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3.5 stars I always dislike re reading a book in audio format because if I loved a book the first time, a bad narration can kill the memory of a good story for me However, with As You Are, I didn t adore the book the first time around in 2014 , and I ve been waiting for a chance to try Jason Frazier s narrations, so I figured I d give it a shot First of all, let me say that Jason Frazier did NOT let me down He was seriously awesome as a narrator, doing a huge range of voices and really showing off his acting chops He made the story bearable for me because I had a lot issues with the actual story this time around My favorite thing about Jason s voice was how SEXY it was Seriously sexy Audiobooks in general seem to lack voices that actually sound as hot as the plot, but Jason just saying Julie in that deep, sultry tone of his was divine That man has some serious skills or maybe he was just blessed with that voice Either way, I ll be listening to from Jason Frazier in the future, guaranteed It is interesting, however, what you are drawn to when listening to a book versus reading it I couldn t believe how often these characters smoked in this book It was like every single scene This is going to be a HIGHLY subjective statement, but I found all of those chain smoking scenes to be total turn offs I m a dentist, and I have grown to really dislike smoking, so much so that I can barely hide it from my face when I m around someone who smokes The constant smoking from Julian was something that made my face cringe up every single time I also had a problem with how dated this book felt Like very, very dated I m 31 years old, and a lot of of the references in this book went right over my head The MC is supposed to be younger than me, but some of the stuff he mentions is just way too dated, even considering that this book was originally published 7 years ago I m talking pop culture references, not the love of old movies, which stands the test of time Aside from those issues and the fact that this book is ALL about miscommunications, I was also charmed by this story I liked how Julian was a sort of judgemental, neurotic, self centered bitch in an adorable way , and both mentally slutty and hopelessly romantic I also liked Danny, and I wondered why I was so hard on him the first time around I got Danny on re read, that s for sure I looooved Julian s mom and Gabby Those two were some of the best female characters in M M that I ve read in some time I wish this book was focused I found myself wondering about the plot and where it was headed multiple times, and I d read this book before It veered off on a lot of tangents, and I think sometimes the romance got lost I would have honestly rated this book 2.5 3 stars on re read if it wasn t for Jason Frazier s narration, which bumped it up a full star to 3.5 stars If you are an Ethan Day fan, then I think you will enjoy this one But I d recommend getting it in audio format, just because I think it added a lot to the story Copy provided in exchange for an honest review 3.5 starsGOOFY GRIN plastered on face Me Happy I can read the friends to soulmates storyline all day, every day Especially if it s written with charm and goofiness and hilarity and warmth This is my first Ethan Day book HOW CAN THIS BE and his voice makes me laugh I love the MC, Julian He s the kind of guy that I just want to hang out with, drink with, people watch with, and laugh with And the one liners in this book are PRICELESS Silly, but not cheesy That takes talent I was reading on an airplane and did the awkward laugh outloud until I realized people were around me thing on numerous occasions note if you ve read the Kevin Connor series by Scott Sherman, Julian reminds me a bit of Kevin who reminds me a bit of Jory from Mary Calmes Matter of Time series who reminds me of well, you know the fun guy that everyone loves but in Julian s case, not as annoying Julian and Danny have such an easy friendship roommates and I ate up those comfortable moments when I got to be a voyeur into a relationship between two people who just KNOW each other and COMPLETE each other and make each other BETTER Their road to togetherness was not without a few bumps and those bumps hurt my heart a bit just enough angst, but not the type that will slay you, reducing you to a whimpering mess but enough to be felt But ultimately made the payoff worth it What Day also did really well in this book was have 2 strong and delightful female characters Julian s best friend Gabby and his mother Delilah were both fantastic I found some bits in the book borderline judgmental but since it s the voice of Julian, I can appreciate that it s his opinions, not necessarily the book trying to preach a message to me And I didn t always love the jumping around in timeline flashback ish in nature I was confused a couple times and wanted of the present day action on other bits But, nothing says Yay, I really, really liked this than a huge smile at the final period Join the conversation 3.5 stars Julian is a hopeless romantic a picky, spoiled, outspoken romantic who is on the hunt for Mr Right Now, I know I sound like I m criticizing him but I m not, I swear I liked that Julian wasn t the typical perfect romantic hero He was flawed and funny and I found him incredibly endearing This book felt like an Ethan Day book All of the books that I ve read from him have had this adorable, manic sense of humor I loved some of the one liners in this book so hard Julian was funny, his mom was funny, and GOD was Gabby funny Danny, not so funny but I ll get to him later.I loved so many things about this book What I didn t like as much were the flashbacks I felt like they took me out of the story like a commercial break during an important scene in a movie and I had trouble getting back into the swing of things when the story resumed I also didn t really like Danny all that much I don t think he grovelled or did nearly enough to win me over by the end of the story I honestly feel a little mad at him still I think I wanted buildup or something I like my romances to be slow burn and this was like crash and burn The characters and the humor were lovely but I didn t feel as invested in their relationships However, I read this whole story with a smile on my face and felt that zingy pick me up jolt that Ethan Day s books always give me Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Sweet, sexy, sassy, and just a touch of angst, damn I miss Ethan Day Glad to revisit this lovely story beautifully narrated by Jason Frazier Truly, there s no one else I want performing Ethan Day s novels A classic friends to lovers, As You Are is told from Julian s pov Surrounded by a cast of characters that I count on in an Ethan Day novel brash and confident bestie, quirky but loving mother, and super hot slightly dense slutty love interest this one s a winner.It s also incredibly fun to think about how much has changed in the years since ED wrote this one smoking before the Clean Indoor Air Act, VCR s, and meeting your loved one at the gate in the airport just to name a few.Jason Frazier truly gets what Ethan Day was all about, and I love what he adds here Julian s irreverence, humor, and heartbreak comes across so authentic in the audio version of As You Are If you haven t had the opportunity to fall in love with this story, go with the audiobook, you ll be glad you did. I really enjoyed this book I was expecting it to be all laughs and humorous especially after the opening football scene , but it was very different It started off light and then turned into an emotional roller coaster This book has it all Danny was breaking my heart, but in the end I completely understood his reservations about pursuing a relationship with Julian And the final scene was absolutely beautiful Julian also had a lot growth throughout this book.Ethan is amazing when it comes to the character development I always find myself connecting with and caring about all the secondary characters along with the main characters. Ethan Day writes lovely, funny, sweet books that give stuff to think about This book had all of that.In this book Julian tells of his story, and of how he found love Julian is a fantastic character, funny, kind a good friend, and a good son.He is in love with his roommate Danny, but Danny does not love him back.I fell in love with Danny instantly as I tend to do with Ethan characters, he was so funny and I loved his view of the worldBut Julian has created this world in his head that he could not get pasthow could he ever find love if the idea he had created of it in his head was so unrealthat was what made me think so muchHow is is that we sabotage ourselves so badly, supposedly in the pursuit of happiness Julian wanted so badly to find someone, but he just could not get past what he envisioned as the way things should be Danny was not perfect and he hurt Julian, but it was almost like Danny was just fulfilling Julian s expectations of being let down This book gave me lots to think about and lots to laugh about, Ethan Day is just masterful with comedy, he really does it so well.I loved this book and look forward to from Ethan This was super cute Operation Danny That S All Bartender And Recent College Graduate, Julian Hallowell Has Had On His Mind The Past Year Julian May Have No Idea What He Wants To Do With His Life, But He Definitely Knows He S In Love With The Boy Next Door The One In Next Room To Be Exact, His Roommate Danny WallaceDanny Owns A Used Text Book Store Just Off Campus And While Julian Has Done His Level Best To Make Danny Fall For Him, All His Hard Work Appears To Have Been In Vain Danny Doesn T Seem To View Julian As Anything Other Than That A Roommate And Friend So When New Guy In Town Andy Baker Asks Him Out On A Date, Julian Can T Seem To Think Of A Good Reason To Say NoJulian Has Already Instituted A Reverse Operation Danny Plan, Which He S Positive Will Purge All Thoughts Of Love And Lust For His Roomie Out Of His Head He S Ready To Move On And Start Looking For His Next Mr Right, And Andy Just Might Fit The Bill This was a cute story from Ethan Day But it was than cute, it was romantic, and heartbreaking, and several rollercoasters worth of emotional ups and downs It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me consider if it was possible to throw a fictional character to the sharks cause there is douchebaggery and then there is dickish douchebaggery of the most assholic kind, and I m pretty sure I know which kind Danny threw himself into I wasn t expecting quite the journey I was taken on, and I enjoyed the surprise twists and turns.I am in deep like with Julian He may have some off putting habits dude, the pretty boys are not going to snog you if you start hacking up your lungs cause those cigs you are so fond of , but I love his attitude and his tenacity And screw what other people say, I love romance and the idea that there is someone out there that one day you might be lucky enough to find and spend the rest of your lives together watching old movies and have wild monkey sex that makes the neighbors tut every time they see you And I love that Julian believes in it too Now it may not be practical but it is a nice aspiration.After all, who hasn t fallen madly in love with someone that is probably going to end up breaking their heart into bite sizes pieces, even if they don t mean to And boy, does falling for Danny mean there is always the inherent risk that Julian is going to go nuts or throw himself at the first Andy he sees in the hope that he can stave off crazy for a few months I liked that Julian tried to get over Danny Not very successfully, but he did try And that does deserve some points Even if the whole Andy thing was just a mess from start to finish.And there is where I start to run into problems I just really dislike cheating It drives me up one wall and down the other And even though I am fully behind Danny and Julian having passionate sex on every stable, and few non stable, objects in their home Julian was in a something with Andy when it happened and that just bugs me And then, to decide not to tell him let just say I wanted to start slapping people Though, and I say this with a heart that was really rooting for team Danny, Danny deserved a slap, a punch, and a hard knee to the groin for what he did to Julian I am not normally a violent person despite what that whole last sentence seems to have implied very heavily but goddamn, that was a messed up thing to do I get why he did it, why he freaked out and went with crazy stupid ass plan A for how to eject oneself from out of harm s way, but still low blow dude, low blow.I also had some problems with the timing of this story Mostly, just that whole middle section with the flashbacks to Julian s grandmother s funeral The way it was placed, smack dab in the middle of all that tension, just kind of killed the buzz for me And really slowed the story down at a point where I kind of needed it to keep going Maybe if it had been shorter, and focused on the Julian Danny aspects of the past, it would not have felt like some type of intermission, but even though I think we needed some of the information given to us there, how it was done lacked a little finesse Also there were some points where I had trouble figuring out if we were back in the present or still hanging out in the past Lengthy flashbacks are a bit of a pet peeve with me, so if I must endure them I at least like to have a clear idea what is going on and why it needs to be said.Still, it was a good story, and I really enjoyed reading it Gabby was a great side character and Julian s mom was fun Bossy and direct, but also very loving Andy threw me for a bit of a loop, but I do hope he finds someone a little less Julian to shack up with And despite my dislike of that whole debacle in the middle, what with the douchebaggery and the heartbreaking, I loved watching Julian and Danny, if not fall in love, at least wise the hell up and tell each other Now all they have to do is convince Gabby to never ever cook anything ever again though I think I was crying a bit, cause I was laughing so hard when Danny and Julian finally got a chance to see the massacre in the kitchen I stayed up till six am, laughed, cried, and growled angrily so I think I can say this story was well worth the read This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways Click below. And now it s official, I found another favorite author Julian is an incredible narrator and I really enjoyed his sense of humor and the fact that he knows what he wants and he knows what he is like He pursues Daniel, at first trying to be near him, doing things his roommate does, trying to be seductive, but he never pretends to be someone else, he is not a deceiver He was so cute in his klutziness and I think I have rarely laughed so much while reading as with the touch football scene in the beginning The story seemed real and the actions of the protagonists seemed real There is no big misunderstanding preventing Julian and Danny from being together, there are little misunderstandings, those that happen in everyday s life when someone is trying to achieve a goal, but the stakes are too high and you have to guard yourself to be able to retreat with dignity and not much hurt if the attempt fails.There was a point in the book where the author almost lost me and it was in the feedback of the funeral of Julian s grandmother It was only later that I understood why it was so important, only when Danny spoke to Julian about that moment It was very moving and it showed Danny s fragility and even if at one point he had behaved like a jerk, I was able to forgive him.The cast of secondary characters is wonderful, from Julian s mother to Julian s best friend Gabby I must say that Brad, Gabby s fianc , has a special place in my heart He s lovely This is romance at its finest