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I Used To Think My Sister And I Were Just Two Nice Southern Girls Who D Get Married In A Few Years And Settle Down To A Quiet Life Then I Discovered That Alina And I Descend, Not From Good Wholesome Southern Stock, But From An Ancient Celtic Bloodline Of Powerful Sidhe Seers, People Who Can See The Fae Not Only Can I See The Terrifying Otherworldly Race, But I Can Sense The Sacred Fae Relics That Hold The Deadliest Of Their MagicWhen My Sister Was Found Dead In A Trash Filled Alley In Dublin, I Came Over To Get Answers Now All I Want Is Revenge And After Everything I Ve Learned About Myself, I Know I Have The Power To Get ItMacKayla Lane S Ordinary Life Underwent A Complete Makeover When She Landed On Ireland S Shores And Was Plunged Into A World Of Deadly Sorcery And Ancient Secrets In Her Fight To Stay Alive, Mac Must Find The Sinsar Dubh A Million Year Old Book Of The Blackest Magic Imaginable, Which Holds The Key To Power Over Both The Worlds Of The Fae And Of Man Pursued By Fae Assassins, Surrounded By Mysterious Figures She Knows She Cannot Trust, Mac Finds Herself Torn Between Two Deadly And Irresistible Men V Lane, The Insatiable Fae Who Can Turn Sensual Arousal Into An Obsession For Any Woman, And The Ever Inscrutable Jericho Barrons, A Man As Alluring As He Is Mysterious For Centuries The Shadowy Realm Of The Fae Has Coexisted With That Of Humans Now The Walls Between The Two Are Coming Down, And Mac Is The Only Thing That Stands Between Them

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    I don t like Mac I don t like Barrons I m not even really enjoying the story So why keep reading, you might ask Masochism Some vague sense of loyalty toward friends on here who constantly berate me with, Keep reading, it gets better Or, is it really just my obsessive compulsive NEED to see how something ends Probably a little of all three.Once we get into the meat of the story, it s very plain to see that Mac hasn t changed, although she sure would like us to think so She goes on and on about how she s isn t a dumb kid any and she knows now than she did just weeks ago, but really she doesn t She still makes dumb mistakes She still talks about her clothes and appearance She still keeps Barrons in the dark with things she should have told him in the first place to save them both from trouble If anything, she acts MORE arrogant and entitled in this book than the last She s a fancy sidhe seer now, she doesn t need to worry about some pesky humans My problems were so much bigger than this It was an epic waste of my time She says this after being interrogated about the death of a human She wanes back and forth over wanting to save all of humanity or only caring about herself and her family If you save the world, then you ultimately save your family She s still very selfish and immature in this book and it s hard to take her seriously.My main problem with Glam girl Mac and fierce sidhe seer Mac is the inconsistencies that pop up True, these trials she s gone through were thrusted upon her and she s dealt with them in a very short amount of time But she constantly slides back to the Before Mac so much that you want to just slap some sense into her Stop flirting with boys Quit getting dressed up in nice clothes Don t go blurting to a stranger sidhe seer in public that you can see the Fae too If you want me to think you re serious about being a badass and that you ve changed, like you ve told me NUMEROUS times throughout this book, then actually SHOW me with your actions Get serious, train, learn some basic self defense at least If your problems are as big as you think, then prepare for them Don t tell me you ve changed when you haven t.Barrons is still a dick He abuses her and she makes excuses for him I think I know who what he is though I won t say though, but I have told a certain someone who shares my prediction We ll see if we re right.V Lane is interesting I compared him to Mircea from the Cassie Palmer series, and even though I fear being flayed alive by The Flooze, he s the best comparison I can make They re both insanely gorgeous, immortal, want a lowly human woman who has unique powers, and view humans as tools to further their goals I find him to be the most interesting character in the whole series.A couple of nitpicks that probably won t bother many people, but did bother me Spoilers for Darkfever view spoiler Regarding the cars parked in the alley Why leave them Why not hire someone to come pick them up and dispose of them Barrons has to be familiar with a chop shop or two If a bunch of people were murdered and their cars were left behind my work and or place of residence, I would find some way to get rid of them so I couldn t be interrogated about them If the cars hadn t been there, O Bannion s brother wouldn t have had a reason to grill Mac and be suspicious of the book store though I hate when the plot is forced in this manner hide spoiler

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    Mac Version 2.0Mac has started to change, she originally was that southern Barbie girl who loved pink, cute accessories and fab nail polish That girl is still inside her battling with the new Mac she is becoming Why is she changing Because every time she turns around someone is either lying to her or some Fae petunia hole is trying to kill her Then we have Jerrico Barrons He tries my nerves a bit in this bookand then in the last 50 or so pages I get hooked The tension between him and Mac finally really heats up Moning really writes the sexual tension part very well It s really not a cheesey as my barbies portray It s fecking hawt.This book did start slowly because it contains a whole lot of filler for what is to come, and it s not the greatest series that ever livedbut it is one of the ones that are just pure fun And what becomes of our girl Mac She starts to grow some big ole balls.

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    Fourth Read December 2017 5 stars Third Read October 2015 5 stars Second Read November 2014 4 starsFirst read September 2014 4 starsI don t know what else I can say except that I still loved it This is the Third Official Re read for the MacHalo Group and I tagged along because some hadn t read it yet So good enough reason for me to read it again I ll always be biased for this series and I love Barrons and Mac and the world so much This series made and still makes me fall in love with reading Every time Our first annual re read of the Fever series with the MacHalo group starts October 26, 2015 Here s the schedule sorry, I can t keep to a schedule with this series it takes over and I have to devour it once I start Darkfever October 26Bloodfever November 9Faefever November 23Dreamfever December 7Shadowfever December 21Iced January 5Burned January 12New thoughts on third read Wow How did I ever give this anything less than 5 stars This book is amazingly strong on world building and we get our first glimpse of several future KEY players, like Dani, Christian, Ryodan, Rowena I found the scenes with Barrons so much poignant and full of feels KMM did some amazing writing and story telling here I still remain SUCH a fangirl for this series For me, it holds up 100%.Original second re read thoughts I kept my original rating.BARRONS In this re read, I found myself just waiting for the Barrons sections to come up Never enough Barrons.This book introduced some great new characters and expanded some characters that were barely introduced in Darkfever There was world building in this one than action It wasn t until the last 30% of the book or so before it became a page turner But I still loved reading about the world KMM has created A lot of interesting things happen in this, lots of little things, that will prove to all add up as the books go on view spoiler I love that Barrons tattooed Mac anyway because she should have let him and he proved that he knows what he s talking about Loved the almost sex scene in the Burren Y u m I totally forgot the reaper specter Mac kept seeing was Malluce So it was like reading it for the first time I think he made a good villain hide spoiler

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    Updated 12 10 14Oh, poor me, drowning in mysteries It s still fun to read, even knowing who is what and does what why It actually shows how well planned this whole series had been.First I want to thank Kat for recommending this series to me So far it s been exceeding my expectations and I hope it will continue doing so In this installment MacKayla Lane continues her search for Sinsar Dubh, a powerful Unseelie artifact containing the deadliest Fae magic She is recovering from the ordeal she experienced at the end of the previous book and at the same time has to face the aftermath of her actions Inspector O Daffy is getting very interested in finding out about the Dark Zone and why Mac is not going back home Malluce s death is still uncertain Rocky O Bannion s brother, Derek, surfaces to poke around in Mac s business and finally, a mysterious specter keeps following MacKayla around giving her creepsIn my opinion, Bloodfever is even better than Darkfever The Fae world is getting wider, Moning gets us deeper into the lore which is very exciting We get to know Mac much better and I like her quite a bit I like her humor and her upbeat personality, I enjoy seeing her grow and change and learn about her abilities Death by sex Fae Prince V lane is even mysterious and his intentions toward Mac are unclear Same applies to Barrons, who is a total enigma The Mac Jericho chemistry is off the charts I simply LOVE these two Jericho is slowly but surely climbing up the list of my favorite fictional hunks, but he d better stop roughing up Mac if he ever wants to get to the top of it, because I don t care for this kind of thing All in all, a great book It doesn t have much of a resolution in terms of the main story arc which is not a problem for me , but the minor story arc is as interesting, intense, dark and edgy I am planning to get my hands on Faefever very soon.

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    4.5 Done I m just ripping through this series, it s quite addicting This one was just a little better than the fist book, they both ended too soon, but I like how satisfying it is to finish these short books I m having a lot of fun with this, just the right amount of action and plot but the romance is one slowwwwwww burn.

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    The second installment of Bloodfever is intense, powerful, dramatic and clever.We see a great deal of character growth from out favorite characters as well as a progression in the plot, albeit a small one.The writing is, as always, stylish and immersive The world is complicated, mysterious and intriguing.Overall, this book is a fantastic second installment in what is an amazing, refreshing and enjoyable series.PS I m either going to kill Barrons sooner or later, or do very, very, very naughty things to him.

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    Possible minor spoilers if you haven t read the first book and if any of my random ramblings turn out to be trueAt the beginning of the book, we join Mac just after she finds out that she was adopted Immediately, she begins to act like her parents just dropped off the face of the earth, and she starts referring to her sister as her only real family Her attitude instantly turned ungrateful Yes, she was just being a drama queen, but I know for a fact that you can love someone who isn t related to you just as much as someone who is The fact that she is not technically related to them doesn t mean that they are no longer her family That s really my only gripe about Mac in this book I still think she kicks ass, just give your parents some credit She actually had the guts to say He was lucky I was even calling him Dad at all Really At least she recanted it fairly quickly when he shows up all worried about her After that, she seems mostly back to normal with them again.I m starting to feel bad for Mac, though I mean she s been mystically undressed and nearly performing involuntary sex acts in public who hasn t , rape kissed by a drunken Irish man uh, ditto , hit on by two seemingly normal history nerds I persist, who hasn t and she s also teased inexorably, and now kissed and dry humped, by the hot man she spends 90% of her time with who wouldn t want to be yet she STILL isn t getting any.I ll warn you now that when i start to think about Jericho, my mind goes into a mixed state of paranoia and reckless abandon It s no secret how I feel about Barron s name But the way I feel in general about Jericho Zigor Barrons, or as I like to call him, J Ziggy, is best summed up with this redonkulously articulate rant love love loooooove adore gaaaaawd hellaluyah ahgagwhjrhfjfjkd mothreffenyes ahhhhhhhh % % confetti popping out of head Barrons is standoff ish, confident and snarky, yet endlessly intriguing He is the kind of guy who can make you feel everything and nothing at the same damn time Not to mention, he likes to chain up women while they are wearing skimpy bikinis Cough jabbathehutt Cough Except, I probably wouldn t mind being chained up by him Barrons, I mean, not Jabba Obviously.Oh shiz Why does Barrons have chains readily available in his basement For chaining up people as he feeds on them For chaining up the Seelie What the fa Fuuuuuudgin Fudge He s Unseelie, isn t he It s a rhetorical question Dang it I don t want to know, wait, yeah I do No No, I don t.Yeah, I m going crazy and I tried to warn you Uh Now I m freaked out Anyway, sooooo, I was thinking about who could pull off playing him in a movie It would have to be someone very good with the eyes Jeric er, Barrons uses a lot of non verbal communication, which I find very sexy So it would have to be someone like Ian Somerhalder AKA Smolder holder He is really very good with the looks but I m not sure he could pull off the really long hair that Barrons has And he s awfully pale, so not necessarily him Ideas, anyone Ah who cares, I just wanted to think about him sigh I also have to give a big hell yeah to Mac for not caving to the demands of any of the several groups of people vying for her servitude She refuses to take the easy way out and be ordered around blindly for each one s higher purpose Not even with Barrons Proudly and unbiasedly, she chooses her own higher purpose, and I have to applaud her for that Like she herself says, she is no one s puppet, which cannot be said for many heroes or heroines in fantasy novels Normally, someone discovers them, tells them about their abilities, teaches them to harness their powers, and then tells them exactly what to do with them She does her best to not let that happen and chooses what she thinks is best, not what the others tell her is.The author s knack for introducing small amounts of information at a time, interspersed amongst the action, leads to a captivating experience Too much information is never given up We the readers, like Mac, have to earn the privilege of learning about this strange world There are no info dumps in this series And I appreciate it.In short, I loved it And Eeeep There s the next one sitting on my shelf This one ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, so I think I have to go now Can t wait to get back to Barrons sigh My review for the first book, Darkfever Spoiler FREE.For the third book, Faefever Spoiler FREE.The fourth book, Dreamfever Spoiler FREE.The fifth and final book, Shadowfever Spoiler alert

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    WARNING Every quote in this review is a spoiler or a mindfuck.UN WARNING If you haven t read the entire series, you won t understand a single one and nothing will be spoiled for you Barrons has something the rest of us don t have there s something that never crawled all the way out of the swamp It didn t want to It likes it there Far beneath me, in the marrow of the ground, something bayed American I nodded You He didn t sound Irish Little of this, little of that Nothing special He smiled and winked Dreamy eyes, long dark lashes Alina was wearing this yellow skirt and sweater set, and you were dressed from head to toe in pink, Mac, with a little rainbow ribbon tied around a blond wisp of your hair If I was a minnow and they were sharks, he Barrons was one of those yet undiscovered fish that lurk in the deepest, darkest reaches of the ocean where sunlight and man never go Never believe anything s dead until you ve burned it, poked around in its ashes, and then waited a day or two to see if anything rises from them He s dying, you know Mac Good for him Barrons I played volleyball with my sister We drank Coronas in the sun we d paid a terrible price it had been our greatest shame we d made ourselves forget I used to have a recurring nightmare when I was a child A dream of four distinct, subtly varied tastes I tasted one of the vile ones now regret

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    Plot 5 starsCharacters 5 starsWriting 5 starsSexiness 5 starsEnding 5 starsOverall 5 stars