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They call me a slut Maybe I amSometimes I do things I despiseSometimes men take without askingBut I have a musical gift only a year left of high school and a planWith one obstacleEmeric Marceaux doesn’t just takeHe seizes my will power and bangs it like a dark noteWhen he commands me to play I want to give him everythingI kneel for his punishments tremble for his touch and risk it all for our stolen momentsHe’s my obsession my master my musicAnd my teacher

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    ★★★★★ Dark Notes Stand alone Acclaimed pianist teacher Emeric Marceaux’s unapologetic pursuit seduction of his student “We need each other not because our bodies fit so well together But because our hearts beat the same tune for the same reason” Dark Notes stand alone is a forbidden teacher student romance but it’s so much than that It’s an erotic tale of sexual awakening the simmering slow build up of Emeric’s seduction and sexual corruption of Ivory if you will But it’s also about coping with secrets and painful past such as rape and abuse and the healing and the self reflection that comes with Emeric Marceaux prodigal son heir to an empire acclaimed pianist and an off limit high school music teacher Eleven words to describe Emeric Entitled unabashed commanding devious secretive elusive careless ruthless in control nurturing and refinedThough Emeric is playing student Ivory Westbrook like a violin it’s her who controls the story or rather Emeric’s obsession with her I felt her I bled her tragic past Yet I wanted to be her partly for her sexual charisma that unbeknownst to her oozed off the pages But mostly because she had his attention his fascination and his love Seven words to describe Ivory resilient strong reflective naïve humble meek and enchantingI was captivated by the amazingly wonderful Ivory who wrapped herself around my heart and the enigmatic Emeric in his unapologetic pursuit of Ivory despite the destruction their affair could causePlus their story has that X factor the secret ingredients of Pam Godwin’s spellbinding storytelling; just the right amount of sexual tension sizzling BDSM erotica angst darkness suspense and danger with a pinch of secrets and betrayal simmering to perfectionDark Notes told from dual POVs is butterflies in your belly good It’s un put downable addictive I’m highly recommending “This brutal man is my home His hell is my heaven I'm his Ivory and he's my darkest note” Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 5 starsSexual tension rating 5 starsSex scenes rating 45 starsSex scenes freuency 45 starsPlot rating 5 starsDialogue rating 5 starsStorytelling rating 5 starsStory ending rating 4 starsOverall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this book YesWould I re read this book YesWould I read future books by this author YesThanks to everyone who participated in DARK book ShhLYTFBR on Shh ARC provided to me by author Pam Godwin in exchange for an honest review

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    At seventeen years old Ivory Westbrook has experienced enough tragedy for a thousand lifetimes Since her father died years ago she has lived a life of despair and pain With a mother and brother that have lost themselves to their drug addictions she's had to bear the brunt of the household responsibilities selling the only thing she has to keep the bills paidvWhen Emeric Marceaux is hired as a teacher at Ivory's prestigious high school she knows that her future is up in the air She had worked with the previous instructor for years and was promised her endorsement for a spot at the most coveted performing arts college in the nation Without the wealth of the other students it is essential that Ivory secure the scholarship in order to achieve her dreams of a performing career She knows that everything she has worked so tirelessly for is in perilAt first glance Emeric Marceaux knows that his attraction to his busty young student is asking for trouble She isn't like the other rich kids at the school and his dominating and protective instincts are calling to him With every moment that he spends with her he finds himself venturing further into forbidden territoryDespite the fact that they both know that any type of sexual relationship between them could be disastrous they repeatedly succumb to temptation Tentative at first they soon embark on a sordid journey of sexual exploration and self discovery Emeric wants to protect Ivory from everyone but himself it seemsFrom start to finish this book held my rapt attention Ms Godwin weaves a taboo erotic tale that is utterly breathtaking This book elicits such powerful raw emotions that at times I hated it as much as I loved it It is an extremely well written dark story Brace yourself for some tough topics like child abuse emotional physical and sexual rape dubious consent and a forbidden studentteacher relationship Ms Godwin is not afraid to address these topics and does not skirt around these issues which I appreciated but others may find difficult to deal withThis is a standalone book that will not leave you hanging In fact I would go so far as to say that I was left feeling uite contented If you love a book that makes you uestion your morality and face tough topics this is for you If you are looking for a love story that will move you this is it I absolutely loved this story and I wholeheartedly recommend it

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    5 “I’m fucking my teacher” Stars It’s universally known that the forbidden something is the desirable it becomes Emeric SpoilersWow this book was amazing Dark Notes by Pam Godwin has been on my radar for a while now but I have been putting it off until I got in a dark read kind of mood See I love me some Dark reads but I have to be in the right mood for them But now that I read this book I wish I wouldn't have waited so damn long It wasn't nearly as dark as I thought it was going to be Don't get me wrong it's dark About a 6 or 7 on a dark scale of 1 10 10 being the darkest but I have read darker I really enjoyed Pam Godwin's writing style She captivated me from the start and made me fall in love with the main couple Besides being a darker read it was a taboo read You have a forbidden teacherstudent love The hero is 27 the heroine is 17 Very naughty and right up my alley “I can’t stay away” Another drugging kiss “I want you” He nibbles my lower lip licks just inside the seam then rests his forehead against mine “You make me want things I can’t have” Emeric “It’s against the law You’re my teacher” “You’re my girl” He lazily swipes the screen on his phone “That’s the only law you need to worry about” What? My head hammers “You’re insane” “You’re mine” “What if someone finds out?” He scrolls through his email not a care in the world “My problem” Ivory and Emeric Emeric was extremely sexy I loved his over the top protectiveness The way he loved and took care of Ivory He was all dominant but was still supportive comforting and sweet He was also a bad bad boy A kinky naughty teacher tasting the forbidden fruit I loved that he knew she was worth everything He didn't fight his feelings long She was his and he would have her period I love that shit Emeric was like her Dark knight he comes and he saves her and then spanks her Ivory has had a shitty life ever since her dad died Abused by her mother brother and raped repeatedly Ivory does what she has to in order to survive She has a plan and she is going to overcome She may have been beaten down many times but she was so strong and it shined through the pages “You’re sort of charming when you get all serious and bossy” She lowers her chin and deepens her voice “Like I’m the man laying down the law and this is how it’s going to be”Cute I shake my head fighting back a grin She tightens her fingers against my scalp and moves her mouth a hair’s width away “But I have my own mind and voice and you’re going to hear it whenever and however I want” Ivory “You need to stop giving me those eyes” “What eyes?” A smile teases his lips “The ones that say” I deepen my voice “Come here Miss Westbrook Look at me Miss Westbrook On your knees—” He surges up with a roguish grin on his face I roll out of reach my mocking tone tumbling into laughter “Suck my cock Miss Westbrook” Ivory and Emeric There was some major sexual tension in this book I'm a sucker for the whole studentteacher love stories Emeric and Ivory had major chemistry The heat was rising from my kindle because not only is there the whole taboo ageteacherstudent thing going on in this book but Emeric is all Dom and there is a generous sprinkling of bdsm kinkery too Their relationship wasn't all kink though This book didn't just have sex scene after sex scene filler there was a nice relationship build up They don't even have full on sex until like the 80% mark They also have a supportive sweet loving and playful relationship They don't judge each other For a dark book I found myself laughing a lot Like the part where she throws the marker at Emeric and it bounces off his forehead and leaves a mark I could actually picture it in my head “Ah fuck” The headboard groans in his grip “Look at you” I open my eyes and collide with his a smile pulling at my cheeks “I’m fucking my teacher” “Jesus Christ Ivory” His biceps flex above his head his thighs hardening beneath me “Give me your mouth” Emeric and Ivory Yes I’m her teacher Yes I shove my cock in her rigorously and with unadulterated depravity morning and night But the depth of my feelings for her goes so far beyond bullshit laws I really don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks Emeric I know some will have a problem with their ages but I didn't I also found that I really enjoyed the fact that Emeric's mom and dad were so supportive of him They didn't look down on Ivory didn't treat her bad I loved that he could be 100% honest with them I hated Ivory's mother brother and her brother's best friend Lorenzo I read a few reviews where readers didn't like what happens with Lorenzo Not me I was glad I would have liked pain I know I can be a bit bloodthirsty but I own that shit I also felt her mom and brother didn't get their comeuppances and it really disappointed me Just sayin' how they gonna get off after all the hell they put Ivory through Emeric and Ivory's HEA was super sweet and well deserved Overall I loved this book and can't wait to get my hands on Pam Godwin books I would recommend this book to anyone who loves dark taboo love I would tell anyone who has issues with rape not to read this book because this book get real rapey “We’re a timeless concerto” I kiss his lips “A musical masterpiece” He drags his mouth across my jaw his cock jerking inside me “Like Scriabin’s ‘Black Mass?’” Too dissonant I arch my neck for his lips “I was thinking along the lines of Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’” “Lame” He bites the skin beneath my ear “We’re like Van Halen’s ‘Hot For Teacher’” Ivory and Emeric httpjessicasoverthetopbookobsessio

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    5 stars When I heard Pam Godwin was writing a studentteacher book I jumped for joy I love forbidden love stories and I love this author so I was fairly certain this would be a win for me Every Pam Godwin book I read I’m shocked by the beauty in her words and the stunning stories she writes I’ve come to the conclusion that by now I should just be used to it This is the fifth book I’ve read by this author and all of them have been fantastic 5 star reads Friends if you haven’t read this author you really need to Don’t put it off All her books are great You can’t go wrong no matter what you chose Ivory is a seventeen year old girl going into her senior year at a prestigious music school She may not belong there in a lot of ways she lives in poverty while everyone else drives new cars but she has one thing most of them don’t Sheer talent She is a protege piano player She’s worked under the same teacher for the last three years Now that teacher has retired a new one took her place His name is Emerick Marceaux Emerick is there for one reason and one reason alone His past has made it difficult for him to find teaching jobs but this opportunity opened up to him so he’s going to take it Emerick and Ivory have this connection when they first meet You can feel that zap between them Ivory has been with a lot of men but I never judged her If anything my heart completely broke for her situation But not one of them has made her feel the way Mr Marceaux makes her feel with just a look Just a touch And he isn’t immune to Ivory either Emerick can’t mess up the opportunity this job has allowed but as time goes on Ivory becomes important to him than anything Even his job “When we’re together Ivory when it’s just you and me like this happiness can only be limed by us We make the rules” You may think you’ve read one studentteacher romance you’ve read them all It’s not the case here This was a uniue situation I know the Hh ages may be a little taboo than some like 17 and 27 but once you read it and understand their situation I’m fairly certain most won’t be bothered one bit by it I know I wasn’t Ivory was very mature for her age She had so much strength and determination Times in her life it would be so easy to just give up but she never did And Emerick there was something about this man I couldn’t get enough of him I loved how strongly and fiercely he felt about Ivory He would do anything for her and she hasn’t had that type of love loyalty or devotion in a long time These two were perfect for one another If you enjoy a good forbidden love story or a studentteacher book pick this one up If you’re looking for a well written sexy dark at times all consuming romance this is the book for you Pam Godwin’s writing is out of this world good and I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone 5 stars “We’ll compose our own masterpiece A song that will never end”

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    Dear sweet lawd That Emeric Marceaux has me like And each word outta his mouth has me like I have nothing to add to the thousands of 5 star reviews bc my brain is scrambled Snowy dusty static Dear sweet lawd

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    Dark Notes is LIVE on US UKBLOG VIDEO TRAILER TOP READS5★★★★★ Darkest Note StarsGenre Dark Erotic RomanceType StandalonePOV First Person DualPublication date April 5th 2016 “All you need is a momentThis brutal man is my home His hell is my heaven I’m his Ivory and he’s my darkest note” Ivory Westbrook; at only seventeen years old had a dream and a purpose The life she was given was crapy and horrible In the midst of her horrible reality she had only one thing that kept her going her addiction and talent to play the piano and make it to the best college there is At only thirteen years of age her life came crashing down after the death of her father Her mother and brother resented her for the sacrificed her father had done for her; he had made sure that she had a full four year paid tuition to the best music school in New Orleans Now with no money and no help from her family she finds herself doing anything she can for four years to make mends means and just survive even if that meant selling services “Men are takers They take my courage my strength my confidence” Ivory Emeric Marceaux; with a broken heart and a bad past moved to start a new life closer to his parents Money was never anything he needed being an only son he will have a fortune to inherit and after being one of the most talented pianist he didn’t need it What he was looking for was a way to escape his past; the betrayal of his lover and to teach He wanted to be in control again loved and craved it The music was his passion; the ability to teach it but most of all being able to be in full control What he didn’t know was he will find a sweet temptation that will test him in all the limits possible; one temptation he tried to stay away but found himself drowning deeper and deeper for her “I wasn’t prepared for this Not for a tall voluptuous sexy beyond all season woman to walk into my classroom” Emeric “His presence his projection of self assurance and command that makes me feel disoriented breathless and really fucking weird deep in my core” Ivory This book was filled with so much emotions suspense secrets and kinky hotness The chemistry between Ivory and Emeric was amazing and will have you so hot and bothered in all places Ivory’s life situation will have you hurting so much it will pain you deep so deep i am still hurting to know how strong she was even thought she was given a horrible reality of life She had no friends no family to care for her only her cat and her dream to make her father proud to be the best pianist there is The lights the music to be in stage was her dream Emeric became obsessed and possessive of Ivory from the first day he saw her He knew he had to stay away but she was different like anything he had ever seen Emeric felt the need to be his protector and damn can I say how much I love that man I mean he went above and beyond to take care of her to help her heal and set her free from her nightmares I freaking have no word of how much I love this man “She’s made for me to be instructed and punished and enjoyedFuck I need this girl And I can’t have her” Emeric If you are looking for a fast paced story; with so much hotness; intense sex; dark situations and forbidden love you have found it This book right here will have you asking yourself who on earth is fifty shades again? I mean this book has everything I look for in a book So much deep emotions so much suspense so many sad situations but you will find a HOT man that will do anything bound the conseuences to care for the woman he loves and a strong heroine that will do anything it takes to survive and make her lover happy I have so much feels and love for this story Please do yourself a favor and get this book as soon as it comes out and you are welcome FBR with my girl LIZ Read as part of ShhLYTFBR week Dark Books OrderFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit

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    45 Stars This brutal man is my home His hell is my heavenI'm his Ivory and he's my darkest note If there's one thing that Pam Godwin knows it's how to write one seriously intense alpha The mere name alone Emeric Marceaux is enough to get my motor revving This man will give you shivers and you'll actually feel his intensity crackling through the pages It's utterly delicious He's a dose of dangerous with a splash of depraved and all of it is tied around a sexual magnetism that's so captivating your fingers will tingle turning the pages She's exactly the kind of woman I'm drawn to A woman who flees when hunted and comes alive when she's caught Dark Notes is a standalone dark romance with a deliciously kinky element of the forbidden teacherstudent Add in the fact that Ivory is only 17 years old and you got yourself one crazy ride of a book But that description doesn't even begin to do this book justiceIvory Westbrook is a survivor with big dreams Being the only empowered student in one of the most elite and expensive performing arts high schools in the nation she has a lot to prove but her talent as a pianist is unparalleled Unfortunately she lives in a world where money is power and she has none She's lived a hard life in her young years; her father is dead and her mother may as well be with her addiction to drugs She's survived unimaginable horrors from a tender young age but she's a survivor at her core With only a year left of high school she's that much closer to her dream of making it into Leopold the highest ranking college in the country Now all she has to do to get even closer to that dream is impress her new music teacher who just happens to be the most intense and captivating man she's ever laid eyes on He's enchanting distracting and positively terrifying Things begin to simmer between the two of them at first sight and the author does an incredible job in making the sexual tension practically palpable enough to taste Emeric is one of the most captivating characters I've read in a long while He oozes sexuality and yet there's this edge to him that adds an element of fear that just works so wellI didn't expect to like Ivory as much as I did I'm not a fan of sexual abuse issues being the go to for heroines in dark romances but if anyone can pull it off it's Pam She's written an incredibly broken yet persevering heroine with Ivory She has deep rooted issues but never once are they glossed over It's incredibly raw painful and believable You can understand her captivation with Emeric You can completely understand why she does the things she does and craves the things she does The author lets the rich character development paint the whole picture for the reader Never once do you feel like you're being told anything; you feel it right along with the characters Sometimes you love people you shouldn't and in the endless space of that love nothing else matters While the sexual tension between Ivory and Emeric is instantaneous that is the only instant thing in this book The rest is the most delicious sort of slow burn It's almost like watching the most sexual game of cat and mouse unfold and even though you know what the end result will ultimately be you still can't stop reading It's no longer a matter of if or whenTonight she'll bend for my punishment tremble for my touch and I'll risk it all to show her exactly what she means to me So you may be asking yourself if I loved it so much why not a 5? The reason for that is because I did find parts of the story to be too predictable for my tastes As soon as a few particular elements were introduced I knew straight off the bat where it would be leading and how it would end Don't get me wrong I'm not saying the entire book was that way not at all in fact There are certainly enough twists and turns packed in to keep you guessing Pam Godwin is a master of her craft and she seems to get better and better with each new book If you're looking for a dark romance with a bit of kink and taboo thrown in you really can't go wrong with this one The tempo of our breaths The drum of our heartbeats The crackle in the air The exuisite cadence pulses through me awakening sensations I've never felt composing a melody I've never heard Our hypnotic dark notes ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

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    FOUR STARSARC Generously Provided by AuthorThat’s when I hear it The tempo of our breaths The drum of our heartbeats The crackle in the air The exuisite cadence pulses through me awakening sensations I’ve never felt composing a melody I’ve never heard Our hypnotic dark notes This is so much than punishment or forbidden pleasure She could never be a mistake This was my first Pam Godwin book and I really loved her writing style and this story I am not a huge fan of dark reads but I can tolerate them from time to time While this was a dark read I have to say that I’ve read stories that were far worse This was a forbidden love story between a teacher and his beautiful and extremely gifted student Studentteacher romances are one of my guilty pleasures and the steamier the better There was a tremendous amount of schmexy in this story and I am not ashamed to admit that I loved every dirty second of it Ivory Westbrook is a seventeen year old piano virtuoso attending a prestigious High School for gifted students She’s looking to get out of Treme and her horrible family home by getting a scholarship to the Leopold Conservatory of New York The teacher that was going to write a letter of recommendation for her has been fired and the new teacher is the extremely gorgeous and notorious Emeric Marceaux Rumors about him being into some kinky BDSM fuckery and his looks make him the living breathing fantasy of uite a few women in town As soon as Ivory walks into his classroom Emeric is bewitched He tries to keep things platonic at first but it doesn’t take long for him to give in to his desires Ivory has been living a nightmare for several years since the death of her father She gets physically abused on a daily basis by her drug addicted older brother and his low life best friend sodomizes her every chance he gets This was hard for me to endure because I really detest rape in stories and it’s not only at home that Ivory is victimized there are also some disgusting classmates who lust after her and force themselves upon her I had a hard time with the fact that she was constantly placed in that victim role and I thought it was a bit too muchWhat I did love was the intense and smoldering relationship between Emeric and Ivory The sex was white hot but beyond that the love that developed between them was what kept me so captivated by this story I prayed that these two would be able to find their way to an HEA by the end of the storyI wish I could have rated this a full five stars but I just had a few issues that I couldn’t overlook That being said I thoroughly enjoyed this one and I highly recommend it

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    It’s universally known that the forbidden something is the desirable it becomes Ivory is a prodigy and attending the most elite music school in the state Le Moyne Academy She may be the most talented pianist there but she doesn’t fit in with it with her super wealthy classmates It isn’t just Ivory's socioeconomic class that separates her from the other students It’s the circumstances surrounding her life and what she does to survive See Ivory is a fighter and she has given up everything and pieces of herself to continue her education Ivory’s story and POV is delivered so well I didn’t judge her actions but truly felt for her My heart broke for her when seeing the things she had to endure but I love perseverance in a characterEmeric is new to Le Moyne Academy and Ivory’s new teacher Emeric is such an intense character and from the very beginning I was intimidated by him I had no idea how things would go between he and Ivory because she is a fighter and he refuses to lose As it turns out I actually ended up completely loving Emeric I loved how protective he was of Ivory I love how before I knew anything about him I knew he was still just a good guy doing the right thing As the story progressed and their connection deepened I loved his selflessness and desire to truly give Ivory her dreams and desires What I truly loved the most about this story was the character growth and how it fit perfectly with the sexy forbidden plot I love studentteacher romances but I usually find myself let down that they are not as forbidden as I wish they were This was not the case here I swear there were moments in this story that were so freaking hot I am not referring to the sex scenes alone just the build up and slow burn was so freaking hot This story is not what I expected it’s honestly I was thinking we would have a hot sexy read and forbidden love story but it is also so emotional I loved the feels and love between Emeric and Ivory I loved the twists and turns and how the plot moved so uickly and I couldn’t wait to turn the pageIf you are a fan of Pam Godwin studentteacher romances or just looking for a sexy entertaining read I absolutely recommend ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Teasers created by me with stock images purchased from depositphotos

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    4 Stars That moment when you crack a book open thinking you are reading a completely different than the one you are actually readingWhoopsReview to come