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A Killer RivalryWhen Eve Carrington is chosen to participate in an exclusive writers workshop she knows it's a once in a lifetime opportunity For one month she will live write and share her work with nine other aspiring authors The top three will get a chance to be published But when the building they're staying in isn't ready and Eve sees the old mansion they'll be moved into she starts having second thoughts Not only is the mansion isolated but the deadlines are tight the pressure intense and the competition incredibly fierce Her biggest rival Angela is writing a murder mystery based on the workshop and its participants It's a brilliant idea Until life begins to imitate art and death begins to knock out the competition

10 thoughts on “Wicked

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    I was rather disappointed in this mediocre mystery The characters were lifeless the dialogue juvenile and the mystery pretty easy to solve Since the ending was a cliffhanger one assumes they'll probably be another I expected better from this author

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    Too improbable and juvenile Writing was amateurish too Ugh

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    When I was a kid there was an author named Christopher Pike that wrote books for tweensyoung adults before it was actually a genre Back when bookstores would have one rack between little kids' books and adult books and it had the little fiction that was being targeted at my age So much of what was there for us was old stuff 'classics' or Sweet Valley High so I loved Christopher Pike for that 'not ready for Koontz and King' stage of my life Had I read this book then I might not have hated it Had I read this before Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None I might not have hated it I read it now however And I hated it And I'm irritated that I read the entire thing just to see if she matched the plot twist that made Christie great Should have just uit reading 10 minutes in

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    Thriller that will grip you until the very endWicked is one of the best thrillers I have ever read The premise is much like Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None but Joanne Fluke takes the idea to a completely different level I won't say much about the story because I don't want to give too much away However I will say that I was kept guessing until the very end Like any good suspense thriller the story doesn't end with the big reveal of the killer The entire story was fantastic but the ending was so deliciously unexpected My only regret is the book had to end I would've gladly kept reading to see what happened next

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    This was a GREAT uick read It kept me guessing in places though I kept thinking I had it figured out it would make me doubt myself and then it would take me in a whole other direction I enjoyed the fact that the characters were well written and fleshed out so that I could imagine each one particularly when they met their doom ; I'd recommend this to mystery fans definitely worth the time

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    Apparently Joanne Fluke wrote Wicked in 1995 and it was so bad no one would publish it Fast forward to 2016 when Joanne has had some bestsellers and suddenly the publishers are willing to print it But it's still a terrible book Although were it published as a YA instead of as an adult fiction I might have been able to accept it

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    uick readThis book was OK It did keep me reading but it read like a Young adult book than an adult suspense novel

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    Good suspense novel that was a throwback to And Then There Were None Good characters and I was kept guessing as to who was behind everything

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    I needed something “fluffy” and read this in an afternoon It was enjoyable albeit predictable Could it have been mysterious? Sure Did I have a feeling who the murderer was the entire time? Absolutely Was it still a fun read? Yep However I really am in the mood for something spooky

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    This was pretty good once you were able to get over the fact that people were dying and no one went to the police It flowed well and kept my interest I did not try very hard to guess who the killer was since I figured it would come down to the three main characters but it did turn out to be the person I first thought it would be I also liked the transformation of Eve who started out to be very shallow arrogant and not serious about the project but turned out to possibly have found her calling as a writer Good effort