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When Senior Constable Daniel Hart Stops Bartender Phoenix Love From Picking His Pocket One Evening, It S An Inauspicious Beginning, But Daniel Falls For The Beautiful Phoenix Anyway Things Become Complicated When Detective Paul Somerset, Who S Been On The Trail Of Australia S Notorious Serial Killer The Crucifix Slayer , Sets His Sights On PhoenixConvinced That Phoenix Love Is The Killer, Detective Somerset Pursues Him Single Mindedly As Evidence, And Phoenix S Behavior, Point Toward Somerset Being Right, Daniel Must Protect Their Fledgling Love Affair, His Own Heart And His Lover While Deciphering Whether Or Not Phoenix Actually Is The KillerIs Phoenix Love A Victim Or Is His Love Affair With Daniel Doomed To Fall At The Whims Of A Monster

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    Once upon a time, I dated a boy who persistently called me schatje, which is baby in Dutch, but somehow has a worse connotation I was young and superficial and he was the stud of the class, so I let it slip for a while What can I say Madison Avenue had not yet scored its educational monster hit Until this day however, I think there is a time and a place for endearments They should not systematically replace someone s name, nor should they be used loudly in public and above all my m m books should not be littered with them When one tough bloke calls the other tough bloke honey, I feel my toes curl up a little So far, there s only been one man who dared to say baby than once and pulled it off too Jake from the Adrien English mysteries And only because he dosed those baby s pretty damn well and let s face it Adrien fits the baby bill The Slayer s Apprentice almost breaks 3 of my ground rules Police officer Daniel Hart meets a slender, black haired teenager, who works in a bar and has the habit of spitting into the drinks of his customers and stealing their wallets Daniel knows this, yet asks the boy out anyway On their first date, he immediately throws in a honey and 2 whopping darlin s.And there s no excuse really to be so slimy so soon The guy s name is Phoenix That s a pretty cool name It s not Elmo he has to work around I read a few excellent reviews for this book And I wish those reviewers had written the actual book Because I m afraid I was a little less impressed with The Slayer s Apprentice The plot revolves around said cop falling for Phoenix, who lives with his little brother He obsessively cleans when feeling stressed, until the bleach bites into his skin He doesn t trust anyone, has 5 deadlocks on his front door alone and is a compulsive liar In a nutshell he is a little Insane in the Membrane At the same time, a notorious serial killer intensifies his little game of Cat and Mouse with the police Lead Detective Somerset is desperate for clues And Phoenix may or may not be able to lead him to this killerWho isn t intrigued by psychological disorders I wondered about Phoenix issues and those of the serial killer However, the author simply offered textbook examples of sociopaths and did so in a tell, not show manner The writing was clinical and choppy at best The story didn t flow as much as I would ve liked and seemed to be offered in chunks, with POV switches between paragraphs social workers, psychologists, Detectives, Phoenix parents they all got an OVERLY explanatory POV of their own The main characters were one dimensional and only Phoenix was mildly interesting because of his obvious defects Although I never actively hunt for inconsistencies in books, I found certain aspects of the plot extremely implausible 1 I m not buying the fact that an almost 30 year old cop would put his entire career at stake for a good looking, but cunning, spitting and defensive 18 year old he just met in a bar.2 There s no way the authorities would approve of the decision to leave a kid brother view spoiler who turns out to not be his actual brother in Phoenix care after a very worrisome mental meltdown AND his link hide spoiler

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    Wow, The Slayer s Apprentice blew me away It was very dark, twisty, and suspenseful It frustrated me, made me sad, got me mad, and greatly disturbed me Since I was busy with school assignments, I only had time to read small chunks at a time Then I finished the remaining 2 3 in one sitting I love psychology and found the details and insights into personality disorders and psychopathic behavior fascinating, but felt the information could have been presented differently, like maybe as the voice of the psychiatrist Phoenix was very well drawn, fascinating, and very complex, as were all the other characters Was he a murderer or a victim I had mixed feelings about him throughout the story, most of the time disliking his selfish, deceitful, and manipulative personality, then growing to like him as I started to realize there was much going on that caused him to behave the way he did His devotion to Echo, the child in his care, was in constant conflict with how he behaved towards others In spite of his behavior, I never wanted to see Phoenix and Echo separated Senior Constable Daniel Hart first sets eyes on Phoenix while he s tending bar, spitting in customers drinks, and picking pockets These two men are like night and day, and while I didn t understand the attraction at first, their growing feelings for each other in spite of Phoenix mental instability became much convincing As others have mentioned, this is a terrific story that was marred by poor editing.

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    The only thing that could be improved with this book is for Zathyn to find a better editor Otherwise, this book is a best seller quality psychological thriller which takes the reader on a roller coaster of action and emotion Investment in the characters comes early but this is not an author who has problems with how to tie up and end a book It was like a fireworks finale reminiscent of a Christopher Rice book Zathyn Priest has impressed me as a master story teller and I will definitely be reading of his writing I encourage others to follow my example You will be pleased that you did.

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    Another wonderful read from Zathyn PriestThis is a very complicated story, with lots of twists and turns as do all the best murder mysteries Phoenix is an eighteen year old boy with an abusive past From the outset, the reader knows that Phoenix s real name is Dylan Frith, and that he was kidnapped when he was 13 years old, probably abused and held in captivity by a serial killer named The Crucifix Slayer TCS The Police Department didn t pay much attention to Dylan s case as he was a kid with attitude problems, and when he disappeared, they just thought he was a runaway kid When he suddenly re appears, they don t know how to treat him Phoenix certainly has plenty of problems, he is a liar, a thief and a manipulative SOB, and I have to say I really didn t like him very much at all, but patience dear reader..Phoenix is taking care of Echo, a 5 year old boy who was also kidnapped by TCS at around the same time that Phoenix was taken When Phoenix finally manages to escape, he takes Echo with him, and looks after him as if he were his own flesh and blood, Echo is completely crazy about his big brother While Phoenix is a nasty piece of work to all and sundry, he can t do anything wrong as far as Echo is concerned.Phoenix is working in a seedy bar for a pittance when he meets Daniel Hart, a cop, and things do not get off to a good start Daniel gets his pocket picked by Phoenix, and even though Daniel knows this, he doesn t make a complaint In the meantime, Detectives Somerset and O Grady are trying to find the Crucifix Slayer before he kills anyone else They know that the case revolves around Phoenix, and at this juncture, several red herrings are thrown into the mix to confuse everyone The question then is Is Phoenix helping the Slayer, or is he the actual Slayer There is definite evidence that Phoenix has at some stage in his life been tortured, his many mood swings and violent outbursts, and the seeming disinterest of the two detectives, means that Daniel is or less in full protection mode Daniel and Phoenix s relationship always seems to go one step forward and five steps back, Daniel is addicted to Phoenix, but Phoenix, well, he treats Daniel like dirt sometimes.We move forward again, and the police feel that they are getting closer to the killer, they stage an elaborate farce whereby they tell their suspects that a person is in custody, and wait to see what will happen What does happen dear reader, and who the Slayer is, you will have to find out for yourself by reading the book I can t recommend it highly enough.

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    I feel like I say Wow at the end of every Zathyn Priest story But really, how else can you describe the creative brilliance of such a superior story teller The Slayer s Apprentice was amazing and so yeah, Wow is how I would describe it in one word.Phoenix was such an enigmatic character You didn t know what to think or believe from one minute to the next, but you wanted him to be good, you wanted him to be safe, and you wanted him to stop messing with your frickin head so that you knew if he really was a good guy and not the wacko he sometimes portrayed Daniel, what can you say about Daniel besides how perfect he was for Phoenix He was understanding, loving, trustworthy and exactly what Phoenix needed at a time when he needed it most I was seriously crossing all my fingers and toes for these two Never has a couple needed a HEA than these two Or maybe I should say these three and include Echo into the mix.This is a very dark and macabre story told in such a way that you just don t know who s who until nearly 80% into the story and then, when you finally find out you say OMG over and over again you just can t believe it I couldn t believe it the bastard So yes, this is a 5 star read Any story that causes me to go through a multitude of emotions is instantly a 5 star Any story that keeps me up way past when I should be asleep is a 5 star Any story that keeps me on the edge of my seat and doesn t give up anything until the author is ready for you to receive it is a 5 star This story was all that and Wow

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    Its official, Zathyn Priest is my favourite author, second only to Steve Kluger Both these authors keep me glued to the pages till I m done Any moments of maybe starting to doubt certain situations were soon forgotten as I was pulled back into this story, and for me that is what a good writer can do He can make you suspend your beliefs in order to enjoy the story.I don t read many murder mysteries, but this had everything I could imagine wanting in one The suspense, the red herrings, the big OMG Reveal This had me gasping out loud and eager to read on Zathyn Priest managed to not only keep the suspense and mystery going until the final pages., but as always had me laughing out loud one minute and needing to mop up a few tears the next, and sometimes both at once He really does deliver it all in this book Phoenix is a character so complex At times I wanted to hug him, others I wanted to slap him, and quite often I wanted to run away scared to death of him.Daniel I loved to pieces I hated watching him being manipulated and my heart broke for him a few times While at others I wanted to shake him to snap him out of his almost puppy like devotion.Paul was such a strong character and for me totally believable While I disliked him at times and wanted to punch him, I also found myself sympathizing with him too The love affair between Daniel and Phoenix does seem a bit one sided, but how could it not after everything Phoenix has been through I think that s part of why I loved this book so much There was no quick fix for Phoenix He was lost and damaged and even by the end in many ways he is still lost and certainly damaged, but there is hope and belief he will mend with Daniels love.I m so scared I m going to give something away if I keep going, so I m going to say one last thing READ THIS BOOK., just don t start it until you have time to finish it lol.

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    Wow Another absolutely fabulous book from Zathyn Priest that has left me in awe and amazement as to how good a writer this guy is Not your typical m m murder thriller at all but that s what makes this such a deliciously dark twisted read.In making the lead character Phoenix so damaged, your feelings are as up and down as his mood changes so it becomes all the difficult to make decisions about who you think the real perpetrator is There are red herrings thrown at you left, right and centre and enough edge of the seat moments to have you grabbing for the Valium so don t expect this to be an easy read or easily worked out and certainly don t expect lots of sex and kissy kissy romance because this is essentially a psychological thriller, complete with obsessive characters, psychotic serial killers, grizzly murders and cops on a mission with a vengeance The relationship between Phoenix, Echo his little brother and Daniel the cop, is complex and multi layered there is an underlying romance but its far complicated because of Phoenix s manipulative nature I have to be honest after many many years of being hooked on crime and murder books in the past, I guessed the ending but before it was confirmed I spent a lot of time second guessing myself because something would crop up to make me rethink it very clever plotting but when it all came to a head in the shock horror reveal, even though my suspicions were right, I was still gut punched and left reeling Still am as im writing this What a roller coaster ridePhew I think the next few books are going to have to be about fluffy puppies and kittens or something on those lines, because I definitely need some down time after that amazing, heart stopping story Brilliant Mr Priest could write the phone book and he d get 5 stars from me

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    Words fail me.While reading this book I hoped like crazy that the investment in the story would pay off in the end And it did It was difficult for me to read it because I felt like the author was playing the game of the three cards and I could never point to the right one Was Daniel so blindly addicted to Phoenix that he couldn t realise how he was played by the young man I loved his dedication and his purity, but for the longest time I thought he was a fool that believed in the most threatening idea of romantic love.Was Phoenix a tortured victim or a manipulative teenager The tender care with which he raised Echo clashed with a behavior which bordered on sociopathy, but as a reader I didn t want him to be bad and every proof of the contrary was like a stab to my stomach.The investigator of the Slayer s case appeared to us as an obsessed and cold hearted man, but his concerns were real and his believes were tinged with good faith.Phoenix is at the center of the ordeal and I think the author did an awesome job at portraying him with objectivity, as if he was looking at him from the outside, even when the narration was closer to Phoenix s point of view This feeling of detachment made perfect sense when we consider how disconnected Phoenix is from an ordinary life, because probably Phoenix didn t have a grasp on HIS self.The book could have been edited better and there are a few pages that read like a psychological essay than a novel I like my stories to feel a little warmer, and this one sometimes seemed clinical I don t like bad guys too bad This book is not perfect by a long stretch, but it kept me glued to my reader like little else and I can t bring myself to take down the half star, because it s the kind of thriller I love, I ve always loved and I ll love forever.

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    Can be found here Slayer s Apprentice took me by surprise, locked me up in my own mind, and freaked me the hell out What an awesome read With most mysteries in this genre, I usually get a good bead on the villain pretty quickly The resolution is comfortable and brings a nice ending to the story, tying up all loose ends In Slayer s Apprentice, the reveal had me saying, It was XX Holy cow in shaky relief Each clue, each small piece to a puzzle I had no picture of, was delivered at the precise moment it was required and left me suspecting everybody I mean it I was certain the killer was at least a half dozen people Priest had me on the edge of my seat the entire time.The opening of the story sets it up nicely I had gorged myself on serial killer documentaries in the weeks before my friend pointed me toward this book The similarity between TCS and B.T.K were alarming And the descriptions of the crime scenes were frightening And real Being an armchair profiler for a month prior, I can tell you this book brought this killer out beautifully Creepily Scarily If you are a thriller buff, you will not go wrong with this book.And that is how I would classify this book thriller There is a relationship between two men, but that s not the focus of the book It s a part of it A very important part, but if you are looking for a romance or erotica, move on This isn t the book for you There is romance, but it s intense, real, and heartbreaking in many places The love between Daniel and Phoenix is twisted, unsteady, and intense Daniel is the patient and gentle strength throughout the book His reactions were true and honest even while dealing with the constant lies of Phoenix But his loyalty stayed strong, bolstered by his care and love for Phoenix.Speaking of Phoenix No cookie cutter character, him He is 100% real, complex, and most of the time, hard to handle And I m not talking from Daniel s point of view I wanted to hug Phoenix, run away from him, smack him, imprison him, and hug him some , all throughout the book The fact that Daniel feels the same way most of the time just made him real to me As much as Phoenix was fascinating and scary, the world needs Daniels in it There are some major psychological elements to this story I needed to dig deep beneath the surface of the actions and words of a lot of characters to start to get a clear picture There is abuse in this book psychological and physical, and not all of it in the past Phoenix is not a well person Is he a killer Did he help kill people Is he using Daniel Is he angry or scared Is he lying to protect or deceive It was really hard to figure it out with him There were only, only, two issues I had with this book One, the editing Whoever was in charge of that should be beaten for leaving blemishes on this fine product Second, the last chapter It gave resolution, but in a sort of clumsy way I almost think that the publisher editor probably the person who should have been watching the typos and failed didn t get it and Priest had to throw in a large chunk of explanations at the end I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys thrillers, psychological thrillers, and or intense relationships If you are highly squeamish, I would perhaps pass this one up It isn t gory, but there are descriptions of murder scenes This is an intense thriller that ll have you scrambling to figure out who has the knife, who is going to use it, and who is going to survive.

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    I really loved this one I was on the edge of my seat reading it trying to figure out who was the Slayer and who wasn t I was like Oh It s this guy No wait It s this guy OMG, I can t believe it was that guy ROFLThe only thing that would have made this book better was if the romance side was elaborated on The story mostly revolves around finding out who the serial killer is and how Phoenix fits into that while experiencing how messed up he is The romance is like a background crutch which I wanted of because it was just a little hard to believe Phoenix s emotions about Dan when what was shown, even while in his POV, didn t really hint at what he confesses to later Of course, Phoenix was so messed up that he probably didn t even know his own feelings about Dan until he was put in a situation that made him actually think about it Either way, I absolutely loved it I definitely recommend it and I m hoping one day there will be a sequel about these two and how they are coping with everything and what their new life is like.