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This is the heart wrenching true story of a girl named Cupcake and it begins when aged eleven she is orphaned and placed in the 'care' of sadistic foster parents But there comes a point in her preteen years maybe it's the night she first tries to run away and is exposed to drugs alcohol and sex all at once when Cupcake's story shifts from a tear jerking tragedy to a dark deeply disturbing journey through hellCupcake learned to survive by turning tricks downing hard liuor and ingesting every drug she could find while hitchhiking up and down the California coast At just 16 she stumbled into the terrifying world of the gangsta dealing drugs hustling and only just surviving a drive by shooting Ironically it was Cupcake's rapid descent into the nightmare of crack cocaine addiction that finally saved her After one four day crack binge she woke up behind a dumpster Half dressed and half dead she finally realized she had to change her life or die on the streets another trash can addict another sad statisticAstonishingly Cupcake turned her life around and this is her brutally frank startlingly funny story Unlike any memoir you will ever read A Piece of Cake is a redemptive gripping tale of a resilient spirit who took on the worst of contemporary urban life and survived it It is also the most genuinely affecting rollercoaster ride through hell and back that you will ever take

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    ✬✬✬✬✬ Bright Shiny Inspirational StarsOne of the best memoirs I've ever read It reads like a novel than non fiction A MUST READCan you identify the exact moment your life changed forever? For Cupcake Brown it was when she found her mother lying dead on her bed In the blink an eye her life was permanently altered and she knew it When everyone uses the expression in the blink of an eye you don't really pay it much mind But this is a situation where those six words could never be trueFollowing the death of her mother Cupcake finds herself in a string of heinous and abusive foster homes She is raped at eleven years old horrified and painfully aware that she'll never be the same again that her life will never be the same again From being in Diane's sadistic foster home to having cheerleader practice in the back of a van with her foster father Cupcake accepts every mood altering substance that comes her way At this point self medicating is the only thing she knows how to do Attempting to run away several times unafraid of whatever conseuences will come her way Cupcake is introduced to Candy a prostitute She is also introduced to her first trick Cupcake finds solace in alcohol PCP or sherm as she endears and weed Later she will be introduced to crack which will serve as both her Crucifixion and her Savior It is only then that she falls down the rabbit hole and struggles to find her way back to the lightThis book broke me and then restored me Cupcake's story is soul shattering yet it is also life affirming It couldn't have been raw real right I don't think I've ever rooted for someone than I did for Cupcake She is the underdog that everyone wants to see win After I read this book I was motivated to find out everything I could about this strong inspiring and courageous woman Here are some of the links I foundThis is her website is Cupcake discussing her story on the Tyra Banks show slideshow about A Piece of Cake my opinion there has never been a thought provoking inspirational and encouraging book Whether you normally read non fiction or not I implore you to read her story It will lift you up and bring warmth into your soul It also sheds light on some pretty hard hitting topics eg abuse and the foster care system prostitution gangs and drug use It's all true It's all real It's Cupcake's storyTrigger Warning This book contains graphic descriptions of rape and child abuse It also contains a lot of drug use

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    Before I started reading this book I read several reviews of it They varied either people really like it or they didn't I really liked itOf those who didn't they complained generally about one of two or both things1 The story was too unbelievable; therefore it must be exaggerated or falsified in some way; and2 The book is poorly written has bad grammar and obvious transitions for example and probably should have been written by a ghost writerI disagree with both of these points Anyone who thinks the story is too unbelievable is clearly too sheltered and needs to take a few moments to come out of the safety of suburbia to see what the rest of the world is like If someone thinks for one moment that these kind of things do not happen to children across our country and that the results are not those shared by Cupcake Brown I've got a bridge I can sell himher Those of us who have experienced abuse know what it can do to a kid and how it can effect himher And those people will relate to and understand Cupcake Brown and her memoir even if her experiences are different and perhaps extreme One thing this memoir does well is show you how and why a fractured and abusive childhood can lead to a life of crime and substance abuse It makes it make sense If there's one thing this memoir is it is real in every sense of the wordwhich brings me to point 2 the writing The writing makes this book a uick read and it also makes it real It would be harder to believe or understand the story Brown has to tell if it were written without the slang the cheesy metaphors and the obvious transitions This is a woman who dropped out of high school Then she studied criminal justice at a community college Chances are she never took an elective creative writing course so what do you expect? She went to law school She writes in the to the point way of lawyers If you want long obtrusive flowery metaphors then this book is not for you because that's not what this book's about Further except for when she does so purposely in dialogue or when transcribing her thoughts Brown does not write grammatically incorrect sentence She may write simple sentences but she does write them correctly It irks me when people who do not even know grammar themselves review work like this and claim the grammar throws them off I studied grammar for 6 years Between her and her editor Brown wrote a book that is pretty much grammatically correct I really enjoyed reading this book It was uick and the story was good It is real and because it is if you can't handle bad language you shouldn't bother A part I really related to was the Marcia Brady past I too created a Marcia Brady past for myself and I too was afraid of what revealing the truth of my past would bring of what people would thinkparticularly after I worked so hard to break free of it This book I am sure will give courage to others who also need to let go of their Marcia Brady pasts and allow them to see that accepting your past is accepting who you are and only through so doing can you ever truly make something of yourself in life or be happy Part of what this book does is expose the failures of the child welfare system in this country and the ignorance of our society so in a way this book was written for those people who claim this story can't be true Yes it's sad; yes it's shocking; but yes it's true and it can happen Perhaps most importantly though the book gives hope to us all hope that those who the system has forgotten or failed that they are worthy and can do and be something better; hope to those feeling defeated that things can get better; hope to those who feel alone that they aren't; hope to us all that with a strong support network and our inner fighter we can conuer our biggest obstacles and achieve our biggest dreams

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    Did you ever read Push or see the film it was called Precious? That was like an extract from this book It's an autobiography that is just brilliantly written and everyone in it is a total stereotype and all completely believable I've never read anything like it I understand why in the black ghettos of the US kids want to be in gangs the appeal of the Cripps is perfectly explained I am seeing life not from a girl at the very bottom of the ladder but one who had violin lessons and then became a victim of a system that does not help those it doesn't want toUpdate I'm three uarters of the way through I've done nothing but read today I'm not at all happy with this book It is ending too soon It's that good The author and Guinevere Turner the scriptwriter of American Psycho are writing the film script It's going to be a Hollywood movie I have mixed feelings about this It will end up being 90 mins of Hollywood glamour rather than the street grit of documentary film making the subject cries out for Cupcake Brown is amazing in many ways including as a writer If she never did anything else in life but write the literary world would be so much richer

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    A Piece of Cake is one of those books that won't fade into the background long after it's been shelved for me The story is so incredible at times I felt like I was reading another Frey memoir that was somewhat embellished Cupcake Brown is thrown into the foster care system at 11 and survives abuse the streets gangs and drugsalchohol to a point that puts her behind a dumster for several days at one point If you don't like rough language this one will be tough However I think it's so important to take ourselves out of our own world and understand others Isn't that what is so great about reading This book put a slightly different spin on how I might view the underbelly of society it isn't always a choice but the better choice from what they were given as a start in life It also wakes you up to the life of a drug addict and how desperate they are for committing crimes for cashdrugs We can all use a bit compassion and Cupcake endures all to make her own choices in life She's a woman I'd like to meet in person

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    A Piece of Cake is a prime example of a story that is much better than the writing This memoir is the life story of Cupcake Brown a woman who has overcome abuse drug and alcohol addiction prostitution domestic violence and gang life to become a successful attorney and thanks to this book a best selling author Brown's journey is nothing short of amazing In fact some have uestioned the validity of her claims in light of James Frey and others because of the extreme situations detailed in the book I don't know if everything in the book is true but I do know that she should have hired a ghostwriter Almost all the early chapters end with some over the top dramatic sentences that were something like I had no idea that my whole life was about to change or All of that stopped with what happened next Too much The story is already so incredibly dramatic there really is just no need for the “obvious” ink to saturate the end of every chapter Also there are very awkward sentences interspersed throughout the book and there’s too much telling as opposed to showing This book is a uick read though The story moves along at a decent pace and there are so many dramatic turns that even if there’s a lull you know something outrageous is coming up All in all this is a very compelling life story that deserves a better writer so it can be told properly If this book was pitched as a novel I don’t think it would have been a best seller but because it is supposedly “real life” it has gotten a lot of attention I think all stories whether they are fiction or non fiction or something in between should be written in the highest possible uality Good writing is for everyone not just fiction writers

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    I first read this book years ago and fell in love with it but I don't think I was able to fully appreciate then as I did this time around Because I don't remember FEELING so much the last time I read it But this time around I was hit by feelings with what felt like the force of a hurricane This is such an incredibly dark gritty and yet stunningly beautiful story about one Black woman's journey through hell and back Because truly I don't think there's any word fitting to describe what Cupcake went through than hell Her journey struck so many chords with me not because I've suffered through her disease but because many of my family members have I've seen firsthand what kind of conseuences her disease and behaviour can have on a persons life how easily it spirals out of control and how hard it is to put all the pieces back together And that made me appreciate Cupcake's story all the because not only did she truly hit rock bottom but she fought and clawed her way out of it and not without A LOT of hard work made a wonderful sober life for herself Her story is truly inspiring and one that I'm sure to reread many times in the years to come

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    This is a great story but even that can not make up for the horrible writing techniues The author has had an amazing life and her story is truly amazing and leaves a feeling of hope for those who have friends or family involved in addiction However she tends to ramble and repeat her situations to the point that the story becomes boring and redundant Also you can tell she is attempting to write in the way that someone in that situation would actually speak but at the same time she never seems to leave that horrible writing behind I feel that if someone else had written this story for her and shortened it by about 100 pages the repetitivenessit would be much higher in my list of recommendations

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    This is one of the best books I've ever picked up I don't think I've ever read a better book on the subject of drug and alcohol addiction and recovery I knew there was a reason why I got this book without knowing much about it Knowing enough about addiction and recovery to know that this is an honest account only made it that much better for me After reading A Million Little Pieces and knowing it was a load of crap before the truth came out reading a HONEST recollection of someones addiction and subseuent recovery was refreshing Ms Brown managed to actually me laugh out loud at several different parts and there were others that I just could not believed happened The fact that she went from drug and alcohol addict to a lawyer and author is astounding and shows us that anything is possible This book and Ms Brown reminded me so many times during reading this of so many life lessons that I've forgotten or let dwindle away during my life It's a memoir of a woman named Cupcake Brown and the life she led from childhood to adulthood I'd recommend this to ANYONE who enjoys memoirs andor books on addiction recovery Fantastic book I'd read something else by this author in a heartbeat

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    I read this a long time ago I still own it It was a hard book to put down Are they really making a movie?Yikes

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    Hmmm well I really don't know how to describe Cupcake Brown's A Piece of Cake A Memoir It was underwhelming for me I tend to go into a book with a lot of skepticism It is in my opinion the author's responsibility to provide me with a literary experience so profound that I do not uestion hisher motive Every writer has a motive No one writes just to write there is a mission and I think part of Brown's mission was to provide a story so unbelievable so hurtful so shocking that you'd feel sympathy for her And I didfor a little while Somewhere between her decision to join the Crips and her decision to snort heroin she lost my sympathy and I thought she was a dummy She writes this tale with such love and admiration for her stepfather and uncle that it was shocking These two men watched her throw her life away and did nothing because she was grown Huh what? Now granted I know this is the early 80s and it is the onset of the crack epidemicI mean when Cupcake is smoking crack it's not even called crack ya know? You gotta buy cocaine and mix it into crack yourself this is even before Freeway Ricky made a big dent in South Central but that's another story for another day lol But people knew drugs particularly cocaine were dangerous people knew this by the 80s yet Cupcake's protectors did not protect herdid not even extend a hand to her Anyway back to the reasons why I don't like A Piece of Cake For one the work was poorly written Brown comes across as untruthful she presents facts about things I just don't understand a person who lived in a drug and alcohol induced haze could possibly recall Further the erratic transition between slang terminology or urban vernacular and proper speech is irritating and not well done Additionally I found the book a bit boring and I think Brown could have shortened it a lot The audio book is inadeuate the speaker sounds like she should read children's books Not the story of a drug addicted young woman who rises to a position of prestige through hard work and determination