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Ambitious singer actress and Broadway bombshell Yancey Harrington Braxton is on top of the world when the sudden reappearence of her long lost daughter turns her world upside down But when Yancey learns that her daughter wishes to follow in her mother's footsteps she begins to make peace with the past she's struggled to keep hidden A sweeping novel about mothers and daughters secrets and lies Mama Dearest will capture and enchant audiences everywhere

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    As I was reading this book I couldnt help but feel slightly depressed that this was the last of great books by E Lynn Harris Oddly enough at times it felt as if he knew this while writing the book Harris did a great job of delving into Yancey's character and how she had grown since the last time we saw her At times the old Yancey was still in there but with age came a great sense of maturity I wish we had gotten of the story of her youth but the few stories that were shared gave a good glimpse into what her childhood was like with Ava and her grandmotherAs I read the last few chapters of the book I felt as if Harris was wrapping up this group of characters with no intention of including them in future books While part of me was very sad at that idea I was glad that I felt closure with these characters Thank you to E Lynn Harris for bringing these characters to life through your phenomonal writing

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    Pretty good book Yancy is one of my favorite characters from this series I really loved her character development from the other novels and in this one as well Ava was really a piece of work Evil does not really describe herlol Overall good story from E Lynn Harris The ending was rushed and the plot predictable but a great uick read I really liked the motherdaughter dynamics between YancyAvaMadison Loved the interaction between Derrick and Yancy as well This was his second to last book before the author died Really sad but he left a legacy of great books that people can remember him by Recommended

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    I'm not sure if the book was finished before Harris died but it seems that the conclusion was missing I wanted to know specifically what happened to SenecaStephen and that bit of information was missing completely Also it seems that some of the chapters were out of seuence There were things that were already resolvedexplained in a chapter that were later introducedaddressed several pageschapters later

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    Whatever Madison whatever That line really lets you know the ride you're in for One with poor dialogue a highly predictable over the top story line filled with untamed washed up divas regret betrayal and revenge Easy to read but indigestible

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    This book makes me thankful that I know the unconditional warm beautiful love from my Mamathe best mother on Earth So easy to now know why Yancey was so cold to people who did not deserve her narcissistic anger and jealousy In the end she forgave herself and the woman who failed herand it was her freedom and the key to finding abundant love

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    This book was a gift I didn't realize it was part of a series until I finished I really enjoyed this I really hope there is a #4 because I need to see Ava get what's coming to her

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    Yancey Harrington Braxton is back She has been gone from the acting and singing celebrity main stream for a while but she is ready to get back to work and in front of the spotlight Yancey has two problemsThere names are Madison B and Ava Middlebrooks Madison B is the hottest young talented song bird since Miley Cyrus The other woman Ava Middlebrooks just happens to be Yancey's mother Yancey meets a sexy dashing mysterious man by the name of S Marcus Pinkston He is very rich and very into Yancey Marcus is exactly what Yancey needs right now After recently getting out of an horrible relationship Marcus has ties to the media business He tells Yancey that she should consider starring in her own reality show At first Yancey isn't sure but she sure could use the money and this would help her career Ava Middlebrooks had just been released from prison A lot has changed since than including the fifteen pounds she gained Ava wants to prove to everyone that she is not a washed up has been actress She will do anything it takes to be back on top even if she has to take down the competition which includes her daughter Mama Dearest is the latest novel to feature Yancey Harrington Braxton This is the first novel I have read by Mr Harris I would suggest reading the prior novel as the story line seemed to pick up and continue from the last Reading the prior one would help the process of reading this current book move seamless I liked the characters They all had their own uniue personalities Though I do have to say that Ava was all about herself but she did keep things interesting Yancey seemed too nice to be in the industry only because everyone else is cut throat than her My only issues were that I was expecting Yancey to do acting but the only person that really was acting was Ava and mentions of Madison B but I never really got to experience her acting talents Overall I thought Mama Dearest was a pretty good read

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    This was E Lynn Harris' book before he died This book ended on a beautiful note but it took a great deal of time and drama to get to the good parts This book talks about how a generation of motherless care can cause a person great anguish and also make a woman feel unloved and not capable of loving a child on her own Yancy Harrington Braxton was the victim of motherless care by Ava Middlebrooks She was brought up in a verbally and physically abusive childhood and came to hate her mother along with having a fear of raising children because she did not know how to love another person besides herself She ended up depending on men to take care of her and living a life in the spotlight to get attention and love In her twenties she gave up her daughter at birth and unknowingly the baby girl was adopted by the child's father and raised by him and his sister Madison B was the young girl who was conceived in love but always wanted a mother's touch and yearned to have it Being in her mother's life was hard initially and for both of them but in the end they were able to have a good relationship I would only recommend this book to other E Lynn Harris fans the characters he created were somewhat annoying but it was a good story line

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    I read a few E Lynn Harris books years ago Invisible Life As I Am and something else so I was somewhat familiar with Harris' writing styles and his characters This book is about Yancy Braxton a former Broadway diva who is struggling to get back on top of the game Derailing her plans is her mother Ava who has recently been released from prisonThe story is very slow moving although it does make you want to keep reading to see what Ava's plans are for Yancy and just how low she will go I wasn't a fan of any of the characters especially Madison B I'm not sure why I just didn't like her at allThere were also a couple of grammatical errors such as tense changes in the same scene one second it's in the past tense the very next sentence it's in the present tense things like that drive the English major in me crazyAll in all not a bad book it just takes awhile to get into I might have enjoyed it if I had read the previous books about Yancy right before this one

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    This is like a 2 12 One I've have read several E Lynn Harris books over the years and sadly I found them and unsatisfying You will read Mama Dearest with the need to find out what happens but unfortunately by chapter 5 you already know what will happen The plot had hope but it was never fully discussedFirst off the dialogue is terrible “Whatever” was over used What African Americans are ending arguments with “Whatever”? The slang usage was totally out of touch What could have been a better book felt cut short The resolution was never clearly explain and time was spent on the names of fashion designers than on description The mood and tone of this book was abruptWell it makes a good beach read but don’t expect much in the way of thought provoking literature