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Qigong Teacher and Daoist Priest Michael Rinaldini has written a book on the modern day practices of a Daoist His book A Daoist Practice Journal Come Laugh With Me offers the cultivation methods for walking the Daoist path The entries cover topics like zuowang meditation scriptures qigong the value of silence and solitude and Daoist Buddhist and Catholic mysticism tea drinking and ReviewsA Daoist Practice Journal Come Laugh With Me is the detailed personal record of ordained Daoist Michael Rinaldini's ongoing exploration of and immersion in Dao starting from his first contact with the Daoist tradition and moving through many years of practice study retreats and life changes It opens a new and refreshing perspective on many traditional topics such as qigong and zuowang encouraging seekers and students to trust themselves the world and Dao to lead them on the right path Deeply felt and very moving a truly inspiring recordLivia Kohn editor Three Pines Press Livia is the author of Sitting in Oblivion The Heart of Daoist Meditation and numerous other books on the Daoist traditionLi Changdao shows us that being a Daoist priest is a living contemporary and vital act He takes us through his own learning recreating his own special Dao in writing For all who wonder how to practice Daoism in the present day and outside of China this book provides valuable insight and rare encouragement Deng Ming Dao is the author of Chronicles of Tao Scholar Warrior and his recent book The Lunar Tao among his other books on Daoist culture A fascinating account of one man's journey to become one with Dao toldfrom a modern perspective It reminds us that this journey which studentsof the Way have been taking for thousands of years still resonates asstrongly and powerfully as it did in the time of Laozi and ZhuangziSolala Towler editor of The Empty Vessel The Journal of Daoist Philosophy and Practice

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