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Just after midnight the famous Orient Express is stopped in its tracks by a snowdrift A passenger is stabbed to death in a cabin that is locked on the inside With the killer still on the train the world famous detective Hercule Poirot must race against time to solve the case before anyone else is murdered'Murder on the Orient Express' is one of the greatgest murder stories of all time First published in 1934 and based on a real life kidnapping it was later made into an Oscar winning film starring Albert Finney as Poirot Now Solidor's stylish new graphic adaptation will keep you guessing until the endThe world's cleverest crime author is brought to book in this new series of graphic adaptations of her most famous crimes Prepare to solve the MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS

10 thoughts on “Le Crime de l' Orient-Express

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    In my opinion this is not a story you can read as an illustrated version It was really confusing and some chapters stopped abruptly without any reason I stopped reading the book when I was completely confused and lost my interest in itProbably gonna read the normal book 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    This got an extra star for the ending otherwise it would've been 35 stars rounded up to a 4 This is my first Agatha Christie book and I feel like I'm cheating since it's a graphic novel But I still enjoyed it Excellent ending

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    Well done but I lost track and had to back track to work the next picture out a few times Maybe it's just because I dont read comic type books often

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    Although I much prefer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's writing style over that of Agatha Christie I cannot deny that it did provide a bit of a surprising plot twist Even so when put side by side to Sherlock Holmes' observation powers I still believe that Poirot is miles behind Moreover 'guessing' doesn't stand a chance against deductive reasoning as is specific to Sherlock The ending seems appropriate for such a story type despite the fact that it seems most surreal and implausible and doesn't exactly provide a healthy view of justiceAll in all an entertaining addition to any home library

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    One must credit François Rivière and his English editor David Brawn in presenting Agatha Christie's classic novel in 46 pages and with stirring and dramatic illustrations by Solidor nothing is lost and Hercule Poirot not the American dress designer Paul Poiret as one of the passengers suggested does his usual meticulous investigations to unmask the person who has committed the murderThe train is stuck in the snow the maître d' if I may call him that of the Orient Express asks Poirot to solve the mystery 'before the Yugoslavian police starts poking its nose into the private lives of my passengers' and Poirot agrees And thus begins his interrogations of each and every passenger many of whom seem to have a motive to have committed the murder beginsAnd so the investigation goes on until Poirot has made up his mind and as is his wont gathers them all together to announce the denouement The illustrations are dramatic but occasionally the various artistic layouts sometimes lead to a mix up in continuity easily solved on a re red of the relevant panels it did for me anywayA nice addition to any Agatha Christie collection

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    4 starsShe done it again a simple yet a clever plot

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    The comic version of Murder on the Orient Express is very good and excellent if you are new to Christie and want to get a flavour of the her work without committing to the original novel

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    It was Agatha Christie's birthday just a couple of days ago so it seemed appropriate to read something from her imagination and I also needed a graphic novel for an autumn book bingo that I am trying to participate in 😉Murder on the Orient Express is probably Christie's most famous novel with Hercule Poirot and there are loads of movies and tv shows and outlets I have read the book some time ago I also have seen the episode in Hercule Poirot portrayed by the amazing David Suchet TV show but it's my first time to read an Agatha Christie graphic novel 😆Unfortunately I did not enjoy it as much as her books because it was a very slim and watered down version of a great murder mystery 😔 I'll give some credit to the great art style at least this gave something extra to it 🎨

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    I love Sherlock Holmes just enjoy the character his precise skits and the crazy figure that minimizes the story all aroundBut I didn't have a book of Holmes so I took anotherI was in a mood for an old fashioned thriller I wanted a steam train a severe lack of political correctness a gallery of circus figures that included counties and princesses and an old style detective with no too fucked up life that interrogates and finally explains to the public the way he came to the solution All this and I have found here in this flawed and fun thriller that though written decades ago was amusing and surprising to me and at the end it was interrupted in a moment when a great moral stench rose from it and challenged me mainly because I agreed with it unconditionallyIt was a pleasure but I still prefer Sherlock Holmes

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    This was all going really well until we got to the over simplified and rushed ending The whole point is that it's supposed to be a challenge for Poirot because of his obligation to justice and also his obligation to his human instincts I would liked to have seen an extra ten pages added to explore this