Black Man PDF ✓ Hardcover

The future isn’t what it used to be since Richard K Morgan arrived on the scene He unleashed Takeshi Kovacs–private eye soldier of fortune and all purpose antihero–into the body swapping hard boiled urban jungle of tomorrow in Altered Carbon Broken Angels and Woken Furies winning the Philip K Dick Award in the process In Market Forces he launched corporate gladiator Chris Faulkner into the brave new business of war for profit Now in Thirteen Morgan radically reshapes and recharges science fiction yet again with a new and unforgettable hero in Carl Marsalis hybrid hired gun and a man without a country or a planetMarsalis is one of a new breed Literally Genetically engineered by the US government to embody the naked aggression and primal survival skills that centuries of civilization have erased from humankind Thirteens were intended to be the ultimate military fighting force The project was scuttled however when a fearful public branded the supersoldiers dangerous mutants dooming the Thirteens to forced exile on Earth’s distant desolate Mars colony But Marsalis found a way to slip back–and into a lucrative living as a bounty hunter and hit man before a police sting landed him in prison–a fate worse than Mars and much dangerousLuckily his “enhanced” life also seems to be a charmed one A new chance at freedom beckons courtesy of the government All Marsalis has to do is use his superior skills to bring in another fugitive But this one is no common criminal He’s another Thirteen–one who’s already shanghaied a space shuttle butchered its crew and left a trail of bodies in his wake on a bloody cross country spree And like his pursuer he was bred to fight to the death Still there’s no question Marsalis will take the job Though it will draw him deep into violence treachery corruption and painful confrontation with himself anything is better than remaining a prisoner The real question is can he remain sane–and alive–long enough to succeed?2007 1st Ed Del Rey 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

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