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fr Murder in Mesopotamia Christie Agatha Livres Here we see the story told by Nurse Leatheran who is called in to look after an archeologists wife while he leads the dig in Mesopotamia The lovely Louise seems outwardly to be a very nervey neurotic person who appears to have what her husbands colleagues call fancies and very few believe her The group of people on this dig feels there is an atmosphere and blame it on Louise Some days after Nurse Leatheran Murder in Mesopotamia Poche Agatha Christie Achat Murder in Mesopotamia Agatha Christie Harper Collinslibri Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en jour ou en magasin avec % de rduction Poirot Murder in Mesopotamia TV Episode This TV film is an adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel of the same name and the location an archaeological dig in Mesopotamia and is made the authentic by Christie's first hand experience with her husband archaeologist Max Mallowan Despite the exotic locale however the story is the familiar country house murder mystery in which by observation and deduction the great fr MURDER IN MESOPOTAMIA Agatha Christie Livres Not Retrouvez MURDER IN MESOPOTAMIA et des millions de livres en stock sur fr Achetez neuf ou d'occasion Meurtre en Msopotamie — Wikipdia Murder in Mesopotamia Hercule Poirot by Hercule Poirot though a major force in solving the mystery almost plays second fiddle at certain points in this most entertaining murder mystery Murder in Mesopotamia is an adventure set in an exotic land where a murder occurs The first half of the book almost has the feel of an MM Kaye mystery BBC Radio Extra Hercule Poirot Murder in Murder in Mesopotamia Hercule Poirot The Belgian detective heads to Ira in Agatha Christie's tale of angst and archaeology Available now Episode Duration All available episodes Murder in Mesopotamia | Agatha Christie Wiki | Murder in Mesopotamia BBC Radio adaptation | Murder in Mesopotamia BBC Radio adaptation The novel was adapted by BBC Radio as a radio play and first broadcast in parts between and December The play was directed by Enyd Williams with dramatisation by Michael Bakewell Cast edit | edit source

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    Άλλη μια απλοϊκή κακογραμμένη και σχεδόν παιδική προσαρμογή διηγήματος της Αγκάθα Κρίστι από τον Ριβιέρ Μόνο που αυτό το 2ο τεύχος είναι χειρότερο από το πρώτο γιατί αναλαμβάνει άλλος σκιτσογράφος με κάκιστο και ερασιτεχνικό σχέδιο Το μόνο που αξίζει σε αυτή τη σειρά είναι η έκδοση της Μαμούθ σκληρόδετη με γυαλιστερό χαρτί Βέβαια δεν λείπουν τα λάθη στην μετάφραση αλλά δυστυχώς αυτό είναι το τελευταίο που σε απασχολέι στην γενικότερη μετριότητα

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    Didn’t enjoy the comic version of it Was very abrupt and didn’t find continuity Maybe due to graphic restriction they had to put in all the facts at once but could have been done better

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    A graphic novel is rather like an actual book adapted for TV but in print form The Murder in Mesopotamia graphic novel is certainly entertaining the story is told concisely albeit with several changes Amy narrates the entire story to a journalist which is where we begin unlike in the book There are other changes as well Dr Leidner drive Amy to Hassaneh instead of Coleman and she doesn't have to take the train Amy sees a look of horror on Richard Carey's face when she visits the tell and Louise is a much nicer person nothing manipulative about her here Oh and while Dr Leidner looks very much the same as he is portrayed in the ITV Poirot adaptation 2001 Poirot himself looks like a weird Peter UstinovAlbert Finney hybrid short and suat and with a very odd center parted hairstyle I liked it is is a fun read rather like a snack to whet the appetite for the book

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    An adaption of the Agatha Christie novel this graphic novel is told from the point of view of Nurse Amy Leatheran who is recruited to an archaeological dig in Mesopotamia to look after Mrs Leidner the wife of the leader of the digMrs Leidner is murdered and with one of those amazing Christie coincidences Porot just so happens to be relatively near by in Syria The light colours used in the scenes works well and the illustrator Chandre does well in the flashback scenes in using a sepia toneAt only 45 pages not a long read but passes an engaging hour

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    This arrived in the mail the other day nevermind that I ordered it months and months ago Why so late in arriving you ask? Well it had been shipped from the UK to Australia and then back again to Europe Norway and me It took a while but a good read is always worth it and it even got to see some of the world on its travelsThe BF and I discovered this Agatha Christie comic book series at the university bookstore and despite both our long comic book obsessions none of us knew it existed So I promptly bought everything they had and ordered the restThis particular volume is perhaps artsy than the previous I've read The drawings are less defined and if characters look somewhat similar it might take a while for it to sink in who you're really looking at It is pretty though It's still good artworkI also felt that a bit too much detail was absent in the plot I realize that this volume is very much abriged and can't be compared to the original novel or even the filmTV adaptations but at times I couldn't resist going No wait Here this is supposed to happenHowever I still really enjoyed it it's a good light read for someone who otherwise reads only lines at the moment as The Cherry Orchard is coming along

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    Fun murder mystery and actually this was my very first Agatha Christie but I'm not sure there were enough clues given in the comic strip format for me to figure out who the murderer was Although my husband thought it was obvious so I may just be a bit slow at such things

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    I didn't find this short graphic novel particulary interesting The illustrations were just ok and because it was so short the lack of detail made it seem bland and rushed I'm sure the regular Agatha Christie novel would make for a better read

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    I haven’t read this Christie story in its original form But as a regular reader of a variety of graphic novels I think they’ve done a fantastic job adapting it for the graphic genre It was an entertaining murder mystery A uick read that followed well A story of torment revenge and murderI will going to get my hands on of these Christie adaptations asap

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    A paranoid woman accompanying her husband on an archaelogical dig near the River Tigris is presumed crazy by her friends companions and nurse until she shows up dead Thankfully Poirot is nearby and can help unravel a very puzzling mysteryI started reading this and in my head had inadvertently confused this title with They Came from Baghdad so for a while I thought they had left out uite a bit and then started changing the story Eventually I realized my mistake and that Agatha had written two stories that have enough similarities as can be confusingthe other also starts off with a young lady hired as a companion for a woman traveling to the Middle East This one is a faithful adaptation of its original story as far as I can tell and is uite a twisty mystery I'm not a huge fan of Chandre's art style There are times when it feels like he channels Dali a bit too much and the characters appear horribly disfigured I did like his adaptation of Poirot though He felt true to Christie's descriptions Again this series seems to focus on adapting the stories to visual form tactfully enough I have no ualms with handing them to a 12 year oldNotes on content No language issues that I remember No sexual content or decency issues The murder victim is shown with some blood but it isn't super gory or anything

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    Murder in Mesopotamia is one of those mysteries that escalates to the climax in about 2 chapters then slowly lessens ones interest and slightly disappoints ones view of the bookThankfully Poirot saves it marginally with his theory and conclusion of the murder It will make you say is that really the end the conclusion ? with a big sigh after you find out the ugly truthBut Poirot being the magnificent sass master can kick all of those sighs and comments in the arseYou should read this book in order to get a good sense of Poirots ways of investigating He will make you wait for the answer at the edge of your seat and make you feel like an utter buffoon in one chapter or less Poirot is a detective that could make even Sherlock Holmes feel ludicrous and imbecilicPoirot could make Sherlock Holmes eat his own shit Toodles