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In the forty third millennium of human history Imre Bergamasc awakens after two hundred years to the realization that he has been the victim of an elaborate murder plot a plot that also destroyed the intergalactic transport milieu known as the Continuum But now that Imre has been reborn he will stop at nothing to help bring forth the rebirth of the galaxy

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    Well it's safe to say I will not be reading any of this series I just wish I'd listened to good advice from friends and given up at the halfway point Sadly I didn't as I hate to give up on a book There is a good story hiding in here somewhere but I just couldn't stand how it has been done

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    Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercom I am the original author of this essay as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted here illegallyThis is one of four books that recently came in and out of my life without me finishing which coincidentally enough also kicks off a little mini series coming here to CCLaP this month for you see by sheer dumb luck I was able this month to get my hands on half of the ten science fiction novels nominated this year for either the Hugo or Philip K Dick awards This one here for example Sean Williams' Saturn Returns book one of the coming Astropolis trilogy was nominated for the PKD award which honors the best each year in cutting edge and experimental SF but I have to confess that I simply didn't find it very well written at all and eventually gave up out of frustration around page 50 The storyline is serviceable enough I suppose although definitely enjoys wallowing in what's sometimes the most trite cliches of the entire genre it is One Million Years In The Future where in true Accelerando fashion humans have become immortal precisely through uploading their memories into digital storage and then downloading them into new bodies whenever they want The actual plot then at least as I understand it concerns a soldier from a now long over war whose digital backup is accidentally discovered in space almost totally destroyed almost 150000 years after the destruction originally took place put back together by an alien race except accidentally as the opposite gender heshe basically spends the rest of the book trying to figure out what happened why the war ended and what caused the apocalyptic rift that has essentially destroyed what had been a galaxy wide means of communicationsAnd I say as I understand it of course because this is the single biggest problem with Saturn Returns Williams simply takes on too much too much speculative crap and tries to cram it all into a story too small to hold it using writing skills that simply aren't good enough to juggle it all coherently The book as a result turns into a muddled mess very quickly with just dozens of references to made up terminology that still haven't been explained 50 pages into it as well as constant allusions to a series of interchangeable sounding galactic wars in this Million Years In The Future past a Chaos War and Mad Times war and Slow Wave war with differences that make perfect sense to the characters but that become a giant headache inducing chronological cloud to us Plus I have to agree with several other online reviewers when I say What's with all the pointless softcore pornography Williams? Pretty much the only reason to put the main male character into a female body as far as I could tell was so the character could regularly think to himself Holy crap I've got titties then proceed to play with them the only reason to have two of these soldiers date each other in the backstory as far as I could tell was so Williams could describe the violent sex they had on a regular basis I was surprised this got nominated for a PKD award to tell you the truth it's the kind of book that makes non SF people roll their eyes when thinking of the genre not the kind of stuff you'd think the industry would want to celebrateOut of 10 38

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    Saturn Returns the first book of Astropolis marks a pivotal time in the career of Adelaide author Sean Williams Like the title metaphor it seems the author himself is going through a personal homecoming of sorts After the debacle of the Books of the Cataclysm Sean has revisited the path where he started – and dare I say it where he belongsApart from the humbling cover I was immediately struck by the title Saturn Returns It just gels From the start the story rolls off the mind tongue in much the same way The term ‘layers are stripped away’ is probably used all too frequently in reviews but it certainly applies here Perhaps than anywhere else For our protagonist Imre Bergamasc is truly lost after awakening in the body of a female hundreds of years after his own murder His resurrection is overseen by the Jinc – a gestalt hive mind intelligence that seeks God itself on the fringes of spaceOne could say this is the premise about the book After awakening two hundred years after death a former mercenary commander tries to recover his own memory and discovers the possibility that he caused the fall of civilization This however cannot quite measure the sum of its parts In science fiction ideas have long held sway often eclipsing characters and their motivations But Saturn Returns is about people Real people Setting itself up as an original and grandiose masterpiece of Space OperaDuring his day defined by the Continuum be it the Federation or the Hegemony one has to name a future galactic empire Imre Bregamasc led a motley crew of elite super soldiers on campaigns spanning centuries With great responsibility comes great conscience and Imre is not immune to the pitfalls of leadership with burgeoning memories that indicate he at times certainly wasn’t a ‘decent man’With honesty and aplomb Sean shows us that unfortunately wars will never be won it’s the human condition and mirrors the current global situation No matter how hard we travel and how hard we evolve human beings at their very basic will always be warring machines During the reading of this tome knowing that he was only a couple of suburbs away when composing it electrified me