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Hercule Poirot has to solve a fiendishly clever murder mystery in this newly adapted full colour comic strip adventure Famed for her crime masterpieces Agatha Christie's books have become the best selling in the world appealing to readers young and old for their ingenious plots and immediately recognizable characters The stories have also transcended the printed page become bestselling audiobooks and award winning films plays and television series Now words and pictures combine in an exciting new way of telling these stories full colour graphic novels which enhance the original stories and offer a completely new way of enjoying some of the world's most popular and exciting mysteries Roger Ackroyd knows too much He knows that the woman he loves poisoned her brutal first husband He also suspects that someone has been blackmailing her Now tragically the news has come that she has taken her own life with a drug overdose But the evening post brings Roger one last fatal scrap of information Unfortunately before he can finish reading it he is stabbed to death

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    It probably would've been better if I had read the book before this graphic novel I was lost It didn't help that I just wasn't interested so it took me forever for a comic to read this It seemed really jumpy And two of the characters looked so similar I couldn't tell them apart

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    Eh nice short graphic novel

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    You know that old saying about how the golden age for reading science fiction is 12? I think that might be the case for me and Agatha Christie When I was younger and had not read so much mystery fiction I probably would have like this book just fine I also have to remind myself that almost a hundred years after the book was written the tropes that I see were much fresher and the humor sharper So it's difficult to rate this book Just thinking about how much I enjoyed it it's probably about a 2 But I'll elevate the book one star for the fact that I know it's at a disadvantage with me as a jaded reader I think I'm not especially fond of Christie's style So much emphasis on timetables most of which are done by assumptions which prove wrong to my lack of surprise and when windows were locked or unlocked so nitpicky and in my opinion ultimately unimportant Most of the clues are just there to distract you and mislead you anyway I liked Caroline and did not dislike Poirot Everyone else I could take or leave but there certainly ended up being a lot of intrigue going on at the house of Roger Ackroyd Almost an unbelievable amount And as for the playing fair bit regarding the murderer I suppose I can't be too mad at Christie if you read the narration carefully there are small clues in a couple of places as to deception being practiced And a lot of people seem to be delighted by the twist I was initially decidedly undelighted like disgruntled I can forgive her for it I guess since technically she did leave evidence of what she was doing but I didn't really like it and felt that she was messing with me for most of the book And unfairly since the only data I had to go on was what she gave me

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    Agatha Christies novel The Murder of Roger Ackroyd takes us on a journey the the narrator of Dr Sheppard If you like books that are mostly dialogue you'll like this It uses humor and Detective Poirot's natural wit to draw the reader along Leading you on by the narrators own interpretations of the cast you slowly are revealed and about the murder I liked that no one was certainly innocent or guilty it was impossible to interpret it ended up being a complete surprise To try and explain the whole plot would be impossible because its too rich and enticing uite honestly I didn't understand what was happening half the time but it wrapped itself up at the end Like any Agatha Christie book everything only becomes clear at the very end Once the veil was removed you suddenly understand whats happening and looking back the murders actions seem suspicious I give this book a 35 because I wasn't that impressed with the book I generally don't read murder novels so maybe thats why I didn't like it The writing was rather thick and out dated but it was good enough to make you wonder who the killer was all along I admit there where periods when I put the book down for a good two weeks before picking it back up but that may be because of my lack of motivation

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    In her captivating “The Murder of Roger Ackroyd” renowned writer Agatha Christie offers up yet another timeless wonder in the world of MurderMystery In the uaint English town of King’s Abbot where two major families preside and everyone knows anyone’s business at any time of the day it is no surprise that this peace loving community is shaken to its foundations when Mrs Ferrars the presiding dowager of King’s Paddock succumbs to what appears to be an overdose of sleeping medicine As if this wasn’t enough to keep the populace sufficiently mesmerized that very night one Roger Ackroyd lord and master of the Fernly Park estate is viciously murdered in his own home Panic and grief run rampant until that is his young niece brings the case to the attention of Mr Hercule Poirot detective extraordinaire With barely a blink of the eye our beloved Belgian leaps into the mess with both feet uickly discovering that everyone had some reason or another to want the kind hearted sir removed from the euation With nothing but method order and his little gray cells Monsieur Poirot separates fact from fiction culminating in the most eye popping reveal ever to hit the printed page So without further ado I eagerly invite you to partake of this most memorable read

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    MY response to this book was never constant throughout It began with excitement so because I had enjoyed Christie's last book which I had read The Man in the Brown Suit Also the circumstances of the murder which takes place were uite fascinatingHowever then Hercule Poirot entered the picture Somehow I've never warmed up to Christie's detective; he goes on about just gleaning facts never revealing if a clue has been dropped Is is acceptable for a Sherlock Holmes but through Poirot it becomes a tad bit annoyingAnd so by the second last chapter I was ready to categorize this book amongst the ones which I've not enjoyed reading Even so I kept an eye half open because facts came tumbling out they were still discreet of courseBut in the second last chapter Christie zoomed back in with a clever twist That and the way the book ended made me forget my earlier misgiving about the bookA good read is how I would summarize this one

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    This was a really gripping read for me Although I already had an inkling as to who the murderer was before the pieces started to fit probably because of all the hype built up around the book so I just had to go with my wildest guess the experience of finally being told who murdered Roger Ackroyd was only very minutely tainted for me Everything reads like a game of Clue You get handed the facts and are given the liberty to form your own hypotheses from them From this experience I am definitely going to be reading her other novelsMiss Agatha Christie you have yourself another fan

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    Though the book was relatively short I enjoyed it I like mystery books because they keep the reader involved and have the reading working to solve it Similar to Life of Pi you have to make connections chapter to chapter The way suspense is built was good and the plot twists helped along the plot

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    I am a huge fan of murder mysteries but this is a step above all others I have read to date I am entirely amazed at how Agatha Christie can create such an enticing confusing and clever mystery in such a concise and enjoyable way This is one of my favourite books I've read in a while I highly recommend it

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    This one tempting me to a lot to read because of the thrill it went withAnd i guessed the murder in the Starting itselfeven though i guessedthe situations in the story made me to read further that how he did and for wat causegood one