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Charlie is a twenty something with a lack of direction in his life He spends most of his days working at a food court and then coming home to work on restoring old cars But occasionally, he goes out with friends to parties and benders On one such occasion, he meets an eccentric older woman, Violet, who quickly takes to Charlie and lavishes him with gifts in exchange for his attention and sex Charlie falls into a semi comfortable life with Violet, though it s obvious that it s just for lack of a better option Until he happens across a beautiful woman his age in a hotel bar He quickly falls in love with her and is now stuck between his trap of a relationship with Violet and this new girl who feels like she could be the one.Overall, the book was an enjoyable read I dove in quickly and was able to get through chapter after chapter anxious to see what happens next My only gripe was in the way the author chose to have Charlie s chapters in a first person format and anyone else s perspective in third person but not with Charlie narrating This was especially annoying when it actually changed within a single chapter from the third person to Charlie s first person narration once he entered the scene It didn t feel as though this stylistic choice added anything to the story, so it was just frustrating than anything else.That said, I still enjoyed the story greatly and loved the path it took towards the end. A native s tongue it s a story of manipulation, lies, and people who definitely aren t sane Charlie is a young man struggling in his life, he doesn t know what his going to do with it, with a job that it s not going anywhere he wants to find the trail to a good life But there s something that it s tormenting Charlie s mind and it s his sister, she passed away a long time, but her soul still remains, she appears like a ghost in certain moments of Charlie s days So went he meets Violet he decide to go for it, they aren t good for each, he knows that he never is going to love her, but he doesn t care he wants someone who take care of him, and she is going to do that, he doesn t see his sister s ghost when it s with her.The thing is that Violet it s a manipulator she wants something she got it, nothing can stop her, and she wants Charlie She controls everything in his life, his job, where he lives, where he is, everything But she take care of him, she is in love with him, in this crazy way, that you know it became an obsession She is desperate to get Charlie s approval, to get his love, but that s something he can t give it to her But even now, Violet wasn t happy Not having a companion who loved her chipped away at her confidence The most unattractive element in a human being is desperation, and Violet wore desperation like a mink coat in the middle of a New Orleans summer It was obvious to anyone of either sex that the aim of all her hard work was to attract a man who would love her He meets Jennifer in a bar when he is with Violet, and he fall for her right away, it was love at first sight, their soul mates and they both know it, but it wasn t the right time He likes the frame of innocent that it s around her, he doesn t even know her name but he knows she is the girl for him When Charlie realize that he is wasting he s time with Violet he leave her, she isn t find about this she things it s a phase, that he just want to fool around with Jennifer, that he is in love with her But he wants to find Jennifer, but there are things in his life that aren t good He isn t planning to find her but when he does it s not in the way he had in mind Their re connect and they thing that everything in their life are falling the way they shut be But something happen, and they are falling apart again, but this time it s forever, they only were together for a couple of days, and people who you might thing that has nothing to do with, were involve The thing is, this character were really hard to understand, Charlie is so vulnerable, for me he can t be in a relationship in this moment, because, he isn t taking care of himself, and he is depending of everyone, including Violet, who is confusing, love with gratefulness, Charlie never loved her but in her mind he is and that made her do things that weren t pretty It was really frustrating, and Jennifer well, SHE IS CRAZY, she s too weak for the word of Violet and she paid the consequences All these character were insane Pain make people act with no logic, no mercy, and this story is proving of that You have to burn a forest down The character are well made, but there were a lot of things that Michael Dennis, didn t say, like what happen to Violet after she find out what happen to Charlie And time, it was confusing in a moment we were with Jennifer in the present, and the next page we were with Charlie years ago 2.3 In Michael D Dennis S Touching New Novel, A Native S Tongue, A Young Man, Torn Between Two Women, Struggles To Find His Way In The WorldAs I Walked Out Under The Los Angeles Sky, The Possibility Of Becoming Something Than A Short Order Cook, Living In The Valley, And Resenting My Dysfunctional Family Occurred To Me Charlie Winters Has Never Been An Overachiever He Is Used To Just Getting By While Living With His Single Mother And Working A Dead End Job At A Cheesesteak Stand Meanwhile, He S Constantly Grappling With The Voice Of His Sister, Who Died In A Tragic Car Accident Years Earlier, Echoing In His HeadSo When Violet, An Older Woman, Sets Her Sights On Charlie And Refuses To Let Go, He Follows Along He Soon Finds Himself Immersed In A Destructive Relationship That Still Fails To Fill The Void Within HimBut Then He Meets Jennifer, A Mystical Young Woman Whose Energy And Life Convinces Charlie To Pursue Her, Even Through The Darkest Corners Of Los Angeles, And Sets Their Lives Upon A Path That Can T Be StoppedEscaping To The California Coast, Charlie And Jennifer Finally Find What They Ve Always Needed But A Sudden Illness Quickly Pulls Them Both Back To LAIt Is There, Amid The Sex, Drugs, And Split Second Decisions That Pulse Through The City, That Tragedy Strikes Threatening To Tear Charlie And Jennifer Apart ForeverLove And Tragedy Collide In Michael D Dennis S Poignant New Novel, A Native S Tongue First, a little warning This book isn t about happily ever afters, the bad guys get caught and the good guys get married It s different In fact, it seems to be a realistic although pessimistic outlook on life And I can see that occasionally it s necessary to read books like this, not only because they re interesting in their uniqueness but also because it lets you appreciate the other books you read a lot.The book starts with a preview of the ending But we have no knowledge of the characters, previous actions, anything really I think this help jumpstart my interest in reading this book It caught and held my attention, making me ask all of these questions that I simply had to continue reading to answer Not to mention the whole book was really well written It flowed smoothly, and it was clear to hear the character s voices It also kept things jumping and kept the readers interest.The style of writing changed occasionally Sometimes it was third person in which case we could expect to be seeing something from Victoria or Jennifer s perspective And those were interesting chapters It seemed both women weren t entirely normal not that anyone really is normal but let s just use the word for now It was disturbing and upsetting to see their interactions and witness their actions Then there were some chapters written in first person, from the viewpoint of Charlie For most of the book I wasn t sure how to feel about Charlie It seemed that he was almost the teenager that never really grew up Honestly I didn t really feel much beyond sympathy for him for much of the book, instead preferring the chapters with Victoria or Jennifer.A Native s Tongue is all about a man whose life has gone downhill and he s trying to get by the best way he can It seems as if many of the characters are on a path of destruction We also were given a unique look into a situation that most people see from the outside as disgusting or less than the ideal It was eye opening and I was constantly found remembering the old lesson, never judge a book by it s cover.A Native s Tongue is unique and gives the reader a unique look at several difficult situations It almost seemed as if a movie was playing through my head the entire time and it gave me a fresh outlook on how good my life actually is. As the book begins, it appears that Violet is in jail.why is the big question Going back and forth between the past and the present, the reader learns about the details that led to this moment in which the story is taking place There are three main characters Violet, Charlie and Jennifer Although there are other character appearances, these three are really the heart of the story.Violet 50 shades of fucked up This chick is totally mental completely delusional In her relationship with Charlie, she is the domineering one possessive in fact She always wants sex on demand, wining and dining him and expecting to do whatever she wishes But once you take a solid look into her mind, you find that she is just a pathetic soul wanting someone to love her for her, not what she could provide She still is a mental case, but you can t help but feel sorry for her.Charlie a lost and tormented soul Hooking up with Violet is possibly the worst mistake he could have made in my opinion Violet completely used Charlie for her own desire, but Charlie was a fool for going along with the whole relationship But all Charlie really wants is for someone to take care of him and Violet is filling that roll until Jennifer comes into the picture Upon first meeting Jennifer, Charlie doesn t even know her name, but he has fallen in love..hard At times he is a little over the top with his attraction to her I wanted to know every detail that made her different from the sea of girls I had met throughout my life but didn t give a shit about I had given her all of me If she was gone I would float back out into the Pacific Ocean and intentionally forget to paddle back in I would go so far out that even when my survival instinct kicked in to propel me back toward land, it would be too late Jennifer so sad Her life choices are taking her down a dangerous and morally wrong path She has led her life wanting for not Her family is very well off, and it seems she just wants to rebel in her family s social sigma When Charlie and she do finally get together, it is like they are soul mates I truly wanted to like her, but something was just off maybe her sanity and mental health.Basically, all three of the characters are train wrecks You don t want to watch, but you just can t help yourself The author has a way in making this a truly unique story that instantly draws you into this crazy life of Charlie, Violet and Jennifer I must say that I have never read anything like this before and it was a different experience for me Not a bad experience, just different Told from different, alternating perspectives and jumping back and forth between past and present, I really had to pay attention to the details In order to keep up The ending WOW.just WOW I did not see that coming and it left me a little speechless The story line itself was intriguing and the writing is impeccable With complex characters, a plot filled with multiple twists and turns, this one is guaranteed to keep your interest throughout I received a copy of the book for free in exchange for an honest review See at The Avid Book Collector This book was given to me by the author through Ethereal Book Reviews Guest Reviewer ProgramI give this book 2.5 stars I have to say this was a world wind of crazy Have you ever watched the show Deadly Devotion on Investigative Discovery This story would find a nice home there and it would most definitely have it s own two hour special This is a book that takes look into the mind of a stalker, a possessive cougar and a lonely man who is drowning in guilt from a lost family member that was out of his control This is not a light hearted read, and it isn t something you should start if you don t like darker tones and straight forward writing There isn t much writing about the surrounds as there is about the going ons in others minds With each new character introduced, we get a little look into their inner demons and twisted minds I will say this really isn t a book for a teen, no hate here, just saying with the type of book that this is, and the way it s writing in such a real life setting, would make it had for a teenager and maybe most young adults, to connect with it No one is perfect, that message is so clear you can feel your own heart cracking to the point where you find yourself reliving your own not to happy and innocent memories This story lets us enter a hard very real reality that, no the grass isn t greener no matter what side of it you where unluckily enough to be born on I have many mixed feelings and confuse thoughts about this book There isn t much closure, but then again, there never is in the real world This is a strong look into a hard world that sadly does exist As someone who has traveled to many different countries, and seeing first hand some of their planted horror s, made me connect with this book on the knowing that, yes this could happen, because the world is hard and everyone has a devil inside of them All it takes is that one straw, and, crack The one shocker for me, and the reason you could say I m giving this book 2.5 stars, is the ending I read it three times to make sure I didn t make it up myself What the flaming hell I m sitting here confuse as F , wondering what the hell just happened and why I can t even form proper thoughts on this and I m a little angry about this WTF ending My second reason for giving this book a below average rating, is that the transitions are a very sloppy I mean, once I got use to it, it was okay, but I shouldn t have had to got use to it but in the beginning I had to read ahead just to see who s head I was in I get it, the Author was probably trying to go for a TV drama like scene change, but that s doesn t work in books In all, I do believe this book would make a fantastic TV movie I have a thing for TV movies. I don t think I would read this book again, maybe in a year, but, I have to figure out what the ending was all about first My head is spinning If you re going to red this book, have an open mind Don t shut it out because you don t like the writing style or the minor structural problems I got sucked into this book, it wasn t happy, and I knew it wouldn t be, but sometimes you need to give your heart a kick in the feels to understand that not everything is perfect, because perfection isn t real, and frankly it s boring Head upsDon t stop being awesomeEmily. Did the endless portrayals of love and romance in novels really exist 6 Each chapter relays the POV of each character It was odd that some were written in the 1st person and others were in the 3rd person The chapters with Charlie were in 1st person Pre Violet Jennifer and the chapters with Violet and Jennifer were in 3rd person Post Charlie Sometimes the POV would switch within the same chapter, but it wasn t at all confusing The enticing part was the mystery in the Post Charlie segments that begs to answer the question What happened to Charlie and how did Violet end up in prison The whole story mainly revolves around Charlie and his battle with loneliness, depression, and substance abuse He was never able to deal with the loss of his sister After her death, time disintegrated Each second pulsed through my body in passing immobility my lungs ceased to expand and I curled like a contortionist in the circus of my own dreadful reality I was a captive to this pain and the memory All I wanted was for death to inject me with a taste of its poison 42 The author takes the reader on a wild ride through L.A s seedy underside paved with deception and debauchery For some reason, few people even believed dying was possible in this city The fountain of youth flowed so freely that no one ever talked about lying down in the earth forever In my opinion, there were those of us who feared death, those who had experienced it and still feared it, and those, like me, who welcomed its presence 59 Charlie was trapped in the hard clutches of Violet when he meets the fragile, innocent beauty, Jennifer It was sad how he got dragged away without knowing her name This scene was tragic and lovely almost Shakespearean Poor Charlie couldn t stand Violet, a manipulative, cold woman How does someone own a human being How was it possible to capture a human spirit My body had separated and my spirit had gone somewhere, wandered off into a distant space, like a specter or wraith I was owned My body belonged to someone She had taken what was, innately, the only real property I had 77 Charlie is a lost, sensitive soul He may seem like any other young, arrogant douche bag, but his heart resonated a soft empathy Charlie s love for Jennifer was enigmatic it was definitely a love taken from the pages of the Dark Romanticism era everlasting and na ve.The ending, of course, left me with puzzled unfulfillment I didn t understand the reasoning behind it or what exactly happened On top of that, I didn t get the meaning of the title A Native s Tongue That was a head scratcher Captivating and well written Sprinkled with dark humor, the story contained a mixture of emphatic beauty and brutal sensitivity. This novel takes us into the very twisted and tangled love life of Charlie Winters, torn between being the kept man of a much older,possessive woman and loving a young, damaged beautiful girl In the background is the constant pain of having lost his sister to a tragedy, who seems to live in his mind Charlie was a character I didn t much like, while the angle Dennis took with the relationship was unique, I found myself irritated by Charlie coming off as this poor caged pet so to speak, feeling trapped by a mean controlling older woman as she is giving him everything he could want But then I thought about how many stories are out there about younger women being spoiled and kept by older men and really, what s the difference Why can t the reverse be true Is Charlie young and self centered, coming off as a bit of a user Yes, but he is genuine Through the novel I kept thinking of the saying you want to see God laugh, make a plan The truth is, the characters are all screwed up emotionally, addicted to drugs, drama, or control The ending is tricky and unexpected I imagine some people will enjoy the love triangle and the originality, I just think for me the characters were selfish and cold at times I didn t really love anyone in the story, nor feel connected to them It is well written and original, and certainly fools you, as you don t expect anything that happens Again, I would say 3 1 2 stars Just not my usual sort of novel I do have to make note of the interactions, particularly between Charlie and his friends, because unlike other stories where you know guys don t talk like that , in A Native s Tongue the author allows his male characters to be guys I liked it. This is a solid obsession novel, with emphasis on the characters than the actual stalking I had a love hate relationship with all the characters in this story, and I love how it made me reevaluate who the victims really were I don t normally say this but I wish that this novel was longer I would have liked to have been able to witness of the relationship between Violet and Charlie I always like having sympathetic villains and because there wasn t a lot of back story in this novel, the story wasn t able to achieve that.Overall this is an intriguing book that is easy to devour, however the ending feels a little disjointed from the rest of the novel.Note I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. The beginning of this novel was so terribly written I couldn t get past the first chapter to read further It was inconsistent and lacked any grounding in reality for me Has the author ever sat on a leather car seat on a hot day Buttery my ass like scalding the skin off your thighs and leaving you feeling like a piece of cooked meat The scene with her popping pills and going into a temporary coma in a closed vehicle on a hot day, then moments later peeling out and driving away was even unrealistic If the author can t even get these seemingly small details correct then there is no way in my mind that he can be trusted to give me an interesting story to invest my time in.Maybe folks who like reading about self destructive relationships and completely unrealistic events in a modern setting will like this book Or folks who can suspend their disbelief than I can for this type of novel I just cannot see spending any of my time on it than I have already.I received a copy of this book to peruse through NetGalley in exchange foe an honest review.