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What I enjoyed most about Williamson s style is her dialogue Witty Snappy Humorous The interaction between characters is entertaining and sometimes surprising Williamson truly has a knack for clever conversation My favorite character is hero Achan Cham Besides the fact that he s handsome, this is one humble protagonist He s got his flaws all right, but he owns up to his shortcomings with a modest and sincere finesse This is the kind of leading man every girl dreams of Williamson also weaves into her story a good amount of action adventure as well From reekat hunting to giant knights, there s never a dull moment, and thrown into the mix are greedy, power hungry nobles By Darkness Hid is definitely a jewel in the crown of Marcher Lord Press Be sure to pick up this title for a great read. Jill Williamson has been a HUGE inspiration to me as a writer for a long time now, all thanks to the epicness of the Go Teen Writers blog and the amazingness of the GTW book I ve been meaning to pick up some of her fiction, specifically Blood of Kings, for quite a while now, so I m excited I finally got around to By Darkness Hid and that it didn t disappoint What s to love about this book, you ask Well A girl of nobility disguises as a peasant boy or rather, a stray boy the lowest of ranks in this world and goes into hiding to escape marriage with an awful, nasty Crown Prince A real stray boy enters into a sudden apprenticeship with a Kingsguard knight, and things spiral into craziness after that His relatively short apprenticeship was reminiscient of the Ranger s Apprentice, btw THE WORLD BUILDING IS SUPERB Not that I expected anything less from Jill Williamson, lol By reading the GTW blog and book, I d already developed a deep appreciation for her world building skills Plot twists and swordfighting galore Nuff said The writing style is perfection. The author tossed in so many details at just the right times, while at the same time keeping her style simple and easy to follow at a comfortably quick pace I ADORED THAT ENDING It was such a perfect tense moment to close the story with I can t wait to pick up book two I took one star off because although the last third or so of the story was great and the climactic plot twists were stunning I sort of guessed one of them, but not really XD , I feel like the ending portion of the book was executed in such a way that I wasn t quite as engaged as I feel I should have been Maybe I just read that part at the wrong time or something, in which case it s just me, but I don t know shrug Also, I m trying to be protective of my five star ratings, and I wouldn t classify By Darkness Hid as a new favorite even though every aspect was done sooooo well and I very much enjoyed it So there s that too.This is EXCELLENT Christian fantasy, guys I highly recommend it Did I just really find a new Christian Fiction series that is amazing Yes, yes I did I actually read this book a few months ago but just now decided to do the review.The kingdom of Er rets is half covered in Darkness and the other half sees the sun In a land full of ebens, poroo, and unique and terrifying creatures, there is the power of bloodvoicing Some consider it a gift, one man thinks he s gone crazy Achan Cham is worse off than an orphan, he s a stray As a slave, he works in the kitchens of Sitna Manor and fulfills many different duties He just wants his freedom When a old knight requests that he trains with him to become a Kingsguardman, he great fully accepts But sword training doesn t help him learn about the voices in his head that plague him Is he going crazy Vrell Sparrow is a girl disguised as a boy in hiding She hides from powerful people who want her hand in marriage at all costs She feels compelled to this boy who is just discovering his bloodvoicing ability But if she helps him, her secrets may be revealed Oh my, oh my I loved this book so much It was so good It pulled me in from the start and never let me go The mysteries about this new and exciting world was just the icing to the cake The best part were the characters and their abilities and the plot Let me just say everything was great Achan is my favorite character, but that s natural for me since I love male protagonists better than female protagonists He was so heartfelt I loved how everything he did felt so natural and right Vrell was so neat She kept it together through all the ups and downs for the most part She was so touching and caring Their abilities were very cool I can t wait to learn about it Sir Gavin is also another favorite He can be harsh on the outside but he s really soft on the inside The plot was amazing and it s still rolling out in the rest of the series There s such a big revelation at the end, that is so electrifying Well, I d recommend this to those who love Christian Fiction and fantasy This was really really fantastic.You can check out this review on my blog too, at Thanks I NEED TO RE READ THESE 3 Originally read July 1, 2011A very exciting book, alternating between Achan and Vrell s points of view until their stories meet at the end Both of them are relatable and interesting characters, very easy to slip into the minds of literally I ve always thought someone should do a story with mind abilities like they have in this book, and now Jill Williamson has, with Bloodvoicing It s very cool and well thought out I enjoyed following along on the adventure, as Achan learns about his ability and other things besides and as Vrell tries to steer clear of the evil prince while trying to hide her secrets Full of action, intrigue, fun, faith, and discover, By Darkness Hid is another great addition to the world of fantasy novels An excellent read This THIS is how you write Christian Epic Fantasy I ll be honest, I usually hate these sorts of books Christian fantasy and Christian literature in general tend to be what is the word Preachy Overbearing It pains me to say and I wish it weren t so, yet it s true But none of that here.I think I added this to my Dear Santa list over a year ago because it looked like my kind of trouble Over vacation, I was browsing through my wish list and saw that it was free for Kindle Fearing it was too good to be true, I prodded at the page for a bit before hitting download A few days later, I went and bought the second Now I m reading the third and thinking there should be a bigger fandom for the series.The plot Okay, so I did feel like the story was congested for the first two or three chapters In the beginning, I was wondering where it was headed and thinking it was a little slow, but so many people on Goodreads and had loved it and I figured there had to be a reason I quickly discovered that there was.I m one of those people who takes what happens to the characters personally I spent plenty of time pacing, worrying, panicking, and putting down my Kindle because I couldn t take the suspense As soon as we got through the first few chapters, the story took off like a firework and swept me right up in it I love it when a book does that and I admit there were a few twists I did not see coming.The characters Achan is basically a punching bag for the local lowlife population Poor baby In essentially every other chapter, he s getting punched, stabbed, shot, strangled, burned, poisoned, whipped, or something else horrible Spoiler it does not get better as the series progresses He can be naive and occasionally self righteous, even temperamental, but all things considered, I think he turned out pretty fricking good Sir Gavin is a knight who sort of takes Achan under his wing and I kept wanting to yell DO NOT LEAVE HIM UNATTENDED every time Gavin walked off the page.The other POV character is Vrell, a young noblewoman disguised as a foundling boy to avoid marrying the main villain Their two storylines didn t directly intersect until than halfway through the book, I think, but still meshed together quite well Vrell doesn t take half the physical poundings Achan does she d probably be dead , but she still gets her fair share of trouble She has her own set of faults and flaws and qualities and I thought she was a realistically structured character, just as Achan was.At present, I m trying to think of people I could coerce into reading this I adored the story, greatly appreciated the author s presentation of the religious elements, and I think my brothers and friends are going to have this shoved in their faces at the first possible opportunity. By Darkness Hid is a gripping fantasy read It tells the story of the stray, Achan, who is considered the lowest of the low He draws the attention of Sir Gavin, a knight, when he defends a young boy from being bullied and from thence his life changes, not always for the better This is a pleasure to read as it is very well written Achan is an underdog that refuses to be cowed and watching him handle very difficult circumstances with courage is what is most likeable about this book I was less sold on the character of Vrell because I find it hard to believe a 17 year old Lady, living in such close quarters with men would really convince them that she is a boy, but that aside, her journey throughout the book is interesting This is a Christian fantasy, but the faith themes are written in such a way as to enhance the book and would not be off putting to anyone who believes differently If you like medieval fantasy, with a touch of the supernatural, this is for you. The second half is really exciting, but I almost DNF. What did I think One of the best books ever All the hearts. Given The Chance To Train As A Squire, Kitchen Servant Achan Cham Hopes To Pull Himself Out Of His Pitiful Life And Become A Kingsguard Knight When Achan S Owner Learns Of His Training, He Forces Achan To Spar With The Crown Prince Of A Death Sentence Than An Honor Meanwhile, Strange Voices In Achan S Head Cause Him To Fear He S Going Mad While Escorting The Prince To A Council Presentation, Their Convoy Is Attacked Achan Is Wounded And Arrested, But Escapes From Prison Only To Discover A Secret About Himself He Never Believed Possible By Darkness Hid a brilliant novel by Jill Williamson Why didn t I dive into this epic fantasy world sooner DWhen I first started By Darkness Hid, it was interesting and all, but I was pretty deep in a reading slump and nothing much was really catching my interest But, I forged on And I m so, so glad I did This story soon mesmerized me, and now I sit here wishing I had the sequel Achan and Vrell are our main characters I quite adore Achan and his interesting personality though guy characters aren t always my favorite to follow It was a delight to be introduced to Vrell Vrella, I believe, is her actual name , and know that we had a female protagonist as well She was a bit frustrating at first actually, but soon enough grew to be another character that I, yes, adored Both of them are great Loved journeying and having intriguing and terrifying adventures with them Ooh, I really like Jax And there s some others here and there that I quite liked.The fantasy world of this story is really just wonderful I love fantasy 3 We have a medieval sort of setting, but giants, a place called Darkness, and big, scary creatures lurk around There s also this ability that some people have called bloodvoicing It s called bloodvoicing because it s a trait passed down through blood passed from one generation to the next Just thought I d clarify, wink This ability is a gift from Arman represents God to view spoiler an ancient king, and yep, it s been passed down to this king s children, and children s children, and so on hide spoiler