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Basically a bunch of 1920s gods based on major modernist figures stuck in the middle of an Agatha Christie murder mystery done in a comics prose hybrid that's clearly trying to start a fight with JONATHAN HICKMAN Yeah you heard Jon Come at us bro It's high art versus lo art with the most beautiful AUD KOCH artwork the world has ever seen We're so excited we may have to have a lie down

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    THIS IS ONE GORGEOUS ONE SHOT and it flows so well from here onto volume 1 of WicDiv that it's kinda unnerving gaaaah After the 2014 gods I think these gods are my favorite reincarnations sobs with the exception of the racist and elitist sucker Baal who got reincarnated as a Black man in his next incarnation LOL take that assholeAnyway I super loved the motivation behind the murder and the whole driving theme of elitism vs egalitarianism in regards to the art and literature was like wowza The murder mystery is done so well and it's an all around amazing arcThe art is just gorgeous; I loved the use of minimal amount of colors and the choice of color palette itself I wish there would have been art but the writing is so sumptuous that I don't really mind WHAT A COVER 😍 WHAT A DESCRIPTION 😍 I N E E D

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    What an incredible one offish I feel that it provides some background information for a couple of the characters which I think readers of the main arc could benefit from knowing If the team adds this information into the main arc this isn't necessary to read but the main arcs have been relatively slow burns until they're notNow that that's out of the way The mix of prose and traditional comic format was so freaking cool I've never read anything like it before in the comic world although I've only read very specific comics since I was 17so I'm still pretty new to comics As someone that loves books this mix was totally my jamWe met a couple of new gods this time around Neptune Amon Ra Susanoo and some of that are samesies as our 2014 gods Amaterasu Lucifer The Morrigan The Norns but the personalities were so different It just shows what? That these gods don't really know their past livesdon't remember them? Or are they different renditions of these gods under the same name every time?I don't know the answer to most of my uestions at any given time for this series And that's OK I'm sure there are reddit threads that delve deep into the culture and the foreshadowing and all that jazz but I prefer to just read and read and read After this story ends I'll go back and discover what I've missed then but right now I'm just enjoying the ride

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    As much as I dislike extended prose sections in my comicsThis was a fantastic meditation on art in the 20th century on egalitarianism vs elitism on pessimism vs optimism It also shed some light on what’s going on the main series

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    Hey check Kieron Gillen using a WicDiv one shot special to mix comics and prose together to make up this book It actually pays off really well too The prose parts are written really well and it's a good read Some of Gillens comic work has boarded close to this already like his JiM run so this feels little like an evolution of that Glad it's in a one shot though this could be off putting if it was in the main ongoing I also don't think you'd miss much if you skipped this but you shouldn't skip

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    Hmmm I found this one a little difficult I was looking forward to seeing the last Pantheon and how they interacted with relatively recent history Howevermost of the book is in prose rather than in graphic novel form I felt a little bit cheated Seeing some of the same Gods Lucifer Minerva Woden etc in different incarnations was interesting I kept looking for similarities between the older and newer versions Not uite a spoiler Woden is still a bleep headI do like the artwork The 1920’s Art Deco inspiration is gorgeous

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    Well uh this was different I wasn't expecting this to be novella than comic but it was a pretty interesting twist I skimmed a lot of the text because it was just a little too flowery for me but it wasn't bad I also liked the Agatha Christie homage

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    Ooh this was sumptuous I have not read many Agatha Christie books but this issue was so evocative of the style and so thrillingly clever And I love how it took us all the back to the very start it took me a while to twig that was the direction we were heading inLove love LOVE this series Must do my re read before the next arc

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    This series' capacity to reinvent itself while still respecting its core its essence is truly admirable It's always interesting to learn about other pantheons but it also brings uestions than answersSo My theory is that Ananke's captured the creature Woden from 1831 made from Lucifer's experiment on Hades' body the one she said should outlive them all It could also explain why this occurence's Woden and the one from our times can't be actual Gods and have to betrayuse Mimir's head to tap into whatever creates the deities' powers Woden sacrificed herself in 1831 to give immortality to her creation and Ananke's been hiding that from the others to use Humans as her paws turn them into decoy Wodens Maybe she needs Mimir's powers but he refuses to be manipulated by her hence why she's making sure he's always around but incapable of warning the rest of the Pantheon? He's supposed to know everything so perhaps he's seen what her true goals are or just sensed something was wrong like Verðandi did in this issue and now she has to restrain him or something Although Ananke's plan is still incomprehensible I feel Lucifer's death indicates how well she's been doing with a Pantheon When she dies first Ananke's messed up something and will have rebelling deities to deal with When she dies last like that Roman one she's been successful in convincing the Gods they only had two years to live and in getting them killed in some fashion that didn't tied her up to their dismiss I'm starting to wonder if the Great Darkness is the Gods themselves outliving their Human bodies andor descending into madness because of their powers like RomanLuci did That one did seem ready to destroy the world and that's also what the treacherous Gods in this issue were trying to do I don't think Ananke is the big bad to be honest It's too obvious far from the complexity Gillen's offered so far But she's still shady as fuck and I find it really weird that none of the deities seem to remember everything that's happened in their previous times on Earth Why is none of them like wait this shit happened before and the only thing it's always had in common is Ananke? They seem to forget bits and pieces of previous lives of their links to the rest of Pantheon why has none of them been able to remember what Ananke's scheming has done to them? And of course what's with the severed heads being kept around and used for weird rituals? Even though Lucifer's head didn't seem conscious this time around it's interesting to note that it was used in Set's and Baal's ritual as were the ones of the others deities they killed I suppose Unless Ananke's lost the creature and is trying to repeat this ritual with the four heads she's gathered so far? Which makes me realize that Tara's wasn't there in the last issue Was she unusable because she wanted to die contrary to the others? Does she have some other purposes? This story's giving me worse headaches than ASOIAF theories xD The this goes on the I'm likely to write a thesis about the secret meaning behind the paintings TWTD's artists feature in their panels 'On a different note I love the fact that the Morrigan looks a bit like Neil Gaiman this time round I don't know if it was made so on purpose but I feel like he'll adore the idea And of course it was exuisite to read Baal's disgusting ideas about inferior races while knowing he'll be reincarnated into a Black bipan man whose little finger holds intelligence and dignity than this 1920's Baal's entire being Suck it loser D

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    I really liked the decision to make this issue two color I think it worked with the dark and story night tone as well as emphasizing the time period it was set inHowever there were a few things I disliked about this issue I don't think the prose sections were written well and thus the story was difficult to get into The syntax felt affected particularly towards the beginning of the issue I was trying to determine if the narration styles were different depending on the point of view character in a section but if so the differences were minute enough that I couldn't determine if the affected language was meant to play into a particular character While I liked Susanoo and Minerva as characters enjoying their parts in the story was difficult when so many of the other characters were so conceitedThis issue was basically a recap of events so far in the ongoing series with some variation on characters While I would probably normally appreciate that plot device it felt like another affected aspect of this issue when coupled with the problems I mentioned aboveI did enjoy the suggestion that the acts of the gods play a part in larger world events I will be interested to see if this addition to the know timeline comes into play in the ongoing series

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    Another flashback special issue of The Wicked The Divine focusing on the 1923 occurrence of the Pantheon Anyone who has read the first issue of the series knows how this ends but there's still a healthy sense of suspense in this intriguing volume that mixes genres part comic book part ersatz Agatha Christie novel It's fun figuring out which real or fictional? characters the 1923 gods are meant to represent and their conflicting worldviews and understanding of art lead to some interesting and deadly interactions I have to say though that I can't wait until this series is over all mysteries hopefully revealed and I can go back and re read issues like this with an understanding of what the heck is in fact going on here