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A moving exciting and heartfelt American saga inspired by the author's own family memoirs these words belong to Sarah Prine a woman of spirit and fire who forges a full and remarkable existence in a harsh unfamiliar frontier Scrupulously recording her steps down the path Providence has set her upon from child to determined young adult to loving mother she shares the turbulent events both joyous and tragic that molded her and recalls the enduring love with cavalry officer Captain Jack Elliot that gave her strength and purposeRich in authentic everyday details and alive with truly unforgettable characters These Is My Words brilliantly brings a vanished world to breathtaking life again

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    I was completely taken by this book The library fines are racking up because it is overdue and I can't renew it because it has been reuested by someone else but I can't let it go because I find myself going back to it to reread passages and reliving moments of the book in my mind I shed many a tear and towards the end was so enraged I almost threw the book but I simply cannot stop thinking about it I'm dying to discuss it with someoneIt is the beautiful and heartbreaking story of a woman growing up in the Arizona Territories in the late 1800s written as accounts from her diary based on the memoirs of the author's great grandmother I was captivated by the hardships and struggles that she endured just to survive Indians robbers wild animals and the elements to name a few I felt worlds away from that life wondering if I could have done it if I myself had the same kind of strength and courage that Sarah exhibits And yet I watched her grapple with the same issues I deal with every day love and heartache the joy and exhaustion that come from motherhood wanting to do it all and all at once and I realized that although times and circumstances may vary greatly a woman's heart remains largely the same

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    This is UNEUIVOCALLY the best love story I have readI devoured this book I simply could not put it down The beginning was gritty heart wrenching and a grammatical mess Yet this is part of the author's brilliance As the main character Sarah matures she is strengthened by her experiences And as Sarah educates herself at every opportunity the grammar and story telling improveWithout giving anything away I cannot put into words the romance between Sarah and Captain Jack Elliott Let me just say dear reader you will be uite satisfied with this oneEmpowerment motherhood family trials adventure loss and love all of these themes are woven into the story and I found that many of the uestions asked struggles endured and doubts born throughout Sarah's life transcend time and place This will be the book I recommend to anyone asking the rest of the year Truly one of the best books out there

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    The reason I loved this book comes down to one word authenticity I bought into this woman's life and believed these characters I have this vivid picture in my mind of this ranch out in the middle of nowhere with Sarah out there putting laundry on the line with a pistol tucked in her rugged apron I don't like western movies or get into frontier stories and was worried especially by the title that the grammar would rake on my nerves But the story is about a thirst for education as much as anything else and as Sarah learns her writing improves It may be rare to find a woman in the late 1800s who wants to go to college considers women on the same level as men and doesn't want a man to care for her and treats Mexicans and Indians as her own white neighbors but there is enough 19th century humility morality and territory toughness to keep her era appropriate Unlike Little House on the Prairie with obvious '80s era actors fighting against stigmas of the day I found Sarah to be the perfect frontier woman a little forward thinking but just enough to make her yearning add to her perfectionWe find all kinds of characters in the book Indians Army men ranchers Mexicans uakers spoiled Easterners foreigners even polygamist Mormons all minor characters splattered throughout Sarah's life to give us a feel for the type of people around the territories in those days Mingled with the mundane which I found interesting was enough excitement like Indian attacks and the danger of women alone to make me want to keep reading It gave me the sense of how fragile life could be with attacks childbirth disease and nature Turner did a fantastic job of giving us a picture of life on the early frontier without making it feel like she's teaching us what life on the early frontier is like You find out the chore it is to cook a long meal and put together a bath without running water because Sarah is exasperated without any help Through Sarah's commentary we learn about housing conditions cattle herding adjusting and making clothes mail and bank systems conditions on wagon trains and even conjugal issues with whispered conversations with Savannah These were my favorite especially Savannah's uaker rigidness strictly against kissing before marriage Occasionally like the article describing their new home with indoor plumbing I felt pulled out of the story with the intention clear to educate on the times than describe Sarah's life but overall the description felt like Sarah's life and not overview The other authentic aspect of the book that I loved was the love story Not your unrealistic perfect man who can do no wrong which creates a man who is overbearing or too emotionally unrealistic No this is a real life love story about a relationship that makes you crazy mad and impatient at the same time Love through the ups and downs of life A man who is stubborn in being himself but even though he understands her better than herself reuires her not to change either who just wants to be with her and finds all her imperfections endearing It's the guy who may be a little rough on the outside not the one who knows just how to smooth talk his way into your heart who will treat you like gold I really enjoyed their story and the suffering and learning she had to go through to get there The perfect combination of excitement and believability to make me want to read the story and feel that it could really have happened

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    A storm is rolling in and that always makes me a little sad and wistful so I got it in my head to set to paper all these things that have got us this far on our way through this heathen land Its been a sorrowful journey so far and hard and so if we don’t get to San Angelo or even as far as Fort Hancock I am saving this little theme in my cigar box for some wandering travelers to find and know whose bones these isI was so eager to read this book described as a “heartfelt American saga” which is set in the Arizona Territories during the late 1800s Then I opened and began to read the first several pages and was instantly struck by a feeling of doom So much misery and suffering – how could I possibly get through this? But at the same time I was immediately drawn to Sarah’s voice as she shares her tale through a series of journal entries I just had to know her story and learn what would become of her during these difficult times After all it would not have made much sense if her life was breezy and carefree Then she lightened the load for me a bit by throwing in some wit I became attached to Sarah her family and the charismatic Captain Jack Elliott I was entranced by the landscape and was lured by the sense of adventure In short I was hookedSarah is truly a memorable character Feisty hard working and hungry for learning she perseveres in a formidable and unforgiving frontier I loved her yearning to read and write She begins as an uneducated young girl with a dream to someday attend school Her journal writing is at first unrefined As she begins to acuire and read books she little by little advances her own education and her writing becomes polished though it never loses its spirit When she meets Captain Jack Elliot she is maddened by him and his sense of authority That man makes me feel like I have my bonnet on backwards He has something of hers that she wants back – a precious book about a “scarlet velvet woman” Thus begins a lifelong “battle” to get the book back and a delightful relationship between a determined young woman whom the Captain calls “The General” and a courageous and honorable leader of men Captain Elliot has this recklessness about him and a way of holding on that you don’t know he is holding on and a way of laughing that is like he takes pleasure in the act of laughing itself He is better to have around in a scrap than a trained wildcat though This book shares with us the everyday life of those that struggled to make a place for themselves in a world filled with the unknown the threat of conflicts arising between the Native Americans and the settlers the risk of childbirth scanty resources and the danger of the surrounding wildlife What I most admired in Sarah was her acceptance of others She travelled and then lived side by side and in peace with people of skin color and religion different from her own – the Chinese the Mexicans the Native Americans Her best friend was a uaker while Sarah herself was a bit contrary when it came to “churchgoing” What she could not tolerate was ignorance not the unschooled variety but that of insensitivity and crudeness She grew to understand some words of wisdom which were once spoken to her Education doesn’t keep a person from being a fool and the lack of it doesn’t keep a person from being intelligent I strongly recommend this book to anyone that is interested in learning about life on the frontier with characters that will touch your heart The story is simply told with some lovely uotes that really shined for me Don’t forget the box of tissues Sometimes I feel like a tree on a hill at the place where all the wind blows and the hail hits the hardest All the people I love are down the side a ways sheltered under a great rock and I am out of the fold standing alone in the sun and the snow I feel like I am not part of the rest somehow although they welcome me and are kind I see my family as they sit together and it is like they have a certain way between them that is beyond me I wonder if other folks ever feel included yet alone

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    My life feels like a book left out on the porch and the wind blows the pages faster and faster turning always toward a new chapter faster than I can stop and read it I avidly enjoyed These Is My Words by Nancy Turner Turner did a wonderful job capturing a very vivid picture of Sarah Prine and of the people and conditions of this period in the Arizona Territory Turner's writing makes you feel like you are actually there and making the trek along with Sarah These Is My Words is a wonderful exciting story of the hard pioneer life written as diary entries based on author Nancy Turner's own ancestor Sarah Agnes Prine from the time she is 17 in 1881 to 1901 in the Arizona Territory Sarah is humble witty and full of grit and resilience; and SHE JUST CAPTURED MY HEART ♡Sarah is strong lovingcompetent never gives upand as fiercely determined a young woman as there ever was; who edures many hardships and perseveres through it all I admire how Sarah always hungers to learn reading anything and everything she gets her hands on Writing down her daily adventures as she makes her way towards homesteading in Arizona her writing improves each day Sarah also runs a ranch wrangles the cattle shoots well has a soap making business AND lovingly takes care of her children A nice girl doesn't go anywhere without a loaded gun and a big knifeAnd then there is the tall handsome Calvary Captain Jack Elliot and LOVE ensues They are both very strong and different people but also very good together He drove her CRAZY with love I don't have any use for a man that isn't stubborn Likely a stubborn fellow will stay with you through thick and thin and a spineless one will take off or let his heart wander Taking up marriage is a good excuse for taking up cursing I think I loved seeing how this story unfolded and rooted for Sarah as the heroine I cried from the heartache of much tragedy and the joys of love I am always fascinated by the courageous pioneers who settled our American West and this is a wonderful historical fiction that does a marvelous job of depicting thisI'm giving this book 45 Stars Sarah and Jack will stay with me for a long time to come I Recommend this book to all

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    Not only does the book sound intriguing but the ratings on Goodreads are amazing the average rating is 445 and 56% of readers gave it 5 StarsApparently I read a different bookThe basic plot of the first half of the book is Horrible things happen Awful things happen She meets a man Terrible things happen Dreadful things happen The man kisses her And it's all executed in a flat shallow and BORING style A lot of action and no psychological depthIn the second half of the book things degenerate to the point that the book is like a bodice ripper written by a 16 year old all heaving bosoms and thundering heartbeats Sentences like Then he held out his hand towards me and said 'Come here my love and tell me you love me true' gag gag gagAnd this this particular sentence made me simultaneously laugh out loud and throw the book across the room Jack kissed me until my lips were swollen and my throat was dry as cotton and kissed the scar on my breast whispering A little sugar to make the owey all betterHowling laughter How do you write the words breast and owey in the same sentence and not realize it's utterly absurd?Gah this book is just BAD

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    I debated between 2 and 4 stars but after all is said and done I wouldn't recommend the book to my friends so it came down to 2 As for reading enjoyment and ability to hold my interest this book gets a 5 However the first 30 pages contain enough trauma to send any woman to a pyschiatrist for years Rape murder tragic child deaths Indian attacks attempted abduction etc It was a bit too much for me to handle Although the description says inspired by the author's grandmother very little of the story is based on fact When I first started reading it I was floored that so much happened to one woman After some research I found out that it wasn't the case the tragedies had nothing to do with her grandmother And while I had read many true life histories and am aware that some pioneer women had very traumatic lives this one goes a little over the top

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    After my heart stops hurting I'll write a review it takes time when you've just fallen off a cliffI think I can write it now I will admit something here and now Before I read a book I always read the dedication This book is dedicated To everyone who has ever stood on a hill in a storm That caught my interest really uick and then six pages in I came across this passage What can I say? I was hooked And you know what? I've never even seen a Cottenwood but Sarah showed it to me Page 6 A cottenwood makes a little sound with the leaves like they are talking to each other a gentle and soft sound In the fall they turn yellow and copper and the ground under the cottenwood looks like it is covered with pennies Under our cottenwood back home I used to collect the pennies and pretend I was rich One time I sewed them onto a bonnet to be pretty but they dried out and fell off Golden cottonwood trees reflect in Palm LakeFound at Whet I loved about Sarah is she was Sassy Bossy and Strong But she wasn't the I can do it all myself so I don't need you type I truly admired her even if I think she made a few foolish mistakes This uote give you an idea of what she's like Page 166 I wonder if Jack Elliott is with them We keep our eyes on the horizon and our guns loaded Yes sir watch your back bullets are flying She was so easy to like and Jack was perfect for her I'm sure she could have been happy with someone else but they complemented each other like no one else could have In the Synopsis it said they were as romantic as Rhett Butler and Scarlet O'Hara They were so much Jack was one of the sweetest heroes I have ever read about the book wouldn't have been the same without him He was near perfect He lightened the dark places and created the bright cheery moments His kind gestures and uiet ways of showing love to his wife and children won me over to his side I never want to read about Sarah being with anyone else Can you picture Rhett Butler marrying anyone but Scarlet? I should think not So now I must say one thing I Hated about this book read the spoiler if you want to know about the HEASpoiler Before I end this let me tell you that was a darned cruel way to end the book I Will Never Ever Ever reread the last thirty pages Everytime I think about it I tear up If you want a HEA you better stop on page 357 after the entry June 9 1893 When you get to August 22 everything absolutely everything goes downhill On future rereads I will end the book on a happy note and make up my own ending And you can bet it will be worlds beter than this ending was Talk about a Tear Jerker I'm off to read a Georgette Heyer book maybe she will cheer me up End of SpoilerA Strong PG 13 One character is raped we do not see all of this but it is none the less disturbing another character is almost raped and there are multiple murders Also Sarah's wedding night is mentioned however it's respectfully done Savannah and Sarah mention how to not get pregnant again but there aren't any details If I didn't already own this I would be off to get my own copy So if you can get passed the violence in the first forty pages you will uncover a gem Or at least I did Also if you've read and loved Mrs Mike you'll love this

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    I probably would not have finished this book if I were not reading it for book club I enjoyed reading it at times but mostly I was trying not to roll my eyes and just appreciate that it was Nancy Turner's first novel and it's good for a first shot although I have read some incredible first novels before The book is about a woman growing up in the Arizona territories and is written in diary format The Good It's a nice historical novel that really makes you get what life was like then and there It was a fast and engaging read The romance was nice and the women characters were wonderful I was worried there would be a cheesy ending but the ending made sense and saved the book from total cheesiness The Bad I think diary format is cheating a little The entries were unrealistic as diary entries and not well crafted prose for a narrative There are so many parts that cross over into cliche and often the book seemed like it was a romance novel disguised as historical fiction neither of which are genres I like I thought all the characters were two dimentional although I do appreciate what the author does with Sarah making her strong and independent yet honest and vulnerable Most of the language didn't make sense for the time and place the book was supposed to be written in I don't get why the title is misspelled as most of the book is near perfect grammar I think the author takes a lot of liberties with the history of the region and also infuses modern ideology onto her characters I do understand why a lot of people like this book because it IS a beautiful and timeless story but I am one of these readers that cannot get over bad writing to appreciate even the most touching story

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    These is my words by Nancy E Turner is the Diary of Sarah Agnes Prine 1881 1901 Arizona Territories The blurb on this book reads The classic adventure of one courageous woman's life struggles in the Arizona Territories in the late nineteenth century A moving exciting and heartfelt American saga inspired by the authors’ own family memoirs these words belong to Sarah Prine a woman of spirit and fire who forges a full remarkable existence in a harsh unfamiliar frontierI was really looking forward to this novel but the first 50 pages of the book really had me wondering would I actually throw in the towel on this one as there was so much death and tragedy it was difficult to believe so I took some time out and did a little research to see how much of this story was fact and how much was fiction and I was so disappointed to learn that very little of this book was actually based on fact and while it is inspired by the authors grandmother the book is mostly fiction I had thought this book was a true account of Agnes prine and therefore was very disappointed Perhaps if I had realised when purchasing that it was mostly fiction I would have approached the story differently and therefore engaged better with this book This book has amazing reviews and perhaps I am missing something else about this story but for me this novel was over written and I never got to feel the setting of the book or the characters and felt the plot was predictableFor me this was a long 384 pages