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With the same passion and insight he brought to The Harris Men RM Johnson offers a gripping look at a pressing social issue and a rare window into the contemporary male psyche Father Found As founder of an organization that tracks down deadbeat dads and holds them accountable to the children they abandoned Zale Rowen is no ordinary nine to fiver Fiercely devoted to Father Found and its mission he is all but obsessed And though Zale's heart is in the right place his life begins to spiral out of control as he is pulled further into Chicago's underbelly in his pursuit of homeless youth and delinuent dads Soon he is ruining his most valued relationships jeopardizing his life and undermining the very organization for which he has sacrificed everything Forced to take a step back and examine his behavior Zale is finally beginning to face the dark long repressed secrets motivating him when he is blindsided by a shocking revelation that challenges everything he holds true As in his acclaimed debut RM Johnson weaves a deeply engaging novel of family and self sacrifice Unflinching yet compassionate Father Found is a testament to the power of forgiveness and a striking commentary on our times

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    RM Johnson writes with a raw and real passion that truly transports the reader into his story by the heart and holds them capitive This story has everything and then some a must read for everyone

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    This is probably the best literary work RM Johnson has done to date It is not chick lit but a deep insightful look at a man who is obsessed with finding his father and the secret that haunts him

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    Loved the book Hate hate hated 98% of the characters The three main characters Zale Martin and Frank were all mean spirited broken volatile men Even Martin's wife Debra wasn't likable The character I found most endearing was Mace a childhood friend of Zale's turned drug dealergangster That's right The most endearing character in this book sold drugs and killed people for a living lol That said the story is extremely well written and I couldn't put it down The way the story is written the end of each chapter is a near cliffhanger I can't recall ever having read a book that flows so intricately and seamlessly Each character was well developed I felt their pain Understood what drove themeven if I didn't agree and freuently I did not with their actions or behaviors I would absolutely recommend this book There were parts that made me laugh out loud parts that made me unbelievably uncomfortable and parts that I had to walk away from There were at least two sections in the book maybe 3 or pages each that took me about an hour to get through because it was that disturbing That's how vivid RM Johnson's writing is He plops you right there in that car or bedroom or kitchen or hotel or alley and dares you to look away Beautifully written book Enjoy

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    This book was a very deep and passionate telling of how a young man felt compelled to found a non profit organization to help re unite fathers and children together However the young man's past his experiences and his fears launched him into a vigorous frenzy of attack on men who had seemed to abandon their children Zaleford Rowen founder of Father Found did not care why some men chose not to return home be in their child's life or make serious efforts of being a full time co parent He blamed everything on these men to the point where people wanted him dead His partner Martin Carter was also tackling marital and parental issues in his life and seemed to always have a grudge or chip on his shoulder Frank Rames the investigator who worked for Father Found also came into issues both personal and family throughout this book His life was ended trying to protect all that he stood for This book cut deep and really pulled out some good issues that currently takes place in today's society The pace of the book was riveting a page turner all with twists and surprises However even with all of the surprises many of the scenarios were predictable I would rate this book a 4 I would recommend this book to everyone especially fathers and parents to get a perspective of how challenging it can be to be a parent that has obstacles and issues that may hinder them from seeing their children

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    I couldn't finish this book it was alright i have never struggled with a book but i struggled with this one I gave up and moved on

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    GReat Book

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    I liked this book it is written from the point of view of a man that grew up in the foster care system I won't spoil it but it is a definite read

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    In this book I only wished there were men out here like the main character in this one but that's just wishful thinking it's sad what happened to him in the end but it turned out ok