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The worlds orbiting Cavanagh's Star are in turmoil Civil war on Umeh—ignited by outsiders—threatens to annihilate the teeming masses of a grossly overpopulated planet On Bezer'ej the handful of native aquatic creatures who survived extermination must take extraordinary and terrible steps to ensure the future of their kind And the interlopers from a distant planet called Earth can only watch the chaos they helped in part to create—knowing their home world will be next to suffer The day of reckoning is rapidly approaching when the powerful Eqbas will remake the Earth at the expense of its dominant species And Shan Frankland—once a police officer once human now something much —must decide where her loyalties truly lie among the gethes on a planet she once called home or here where a dying species presents her with a new and unexpected crisis

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    Unfortunately the series probably should have ended with The World Before or at the latest with Matriarch The last three books in this series Matriarch Ally Judge felt as though they'd been written to outline or to fulfill a book contract rather than to tell the stories of the fascinating main characters and the endlessly inventive worlds explored in the first three books The plots wandered the same three or four situationsplotlines alien parasite ecological revisionism and romance drag through these three books without resolution Each of the major plot points deftly explored in the first three novels with plenty of action just sort of petered out The denoument is out of character and not particularly believable

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    blah blah blah Again a novel in a series in which the first book and even the second are compelling but the story takes too many twists and dilutes the original tension and themes I am halfway through this book and not sure I will complete itUpdate I put it down and will sell it back to bookmans

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    This one seemed weaker to me than the others somewhat repetitive and a bit boring in some of the oft repeated tropes Now on 6 last one back on earth Still excited

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    This entry in the series deals with the culling of the isenj population from their decimated homeworld of Umeh Despite their ridiculously unequal technology the isenj decide to try to fight the Eqbas Vorhi and each other to avoid annihilation with sadly predictable results Minister Rit the widow of Par Paral Ual who invited the wess'har to help the isenj rebalance their ecologically devastation world brokers a deal that will keep the isenj from being eradicated from existence Meanwhile the Skavu a group that Shan describes as eco jihadim threaten Shan Ade Aras the bezeri and and the existence of c'naatat because of the Skavu's uncompromising attachment to all species remaining within the cycle of life and death Shan had originally not wished to return to Earth to keep c'naatat from the possibility of infecting humans who would use it destructively The Skavu heading to Earth with the Eqbas Vorhi changes her views and she prepares to return to Earth with her husbands and the Royal Marines to make sure that humans are not the victims of Skavu genocide

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    This book continues where the last one left offThe author's ability to build worlds and alien characters is remarkable The environmental background of the main character Shan and the Wess'Har give one pause I could not help but think about Earth as it is now and wonder how another race would view us and what they would believe is the best remedy Tough to put our own values into an alien culture and yet it was impossible not to The discovery that the Bezeri had eradicated another sentient race in their past surprised me in the last book In this book I was shocked by the fact that they felt no remorse whatsoever for doing it As the Eqbas head for Earth to punish and correct I wonder how it all will end

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    I love this book and this whole series It's a marvel of sci fi that brings the human and emotional element in a way most space opera sci fi doesn't This is fantastical and imaginative science fiction that creates a remarkable collection of worlds and illustrates a frighting and possible future for Earth I would recommend this book to any fan of sci fi And yes they must be read in order The foundation laid in each previous book is highly important

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    I had a bit of a harder time with this book There has been a lot of repetition of the same elements in the story how it developes and the characters in general So reading this book was slog in the beginning No real resolution of some of the story elements so I am left to wonder if the last book will be split between events in two different locations

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    The penultimate novel of the Wess'har Wars sets up even pieces A species mutates and yet another species is introduced Things are set up that aren't really resolved I'm looking forward to the finale

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    I don't agree with the moral actions of the characters but it is a good book to read

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    A key part of the Wess'Har series I am continually fascinated with the interplay between the very different forms of moral philosophy between the different races in the book and humans