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THE NEW MOON'S ARMS is a mainstream magical realism novel set in the Caribbean on the fictional island of Dolorosse Calamity born Chastity has renamed herself in a way she feels is most fitting She's a 50 something grandmother whose mother disappeared when she was a teenager and whose father has just passed away as she begins menopause With this physical change of life comes a return of a special power for finding lost things something she hasn't been able to do since childhood A little tingling in the hands then a massive hotflash and suddenly objects even whole buildings lost to her since childhood begin showing up around Calamity One of the lost things Calamity recovers is a small boy who washes up on the shore outside her house after a rainstorm She takes this bruised but cheerful 3 year old under her wing and grows attached to him a process that awakens all the old memories frustrations and mysteries around her own mother and father She'll learn that this young boy's family is the most unusual group she's ever encountered and they want their son back

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