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He's my teacher I shouldn't be alone with him But I can't help that he's irresistible I let the door silently close at my back He stared at me and a taut quiet stretched between usI like hearing you play I said moving toward himHe turned in sync with my slow approach He looked up at me but didn't say anything I rested my clammy hand on the cold slick body of the baby grand May I?The muscles in his throat shifted then he swallowed EdenMy knees weakened like a soft tickling kiss had just been blown against the backs of them Is it okay? I askedHis gaze held mine like two hands joined He understood what I was really askingLet me stay I said PleaseYou're going to get me in trouble he said

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    I don't know about you but that's one of the damn sexiest things I've ever read It's dripping with this forbidden strained stressed sexual tension that permeates the pages and has me rooting for the two to just hook up alreadyIs this a high school studentteacher relationship? Yes Why do I find nothing wrong with this? Because the student Eden is 18 The teacher James is 22 Under any other circumstances there'd be nothing wrong with this relationship Is it undermining James's professional integrity? Absolutely Is he still violating a code of conduct? Of course he is But both parties involved are of the legal age of consent in any state so circumstances aside I don't have a problem with itThat out of the way I absolutely devoured this book Would I call it a romance? Not really It doesn't fit any of the romance tropes The ending is optimistic but not conclusive It leaves you wondering which romance as I understand it doesn't But is it raw and passionate? AbsolutelyEvery single fleck of emotion Eden emoted I could feel From her jealously of other female students to her drive and at times obsession to be with James Every single piece of it I felt It was like I became Eden I could feel her emotions so deeply But there were times where I was able to step back where I wanted to warn her to back away Take it easy Not so fast Chill out In a way I was kind of guiding myselfWhy? I was in a similar albeit much less involved situation in high school I was a senior 17 until May of that year and we had a student teacher that like every girl was drooling over He wasn't even out of college although I can't accurately remember if he was getting his Masters or if he was finishing his teaching degree Since he was externing in a classroom I'm logically leaning towards the latter So that made him 21? 22? We flirted Absolutely We could have rightly shared a cafeteria table only a few years before so where was the problem right? I knew things about his personal life that a student probably shouldn't have known It never advanced to the degree that Eden and James did Not even close But reading this book made me remember everything I felt with that student teacher All the jealously striving to stand out in a group of girls so he'll notice me structuring my day around his class Of course I felt like I was reliving a part of my high school life reading this and for a few hours I absolutely loved itIt's such raw emotion It flames forth unabated unchecked Eden wants to find out where James lives so she stalks him a little Just a little There are no checks or balances there because it's something she always does with her friends when they want to know about a new boy Things like that are rationalized The Id is prominent clawing its way to the forefront and telling reason to shut the hell up God I couldn't get enough of itAs I said before the writing just drips with a vibrating buzzing sexual tension that's just at the forefront of coming to a head From the beginning it's there mounting and you keep reading because you're willing to do anything to sate that tension but will it go away?I was a little over Eden's rich girl 'I get everything' attitude Even though that was a major factor in the storyline I kind of wished it happened to a well deserving girl One that didn't have everything handed to her on a silver platter that couldn't manipulate her way into and out of anything to get her desired outcome Like I said it's all relevant in the end but I still couldn't help but wish she wasn't the little rich girl The absentee parents kind of irked me as well It was very convenient Again relevant to the plot as it all comes full circle but like the rich girl I was over itThere is also some pretty heavy religious undertones in the story Eden garden of forbidden fruit Eve the temptress It all fits On top of that Grove Creek Publishing in and of itself has a religious bent to it They're not a Christian press but their mission statement is having clean YA absent of lewdness etc But reading A Season of Eden with all its ripe sexual tension you wouldn't get that if you didn't look into the publisher beforehand There's definitely some level of spiritual cleansing going on at the end absent actual religion I just want to be clear this is not Christian literature but honestly it's something the character needs so it fits I didn't mind it in the slightestSo while there were a few things I could have lived without in A Season of Eden those were easily enough stashed away under the rug and allowed me to read this flavorful piece of meat from beginning to end running the entire way The writing is glorious the tension rips at your brain and it'll have you salivating for the pages you turn If you want an nontraditional romance that'll leave you scratching at your face but in a good way you'll want to read A Season of Eden And then you'll probably get writer envy because quite frankly I've never read sexual tension written this well before Makes me want to write a scene just to see how I measure up And I don't even write romance ish stuff

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    Such a stupid book Children's minds in teenagers' bodies bad I mean BAAAD dialogue and the heroine whatserfaceoh yeah Eden like in the title slutbitchvainstupidslutslut She's practically raping James every chance she gets James is no jewel either can't control his class or himself Stupid book this is what you get for being stupid

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    I jumped at the chance to read this book simply because of the author I didn't even read the book summary before accepting this book for review When I got the book and read the summary I was a little worried He's my teacher I shouldn't be alone with him But I can't help that he's irresistible Having read Jennifer Lauren before I only hesitated for a minute before starting the book The subject matter maybe taboo I found myself enjoying this forbidden love story To put your mind at ease she is 18 and he is 22 which doesn't make a teacherhigh school student relationship ethical but at least it's not pervertedI'm fairly certain I can guess which of my friends will love this story and which ones won't There is some cool symbolism in the book think Eden forbidden fruit I had many other things I should have done today but this book kept calling me back to it to finish it whenever I tried to put it downI can't decide if I love or hate the ending I'm one for closure and having everything tied up with a nice big bow and we don't get that Usually this would annoy me to not get the ending I wanted but I was ok with the open ending However I'd love to have Jennifer write an epilogue to give me the happily ever after nice big bow I wanted especially if she included another scene involving the pianoContent no language no sex scene no graphic violence which would mean it would fit the category of a clean read however content makes me hesitant to label this clean There is talk of sex hooking up there is the taboo subject of a high school student involved with her teacher and there is lots of sexual tension and desire and a pretty intense make out scene So perhaps a clean read for an adult but not for a teenager?Rating 4 Stars

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    I'm really frustrated with this book First there is Eden I had no luck figuring her out At times she seemed like a deep thinker mature then her age but then she spouting That's lame or Don't be retarded It's like the author couldn't decided if she was going to be a lonely hurt soul who was looking for something to fill the void or a vapid spoiled mean girl who was stymied by the fact that she finally found something that she wanted that she couldn't have The back and forth kind of gave me whiplash Then there was James He was not your typical hero He had the really oblivious and naive quality about him that was both charming and frustrating I truly couldn't understand what all the fuss was about regarding what brought on their break up It just felt really overblow I also have to grip about the fact that there is no HEA I get that we should be happy that Eden apparently grew as a person but I'm selfish and I want it all The whole tone of the book was very intriguing and the religious illusions were interesting but not enough to make this one a keeper for me

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    I was up all night reading this book I don´t think it is too much to say that this book was perfect I would recommend it to everybody It is a story about a girl Eden that has everything she could wish for She learns how to grows up during the book but I gotta say that I liked her even at the beginning Even though she had everything she is not spoiledNOTE the love interest James Christian is not old He is 22 and Eden is 18

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    Actual Rating 405 This book was great This is one of those student teacher relationships However their age difference is 4 years apart This is exactly the relationship between Aria and Ezra from PLL TV Series The only difference is that Ezria's story occurred during English class while James and Eden's story takes place in music class I find the relationship between the two to be very unique and cute James is adorable and Eden is cool but also annoying at times The thing I found interesting is the religious material in the book such as the female MC's named after the Garden of Eden which means that she is the temptress

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    This is my first book by JM Warwick AKA Jennifer Laurens and I am completely smitten If all her writing is this good then consider me an avid fanA Season of Eden is such an aptly named book We meet Eden the gorgeous and popular girl in school She has the hunk boyfriend the loyal group of friends and the admiration of all who gaze upon her Eden is a girl who is used to getting exactly what she wants and what she wants is the new choral teacher Mr ChristianWhen I found out that this book was based on a teacherstudent relationship I initially balked a bit Yes I have read and still do read many a controversial piece of literature but I wondered how JM was going to deal with this specifically I'm not a big romance novel fan for the simple fact that I can't deal with trashy scenes Can I please sayI had nothing to worry aboutThe way this story is written is true perfection Eden and James Christian have a tantalizingly electric relationship that keeps you on the edge of your seat so to speak However their relationship never goes over the top There are scenes in this book that will make your toes curl and your head spin All without the aforementioned trash Thank you JMAlthough the taboo between them is mentioned it isn't what the story is focused on Instead the reader is granted a look into how this new relationship causes Eden to grow as a person By seeing herself through James' eyes she realizes what a shallow and hurtful person she's been James teaches Eden that we don't always get what we want Not without workI can't say too much without spoilers so I will end it here If you love romance or novels about change this is a book for you This book is well worth the read

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    Don't you have a boyfriend? I shook my head fingering my bag That surprises me he saidBecause I seem like a girl that would have a guy around? I finishedNo He started toward the light switch and I followed In my experience the beautiful girls are always taken WOW just WOW makes the wow face This book people this book is just a complete season on it's own it isn't fall or winter nor summer or spring it's a whole other season concept and one I might forever be in love with and forever be waiting to happen in my life or at least in my country's weather Jennifer Laurens you made this book a complete piece of art for meSince the beginning of the book I felt all warm inside predicting that I was in for a h of a bookEden wasiswill be one of my favorite characters and one very very real characterSince she sets her eyes on MrChristian she suddenly has a thing for all things matureHaving a crush on a guy who has a first name for a last name is not to be passed for normalAs for my Feelings while reading the book Sometimes I couldn't even know when all these feelings that Eden had came from Her instant crush on that person made me uneasy at first I mean we all experience crushes at one time in our life but hers felt just like at the beginning like an obssession a really really unhealthy obsession Hence the stalking she did the always thinking what would he be thinking would be listening to? The list goes on and onBut then things started to look normal and then BOOMShe was my hero she started to grow up trying to without changing what she was who she was started questioning all her actions their concecuences her decisions always better thoughtIn the end music age love all blend together to make the awesome symphony that is A Season of EdenJennifer's writing was beautiful through out the whole book describing and giving us glimpses of just the right amount of emotions the right amount of the scenery and a really large and really welcomed dose of music backroundWhen you THINK you have found the one for you but feel that you're not good enough that you're not OLD ENOUGH that you're simply out of his leaguethink againand then think some maybe you're not thinking rightmaybe this time you have to let HIM do the thinking and you? Well just follow the music that your heart makesit always takes you to the right path wich while right isn't always the easiest55I gave it my 10 super duper fotitos RATING over at the blog

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    Ok so I have read lots of discussion about people wanting to read books with a studentteacher relationship similar to Rose Dimitri I kind of did too even though I preferred Adrian I enjoyed Rose and Dimitri's story I have not read any yet because I wanted something similar and not like a gross really older guy In this story Eden is 18 and James Christian her teacher is 22 so I decided to give it a try The beginning was not so good and I was almost pissed I spent 5 on kindle for this on a whim But slowly I really got into the story and the characters Eden comes from a rich family Her mom died and her dad remarried four months later and never paid her any attention after that She is beautiful and has had her pick of guys When she meets nerdy music teacher Mr Christian it was a little strange the way she immediately fell for him But I liked that the relationship did build and felt honest to me Some reviews I read did not like Eden or find her to be realistic but I did I felt like she had a ton of character growth I did understand over time why they would fall for each other Eden gets to school early each morning for some extra time with Mr Christian and they slowly get to know each other James Christian never had a girlfriend in high school and I can see why having the attention of a beautiful popular girl would appeal to him They spend time at school together each morning until Eden decided to ask him to hang and he gives in and they meet for coffee They continue to meet secretly and there are two make out sessions but no sex I enjoyed the build of their relationship and was very engrossed in this book by the end Now the ending some liked it some hated it but I was somewhere in the middle view spoilerJames Christian ended things with Eden until she graduates Eden decides to grow up give him some space and hopefully he will come back to her It ends with her going to the church where he sings after graduation We don't know if they for sure work things out but he was really into her so its open for us to believe they did get together She decided to go to college close to town and everything to leave the possibility open hide spoiler

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    A friend recommended this one to me but like many other readers felt on Goodreads I was nervous of whether or not I wanted to read it when I read what it was aboutA story of studentteacher relationship However the reviews put my mind at ease and I decided to give it a try Edenthe student is 18 and Jamesthe 1st year music teacher is 22 not that that makes it right necessarily but at least it makes it not disgusting This is a fun coming of age love story Eden drove me crazy a lot of the time but was a typical High School Girl The stalking she does of the poor teacher at first was hilarious to memainly because I remember going with a certain girlfriend of mineyea you know who you arelol as she attempted to find out where a certain guy she was absolutely in love with livedand what he droveetc anyway Again typical High School drama and it made me laugh Eden's immaturity at times made me dislike her character but I liked seeing her grow and try to change for the better I enjoyed this storyand the funny memories it brought back from when I was 17That same friend I mentioned earlier had a MAJOR crush on one of our teachers toojust makes me laugh so hard to think of it now I would have probably given the book 5 stars BUTI have to add that the ending DROVE ME CRAZY I am a need closurehappily ever after type girl This left things waaaaayyyy to open for my taste personally I was hoping for an epilouge atleast I literally thought my book hadn't downloaded correctly and I didn't have the end of the book Grrrrrr So too the author a second book or epilouge please I need CLOSURElol I guess I will just have to make up my ownlolno languagethe obvious studentteacher relationship make out scene highschool kids talking of hooking upin other words I wouldn't let my teen read it but clean for an adult