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The Most Important Things In Simon Murray S Life Are Football, Friends, And Film In That Order His Friends Despair Of Him Ever Meeting Someone, But Despite His Loneliness, Simon Is Cautious About Looking For Then His Best Friends Drag Him To A Party, Where He Barges Into A Football Conversation And Ends Up Defending The Honour Of Star Forward Declan Tyler Unaware That The Athlete Is Present In That First Awkward Meeting, Neither Man Has Any Idea They Will Change Each Other S Lives ForeverLike His Entire Family, Simon Revels In Living In Melbourne, The Home Of Australian Rules Football And Mecca For Serious Fans There, Players Are Treated Like Gods Until They Do Something To Fall Out Of Public Favour This Year, The Public Is Taking Declan To Task For Suffering Injuries Outside His Control, So Simon S Support Is A Bright SpotBut As Simon And Declan Fumble Toward A Relationship, Keeping Declan S Homosexuality A Secret From Well Meaning Friends And An Increasingly Suspicious Media Becomes Difficult Nothing Can Stay Hidden Forever Soon Declan Will Have To Choose Between The Career He Loves And The Man He Wants, And Simon Has Never Been Known To Make Things Easy For Himself Or For Others

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    Posted at Outlaw Reviews and at Shelf Inflicted Declan Tyler is a famous, but closeted, football player Simon Murray is a film festival director These two very different men meet at a party that Simon is forced to attend by his best friend, Roger, and his wife, Fran Declan and Simon hit it off instantly, but they are in for many difficult times ahead.Because of Declan s fame, both men have to deal with lots of media attention, which eventually casts a spotlight on Declan s sexuality and creates problems for Declan and Simon, both within their relationship, and among their friends, families and colleagues As if this is not difficult enough, Declan and Simon are typical of many men who have a problem with communication Misunderstandings and hurt feelings are rife, but Declan and Simon really love each other and are determined to make their relationship work They are very fortunate to have loyal, understanding and supportive friends who stand by them Tigers and Devils is a sweet, angst filled, emotional, humorous and heartwarming romance While the guys do have sex, it is subtle and non explicit The emphasis here is on the relationship The main and secondary characters are well developed, interesting, and complex It is refreshing to read a gay romance with likable female characters Football is a significant part of the story and helps move it along, but if you re not a fan, don t worry There is just enough detail to give the reader a picture of the sport without bogging down the plot Oh, did I mention the story takes place in Australia And thankfully there are no Americanisms Sure, I had to look up a few terms, but that certainly didn t hamper my enjoyment of the story I loved the glimpse into Australian life and culture I loved spending time with Simon and Declan and enjoyed the full length of this story My only complaint is that it ended.

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    I am again going to be in the lonely camp of those who didn t love this book I was really expecting to love it and for it to be another The Locker Room for me, but alas, it wasn t exactly to my tastes.What did I like about this book Many things, really I liked when the guys were playful and affectionate towards each other I craved the scenes when they showed some real feelings I also liked it when Simon was flirty and snarky, but in a cute way I also dug the idea of a jock and the out of shape artsy type Overall, I enjoyed the reading experience I became invested in them as a couple However, there were many things about this book that just irritated the crap out of me.This book is a giant pile of misunderstandings thrown together That sounds harsh, but I got very tired of the two guys bickering with each other Simon says something dumb, Declan runs away and ignores him Repeat, repeat, repeat I just wanted some honest to goodness communication from the two of them I know you could argue that part of the book is them trying to mature in their relationship, but I just grew sick of all of the pointless drama My other main issue is that I didn t really feel the love between them I didn t get a sense of why exactly they were together The love felt kind of forced It honestly seemed like they spent time fighting then having nice moments I wanted a romance I know that Declan is supposed to be kind of macho or whatever, but they just were not tender enough together for my liking It reminds me a bit of the relationship in I ll Be Your Drill Soldier It wasn t enough for me I hear that the next book is a better so I think I ll move on with the series However, I was a bit let down because I wanted this book to be fabulous and it was just so so for me.

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    I find it ironic that I just told someone two days ago, There s nothing in the world I care less about than sports, and then I proceeded to get completely and utterly sucked into a book about a regular guy okay, an arty wanker, which I can relate to coping with the stresses of being involved with a hugely famous athlete.I love this book I m sad it s over and I can t wait to read it again.

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    Might contain spoilers The book centers around richmond football fan and director of the Triple F film festival Simon Murray 27 and football star Declan Dec Tyler 27 They met at a party where Simon ends up both complimenting Declan and insulting him without knowing that Declan is present this is the beginning of their relationship A relationship that is hard because Declan is in the closet while Simon is out, but has to go back in for Declan There s also the media and the constant fear that builds up that they d be outed And then it happens Do you want to know what one definition of bizarre might be Driving to your closeted boyfriend s pretend girlfriend s house to watch them prepare for a faux date The story was alright It was cute, stretch over 2 years, I think and had its moments However, there were no sex details which I need and I felt their relationship started too fast, that it because a strong and real relationship before they even knew each other There s also the missing sex scenes wait, hadn t I already mentioned it Anways, overall the book had potential, however it was predictable with little action and twist that made this book just long and somewhat boring I m still not sure if I ll continue with the series The doorbell rang, and I assumed it was Fran and Roger having come back becausethey had forgotten something I took my time, lacing my boots, and the buzzer became impatient I m coming, shithead I yelled Yes, I should have known better For of course, it was not Roger or Fran I threw open the door to find Declan Tyler standing there, looking half insulted and half amused Got a pet name for me already he asked Quick basic facts Genre A Contemporary Romance M M Series Series, Book OneLove triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler

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    This was so well done and realistic The characters made mistakes and didn t always forgive or do the right thing They met outside pressures and internal conflicts head on, with a determination to make a relationship work, and yet with very natural doubts and concerns The plot was smooth and true to life The secondary characters added to the feel of a slice of real life And the love when it came was strong, believable and warm Highly recommended.

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    This is one of those goofy grin books You know, one of those where you re glad no one else is in the room to see the silly smile on your face Well, that s how this book was for me I found myself giggling and the silliest moments Simon and Declan were so sweet and cute together I loved the characters and the dialogue And the relationships and interactions felt so real to me I did get frustrated with the main characters a few times because they were so stubborn But I think that s also what makes them so endearing Nobody is perfect in real life and we all rely in our friends and loved ones to help us recover from our mistakes Very enjoyable read for me Thanks, Marisa, for the recommendation.

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    4 StarsI enjoyed the heck out of this story I was extremely apprehensive going in, mainly because many reviewers seemed miffed by the long length of the story and the lack of explicit sexy times as it turns out neither of these things deterred my enjoyment in the slightest.I loved the relationship development I found these two characters Simon and Declan and all the roadblocks they faced, fairly relatable weirdly considering the sports and media, and public image themes involved in the story What I loved was that the story and its characters were grounded in reality I m born and raised a Melbourne girl, and I can legitimately imagine this type of story unfolding should a beloved AFL player ever come out be outed to the public and let s face it, the odds that there are some seriously closeted players in this huge league are high.I don t know what this says about me, but I truly loved Simon s character Sure, he made some mistakes, but most of the time I understood his reactions and, truthfully, I probably would have behaved in the same manner in almost every argumentative situation he found himself in during this book Like I said, I m not sure what that says about me, because often Simon came across as a sarcastic little shit, a mouthy bastard and a stubborn, somewhat selfish, brat, yet, I found him completely relatable Sorry, not sorry view spoiler I completely understood his general upset with his ignorant family time and time again I was exasperated by Roger and his initial sook fest and every time Declan ran from a problem, I was on Simon s side, frustrated and confused, trying to work out what the fuck the point was if they couldn t even communicate properly Mainly, I think the way Simon handled all the media attention, particularly all the negativity from the public, was especially praiseworthy hide spoiler

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    I m so glad I finally read Simon and Declan s story I ve had this book for a while now but for some reason kept passing it over to read other books What a big mistake This was a fabulous story that from page one to the very end had me totally hooked Told in first person POV from Simon s perspective Tigers and Devils is an entertaining, funny and romantic story featuring two very appealing and likable men Simon, who is a film festival organizer and Declan, an Australian Rules football player meet at a party where Simon s friends Roger and Fran have dragged him to.From that first meeting to the end of the story about two years later I was swept away right along with the protagonists through the ups and downs of their relationship From the sweet moments when two people really start to get to know each other to the intimacy of an established couple, Sean Kennedy brings the characters to life on the pages of his book Rich in character description and with love scenes that are a wonderful change from the usual erotic sex scenes found in most M M romance books this is a wonderfully compelling story The plot is well thought out and has a real and sensible feeling to it At issue is dealing with a relationship where one of the partners is not just in the closet but is also a highly visible and very popular sports personality.The many supporting characters found in the book are wonderful additions to the story The couple s best friends, Roger and Fran, as well as Abe and Lisa, are well developed and interesting characters and along with Simon s coworker Nyssa help to define the protagonists as than just romantic leads The complexities of blending together firmly established friendships when two people fall in love and become a couple was also very well written Another thing that was realistically handled was their relationship with their families Simon is out to his family and that has caused his relationship with them to become a bit strained and Declan s family has no idea that he s gay The interactions between the main characters, their friends and families plus a few others are realistic and bring added depth to this story.Another thing that really made this a very entertaining story was the setting I really enjoyed the author s descriptions of life in Melbourne, the love for the sport of Australian Rules football the people have and the expressions they use It s always nice when I read a story set in another country and when the author is able to really bring it to life for me it s even better.All in all this is a wonderful story I loved Simon and Declan and they have taken a place on my favorite couples list This is a book that I know I ll enjoy reading again A definite 5 star keeper.

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    Simon and Declan I absolutely adored this book, which details the ups and downs in the relationship between Simon, a prickly, cynical and extremely cautious film festival manager and Declan, an Aussie Rules footballer, who is obviously in the closet, but all the things that Simon is not warm, laid back, personable and rich and totally hot to boot The relationship is fraught with problems as you would expect, and the superb way that the couple deal with everything that life throws at them is so funny, laugh out loud in places, giggling and snorting at others, that I just had to buy the follow up straight away, and wasn t disappointed by that either It has a cast of wonderful characters, Fran and Roger who are Simon s best friends my faves , Declan s best mate and fellow Aussie Rules footballer Abe and his girlfriend Lisa and last but not least the wonderful Nyssa who is Simon s assistant Totally loved it

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    Hours after my original DNF review.So I couldn t let it go and decided to keep on trucking I should ve left it alone Omg, these two it was of the same Misunderstandings makeups until the very end It was so frustrating As lovable as all the chatacters were, I can t go higher than 2.5 Stars This story had so much potential, but I can t look past the story being solely based on misunderstandings DNF 40%This is going under everybody loved but me It started off cute, but after a while I felt like we weren t getting anywhere We were just going round and roundI started to lose interest and there s just too many books in my TBR to force myself to finish That being said, I would give this author another try I ll also be refraining from rating it since I didn t finish it.