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“asha bandele has a poignant story to share in Something Like Beautiful It is the love that comes through that makes this such a compelling tale”—Nikki Giovanni Award winning journalist and author of The Prisoner’s Wife and Daughter and performance poet featured on HBO’S Def Poetry Jam asha bandele once again writes from the heart in her lyrical and intimate memoir Something Like Beautiful—a moving story of love loss motherhood and survival Sharing the story of her struggles as a single black mother in New York City and her tragically self destructive near breakdown asha bears her soul in a book Rebecca Walker author of Baby Love calls “courageous profound and achingly beautiful”

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    This book talked about Asha's perspective of raising her daughter as a single woman This book also disappointed me because she never fully disclosed her break up with Rashid The beginning of the book talked of joys sadness trials obstacles and depression of raising Nisa alone However as the story progressed the reader learns that Asha chose to end her marriage with Rashid because she felt she couldn't handle the dynamics of the relationship any nor did she want to do everything in her power to keep her family together I felt she was embarrassed by this decision and felt guilty She mentioned several times how she couldn't forgive herself for ending the marriage but yet she still allows Nisa the privilege in having a relationship with her father She failed me as a woman a wife and a mother I thought she would be tougher than she was and described herself to be This version of was an uncorrected unedited version There were many errors and disconnected thoughts throughout the telling of the story There was not enough detail for me to keep me engaged and I caught myself on than one occasion trying to rush through the book Some of the chapters did not flow well together and it seemed as if she was trying to hide the fact that Rashid was not in her life especially after she made such a major deal about their relationship in her first book This book just came across as a random ranting and outpouring of disjointed thoughts and emotions Her description of motherhood as a single parent was somewhat moving and emotional but it lacked details I rate this book a 3 Yes it does talk about her single mother's story but it lacked uite a bit of detail and substance I would only recommend this book to single mothers

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    RATING 5 out of 5Ms Bandele has written a moving and very personal memoir of the trials and triumphs of motherhood in particular single motherhood I was touched by much of the personal pain she was willing to share I believe that there will be just as many children as there will be mothers who will benefit from her honesty and frank discussion of the feelings that children have when they have lost their mother relationship Let us hope that her discussion and revelations of therapy may help others not repeat the mistakes of their mothers She is forthright in her acknowledgement that it is painful to admit the demons of hate that she had to overcome Her most profound statement in the book “Parenting is not one moment or ten moments It’s not one year or five years It’s the whole thing all the moments and years added up together It’s a lifetime” This is something that needs to be a mantra to young women everywhere Share this book with someone a mother a coming of age young woman a good friend Let us help Ms Bandele get the word out about the worthiness of the “mothers” that raise children

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    45 stars asha bandele is the kind of writer whose words and prose make me feel like I'm being hugged by a wise comforting human being This memoir explores her journey to motherhood the speedbumps along the way She graciously shares her wisdom and I am thankful

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    The book reads like a personal therapy journal; it helps the writer the most

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    I wanted to like this book I really did Although miss bandele writes beautifully throughout this memoir the chapters do not seem to flow together into a readable account of what happened There are some places in the book where I am still unclear about what exactly took place because she completely lost me in unrelated statistics and prose Then there are some crucial details at the heart of the story that she never tells She never fully discloses how she gets out of the abusive relationship or what really ended it between her and Rashid There is no 'story' here just a disjointed collection of rants and journal entries that lack an editor and the thread to pull together the whole story and make it into a readable coherent accountAnd my criticisms here are the same as they were in her first book The Prisoner's Wife Although I am not judging bandele for her decision to pursue a romantic relationship with a prisoner I am judging the way she chooses a why me attitude throughout her books She chose to marry someone who was incarcerated for life The possibilities of him getting out were slim to none most prisoners with life sentences DO NOT get parole and the possibility always existed of him being transferred to another prison However these are the realities of the life that SHE chose to take on as a prisoner's wife And although she did not plan on becoming a parent she knew that in order to do so she would have to be a single one because obviously her husband isn't able to be there The fact that bandele may have felt as if her life would be free from the difficulties and challenges that hundreds of other people with incarcerated spouses face strikes to the illogic at the heart of this book It seems that she could not handle the pressures of being a prisoners wife and felt guilty about this While I applaud bandele for having the heart to tell her story I probably will not read another one of her memoirs

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    I received this as an advanced read from Harper Collins so here is my review I thought this book was written well but it is or less an outpouring of the authors feelings and emotions and doesn't really flow as a story I was impressed with how real and open she was and I found her history fascinating The whole time I read however I was wanting to find out details I wanted to know how she married her husband what exactly lead up to the deportation order how he reacted to her leaving some of the details of visiting him and how she went from their break up to the next phases of her life I wanted to hear the story and not just her emotions surrounding each event Possibly I would have felt differently about this book if I had in common with the author but her life is very different from mine and because of this it was intriguing but the writing was not detailed enough for me to really relate I think I would like her poetry and because she writes well would be interested in reading another by her

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    I picked up this book because I had just read bandele's first memoir The Prisoner's Wife and was excited to find that she had written a second memoir While some may go into reading this book as a seuel to TPW it is really its own separate story We enter the first chapter knowing her marriage does not work out so the reader isn't wondering whether she ultimately makes it work with Rashid This book is less about the dissolution of her marriage and about her finding her identity as a single mother It's definitely of a character driven emotional journey than one that has a clear chronological structure While some readers may crave scenes with asha and Rashid and at times I admit I wanted him to be a present character on the page their relationship is not the central conflict of this memoir like it was in TPW In both books however bandele writes in such a raw honest way that compelled me to finish both in just a couple of sittings

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    Something Like Beautiful is a personal account of the author's romance with a prisoner on the surface But there is so much ashe bandele offers She takes readers to states some are afraid to confront; depression and abuse This confessionalpoetryjournaling for her daughter seems to be to expose herself so that others in and of her position see that they aren't alone and it's okay to need help and eually okay to seek itI applaud bandele's courage in sharing her story I'm sure she's been ridiculed by the taboo ness of dating someone incarcerated made to feel shameful for describing it so lovingly and bashed for putting her business out there But the realness of the situation makes for powerfully conveyed messages and she did it well

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    Second ChancesI didn't read A PRISONER'S WIFE but I liked the title of this book and wanted to see if the story would be as poignant Needless to say Asha is gifted with her craft and is sure to move you whether you can personally relate to her story as a single mother battling depression pain love and choices I'm a sucker at times for happily ever after While Asha's life didn't take the road she'd banked on she's able to maintain her job love her daughter and survive but at what cost? SOMETHING LIKE BEAUTIFUL is moving While many may not like memoirs I believe that it's a good read that may inspire others

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    I was given a proof to read before publication Very stream of consciousness and disjointed at times There were so many feelings and full blown emotions Much anger guilt depression regret Once you got past all of that asha's pursuit of life showed her strenth of character and honest reflections There was very strong love and hope for her daughter There were universal feelings regarding motherhood Words that would describe asha's memoir to me would be continued growth and endurance of a varied life