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I read this for a library storytime this summer with a theme of folk tales from around the world This is a folk tale from Japan It was a touch too long for a perfect storytime book, but I read it first and it seemed to mostly keep the kids interest I particularly enjoyed the detailed illustrations and the resolution to the problem between the two neighbors. Yoshi s Feast is a folklore book and was published in 2000 This book is a winner of the Teachers Choice International Reading Association award The book explains how the neighbors fued over how Yoshi would smell the eel catchers boiling eels everyday and would get distracted from doing his job of making paper fans The two characters fight over a bill that Yoshi writes the neighbor about smelling eel instead of making money The story ends surprisingly, but youll have to read to find out who wins the battle of the neightbors I gave this book a rating of 4 stars I could see why they would fight but for me, it was difficult to understand everything in the book The language was okay, it was not spectacular in one bit The illustrations were to die for though, they were just the right amount of color every where and looked very authenic I would not want this in my classroom, only for the simple reason being that if I had a hard time understanding, imagine how the children would be. Amazing EPub, Yoshi S Feast Melanie Kroupa Books By Kimiko Kajikawa This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Yoshi S Feast Melanie Kroupa Books , Essay By Kimiko Kajikawa Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Great way to solve the problem of two bickering neighbors Beautiful illustrations. I loved this story so much because of the humorous writing and the wonderful message You get what you pay for It s a folklore about two feuding neighbors Yoshi, a fan maker, smelled delicious eels caught and cooked by his neighbor Sabu, and refuses to buy them Yoshi doesn t want to spend his money on Sabu s eels, and would rather smell them as he eats his rice Sabu is angered by this and writes up a bill for Yoshi as well as cooks stinky samma Eventually they come to an agreement that benefits the both of them in a great way, thus creating a new friendship The illustrations are really beautiful A great resolution to a clever story Curriculum So sweet and funny, as it touches on how some times, we must sacrifice as well as come to an agreement when in conflict. Personal Reaction Great book on Japanese culture and food that comes from Japan Easy read with interesting vocabulary and the main character goes through many difficult things but still dances and stays positive.Purposes Yoshi s Feast would be good for 2nd 3rd graders The vocabulary used is unique to Japanese culture and would be good for students to get familiar with Words like hibachi, eels, and sizzling give this book an edge and would be good at broadening students vocabulary A great purpose for this book to be used in the classroom would be in a culture lesson, especially the Japanese culture The illustrations use traditional clothing of Japanese culture and that gives students great perspective The story also has a great moral of staying true to yourself and staying positive Could be a great book to use in the classroom when there is a bully situation or when students need a confidence boost. Yoshi s Feast is a story picture book about 30 pages long with about a paragraph on each page It follows a characters named Yoshi who stays positive and dances though there is negativity around him The vocabulary has educational words on Japanese culture and also great onomatopoeias when he is dancing The illustrations are very geometric and expand the readers knowledge on Japanese culture even further.This book would be a nice addition to a cultural unit When introducing students to the Japanese culture and history, this book would be a fun and exciting break from anything serious, while still introducing them to elements of the culture. A story that takes place in Japan Every day Yoshi s neighbor Sabu catches and cooks delicious eels But nobody comes to Sabu hibachi because it is out of the way Yoshi does not want to spend his money on the eels instead he enjoys the smell with his rice Sabu is upset by this so he makes stinky samma Yoshi and Sabu come up with a agreement that benefits them both A great story about Japanese culture. A funny story of two stubborn neighbours and how they worked out a compromise. Great illustrations full of color and liveliness Fun story with a good message