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Happily Ever After Gets A Serious Makeover In This Swoony, Non Stop, Thrill Ride Of A Conclusion To The Trouble Is A Friend Of Mine TrilogyNo One Makes Getting Into Trouble Look As Good As Philip Digby And He Looks Good Doing It Now That He S Back In Town, He S Plunged Zoe And Their Scooby Gang Of Wealthy Frenemy Sloane, Nerd Tastic Genius Felix, And Aw Shucks Handsome Henry Back Into The Deep End On The Hunt For His Kidnapped Sister He S Got A Lead, But It Involves Doing A Deal With The Scion Of An Alarmingly Powerful Family, Not To Mention Committing Some Light Treason Zoe And Digby Are Officially Together Now, And She S Definitely Up For Whatever Closure This New Caper Might Offer, Even Though This Mystery Will Come With A Twist Neither ExpectedWith Acerbic Banter, Steamy Chemistry, And No Small Amount Of Sarcasm, Zoe And Digby Are The Will They Or Won T They, Charismatic Crime Solving Couple You Ve Been Waiting For Update August 14, 2017I JUST FINISHED THE SECOND BOOK LAST NIGHT WHO ELSE WANTS THIS LAST BOOK TO BE WRITTEN FROM DIGBY S POV OR AT LEAST HAVE THE POV S ALTERNATE BETWEEN DIGBY AND ZOE AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH THERE IS A TITLE AND A COVER AND A RELEASE DATE.OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD. 1 28 18MAN, that was super satisfying I don t think anything will ever live up to the perfection of the first book, but Trouble Never Sleeps certainly gave the Trouble trilogy a high note to go out on I m gonna miss the ragtag River Heights crew Full review to come closer to release.8 2 17I need this immediately, but I ll settle for April Zoe Digby are the best slow ship of all time, fight me. I interviewed Zoe and Digby for the blog tour Check out the hilarious interview where Digby just shows up out of nowhere and completely surprises Zoe here Also, my playlist for this book can be found here.BOOK BLOG IG TUMBLR TWITTER REVIEW OMG THAT ENDING.I m still trying to gather my thoughts I don t know what else to say except that it doesn t feel like this book is over Spoiler if you dare view spoiler Someone s been manipulating test scores inTrouble Makes a Comeback which means that test scores may not be definitive Which means that if it gets leaked, it might just affect where Zoe goes to college hide spoiler This book was as messy, wild, emotional, and laugh out loud funny as I wanted it to be The pop culture banter, crazy circumstances, and unpredictability of it all makes this the perfect conclusion to the series But, like, possibly not conclusion The ending has a couple of loose threads that make me think the author is leaving a door open but it could also for sure be the end I always want when it comes to Digby and Zoe and the rest of the cast I adore them all even Sloane, who I never thought I could ever love Aside from maybe an epilogue a few months later so I can make sure al my bbys are faring well, this is pretty much everything I wanted out of this book.