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When Seventeen Year Old Jane Taylor Witnessed Her Father S Death, Something Happened To Her Ever Since, Her Thoughts Have Been Consumed By Death, Going So Far As To Foresee The Ever Changing Deaths Of Those Around Her Sixteen Year Old Emily Taylor Resented Her Sister S Closeness With Their Father, Who Died When She Was Six With The Strange Ability To Read Minds, She Drowns The Voices Out With Drugs, Sending Jane Over The Edge When Seventeen Year Old Wes Green Was Adopted, He Moved In Next Door To Jane, Finding In Her A Childhood Friend Turned High School Crush All Summer, The Pain In His Bones Seemed Unwarranted He Was Done Growing Long Ago When Senior Year Starts, However, The Pain Only Gets Worse The Foreseen Changes Are Not Expected, And Far Too Animal For His Taste When Max Gordon Found Himself Standing Above The Dying Body Of An Innocent Seven Year Old Girl, He Saw In Her Eyes Something He Hadn T Seen In The Century He D Spent Roaming Earth Her Father Was Already Dead, But There Was Hope To Save Her Jane Was Her Name, And Already She Was All He Ever Wanted It Was His Job To Bring Her Back, And It Was His Job To Protect Her The Biggest Mistake Of His Life When These Four Teens Enter Glenwood High Their Senior Year, No One But Max Could Understand The Future Ahead Of Them Drawn Together By Blood And Friendship, They Each Hide A Dark Secret That Will Soon Bind Them Together Max Has To Protect Jane, Jane Wants To Be Normal, Wes Wants Jane To Love Him, And Emily Just Wants The Voices To Stop But Their Fate Just Wants Them Dead

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    review by Megsly Warning possible spoilers ahead I keep hearing that angels are the new vampire in the world of paranormal fiction I like angels angels are the polar opposite of vampires, right And there have been many entertaining books that center around angels recentyl Hush, Hush By Beth Fitzpatrick and Torment and Fallen by Lauren Kate I ve read Fallen but not it s sequel yet , and I ve yet to read Hush, Hush but I have heard very good things about it So I decided what the heck, let s read about some angels and low and behold, decided to pass a free Kindle book to me that was about angels Now I ve found some amazing little gems stashed away in the free books offered from Kindle I ve also found someless than readable books It s a 50% 50% gamble, and this was a gamble I took when I picked up Knight Angels Book of Love by Abra Ebner.Very rarely do I read a book that I don t find a few redeeming qualities within Usually I can find something I like Perhaps it s the characters, or a specific character Perhaps it s the plot line, or the plot twist, or the author s command of prose Knight Angels Book of Love had no redeeming qualities within it s electronic pages, the only thing I did like about it was the cover art, which now I can see has nothing to do with the actual story, though it is beautiful.Perhaps I should first attempt to tell you of the plot, orthe potential plot that had so many holes within it that the story had practically bled to death within the first 30 pages When Jane Taylor was seven, she saw her father die and ever since then she had the ability to see how people would die Funny thing is, those death visions changed pertaining to the persons current actions, which I found to completely nullify the experience of predicting death When her friend is chowing down on a burger, Jane would see her dying from gluttony, morbidly obese and alone Or if she was smoking a cigarette, a heart attack or lung cancer would take her Kinda makes the gift pointless, right Regardless of my immediate doubt, I trudged on.Emily, Jane s little sister is also gifted, but with a much cooler and reliable gift She can read minds sounds familiar, eh and she hates it, so much that she s developed an addiction to pain killers to dull her senses so she can t hear the thoughts If there s anything redeemable about this book, perhaps it s Emilybut wellnever mind She s not very well written either, though she has personality than the rest of the characters ever hoped to possess.Back to the plot Emily and Jane hate one another They don t speak Jane protects Emily although she doesn t like her, and Emily resents Jane because she can read Jane s thoughts and know that Jane thinks of her as little than a petulent child who is addicted to drugs Their mother A lost cause, I personally believe the woman is a failure at parenthood and it s no wonder the daughters turned out as they did with her guiding their lives.Intro the OMG best potential boyfriend ever insert eyeroll here, this kid has drama than a soap opera, Wes, the adopted son of the old couple living next door who is in love with Jane and hates Emily Jane and Wes did the dirty deed over the summer, and awkwardness has followed Emily giggles about it, and laughs at them behind their faces because of course she saw the entire deed replayed through their thoughts Wes is getting growing pains Severe growing pains And he s likenearly seven feet tall and big and broad and oh so sexy He s the best friend And about halfway through the book, we find out that he s the shape shifting best friend who s in love with our heroine Please, someone gag me if this is going to be repetitive in all Young Adult paranormal novels from now on Okay Thanks Back to the plot.Some how, things get twisted and Emily, who can read minds but knows NOTHING of her sister s ability to foresee deaths, finds out that Wes is a shape shifter and the two fall in love and begin to hate on Jane together which by the way this happens in the first 50 pages of the book Oh wow, fickle much Jane, in the meantime, is sad and forlorn in her own world when intro Max, this drop dead sexy new kid who Wes absolutely hates on sight jealousy is never flattering, boys Followed by Max is his twin not identical brother Greg, who s apparently even hotter They kinda remind me of the Salvatore brothers in description Tall, dark, handsome.Okay, let s get to the crux of the plot here Or try to at least.The reason Jane can see people s deaths is because she s a Sheol, because she didn t die when she was supposed to which was when her dad died Why didn t she die Because an angel aka our hunky Max spared her because he knew he was in love with the 7 year old child Jane was Why was Jane and her father supposed to die Because another angel aka our hunky Greg wanted them to die to piss Max off Why is Wes a shapeshifter Because he s the one thing that can kill these two angels Wes is in love with Jane and Emily Emily is in love with Wes and infatuated with Greg Jane is in love with Max but infatuated with Wes Greg is like, Hmph, I like all females and sets out on a quest to seduce everyone and Max is, I have eyes only for Jane, whom I fell in love with ten years ago when she was but a small child Hmmam I forgetting anything Anybody I don t think soScrew traditional love triangles, we re going for a Hexagonal Love Fest here To be honest, I can t even review this plot any It makes my head hurt, so let me lay out the bad points and good points of story.Bad points The story is written in revolving first person points of view Every 5 6 pages you get a new point of view from one of our fabulous 5 main characterswhich is a really bad point for me There are punctuation errors riddling little tiny holes all throughout the story There are plot holes dancing around Though it s explained why Jane can semi predict death, it s never explained why Emily can hear thoughts It s also never explained how come Emily, who can hear thoughts and I mean ALL thoughts She can t filter like a certain vampire we all know can doesn t know about Jane s ability to predict deaths Also, why is Wes a shapeshifter The plot holes left me alllllllllll confused Tense changes issues hello Present and past tense do not mix.Good points There are pretty boys involved The cover is pretty Soif you want to give the book a shot, by all means do And if you ve read it and disagree with me, please, by all means share your thoughts cause I ll admit, I haven t painted a pretty picture of this book My opinion I m glad this book was free cause if I had paid a penny for it, it would have been a penny too much.

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    3 4 Stars To tell you the truth, I wasn t so sure about this book when I first skimmed through it For one thing it didn t have any chapters but instead multiple point s of views with seven but mainly four different characters I thought this would be overwhelming and confusing but after a few chapters or characters in, it actually flowed quite nicely putting my worries to rest.Book of Love is the first book in the Knight Angel series A book that brings on a whole new meaning to intrigue as it was delivered at a bubbling pace I ve never read a book filled with so much intense mystery It was well done and I liked the take on these Angels.I enjoyed all of the characters, each of the main four have been touched with a gift or cursed and making your way to finding out why was half the fun I really liked Emily and Wes, seeing them as the most unlikely couple but, they just worked I connected with them so then Max and Jane, but I also really loved Max, so maybe it s was just Jane I didn t really like She was a great character, but something bugs me about her Greg was very easy to hate, and yet I still found him extremely interesting One s thing is for sure, they all have a remarkable story to tell.Overall, this is a promising start to what looks like to be a great series that I can t wait to continue I m also looking forward to checking out Abra Ebner s Feather series as well.

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    The Original Review Here If by any chance you ever had your doubts against self published books, Knight Angels Book of Love will make you forget them Knight Angels narrates the story of Jane, Emily, Wes, Max, Greg, Erik and Sarah This circle of friends and family is bound by supernatural forces and the secrets among them The chapters are narrated in different POVs where each character s voice shines for their singularity and contrast Even though the Angel Theme has been recently explored in young literature, Knight Angels breaks the stereotype not only on narration format, but also in the story s structural format that results a little bit darker than what s being considered commercial at such moment What s interesting about the story is that it is composed by a supernatural world where human characters are key pieces in the story Angelology in the story is not that complex, but conventional However, regarding the mystery where the forces of heaven, earth and hell collapse, it s certainly elaborated Abra Ebner is an author not afraid to explore taboo topics like drugs, sexuality, hate, among others and I consider this respectable It s worth pointing that her storytelling skills are excellent Story s romances are certainly different and maybe one of them a little controversial Knight Angel Book of Love is the first chapter of a promising series where as a reader you ll be able to look with different eyes self published material and where the supernatural world is not only inhabited by angels or demons, but much and way beyond Random Note Even do there s a few misspells is not distracting at all.

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    The book starts out intruiging, but then it starts to get boring and cheesy and predictable The characters are distinct, but not particularly new, interesting, or likable, especially Jane, who is selish and mean and annoying Emily is mildly likable than Jane, but she doesn t have as big a part in the story as Jane, and her personailty is twisted by the supposed baddie of the book, Greg, who is totally uninteresting and cliche I mean, the guy who kills his family because he thinks they don t love him as much as his shining star of a twin brother Not to mention the fact Greg is the evil twin Riiight Never seen that before As for Maxhe s all right, I guess He has no life of personality outside of his obsession with Jane, who he fell in love with when she was a little girl and hewellwasn t If that isn t creepy, it s so corny I m practically blowing popcorn out of my ears And the dialogue Max has Um Lovestruck idiot, much Jane can insult him until the sky falls and he ll never get mad at her Wes is extremely boring Although I liked the idea of a shapeshifter that can turn into anything that was cool and fairly original His sudden realization that Emily is the sister he loves and not Jane was random and unbelievable, as well assilly I don t see them together, don t see their connection I don t see Jane and Max s connection either The book is sooo long By the time I was halfway through, I was bored with both the characters and the story It had noemotion I felt nothing when I read it There are also a lot of grammatical formatting errors that are rather distracting.

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    Who knew love could be so confusing An addictive romance paranormal good vs evil kind of novel, The Book of Love is another angel based story that will have you on the edge of your seat.

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    What once hurt, eventually helped me to heal Books involving Angels have always been a fascination to me.There are a couple of Angel books that I love like the Unearthly series and Hush Hush.And Knight Angels made it to one of my favorites.It was told in multiple alternating POVs which was executed flawlessly.This book deserves attention.There are a lot of overrated books nowadays that books like these are barely noticed Jane and Emily s life changed forever after their father died.Jane was with their father when he died.After that she gained the ability to see how people will die which changes every time their actions change.Emily on the other hand also had a gift but was trying to drown it down by getting herself high on drugs.She could read minds which others would treat it as a gift but she doesn t want it.Then Max enters the picture.Max seems to know much about the sisters but was specifically attached to Jane.When their father died Max was there.Max was an angel and he spared Jane s life which was why she was still alive today.But the consequence of that was her ability to see how people will die not really a very nice gift if you ask me.Max s brother Greg was the darker angel.Greg was there to make Max s life miserable enough to make him join his cause.He wanted Max to join the dark side which Max didn t want to despite the many attempts.Wes, Jane s best friend, was also special.He was raised by his foster parents and he didn t have a clue of what he was until recently.Why did Max spare Jane s life Why did Jane and Emily have these abilities What power did Wes have What will happen when Jane found out about Max and Greg What things would Greg do to make Max join him All these questions unfold itself in a steady pace as you go through the book.I don t want to reveal anything in this review because it really would best to experience the whole rollercoaster ride.First of I would have to say I was pretty impressed with how unique the plot of this story was.It was fascinating to read something like this one.Here are the things I liked and did not like with this book 1 There were parts that I felt was a little clich ish like the INSTA love between Max and Jane.That didn t fit well with meSome books could get away with it without it being annoying but this book was not one of them.2 As per character development I think it was pretty okay.There was a bit of stereotyping.Jane was the good girl while the other sister Emily was the bad one.Max was the good boy and the brother Greg was the bad one.I would have preferred Emily to not be the way she is but still Emily would have to be my favorite character.I liked her than I do Jane.Jane was a little boring and I liked reading Emily s POV better.Wes was a little whiny for a guy.Greg interests me like Emily did.He was the bad guy but I wanted to read about him.3 The alternating POV would probably be my favorite part of this book.It was written so flawlessly that it was like watching a movie with little thought bubbles on top of each character.There were not a lot of authors that did this and succeeded in making it this flawless.For me it was one of the good things about this book.4 Interesting take on good and bad angels and everything supernatural in between.5 The ending was pretty good too.It was packaged in a way that you d crave about what happened to them rather than being glad that the book was over.6 Jane would have to be included in my disliked heroine list I wasn t really rooting for her at all.She may be the main character but there was very little to be liked from her.I prefer Emily to be the lead heroine here I liked how edge she was although I hate the drug abuse stuff.7 Max I love him.Need I say All in all I thought this book was good.It was an attention grabber from start to finish.There were tons of details that would keep you hooked in its pages.The plot was executed in a good way although most of the time I feel that there were some irrelevant scenes here and there but still I thought this book was pretty good for a self published book.Will I recommend it Yes I will It is a very promising series and hope that the next books will be just as good.I give this book 4 stars

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    Even though I really liked the concept for this book, I had my reservations when I started reading The Knight Angels because I had just read a book with multiple characters narration that gave me a little trouble But The Knight Angels narration was really great and I can t see how this story could have been told differently We live this fabulous story from many perceptive, but mainly from five different ones Jane Older of two sisters who lived a near death experience when she had a car accident with her father who passed away at age 7 She was left with rather odd talents Emily Jane s younger sister is 16, troubled and taking drugs She s closing herself from everyone around her with goth style and loud music, but this is all an act to hide something bigger Wes Both girls neighbors, Wes is an orphan living with his elder adoptive parents He is deeply in love with Jane, but he also have issues of his own Max He died almost a century ago in a tragic event and he is now an angel, roaming the earth for unclear reasons, but they are clearly tied to Jane Greg Max s twin brother, Greg also died the night Max did, but he stayed behind for much darker reasons He craves for power and will do anything to reach his goal All of them are going to high school together, trying to find their path, all of them involved in complicated relationships, but Jane, Emilie and Wes will discover that there is to this world than what eyes can see They are all key elements in a Magick world Their fate could change History I really loved this book for many reasons, but I think the main one was that for the first time ever, I could relate to one of the main characters, namely Jane Of course I don t have any special powers, but her family issues really hit home, so her feelings felt true to me And it got me wondering if Emily s point of view was how the other side of the fence felt when I ve been in a similar situation I m talking about Jane, but all characters emotions felt right on point, so definitely two thumbs up to Abra for that The plot itself unfolds at a steady pace and you are wondering for quite a while what are each characters ability and how does it affect the story The puzzle pieces eventually fit together brilliantly when characters learn about themselves and their powers It isn t easy for them as they are all confused in a maelstrom of emotions and it makes it all even better, to see them doubt and seek answers This book explores a very interesting perceptive on death, unfinished business and true love Constantly putting it s characters in a challenging position, questioning their beliefs and values They will wonder who are their friends, whom can they trust They will make mistakes, but will they get a second chance When your life is on the line, the risks are high I liked the end, I think everything wrapped up very nicely and I find myself craving for I really want to know what s next for our bunch of teenagers I strongly suggest you pick this book it s passionate and mysterious, be ready for a paranormal and emotional rollercoaster ride You won t be disappointed

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    Why the hell do YA authors these days not seem to understand the nuances of smirk I have come across this multiple times in the past few years and it is driving me mental People seem to think that smirk means charmingly cocky grin THAT IS NOT WHAT IT MEANS Google can tell you this, for God s sake Just googling smirk tells you that it means a smile evoking insolence, scorn, or offensive smugness Wikipedia an affected, often offensively self satisfied smile thefreedictionary a smile expressing scorn, smugness, etc, rather than pleasure dictionary.com Essentially A REALLY DOUCHEY SMILE, not the kind of thing your hero should be constantly doing Though tough heroines are also prone to smirking This little rant is brought about in this review because Knight Angels is a repeat offender.This isn t a bad book This isn t a good book This is a mediocre supernatural YA of the type that you have read 13523050325235890 times before If you like that kind of thing, this isn t so offensively bad that it s unreadable It s just utterly predictable Everyone s the classic sterotypes the smart good Hollywood ugly girl who attracts the mysterious handsome supernatural guy The nice guy guy friend who is in love with the main girl but will never get with her Plus, the bad boy twin brother bonus who is the main antagonist Everything plays out pretty much exactly as you expect This one throws in everyone s POV in short little chapters It s okay, but it s not my thing Especially since everyone sounds pretty similar Except for Wes the nice guy who is whiny than most And Greg the bad boy talks in italics a lot because I guess the boy loves his emphasis.

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    My rating is ranging between 4 and 4.5 stars And these are just my thoughts on certain things.I liked both Max Jane and Wes Emily, but I didn t feel quite as connected to Max Jane as I did Wes Emily Maybe it s because Max and Jane s relationship started off similarly to what I ve read in other books I guess I felt drawn to the relationship Wes and Emily s that I don t believe I ve seen before There is, however, a major difference in Max and Jane s relationship that I think sets them apart from the couples in those other books, and it s this Jane isn t so innocent Max on the other hand haha Well, I really liked that Because usually the boy has experience or both are just new to this Anyway, I really wanted to know about the angels other beings, especially Jane s father and Greg I am feeling a bit iffy about Greg s reason for why he turned against his family I don t know It didn t seem hardcore hopefully, there s to it But other than that, I really enjoyed this book, and I can t wait to read the next one D

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    This is a great start to an exciting new series It was fast paced and engaging read It had a great blend of supernatural characters that worked really well together as did the multiple narrations.The characters were well written but I felt a connection with Emily and Wes the most, and found myself excited to read their parts in the story They weren t perfect characters by far and thats probably why I liked them so much, especially Emily Max and Jane I m sure will have lots of fans though Greg, the evil twin, I found myself wanting to know of his story especially he reasons for being they way he is and hopefully we will in the next installment.It had a great ending wrapping up nicely but leaving a few unanswered questions for the next installments I can t wait to read Book of Revenge.