review it's HERE

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    Review from Way Too Hot Books I have no idea how to start this review Was Good what I expected? Did I like it? Hate it? Was I completely turned on after reading steamy scenes? And then disgusted by myself because he is her teacher? Not to mention ten years older? Is this a story about abuse? Could it be considered as darker romance novel? What was the point with all religious aspects of the story? Well one thing is sure this is taboo read You shall have no sex before you're married I have to start with a thing that bothered me the most Too much religion talk Cadence is seventeen years old girl almost eighteen who lives in extremely religious community everything she does must be approved by her Church Like any teenager Cadence tests boundaries of her world which leads her to some stupid choices and ten months in juvenile detention Now she is spawn of Satan and there is no redemption for her mistakes her parents her ex best friend Grace her youth group at church and whole damn school are picking on her It doesn't matter that she was a poster child for good girl before incident that got her in troubleWith all due respect I do not like religious ideology and that's why I'm hesitant to pick up books that promote that kind of view pointI probably wouldn't have read Good if I knew Sad thing is that it would be a bad move because it turned out to be a good novel no matter my initial pouting when I realized what it's about S Walden is actually dealing with all the things community like that teach you and points out that life is not that simple and that even there you can find lot of things that good Christians shouldn't be doing Now this doesn't mean that she rejects her beliefs completely she just talks about things that should be changed and aren't very logical Abuse or romance? Or maybe both? I have to set few things straight I've noticed that lot of books about studentteacher affairs have one common thing in plot they meet and hook up before they realize that they shouldn't have He always thinks that she is older and she always thinks that he is younger or college student Then you sit and wonder how the hell could he think that? Wasn't it obvious that she is still in high school? I have a question for you? Have you ever teach in high school especially older kids? I have I had honor to meet smart and eloquent girls for whom I believe have a really bright future and will make great lawyers doctors journalists or even teachers And they are drop dead gorgeous Stunning Beautiful I am so proud of every single one of them Now if I saw them out side of school hallways and classrooms I would never guess that they are seventeen eighteen years old Unless of course you get to talk with them about school So it could happenNow about teachers Have you ever saw one of your younger teachers on Saturday night? Having fun with hishers friends wearing completely different clothes smiling drinking? Having fun? Not looking like that gloomy person that talks about responsibility or how all class will fail the next test if they don't start to study soon? We don't tend to think about our teachers as real persons that have a life outside their classrooms Someone who has 28 years is still young and in some aspects not so different from his or her students So it could happen Good has a different approach Cadence and Mark meet before but they saw each other just for a short time and they exchanged few words Nothing bad or scandalous Everything happens slowly and you get to see everything behind sexy scenes and excitement of forbidden romance that is basically what most of the books are about S Walden had done good job with describing their interaction it is believable because you catch on the age difference between them how naive Cadence still is no matter her smarts and wit Marc is older experienced and sometimes you get the feeling like he's the predator in the whole situation Everywhere Cadence turns there he is But she is not stupid girl and she confronts him several times asking him if he's using her This is not a story that talks just about forbidden lovers fantasy it deals with consequences and social aspects partially I wouldn't label this book as fluffy romance at times it was like I was reading a story about mental abuse Maybe he loves her but I can not justify a lot of his actions They just felt wrong Is this something you should let your teenage daughter to read? In my opinion Good by S Walden is not young adult novel no matter the fact that narrator of the story is high school student Just like Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma this book deals with very sensitive subject that needs a serious reading and not just teen swooning over star crossed lovers But when you say You are forbidden to readdo this it's likely that they would do the exact thing you told them not to so it's probably wiser to talk with your kids openly and clear some things out from the beginning Also this book can be described as erotic romance there are a lot of sex scenes and maybe you wouldn't be comfortable with your sixteen year old daughter reading some of them How does it make me feel? One of the things that define us as persons is what we do for living When you are young you think how you'll never be like grown ups in your life but that is something that happens and you don't even notice it You grow up and start to think trough about everything that you do or say That is why I can't forget my job while I read this novel If I had read this book ten eight years ago I would be all heartbroken and cheering for Cadence and Mark But that is not the case I can not ignore my work ethic and say that whole situation is okay because they are in love I understand circumstances that lead to everything but I still think that Mark as teacher abused his position Don't get me wrong I very much enjoyed reading this book but I guess that I grow up and I can't simply swoon over forbidden romance without thinking about what is right thing to do Will you read it? I know that this was one of my longer posts that most of you gave up reading it after first half but I had to clarify few things So have you read Good? Did you like it? Are planning to read it? And are okay with teens reading stories like this? Visit my blog tomorrow because S Walden agreed to answer few of my questions but also she will be giving away 2 e copies of Good Also earlier today we posted cover reveal for Better you can also get ARC copy of the sequel On Saturday S Walden is talking about studentteacher topic in books Do not miss it

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    ★★★ Good was sogood amazing awsome incredible Fantastic I'M A HOT MESS RIGHT NOWThis book was so unexpectedly good The heroine Candence was pretty great and awsome Sometimes she really got on my nerves though with her insecurity and her immature behaviour But I guss that is to be expected of a 1718 year old Still sometimes I couldn´t really understand why Markus wanted to take such a big risk with her And especially her god worship She felt like a timebomb to be honest But the sexual tension between them was INTENSE It was one of the reasons why I LOVED this book so much Mr Connelly gave me butterflies And I loved the fact that he was 10 years older then Cadence It made it just forbidden and taboo He was also so incredible sweet toowards her The small but thoughfull things he for her did made my heart meltSo this is the story about 17 year old Cadence She is a good girl She goes to church she gets good grades and she never disobey her parents That was how it used to be at least Then she got high and decided ro rob a store And for that she went to kids jail for almost a year And that is hpw she meets Mark for the first time From the side of the road when she is picking up trash Sparks flies between them immediately But that is that and he leaves One month later she is out and returns to school She is now an outcast and shunned by everyone without a single friend The only good thing in her life is that her new math teacher turnes out to be the hot guy from the road The attraction is strong from day oneThis book was easily one of the best I have read this year and one of the best studentteacher books I have read ever It is definitely top 3 on my list maybe even 1 Anyway I am so so happy thet this is a series I´m simply not ready to give up these fantastic characters yet Especially Markus Connelly I can´t end this review without mentioning Cadence´s fake friendlater real friend Avery OMG what a hilarious chick She was one reason why I loved this book so much So read it read it read it No excuses The author really has done an amazing job with this book I CAN´T TELL YOU HOW MUCH I LOVED THIS You are seriously missing out if you decide to skip itPREPARE TO BE BLOWN AWAY

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    I'm not in the mood for full review so I'm going straight to the point I can't wrap my head around the fact than nearly first 30% of this book were fantastic Funny amusing and sexy with heroine that was strong kick ass as well as likeable As for Mark The Teacher I couldn't think about a single flaw in his character I just fell in love with him But after they got together things started to get downhill Candence started acting like the biggest fucking idiot in the world being a weirdo and suddenly acting like a blushing virgin prude Next Mark started being an ass and total creep as well as pissing me off so much I wanted to throw my ereader across my room So yeah I can't believe this book disappointed me so much I loved the other book by Walden and giving Good only 1 star is painful If I could rate only first 30 40% of this book it would be 5 stars What a shame Ok my rant is over I hope you'll like it better than me