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Graphic Adaptation of DEATH ON THE NILEEgypt Awesome land of the Pharaohs The perfect place for a honeymoon unless you are being stalked by your husband's ex girlfriend Hercule Poirot is determined not to let jealous young newlyweds ruin his holiday Until the jealousies boil over into threats And accidents And murder

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    I've always been super curious about trying an Agatha Christie story butclassics sort of bewilder me 👀However I still will try the prose format because I am determined The graphic novel didn't really click for me because everyone looked the same so it was hard to follow 🤭Also I just didn't really care that a bunch of rich white people were shooting each other up on a tour down the Nile Again 🤭

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    Delightful Loved the illustrations

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    I wanted to read a graphic novel as part of my reading challenge Among the titles available in my library I could like only this oneIt was a fast and easy read I liked the illustrations uite a lot But still I kept on thinking how much better it would have been to read the original novel by Christie I had trouble keeping track of the characters The story seemed to move too fast and a little disjointed at times Don't think I would be reading any Christie in this format

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    This was a nice read I think it was a bit confusing as a graphic novel considering the number of characters and the length of the graphic novel but it was an interesting story Classic Agatha Christie

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    I feel like this had potential but just doesn't pull it off Nothing wrong with the art It's just that there's not enough space to tell the story Really instead of 44 TintinAsterix size pages it should probably have been about 100 or Everything moves too uickly the setting is never used to much effect there are very uick changes between the characters in short there's no breathing room

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    I felt that the story was cramped and shoved into a few pages of coloured boxes It was difficult to get into the story and get a sense of the characters and their motives I'm not a huge fan of the way the dialogue boxes were positioned and done either I think next time I'll just read the original Agatha Christie novel rather than the graphic novel adaptation

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    35 Great illustrations and good adaptation Since it's so short it will never be comparable to the full length novel It was fun though to see the characters drawn and the whole 30s feel of the book

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    My son read it for seventh grade English so naturally I did too

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    I was slightly annoyed that I knew what was going to happen because of First Class Murder by Robin Stevens Apart from that it was pretty good and the illustrations were decent too

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    Most great love stories are tragediesTruer words were never spokenWhoa I was not expecting that shocked faceThat Ending I SO was not expecting THAT person to be the murderer I really thought Simon Doyle who evidently has the same name as a teacher at my school would turn out to be the murderer of his wife I really thought he was a dirty rotten snitch whom abandoned his girlfriend and got with her best friend when in fact he was deceiving her all along to get her money and he hatched the plan with the one he truly loved Who betrayed who first? I guess Linnet Ridegway deserved it being the conceited spiteful biatch she was I couldn't put the book downI couldn't wait to read The few times I did were forced and I was always itching to read There were definitely some grammatical errors as I have been noticing with many of the Agatha Cristie graphic novels I've been reading of late Mainly gender wise For example instead of a female character being referred to as a she it says he by mistake Nevertheless they're still addictive captivating and gripping