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On an isolated private island ten invited guests are murdered one by one until there are noneTen strangers are invited to take a holiday at a small island mansion Over dinner their unseen host accuses them all of hiding a guilty secret and by the end of the evening one of them is dead As the hours pass the survivors realize that the murderer is among them preparing to kill againand againuntil there are none And Then There Were None is widely regarded as Agatha Christie's masterpiece a novel she once admitted was the hardest to write It is her bestselling book a successful stage play and computer game and has been filmed many times Now Frank Lecler's colourful adaptation adds a new dimension to this nerve racking mystery

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    The art work is nothing special however the adaptation the distillation of the plot down into something one can read in a single sitting is actually uite spectacular I appreciate the inclusion of the whole page break between the conclusion of the story and the epilogue where one learns whodunnit I am still in two minds as to how this compares with the book On the one hand the enjoyment of reading a Christie for me is about 90% the plot with setting making up most of the remaining 10% and prose style and characterisation hardly registering In some ways this adaptation is taking this reading to it's natural conclusion prose virtually disappears characterisation and setting become line drawings and you are left with very nearly nothing but plot However the thing about a whodunnit is you have to have time to mull over the possibilities weigh things up and develop suspicions There is exactly one red herring in this whole book and it is labeled as that literally in the captions By the time i was reading the epilogue and finding the answer less than half an hour had transpired since I cracked the cover This is not really long enough for the thing to percolate If for some reason one needed to uickly refresh one's memory regarding the plot of Christie's famous locked room mystery this edition would stand you in good stead But I don't think I will bother with any of these as far as reading for pleasure goes

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    This is one of the better made titles of the graphic novel version of Agatha Christie's I've owned several other titles but most of them weren't adapted uite right To recap it's a story of 10 characters summoned to an island off the coast of Devon before being killed one by one Adapting a story into graphics can be uite difficult especially at the task of explaining the background that led to the summoning of each character The adapter uite succeed in doing just so but I rather suspect some minor parts are lost in translation The illustration is made harsh with hard angular strokes and it is not as colorful as the usual BD style but the text flow is almost spot on While nothing can replace the text version this graphic novel would be a nice companion for fans of Agatha Christie

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    Its one of the beat work of the author Its a fun to read and I finished it in one read and surely it make my sunday Reading it was fun filled with suspense and uestions Nicely written and beautiful storyline

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    Even in graphic novel format I was still was captivated and terrified of the story The illustrations really captured the tension and the mysterious nature of the tale

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    The art style was not my favourite

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    Ten people get an invitation from MrOwens A week's stay at MrOwen's Soldier Island cottage A poem's hung in each of the guests' rooms And as per the poem one by one the guests start dropping deadTen little soldier boys went out to dine;One choked his little self and then there were NineNine little soldier boys sat up very late;One overslept himself and then there were EightEight little soldier boys traveling in Devon;One said he'd stay there and then there were SevenSeven little soldier boys chopping up sticks;One chopped himself into halves and then there were SixSix little soldier boys playing with a hive;A bumble bee stung one and then there were FiveFive little soldier boys going in for law;One got in chancery and then there were FourFour little soldier boys going out to sea;A red herring swallowed one and then there were ThreeThree little soldier boys walking in the zoo;A big bear hugged one and then there were TwoTwo little soldier boys sitting in the sun;One got frizzled up and then there was OneOne little soldier boy left all alone;He went and hanged himselfAnd then there were NoneEach of these guests has done mistakes that they are not proud of Though they were considered to be not guilty in front of the Law someone has a sinister plan to off these people Who is it? The one who dies at the end is not the murderer Nobody knows who MrOwens is Neither do they know if MrOwens existsThis is not one of Poirot or Miss Marple or Mruinn or Tommy Tuppence series But the story is definitely worth a read or two or three This is the third or was it fourth? time I read this book Giving this book a low rating as I did not like the picturization of the characters It could have been better

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    PlaylistCamille Saint Saens Danse Macabre in G Minor Op 40Compamy of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson Ten Little IndiansLudwig van Beethoven Moonlight SonataAfter finding a couple of these at the university bookstore I promptly ordered a bunch and added the remaining ones to my wishlist to buy laterThis series is drawn by a number of different comic book artists each one differentThe art of this adaptation is simply wonderful The colors also stand out to me almost psychedelic enhancing the eerie feel of the story; ten people are gathered on an otherwise deserted island and are systematically killed off one by oneIt's my favorite Agatha Christie novel and that's saying a lot and this comic book adaptation is very close to doing it justiceVery very nice

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    Agatha Christie sets out a new genre of her own with this original multiple homicides mystery in an isolated island Ten Little NiggersAnd Then There Were None became an instant classic right after its original publication Now you can read it in a different way through a graphic adaptation which is still appealing to Agatha Christie's fans

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    You have to read the epilogue to find out who the killer is you will fall for one person and think he's the killer but it ends up being the other one There are 10 deaths and the murderer is a mad person

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    I love a good Crime novel from time to time Agatha Christie is one of the classic Crime writters so I had to touch some of her work and must I say I really enjoyed it This is a crime materpiece It keeps you on your feet for the wole time and it's not too long