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Hercule Poirot's holiday is rudely interrupted when he runs into a real life damsel in distress Young Nick Buckley owner of the eerie and imposing End House has already survived three attempts on her life and even now is being shot at by an unseen gunman Poirot finds himself trying to solve a murder that hasn't happened yet

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    It was uite fascinating to read Poirot and a Christie mystery in the form of a graphic novel I am hoping to buy a few of these graphic novel adaptations of Christie's works

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    Not one of Ms Christie's best but still an enjoyable mystery

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    Peril at end house is one of my favourite Christie books; so when I saw a graphic novel adaptation of it I had to give it a go Overall I really enjoyed it it took the key twists and turns of the book and boiled it down to an illustrated 44 pages which is no mean feat Obviously when condensing a book details will be left out and the plot will speed along at a much uicker pace but I was OK with that I would suggest reading the original text first though as its a brilliant read

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    Reason for Reading I love this series of graphic novels I've read all Christie's mysteries but so long ago that except for the most popular titles I barely remember the plots much less whodunitPeril at End House is classic Christie Apparently someone is trying to kill a young woman who vacations in her ancestral but uickly running down home nearby where Poirot and Hastings are vacationing in Cornwall He meets her upon the fourth attempt and takes charge of the lady's well being promising to find out who would want to kill this kind and not very monied woman Suspects are narrowed down to a small group of close friends she has in Cornwall plus a couple who staffs the house Twists and turns abound making this case one that Poirot himself almost can't solve until the last hour and the shocking reveal at the end is typical of Christie's master of the craftI love these books They are so huge like picture books that they are so fun to read slowly and enjoy the French type art Jollet has used his own imaginings of Poirot staying close to the bookish description of him rather than the one we are used to seeing on TV though he is immediately recognisable his appearance is manly than dandy Of course it has been too long for me to compare the graphic to the original but the story runs very smoothly There is a brief mention of drugs that casts a cloud over certain parties that I think may have been a bigger issue in the original book as it seems superfluous to the plot in the GN Otherwise a great rendition of one of Christie's classics

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    I unfortunately never got around to reading Agatha Christie novels I happened to stumble across a few of these in the graphic novel section of the library and thought I'd give them a shotThe books are very short which needless to say makes them very uick reads I'd recommend them to children to inspire them to read I'd also recommend them to adults because they are fun to readThey are well written and well illustrated The complicated story line is easy to follow Great afternoon read

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    I love Christie and I have a fondness for traditional novels of the Golden Age but I also tire easily of some of the problems with GA books like pulling out of left field the antagonist who is unknown until the last few pages of the book Not leaving enough cluesthis was one of those books I love Poirot and the beginning of book was fun because of Poirot's arrogance and his friendship with Hastings but it wasn't enough to overcome the unfair mystery elements

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    Another simply wonderful Agatha Christie comic bookUnlike And Then There Were None its drawing style and colors are traditional it's a safe way of doing things but that works very well tooI really like

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    Not as satisfying as the ones before but fun to read as all Poirots are The social set goes to the coast and murder and mayhem result Luckily Poirot is visiting He does have expensive tastes and gets involved in saving the damsel in distress

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    This is easily the worst graphic novel I've ever read Poirot came off as obnoxious the male characters were difficult to tell apart and the adaptation of the story was painful at best Zero stars would be given if possible

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    One of Agatha Christie's finest novels