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When Caitlyn Creates Hannah In A Game, Hannah Saves Her LifeWhen Caitlyn Meets Shayne, She Is Immediately Drawn To His Haunted Eyes, Even Though Her Best Friend, Sophia, Warns Her To Stay Away From Him Because He Might Be Contagious The Darkness Comes For Caitlyn Until She Starts To Play A Computer Game And She Creates Hannah Caitlyn Does Everything In Her Power To Pull Hannah Into The Darkness With Her, But Hannah Has Hope

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    Thank you very much, Lynette, for providing me a copy of Layered This little story was quite enjoyable.We follow Caitlyn, a girl struggling with depression after her boyfriend commits suicide, choosing to immerse herself in a virtual reality, a game where she creates the character of Hanna Hanna will also struggle will death and rejection, but what i think destinguishes both characters the most, is hope Hanna keeps hoping even when everything tells her otherwise She is a very sweet and kind character, if a bit naive The game occurs paralell to Caitlyn s life, and it goes on even when she is not playing She is a bit of a God in the terms that she is the oe to make bad things happen to move Hanna s life and release her own frustrations I liked that, at the same time, Hanna plays the same kind of simulation picture perfect game, being controlled and controlling.Even though it was sad and it dealed with very serious issues, I loved Hanna and was constanty looking forward to read her parts sorry Caith, dear I wish it would go on And to see her romance with Nathan develop Layered is a light, fast read that will endear you and make you care for the characters and their struggles in little than 200 pages.

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    Thank you Lynette, for sharing a free copy of your book so I could read it I must say that even tho I normally choose creepy horror books, I also enjoy cute tales As the title says, this book has many layers layers of characters, layers of feelings, layers of stories and a refreshing twist in the end Is well written, some parts express really deep emotions and you can identify with them specially going back to your teenager years Really enjoyed this title.

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    I would like to thank the author for the free ebook copy she sent me At first I could not read this book and was lost between Caitlyn and Hannah s worlds and that is why it took me too long to get back to re reading it However, I gave it another chance and the book started to get much better It talked about first loves, family, depression and death.Even though this book is directed to a younger audience, I really enjoyed reading it Thank you Lynette

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    A story within a story Caitlyn is seeing a doctor to deal with depression She goes online to a game her friend has encouraged her to play She creates Hannah and her family I liked the Hannah story the best This is a Teen Romance but as an older reader I enjoyed it.I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

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    Firstly, I d like to thank the author for the opportunity to download this book for free The book is alright for a one time read For some reason I liked Hannah s story better Although I do believe that you can fall in love in a few days, it seemed unlikely that Caitlyn experienced such a strong feeling at such a young age The only thing that was really confusing is the jumping in the POVs.

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    I like this book it suits to read by young adults i do really like the Hannah Part in this book it s so sweet

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    ROUGH EDIT INCOMPLETE REVIEWI received a free copy, regardless, I d write an honest review The story started with Caitlyn and Sophia It was clear that Caitlyn had a level of sadness which lead me to believe that it would be about both their adventure and how Sophia would play a role to help her friend which entirely did not happen Then, online gaming was introduced and I thought maybe that would be the medium Sophia s to use as help I was imagining sims as Hannah s character was established Here s the thing it said that Hannah was an image of Caitlyn and if she wanted her to feel that same sadness it would mean she wished the same to herself Putting her in a trailer is not the proper environment to stimulate a reaction that is reflective of Cait s life Sophia did not live up to the best friend standard she was a selfish bitch The characters are not well developed considering the limit of writing in a two perception format Overall, the book s slow paced I ve been unsuccessfully reading it since I had my hands on them I always stopped mid story The ending for Hannah did not make sense Full aspiration bar without the player s influence is impossible.PS Thank you for the read

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    What a story I thoroughly enjoyed Layered, as I have all the books I have read by this talented Indie author In this story I felt very strong emotions for the characters of Caitlyn and Hannah I worried about them, I was sad for them, I had hope for them.and it is a special book that can take the reader on such an emotional journey The story was interesting and creative I really liked the life simulation game , but at the same time addressed some very serious issues in a non judgmental manner I would definitely recommend this book to all readers