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Love Can Be A Dangerous ThingHanna Simply Wants To Be Loved With A Head Plagued By Hallucinations, A Medicine Cabinet Full Of Pills, And A Closet Stuffed With Frilly, Violet Dresses, Hanna S Tired Of Being The Outcast, The Weird Girl, The Freak So She Runs Away To Portero, Texas In Search Of A New HomeBut Portero Is A Stranger Town Than Hanna Expects As She Tries To Make A Place For Herself, She Discovers Dark Secrets That Would Terrify Any Normal Soul Good Thing For Hanna, She S Far From Normal As This Crazy Girl Meets An Even Crazier Town, Only Two Things Are Certain Anything Can Happen And No One Is Safe

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    I have no idea how the hell to classify this book I didn t like it but I kept turning the pages at a feverish pace, granted that was so in shock Think train wreck that you can t stop staring at This book is just a hot mess despite its gorgeous cover art.Let s begin with the plot before trying to explain the insanity that is the characters This book is about Hannah who shows up in her mother s home town of Portero, Texas This town is overrun with evil creatures, magical doors that are like folds in space You can go through a door and end up on the other side of town or on the other side of the world, or on a different world altogether Then you have the Mortmaine, a group of people who fight these creatures and protect the town but only if it benefits the whole townif you are stupid enough to cross something evil s path they consider it your own fault and won t lift a finger for you They are also able to use glyphs which are almost magical in nature though they all deny the existence of magic and there are 5 magical keys which can open any door you like Semi interesting premise right Only nowhere in the entire book is this universe explained at all These occurrences are restricted to the town of Portero, but it never mentions why The keys, doors, creatures themselvesthey all just pop into existence in the story with no rhyme or reason given for their being there Frustrating much Yet it was as if the craziness and evil in the town were all just a sub plot, one to be thrown in from time to time as a break from Hannah s insanity Out of 450 pages the real plot didn t present itself until after 300 pages And even then the real plot was lacking in detail and tension Basically it boils down to a ghost is possessing Hannah s mother and the fight to exorcise and destroy it.Now for the charactersHannah which seems like way to innocent a name for this girl has been diagnosed as hyper, with anxiety, as a manic depressantthe list apparently goes on and onsuffice it to say the bitch is crazy And not the sees things from time to time or talk to ones self while rocking back and forth in a corner kind of crazy, but confused by right and wrong, mentally anguished, morally bankrupt, with no consequences kind of crazy She is willing to bash people over the head or just sleep with people when she wants something or is bored, burn houses down in a twisted show of affection, or accept any version of reality that would terrify others because it lessens her own amount of crazy at least in her mind And I can t forget how self centered she was either She was constantly mentioning how soft, supple, pretty she was In the end the only thing I found relate able about her was her desire to be loved and not be alone Otherwise I just didn t get her and almost hated her Rosalee, Hannah s mother obviously has serious baggage from an unhappy childhood and having to live in this insane town She uses sex as a weapon and refuses to be with anyone Love is a trap her life s motto Her home has 1 living room chair, 1 dinning room chair, 1 twin size bed She is all about being alone So when Hannah arrives she is cold, mean, and completely uncaring She somewhat redeems herself towards Hannah but the streak of cruelty she bears for others is always there.Wyatt, a young member of the Mortmaine group is the only likable character in this book and Hannah s boyfriend He seems to be 2 people in 1 As a teen he is humorous, horny, and a typical boy who is out to impress his friends, protect his loved ones, and just have fun Yet when he hunts he becomes stiff, robotic, and unyielding the perfect soldier so to speak or at least he tries to be Death, blood, gore sadly all of these are normal At first Hannah is disturbed by this the pot calling the kettle black seeing as how she nearly killed her own aunt with no remorse but then revels in the fact that some is freakier than her Not to mention this violence and gore is presented in extreme detail for shock value though than to add depth to the story I think Amazingly enough though, considering his upbringing and the expectations upon him he manages to remain human He just can t turn off his emotions as they expect him too He cares for people, helps them when he isn t supposed to, and uses weapons that the other Mortmaine deem unworthy even though they are extremely effective A huge presence in this book though is sex You know I used to say that YA novels were a bit naive in how they handled love and sex or at least sexual tension between the characters in that they lauded the former and usually ignored the latter Then I read this book and was floored by the exact opposite extreme as Hannah flaunts her expertise she herself claims to have had so much practice you really couldn t call it that any to her mother, Wyatt, and others Hell, her and Wyatt arrive at his home covered in blood like Carrie at the prom where his parents don t even ask about the gore then proceed to have sex in the shower with no thought as to the fact the rest of his family are there Not to mention her father s ghost her hallucination that is never figured out either WATCHES at which point Wyatt has the decency to blush whereas Hannah just blows it off and claims that being dead means being beyond shame Oh and this happens after Hannah and Wyatt swap their lost virginity stories she at 14, and him at 15 with a 19 year old Later in the book she describes being at school in her old town where she decided to sleep with all the boys in her class alphabetically but apparently got bored after the A s This delightful story was in a conversation with her mother see the scene below and throughout the story they bond over sex stories as they realize whatever the other has done reminds them of them self Yes I think it is silly to write about teenagers who never think about, talk about, or have sex, or at least urges, but I also don t think it should be passed off so nonchalantly.Also, being from the southern United States I found it stupid that all of the characters had what Reeves considers to be a Texas accent Everyone uses the word gone instead of going to , gonna , etc You gone get that , we gone go to Yet this doesn t impart an accent on her characters it just makes them appear ignorant and uneducated The woman is from Dallas too If it was so important for her characters to have a southern accent she should have known how to have written it without having everyone seem like backwoods high school dropouts.Seriously just thinking about this book makes me confused On one hand it is probably a bit realistic at least in terms of teens and sex today and the graphic portrayal of the violence but on the other hand totally inappropriate as I am sure 10yo kids are reading it To be honest I think this book is like 16 It s uncomfortable to read at times like when you realize the ghost of her father or hallucination from her crazed head watches her have sex with Wyatt and completely shocking with Hannah s thoughts and justification for those thoughts like if it was okay for a boy to hold on to his erection while being tortured, then it was okay for me to hold on to my love for Rosalee. True, the plot at the end had a lot of action that somewhat distracted from the insane characters and the fact that none of the readers questions are answered, but too little too late Either way I am very surprised at the amount of high ratings and glowing reviews this book has gotten Yes, it is certainly different from the rest of the Twilight esche nonsense that is being published, but that didn t make it any good Highly disappointing and just damned odd Notable scene i.e an example of craziness and when mom and daughter bond over the others sexual escapades Hanna and her mother Rosalee are walking by the house her mother grew up which Hannah offers to burn down even though people currently live in it as it hold bad memories for her mom when greeted by an old neighbor who used to get Rosalee in trouble whenever she would sneak out to go meet boys They greet one another and the neighbor, Miss Holly, asked Rosalee if that was her daughter with her, to which she replied yes This is written from Hannah s POV She s so pretty Just like you Hopes she only takes after you in looks Or is she out running wild in the streets the way you used to To me Miz Holly said, I could tell you stories about this one G night, Miz Holly, Rosalee said, bright and mean Tell you son I said hi And you husband Iokay We walked back the way we d come I guess we won t be sending her a Christmas card, I said.Rosalee threw an evil look over her shoulder at Miz Holly, She was always ratting me out to my folks So you got back at her by sleeping with her son and her husband Rosalee s laugh was as evil and gorgeous as a serpent s tooth Am I that transparent It s what I would have done, I admitted When I was back in Dallas, I decided to sleep with all the boys in my class in alphabetical order, and they totally went along with it It s like you said it s easy to fascinate men She looked at me, half shocked, half amused You went to bed with all the boys in your class I never even got to the B s, I said, swinging the bag of peaches Too many A s for little ole me I got bored after Armbruster and called it off You re definitely my daughter, said Rosalee, chuckling, halting conversations mid sentence as people marveled at the sound of her laughter.I wanted to burn something for her so badly I felt sick with it I wanted to tell her I d do anything for her, but my heart was too full to speak.I was her daughter.Definitely.

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    Taking this off my list for good.

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    This is such an uniquely interesting and odd book that isn t going to appeal to everyone s taste, but I m glad that I d became aware of it through Teen Creeps Podcast.Sixteen year old biracial Hanna struggle with mental illness takes the decision to move to Portero and start a fresh.Whilst in this crazy town Hanna soon realises that she might just be the sanest person there If Reeves chaotic narrative was a way for readers to experience the symptoms of bipolar, then she certainly succeeded.Whilst I found it slightly hard to follow the story at times, I still found Hanna to be a fascinating and interesting character.It s also really important that these issues are addressed in mainstream novels.Both brutally bloody and plenty of scenes of a sexual nature this YA novel is for a mature teen reader.I didn t quite love it as much as the initial enticing premise of being something different, but I m glad that these types of stories exist.

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    Well, that was a hot mess of crazy overwrought people doing things that made no sense in an entirely implausible setting But, I have to admit it was moderately entertaining if you didn t try to think too hard There was plenty of action and colorful descriptions Reeves is definitely imaginative so much so that lots of the ideas were pretty much wasted, which is frustrating to me and it is always nice to get a book that isn t identical to all the others in its genre.So, that rating is 2 stars by the goodreads definition it was okay I d even, with some reservations, possibly recommend this to some older teens looking for a change of pace in their YA fantasy.

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    WHOA And I say that as if I am Keanu Reeves and have just entered The Matrix, because I m pretty sure my mind will never be the same after reading BLEEDING VIOLET It is without a doubt the craziest and most original book I ve ever read It is absolutely insane, wildly imaginitative and quite possibly the work of a mad genius I guess the best way to describe the experience would be, well, have you ever woken up from a dream and you want to go back to it so you force yourself to go back to sleep and pick up where the dream left off, except when you do, it s not the same as it was before and it s kind of messed up crazy and it s even amazing than it was originally That s what BLEEDING VIOLET is like WHOA Hanna is crazy Really crazy She only wears frilly, homemade purple dresses and has always been a weird girl She takes a multitude of pills for her mental illnesses and she has hallucinations She even hears her dead father s voice in her head When she thinks that her aunt wants to put her away in a hospital, Hanna runs away to live with her estranged mother, Rosalee, in Portero, Texas in hopes of starting a new life When she arrives at her mothers door, she is shocked to discover that she is not wanted, but Hanna will not back down She is determined to prove that this can work and she will somehow fit into her mothers life Little does Hanna know that she has just moved to the one place that is even insane than she is Crazy is about to take on a whole new meaning On the first day at her new school, Hanna notices that everyone is dressed in black and they are not very friendly Oh, and the windows are trying to lure people to their deaths That s a big problem Along comes Wyatt, a boy dressed in green who seems to know how stop whatever is happening Hanna is intriguied and impressed by him and muscles her way into his life It turns out that this little town in Texas is overrun with monsters and Wyatt is a member of the Mortmaine, a group of hunters that protects Portero All the madness that was once inside of Hanna s head is becoming reality Portero is the only place that has ever out crazied her, and it s getting weirder and dangerous by the minute It s literally a fight or be eaten situation With mosters, ghosts and evil sprits on the loose, it s a wonder how Hanna and Wyatt find the time to fall in love This love could be what eventually saves Hanna s life, but being a badass helps a lot Hanna is definitely a badass A crazy badass in heels and a bloody, violet dress You never know what will happen next in BLEEDING VIOLET At times it is brutal, but has it s share of touching moments There are also moments that are bizarre, wild and absurd This is definitely a head trip that is not for the faint of heart It is brilliantly original and I can say with certainty that I never have and never will read anything else quite like it At least not until Dia Reeves opens up her mind again The only things that have ever come close would be some of the freaky anime out there like MELODY OF OBLIVION, FLCL, ELFEN LIED or SHADOW STAR NARUTARU The longer I think about BLEEDING VIOLET, the I love it My mind is changed forever There is no spoon Matrix reference I recommend this for readers over 16 because of the mature relationship between Hanna and Wyatt There s also quite a bit of blood that gets spilled.

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    Short review A girl version of the cat from Breakfast at Tiffany s chases after her mom they support themselves in the same way, anyway There s no room for crazy cats Shoo She rubs up against everything Whomever said that cats don t beg for affection like a dog were dead wrong If you ignore them they do just that This girl is determined to rub against all who ignore her And kitty got claws.Long review The narrator of Dia Reeve s Bleeding Violet is crazier than a shithouse rat, as we like to say in the South If Reeves were adept as a writer, the crazy eye view wouldn t have been such a detriment As it was, attempting to look over her blazing purple shoulder to see what the hell was going on got to be trouble than it was worth Should I give her a break because it is her first novel I m not feeling generous I m a slave to my moods Sometimes I could feel affection for the little scamp, the rest of the time I was impatient to get to the point That Bleeding Violet managed to make me laugh is the only reason I m giving it three stars instead of two Whatever that point was could hardly matter to Hannah She believed what she wanted to believe, no matter what Her mom eventually gives in because Hannah literally, in one instance bashes her skull in with her relentlessness Stone cold stubbornness is all there is to it.It d have been interesting if Hannah struggled to push through the abyss of crazy, or those deafening crazy pills her old and new family tried to make her take It could have been interesting that she wore it like a badge of honor if she didn t wear it in the same careless way she wore her sex appeal well, she SAYS over and over she has it If you wanna take her word for it Hannah slept with all the boys of her last school, going in alphabetical order That is until she got bored of course she got bored high school boys That did win over mommy She enjoys looking at herself in the mirror, I take it It s all just a whim in that unthinking childlike way you can t even remember later cause you didn t understand what was going on in the first place.The flashbacks of her time in Finland were promising in a fairy tale logic kinda way could be what this book was missing of Too bad they descended into sex to be loved scenes.Daddy is a ghost or a figment of the crazy and tells his daughter no one else will ever love her but him, won t she kill herself so they can be together again He watches her have heap loads of sex It s all in the name of love for Hannah Hannah s need for love must come from his side of the family.The scary town she moves to is exactly like those faceless ya books Dark Elite by Chloe Neill and Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine I ll think twice before picking up another girl moves to monster land ya fiction.

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    I had to wait a while to review this, because otherwise I would have snarled my way through a glowing review powered on my sheer fucking outrage over the crap people say about this book Did you guys know that sixteen year old girls who are confident and sexually active are sluts Oh, and people with mental illness should not be the protagonists of young adult fiction because it s upsetting That s right, being exposed to people with disabilities is really unpleasant, and it shouldn t happen to unsuspecting normals, particularly those delicate young impressionable ones Hang on, where have I heard this before It s on the tip of my tongue Oh Right I remember now pants So, um, the actual book Okay Some of you who consider yourselves outsiders looking into the fantasy genre will really dig this one It s this twisty, hallucinatory fantasy horror about a teenaged girl with Bipolar Disorder moving to a town full of doors, and all the things that come through those doors It s about how her bendy, elastic mind clicks right into this place, and how all the splashy horror set pieces have that psychologically dense feeling you get from good horror, where the creepy floaty tentacle monster is an outgrowth of the emotional arc as much as the plot arc Hmm I think I could compress all of that into the word visceral, and mean the same thing This book felt like an ocean surface to me, with that intense awareness of sharks moving invisibly underneath.Anyway, it s cool, and weird, and disturbing, and hypnotic And it s about a sexually active bi racial teenaged girl with a mental illness and it s not stupid about any of that But I think my mind is too orderly, my desire for internal fantasy rules too strong, because I didn t love it So I m not raving about it, even though I was tempted to as a generalized fuck you to a few people out there.But some of you guys You will totally dig this.

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    I gave up after 250 pages, I just can t be bothered any I don t get why everybody likes this book, I m sorry.Maybe I gave up too soon, but right now I m feeling too annoyed to give it another try.I really wanted to like this, but this is just a bunch of random crap It makes me feel like there is something wrong with my head for not getting the joke.

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    Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves is a very strange book indeed I would say if this book were made into a movie, it would be a cross between Tim Burton s Beetlejuice and Guillermo del Toro s Pan s Labyrinth Trippy is the word that comes to mind while I read the adventures of Hanna Jarvinen Hanna is a biracial teenager born from a Finnish father and a black mother, who may or may not be a professional escort, and never wanted her to begin with Hanna not only is manic depressive, hallucinates, and sees and talks to her dead father, but won t think twice about killing to get what she wants.Hanna may sound a bit bloodthirsty, but she is pretty much the only normal one when she decided to live in Portero, Texas where her mother is Hanna ends up on her mother, Rosalee s doorstep and has this fantasy that she will be welcomed with open arms Rosalee does anything but, and is bit wary of her daughter, probably due to the fact that Hanna may have killed her aunt but hitting her head with a rolling pin Hanna shrugs it off, and is concerned that she didn t get all the bloodstains out of her dress Hanna pleads with Rosalee to let her stay and is given two weeks where she must try and fit in Hanna thinks this is a piece of cake, but Rosalee thinks Hanna is doomed to fail since Portero is not your normal, everyday American town.The first day of high school for Hanna is very weird, to say the least The whole school wears earplugs and the majority of the student body is in black while Hanna wears purple She doesn t just stand out because of the way she looks, she loves to wear long dresses and high heels but because she s a transy Transies are people who haven t grown up in Portero and usually wear bright colors because they have no idea that if you stand out too much, you may just end up dead Hanna becomes fixated on Wyatt, who wears green because he s Mortmaine one who hunts the evil creatures causing mayhem in town Hannah practically jumps for joy because everyone is freakier than she is and decides she wants to be Mortmaine and fight evil alongside Wyatt.Now Hanna has to be on the look out for things called lures that turn you into glass, doors that appear out of nowhere that will show you worst nightmare, and monsters that want to take your soul and suck you dry Things hit really close to home when Rosalee becomes possessed by a nasty spirit called Runyon, who used to be Mortmaine but went off the deep end Runyon is causing major mischief and it s up to Hannah to stop him before he destroys Portero.Bleeding Violet was one reading experience I will not soon forget I have to hand it to Dia Reeves for writing a very imaginative story, but one that is not comfortable reading And in all honesty, I would be very wary in allowing any teen under the age of sixteen to read this book The violence and bloodshed will make your head spin and have a bit of a sadomasochistic feel to them, especially when Rosalee, who channels Runyon, decides to torture and kill a young boy she finds at the lake with the help of Hanna This a very squeamish, snuff like stuff, not only because Rosalle gets the boy drunk to make sure he passes out while she tortures him, but the mentions of her victim having an erection is one that made me cringe She straddled him, moving his erection aside so she could sit comfortable on his stomach And from Hanna I fell onto my back on the cold ground and laughed until I cried, hope bubbling within me If it was okay for a boy to hold on to his erection while being tortured, then it was okay for me to hold on to my love for Rosalee Now isn t that sweet of Hanna to have this bonding moment with her mother while they kill this poor boy, who becomes some sort of sacrifice for Runyon Along these lines, the topic of sex, especially between Wyatt and Hanna is somewhat a fade to black kind of variety, which I couldn t understand at all I guess it is one thing to explain the scene above in graphic detail, but when Wyatt and Hanna have sex, which I really don t think added anything to the story, it was glazed over as in they kiss, fade to black and next where Hanna is pulling on her underwear and thinking how great it was.This is where I have to ask, why in a young adult book like Bleeding Violet, are graphic scenes of voice and murder acceptable to be written in great detail, but when a our main character like Hanna has a tender moment with Wyatt, that leads to sex, why is that glossed over Extreme violence is perfectly okay, but showing detail sex scenes are not What gives These issues aside, I absolutely adored Hanna Her tenacity, positivity and unique personality were a breath of fresh air Hanna has this wonderful inner strength and big caring heart, even though her actions may be strange, but then again Bleeding Violet is one massively, wacky book.I was on the fence on what grade to give Bleeding Violet because I wasn t sure what to think It s not all that often and author like Dia can make me have such a strong visceral reaction, where I was flinching as I read I certainly wouldn t recommend this for anyone younger than high school Hanna was the saving grace for me and one character I can t help but applaud for her bravery and facing down those who feel she is not worthy or important.

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    I don t believe there are words to describe BV, but I guess I ll have to settle for actual words Usually, I would wait a couple of hours to really let a book sink in, but with BV I want to bounce up and down and tell everyone about her freakishly awesome novel I saw a few comments by some that claimed they found parts confusing, weird, and many other things that I laughed at If your not the type of person who loves the strange, the freaky, and the interesting, then you will not fall for Bleeding Violet This book blew my mind away I couldn t stop reading it, I didn t even take a break to go eat until I had read several chapters Bleeding Violet has a perfect balance needed of a good novel, humor, love, action, fantasy, alive dolls There wasn t one thing I hated about this book, which is rare for me I usually find at least one thing to fuss over in many popular books, but Dia Reeves made such a different type of novel She has such a creative mind I found myself wanting to be like her In fact, she is one of the very few writers who convince me to keep writing Out of the many books I ve read, this one tops them all This book has everything I look for in a great novel, especially with a lot of humor in such a wicked book Which is also what I love about Bleeding Violet, it makes you happy, yet freak out Thinking about this book makes me want to read it all over again, and also make everyone I know read it as well I don t think anybody could hate Bleeding Violet, unless they have no heart Questions about what I think of Bleeding Violet Q What Did You Think Of The Characters A Absolutely amazing, my favorite was Ragsie.Q What Would You Rate Dia Reeves Creativity A On a scale of 1 to 1,000,000 1,000,002.Q Will You Buy This Book A Clutches Ragsie close to self Do you have to ask Q Is Bleeding Violet Worthy Enough To Have A Sequel A Hell yeah But, it doesn t look like that will happen A last few words about Bleeding Violet Beautifully written, creative, and sparked with specialness, I would say this novel could never be insulted Even by the heartless people who can t love Though I may have a much different opinion as others, I must say this book was the book for me.