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Return To The Land Of Dragons And Magic You Discovered In Dragonspell And DragonQuest,in This Finely Crafted And Memorable Work Of Fantasy Fiction With A Core Of Eternal TruthTrapped In An Evil Spell Can The Knights Of Paladin Be Rescued Before Vowing His Allegiance To Wulder As A Knight, Bardon Heads To The Mountains For Solitude His Life Is Suddenly Complicated By A Woman And Her Granddaughter, N Rae, Who Are On A Mission To Rescue The Woman S Son Trapped In A Chamber Of Sleep When Bardon Learns That Of Paladin S Knights Are Imprisoned Within The Chamber, He Suspects One Of Them Is Dragon Keeper Kale S Missing FatherThe Band Travels North, Uncertain Of Their Destination And Encountering Numerous Perils When They Unlock The Chamber, They Discover A Dozen Knights But The Knights Cannot Be Awakened, And The Journal Holding The Secret To Rousing Them Is In An Unknown Language How Can They Find The Help They Need, And Overcome Even Graver Obstacles, To Rescue The Knights

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    I think this was my favorite book in the series Bardon becomes the main character of this tale He has just finished his training at the great hall and he thinks he is going on sebatical to figure out what he wants for his future He ends up on another quest with three companions that we haven t met before Again, the author provides a bit of humour mixed with action and drama I also walked away from this book feeling great and having been reminded of some pretty basic Christian principles to live by.

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    DragonKnight AWESOME I love this book It was great to follow Bardon around on an adventure and be in his head D I thought Bardon was a very good character I think his only flaw was not liking people and he got over that by the end He inspired me with his goodness Plus he s awesome And so is the story and all the rest of the characters So yes, this book was great

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    Donita K Paul continues her very popular Christian fantasy series, The Dragonkeeper Chronicles, with the third book in the series, DragonKnight This story was the most enjoyable one that I have read so far, as it has departed somewhat from the traditional format of the rest of the books In the first two books, the entire narrative was from the point of view of protagonist Kale Allerion, wizard in training What makes this book different, not better really, so much as refreshing, is that the narrative was split between Kale and fellow protagonist Bardon the Squire When the story begins, Bardon is nearing the ending of his training under his doneel Knight and master, Sir Dar of Wittoom He has some doubts of whether he wishes to be a knight or not, and wonders if this is truly the best way to serve Paladin, his ruler and the representative of Wulder in Amara Dar has sent him on a sabbatical to ponder his choices before taking the final vows to become a knight in his own right To say that Squire Bardon is looking forward to this sabbatical would be an understatement His doubts and fears about his own abilities, as well as his discomfort in the presence of people, makes him doubt he should take up the title of Sir Bardon But Bardon is not to have his respite He arrives at the retreat to which Dar has assigned him, to find a group of women who need his help in rescuing knights that were imprisoned by a wicked spell nearly two decades earlier He is not happy, to say the least He reluctantly takes up the quest, in the hopes that the long missing father of his friend, Wizard Kale Allerion, may, in fact, be one of the knights trapped under the incantation cast by the evil wizards As I said, the story was unique in that Bardon had a large point of view narrative this time This exposed the reader to the doubts, insecurities, fears, triumphs, and so on, of another character than just Kale It also allowed for a masculine , point of view One that isn t as hesitant to use force as Kale was Arguably, this is a bad thing as Bardon is a tad too eager to engage in fighting, but it still was a novelty, and a nice change overall The only problem with this was the Paul s constant moralizing became obvious as just that In the previous book that introduced his character, Bardon had faults for certain, but they weren t as glaring True, we see his faults from his point of view, but the examination of his faults in light of the principles of Wulder the Biblical God expy seemed a tad heavy handed In DragonKnight, it seemed to be open season on the young squire It appears obvious that Paul is, at times, concerned with preaching to the reader, using the POV character as an audience surrogate, than she is with telling an actual story And it is thoroughly annoying to read The issue is that it isn t the moral lessons, per se, that bothered me, but how they were put forth Just as many lessons were put forth in the other series, The Chiril Chronicles, but in a far less clumsy manner The author learned lessons in between writing the two series that enabled her to improve her craft, and it made the latter books enjoyable, and thus the moral lessons and asides of greater moral benefit, than these earlier written works Yet, despite this obvious flaw, and the flaw of Bardon having a morally problematic anticipation and eagerness to fight, the story was extremely enjoyable A fine work, if somewhat cringe worthy at points I would only repeat what I have said in an earlier review, not as a criticism, but as a caution, that Paul does, indeed, have a vivid imagination This certainly shows in some very twisted and frightening enemies and scenes in this book, designed to show the reality of pure evil and sin in our world, and in all of us without Christ Younger readers should not read it.Highly Recommended.

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    DragonKnight has been my favorite Dragon Keeper book so far The first two took me several weeks to get through, but this one took less than a week, leaving me disappointed I didn t have a violin lesson this week and so no good reason to go by the library for the second time in a week Perhaps it was because there was a lot of Bardon, perhaps because it contains a little bit of romance, perhaps it s just a interesting storyI don t know, it s just the first one that left me desperate to read the next book.Writing 4 5The writing of DragonKnight isn t really any different from that of DragonQuest Descriptions are still somewhat lacking, but the story itself is fairly well told.Setting 5 5Same as before, excellent worldbuilding Amara feels like a familiar place by now There was again the development of yet another race, the minnekins, which are considered by most to be a myth There was also deeper insight into the feelings of the people toward half breeds This is quite instrumental in Bardon s character There aren t any contradictions in the worldbuilding, and it all works well together.Plot 4.5 5I don t go to the full fifth point because it really wasn t much different in structure or pacing from the others, but I enjoyed it much Bardon s unwilling quest to find N Rae s father was somehow compelling than Kale s quests I do wish Kale had been in it for than the last quarter, but still, I loved it As I mentioned before, there is a bit of romance in it It was clean and sweet, and an addition to the other plot elements, which is precisely how I like it and only caused me to love the story The level of intensity again was pretty even throughout the whole book, but the end did seem a bit dangerous due to the appearance of Pretender.Character Development 5 5The characters are terrific Toopka, like Kale, didn t come in until the last quarter, but the entrance of N Rae made up for that As Kale says, she s a grown up Toopka N Rae s beauty does attract attention and so Bardon often warns her in a big brotherly fashion of men that may be up to no good, but it was never anything that made me uncomfortable, sensitive reader that I am There is a lot of Bardon, as the majority of the book is from his perspective Kale has matured as she grew up, Regidor has a decent amount of involvement in the story, and the other minor characters add personality to the group There wasn t much of Dar, but I can get over it.DragonKnight is an excellent fantasy book, and I recommend it for anyone who likes fantasy.

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    Wow This book has been than just a good read It has given me friends and companions when I needed them the most I really like the fact that it has been written from Bardon s perspective and not Kale s It really helped me to understand the mysterious but kind hearted o rant emerlindian It is really amazing to see Kale and Bardon all grown up and their bond continues to strengthen This book is full of amazing moments and deep insights My favorite quote from the book Wulder has begun a work in you, and He will not abandon you Donita K Paul is an amazing author and I think that she deserves to be famous A would definitely re read it in a heartbeat.

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    Bardon revives a quest to save a father but the father has a spell over him so they will have to find others to help them on the way near the end they get help from the people from book 1 and 2 and find a castle where they find a lot then just the father and after they save the father and the all the others they find one of the many evil people who want to enslave the land which they take down and give two people control of the castle.

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    This series just gets better I really liked learning about Bardon He s the main character in this book.

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    DragonKnight, book 3 of the DragonKeeper Chronicles by Donita K Paul, is definitely the best book yet The whole series started out a little slow for me, but I was very pleasantly surprised by how good it has become I enjoyed every moment of DragonKnight and can say it is one of the most enjoyable fantasy books I ve ever read.This book was quite different from the first two because the focus switched from Kale to Bardon, and that was what made me enjoy it so much I don t dislike Kale, but I m completely in love with Bardon s character It was wonderful to get to really delve into who he is and follow his adventures, or perhaps misadventures would be a better word Halfway through the book, I came to realize that the reason I loved him so much was I could see myself in him and some of his struggles It was both amusing and encouraging.There were so many twists and misadventures happening in this book that in any other it probably would have been too much, but they were so delightfully told that it wasn t a bother to me at all I loved the new character additions, and though most of the original characters didn t show up until the last quarter of the book, it was fun to see how they changed in the three years that passed since book 2.DragonKnight was quite a bit longer than the first two, and I found myself carried away by the adventure for hours at a time This is definitely a book I ll add to my collection, and that doesn t happen very often.

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    I listened to this story as a book on CD I had read the 2nd book in the series, Dragon Quest, in the same way So I was familiar with the characters, and enjoyed my visit to this fantasy realm again At the end, it reminded me of the books my daughter used to write in elementary school in that she would get going, setting the stage and building the story Then, when she was close to reaching the required number of words or pages, the story would suddenly reach it s climax and end We were all the way to the last disk before the evil Pretender made his appearance to do battle I enjoyed the adventure, and the new charachers, such as N Rae, her grandmother, and her minnikin protector Remember, I listened to this, and have no idea of how the author spelled their names and race names It would be a good series of fantasy stories for young folks because of the emphasis on good vs evil, and what is truly important in life But the moral of the story at the end of this one does get a bit deep But overall Thumbs up.