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This was a great find for me as this book talks about opiate addiction and how to get out of it Sadly, a few of my family members have died recently due to Heron addictions I was struggling to find closure and I wanted to learn about this addiction The book does a great job of being descriptive and it even gives the past of opiates I liked how it talked about the history of opiates and how they have made it into our society today The history section of the book was important and gave me some idea of why opiates were used Heron is such a strong addiction and many of my former classmates have also died from this drug Opiate addicts lose everything they loved and become a shell of themselves This book also talks about the opiates in painkillers and pill form The book has given me information on why these drugs are so addictive and importantly how to help addicts through their addictions It gives some helpful advice on how you can help addicts, I honestly wish I would have found this book sooner It touches on a very important issue and is a great book for anyone who knows someone who is on opiates I think I will pass it around to some of my family members and close family friends who know of people struggling through these addictions. Opiate Addiction The Painkiller Addiction Epidemic, Heroin Addiction And The Way Out Now In Its Th Edition Get This Best Selling Book Free On Kindle Unlimited Read On Your PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet Or Kindle Device Opiate Addiction Has Reached Epidemic Proportions In The United States, And The Problem Shows No Signs Of Slowing Overcoming Addiction Is Tough And, With Opiates, Many Find It Nearly Impossible Overdose Deaths From Prescription Painkillers Have Than Quadrupled Over The Last Fifteen Years, And This Is Just A Fraction Of The Problem In Fact, With Prescription Opiate Addiction Now Shown To Be A Gateway Drug To Heroin, The Issue Is Only Getting Worse Last Year Alone, Million Americans Abused Some Type Of Opioid, And Than , Have Used Heroin In The Past Year If You Or Someone You Love Is Addicted To Opiates, Opiate Addiction , Now In Its Th Edition, Offers A Powerful Message Balanced With Both Useful Information And Hope For A Way Out From Its Stifling Grip There Is No Doubt That Addiction Is A Cunning And Cruel Disease That Robs Its Victims Of Nearly Everything Those Suffering From Opiate Addiction Are Often Baffled By Its Effects On Their Lives And The Devastation That Can Be Wrought In Such A Short Period Of Time Loved Ones Feel Helpless And Hopeless As They Are Forced To Stand By And Watch As Someone They Care About Erodes Before Their Eyes Are You Looking To Move Beyond Addiction With A Clear Approach To Providing Hard Facts And Drawing On Her Own History Of Opiate Addiction And Recovery, Author Taite Adams Is Able To Give The Opiate Addict Or Their Loved Ones Answers To Many Questions, Allay Common Fears, And Provide A Clear Direction For A Way Out Some Of The Areas That Are Addressed In Detail Are The Opiate Addiction Epidemic What Are Opiates And How They Work Pain Pills And Painkiller Addiction Prescription Drug Abuse And Chronic Pain Heroin Addiction Opiate Maintenance Drugs And Substitution Therapy Opiate Addiction As A Disease A Way Out For The Opiate Addict Managing Opiate Detox Going To Treatment For Opiate Addiction And Much More Whether Just Coming To Terms With The Idea That There Is A Problem, Looking For Opiate Detox Help, Or Considering Going To Treatment, Opiate And Heroin Addiction Help Is Available In Many Forms And Opiate Addiction Is An Invaluable Tool To Get Your Questions Answered About Overcoming Addiction And Help You Move One Step Closer To Freedom And To A Better Way Of Life Th Edition Released January , Tags Opiate Addiction, Painkiller Addiction, Heroin Addiction, Opiates, Addiction, Heroin Detox, Opiate Detox, Opiate Recovery, Opiate Withdrawal, Opiate Detox, Opiate Addictions I am not an addict, nor do I know somebody in my life who is one I got this book to kind of understand what people go through and just understand opiate addictions This book definitely did that for me, and it s filled with facts and statistics, the history of opiates, and how they work It even goes in detail into specific drugs, such as oxy and vicodin, etc The author is definitely very informed, and I can see how this book would be really helpful in anyone trying to recover It certainly taught me a lot This book is written in an informative, textbook like manner but with an ounce of personal experience thrown in The author, having been an addict, has the ability to remind readers the pain that addiction causes and the hope that can lie ahead He recognizes and discusses the different options for treatment, without shying away from controversial drugs like Suboxen and home treatment Through the book, the author explains several of the most widely used drugs available to users and their side effects This gives the reader a proper education into the world of addiction However, for me, the beginning of the book was the most interesting The author starts out by explaining the history of opiates and interestingly, how San Francisco and later, the United States, recognized major issues with them over 100 years ago Yet, they became mainstream pharmaceuticals My eyes were opened and I found myself questioning how much trust we can really put into our medical community As we witness our country face this opiate epidemic, most of us probably know someone who is struggling with this, or another, addiction This book is a good read and can help the reader better understand the chemical changes that take place in the brain, be aware of the dangers that may exist from the prescription drugs in your own bathroom cabinet, and allow a glimmer of hope from those trapped in this cycle of using. This book will not solve your problem Only an individual can do that However it will increase your knowledge on the topic itself, and guide anyone battling this type of addiction in the right direction I was personally interested in this particular book because I study pharmacology, and have a never ending interest on medications and its affects Thus far, I have an intermediate level of knowledge concerning this topic, and can say that this book does a wonderful job of breaking down opiate addictions and supplying its audience with a comprehensive overview of different avenues that can lead to a safe and successful recovery Rather you may or may not be addicted to opiates, I highly recommend this book It is very informative, helpful, and contains useful information that everyone should know and beware of. This is a informative book which offers a great deal of insight into what is quickly becoming a global scale issue Opiate addiction comes in many forms and this book helpfully breaks these down and makes understanding the issue a lot easier I have a few friends who have loved ones who have gone down the slippery slope of pain killer addiction, it seems to be something which happens easily but takes a huge amount of time and effort to break free from Usefully, advice and information is also provided on how to fight addiction, detox and get treatment All opiates from prescription pain killers to heroin are potentially deadly, and it seems and people are falling victim to addiction, it is necessary to address this problem and educating as many people on it as possible is a strong step in the right direction. Excellent reference and learning book I read this book because I ve been concerned with a certain family member taking a lot of Percocet and Vicodin It started with a toothache and now she keeps going back to the dentist saying she still in pain This book does an outstanding job describing many different Opiates and how they work I was able to understand what my family is going through and wether she is dependent or addictive This book also gives great resources and advice in the back of the book on rehab centers and different ways to beat your addiction at home I highly recommend this book to anyone who has people in their lives that could have an addiction or if you just want to learn about how Opiates work. I am a family member of an addicted person This book took me one day to read because it was the first book I have ever read on the topic Everything described in this book is what I have watched and lived through with this person in my life I found the book to be straightforward, fast moving, and to the point I made several highlighted notations and I m giving it to my family member I might add, they are ready for recovery I would give it to anyone you know needs this book. Great informative read Very well written Could really relate and enjoyed how informative she was without having to focus so much on the details of hers but made you able to see your own situation. Society and drugsI m considering myself rather educated after reading this book I would never know anything about these prescription drugs if I didn t read the book People even tell you one thing and it s not true These drugs are derived from an addictive drug and they are addictive too You can say your immune to addiction but for me it s always like but for the grace of God, go I I wanted to be informed and I really don t have the time to practice judgement That s rather for fools because I want to know what goes on around me We are all human beings but we are not identical.