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Jordan's got a good life He's got his own web business a fat cat for a pet and his own house which he shares with his sister oh well nothing's perfect Also not perfect is not having someone special to share his life with His sister Rebecca believes it's because he's too picky and too unapproachable but Jordan just wants someone to do the Sunday crossword with take walks with someone who'll be his mate for life Is that really too much to ask?One night Rebecca drags Jordan to a Tyler Curtis concert Tyler is a notorious bad boy who treats his audience with contempt and sleeps with a different groupie every night and Rebecca is determined to be tonight's groupie Jordan is there under protest At least he is until he meets the man beneath the crass bad boy image Will Jordan get to know the true Tyler or will Tyler's manager and a world wanting the man to match the image conspire against them?

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    DNF at 65% Guys I just can't todayEveryone loves this book I can't even tell you the number of my friends that have this on their all time favorites list But aside from Bec who was pretty freaking awesome I couldn't stand this bookI'll sum it up for you in one sentence Fastest insta love I've read in a long time I mean less than two days to I love you and less than 4 for an view spoilerengagement hide spoiler