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Fred Van Lente’s brilliant debut is both an homage to the Golden Age of Mystery and a thoroughly contemporary show business satire As the story opens nine comedians of various acclaim are summoned to the island retreat of legendary Hollywood funnyman Dustin Walker The group includes a former late night TV host a washed up improv instructor a ridiculously wealthy “blue collar” comic and a past her prime Vegas icon All nine arrive via boat to find that every building on the island is completely deserted Marooned without cell phone service or wifi signals they soon find themselves being murdered one by one But who is doing the killing and why? A darkly clever take on Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None and other classics of the genre Ten Dead Comedians is a marvel of literary ventrilouism with hilarious comic monologues in the voice of every suspect It’s also an ingeniously plotted puzzler with a twist you’ll never see coming

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    In his debut novel Fred Van Lente does Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None but with comedians And it’s not bad Many of the characters are thinly veiled versions of real life comedians there’s a Larry the Cable Guy type Carrot Top Ali Wong George Lopez and Joan Rivers to name a few They’re lured to a private island owned by a famous rich comic they all have connections to who strangely isn’t there to greet them and then the comedians start getting killed one by one And Then There Were None alternately titled Ten Little NiggersIndiansSoldiers hence Van Lente’s title is my favourite Agatha Christie novel and a masterpiece but Van Lente despite being a talented comics writer isn’t as good a novelist as Christie to make his story as gripping as hers I think he’s going for both a comedic and thrilling novel and in splitting his focus on two disparate genres doesn’t really accomplish either Whereas with Christie the tension builds until you forget you’re even reading you’re flying through the pages Van Lente’s story has a stopstart rhythm to it; sometimes it’s exciting like when a murder happens but often than not it’s kinda dull as the characters stand around wondering what to do The story is padded out with excerpts from the comedians’ standup routines which were the worst parts of the book Full marks to Van Lente for trying and I realise writing genuinely funny comedy is very hard but wow were these passages unfunny I didn’t laugh once at anything Maybe that was the point to highlight the comedians’ hackery but it didn’t make for entertaining reading either The premise is still a great one and kept me reading to find out whodunit I also couldn’t guess who the murderer was though their motivation for the killings was so stupid so the mystery is maintained the whole time Van Lente sporadically wrings enough interesting scenes out of it to make this a decent uick read on the beach or on a plane But it’s still a very average book and if you’ve never read Agatha Christie’s original I’d highly recommend checking that one out over Ten Dead Comedians

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    This book didn't make me laugh It just made me grumpy I admire the chutzpah of a debut author doing a homage to the ueen of Mysteries Agatha Christie in this book based on And Then There Were None but it never really lived up to its promise This time the characters brought to the desert island were comedians Not to worry though their crimes were they aren't funny and abused their comical abilities I concur that they are guilty of this I really don't know what else to say I think everyone knows the story of people cut off from humanity and then slowly killed one by one Who is killing them? Will anyone survive? Does anyone care? If this appeals to you then I would read the original When you are dealing with unlikable people it needs a special skill to get the reader involved It doesn't happen here Thanks to Net Galley for this book in exchange for a fair review

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    In Ten Dead Comedians a text by popular comedian Dustin Walker goes out to 10 comedians inviting them on a private island to work on a new comedy project together But when they get there Dustin is nowhere to be found they have no cell reception and therefore no way to get off the island and they’re getting killed off one by oneIt was very exciting to see how the deaths of every comedian were executed There were a lot of interesting creative and unexpected ways for them to die and a lot of hidden traps that were surprising for both the reader and the characters Being someone who doesn’t really read mysteries it was so intriguingI especially liked the ending of the book I was so stunned when everything was revealed because it was so unexpected And I loved the process of the mystery being uncovered and figured out by the remaining characters It’s such a plot twist when you find out who the murderer is and how everything was planned and executed I really liked that I was surprised and it wasn’t easy to guess at allAs someone who doesn’t read a lot of mysteries and therefore having nothing to compare it to I found Ten Dead Comedians to be very enjoyable I felt like it was well done and the plot twist was something that nobody could have expectedFull review can be found on my blog I received a free ARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This did not affect my opinion in any way 17th JuneThis was a surprisingly good read better than the last 3 books I read and DNFed lol I was going to give this like 3 stars but the ending convinced me to add another star RTC

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    This was an entertaining homage to Agatha Christie and to old school murder mystery but with a cutting edge and a lot of hilarious happeningsFull review to follow

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    This was a funny murder mystery It was an entertaining and a uick read 10 strangers are on a deserted island the home of legendary comedian Dustin Walker He has invited them there to work on his latest project When they arrive they find the island deserted and their host dead With no internet or phone service they have no way of getting off the island And one by one they are being murderedThe ways they are killed become increasingly complex as we try to figure out who is responsible for the deaths and who if anyone will survive The main story is interspersed with comedy monologues from each of the comedians I felt the monologues were the weakest part of the story Towards the end I just skipped over them I don't feel like I missed anythingIt also seemed that the people weren't taking the threat seriously enough They didn't seem as panicked as I think I would be As in all horror movies people were still going off by themselves instead of sticking together And being lured to isolated locations Why are people so stupid?For all these flaws this was still a fun read I enjoyed the basic story The murders were inventive and the ending was satisfying Just be prepared for characters that you like to die This is a murder mystery after allI received a free ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review

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    Three and a half starsThe title of Ten Dead Comedians is going to sound very familiar to anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of murder mysteries The best selling mystery of all times is Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None which was also titled Ten Little Indians and in its first printing was given the title Ten Little insert N word Fortunately saner heads won out in later years Fred Van Lent's very funny take off on the Christie novel can be called a pastiche or even a tribute to the classic book but like all good tributes it adds something of its own and makes its own statementFred Van Lente is primarily known as a writer of comic books and graphic novels This is his first novel and I guess it is a compliment that it didn't make me think of graphic novels at all It made me think of someone who has a first hand knowledge of the business of stand up comedy and the psychological make up of anyone who wishes to go into that brutal business I am not sure whether he has that experience but he made me feels like he did The premise of Ten Dead Comedians as it is in the Agatha Christie book involves ten people who are invited to a secluded island for somewhat vague reasons One by one they end up being murdered Since it is established that no one else is on the island the murderer has to be one of the ten And we are off to the racesAll of Van Lente's unsuspecting victims are comedians In fact they are sort of a sampling of comic stereotypes Some of them are thin disguises of well known comics such as Joan Rivers and Larry the Cable Guy A few seem to be a combination of individuals For instance prop comic Oliver Rees aka Orange Baby Man appears to be a mixture of Carrot Top and Gallagher Others seem to be of a capsule of a particular type of comic style than any one person The use of comic archtypes works well in this story They shape the characters and their issues as they play against the mysterious personage of Dustin Walker a legend who all ten comics have a connection to and the one who invites them to his island Walker is sort of the McGuffin in the novel He explains via videotape why they are all there and then kills himself Guessing the connections to Walker and how he is pulling off this mass extinction of funny people is half the funOf course a book like this needs to be funny But not so funny or outlandish that we lose the structure of the mystery Intermittent slices of each comic's routines helps us along as we follow this who will do it and who will croak it All in all it is a clever take off on a very weird profession Van Lente offers lots of droll and witty one liners as each comic engage each other in a competition of words and wits I can't say any one character is very sympathetic but since we are dealing with archtypes rather than rounded characterizations it tends to workWhen we do get to the ending we get a satisfactory if far fetched solution It is actually no unrealistic than many of the convoluted endings we expect from the masters like Christie This ends up as a satire of a particular type of mystery as well as being a parody of comics The author takes care of the loose ends adeuately and we are left with a smile on our face I'm not sure how much a reader of a book titled Ten Dead Comedians should expect If you love Christie styled mysteries you will enjoy the spin If you love stand up comedy you will enjoy the in jokes and the inside look at comic psyches And if you just enjoy funny novels you should definitely give this a try

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    The heady mixture of murder and comedy makes for an addictive read from opening stanza to punch line In this murder mystery author Fred Van Lente employs a number of classical genre tropes but keeps the story fresh with a healthy dose of humor As the title suggests the plot revolves around a group of comedians brought to an island under false pretenses thinking they're going to collaborate with a comedy heavyweight only to be picked off one by one by a mysterious murderer I couldn't put it down highly recommended 55 stars

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    Savvy mystery lovers will recognize immediately from the title what Fred van Lente’s debut is a modern reworking of And Then There Were None the Agatha Christie novel originally published with the offensive title of Ten Little Niggers Which is especially appropriate for this novel for reasons I’ll get to laterDustin Walker was a comedy legend in his day; however a series of extremely lucrative but terrible movies has reduced the one time king of comedy to a punchline Even so Walker has accrued so much wealth that he now has a Caribbean island to himself with a mansion to match So when an assortment of comedians — some well known some not so much — get an invitation from Walker to come to the island they all respond hoping that they can profit from what they assume is a comeback gambit The group includes funhouse versions of Larry the Cable Guy Joan Rivers Pewee Herman a Puerto Rican David Letterman among others As in And Then There Were None the guests find their host has killed himself and then arranged that the rest should die one by oneAs the novel’s title suggests van Lente has crossed the Agatha Christie classic with a no holds barred profane and often tasteless show business satire to create a gripping thriller both funny and suspenseful a book that kept me reading into the wee hours so I could see how it ended And worth every lost minute of sleep Highly highly recommendedIn the interest of full disclosure I received this book from NetGalley and uirk Books in exchange for an honest review

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    35and a whole lot of umok?? But not terrible

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    So this probably would have been a 35 bumped to a 4 if not for the fact I was rather let down that view spoiler the movie ending was followed not the book ending hide spoiler