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Lexi Is Cursed With A Dark Secret The Water Calls To Her, Draws Her In, Forces Her To Sing Her Deadly Song To Unsuspecting Victims If She Succumbs, She Kills If She Doesn T, The Pain Is Unbearable To Keep Herself And Those She Cares About Safe, She Shuts Herself Off, Refusing To Make Friends Or Fall In Love Again Because The Last Time She Fell In Love With A Boy, He Ended Up DeadThen Lexi Finds Herself Torn Against Her Better Judgement, She S Opening Up Again, Falling In Love With Someone New When She Knows She Shouldn T But When She S Offered The Chance To Finally Live A Normal Life, She Learns That The Price She Must Pay To Be Free Of Her Curse Is Giving Him Up

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    I ve summarized the first 25 chapters of Ripple in case you d like an idea of what this book is about view spoiler Girl meets Boy 1 Girl goes swimming, boy wanders into the ocean, and drowns.Two years later, girl watches as Boy 2 prevents her from swimming in a lake with frustration boiling in her veins He skips rocks like a seasoned pro, moving with confident ease, like a guy comfortable in his own skin.Girl feels both stabbed in the stomach and stabbed in the chest in Chapter Two Apparently a curse on her family means that she, a siren, is doomed to swim in the ocean every night instead of sleeping, and she lures men to their deaths with her singing.Girl cooks dinner for grandma, smiles at the straight As on her homework, is paired up with Boy 2 for a random school project, plays Scrabble, goes to study at Boy 2 s house The entryway is soaring, probably thirty feet tall A chandelier drips with crystals There is car trouble, he is understanding and fixes the car, Girl is now attracted to Boy 2 A few paragraphs later, she literally crashes into Boy 3 and he steals her breath away His eyes are a shade of blue she d only ever seen in the mirror, because they look just like hers.Girl goes to the movies with Boy 2 She wears her best fitting jeans and has even left her hair down His black Range Rover is all sparkle and shine They have a real, beautiful, perfect kiss THIS IS WHERE IT GETS EXCITING Girl goes grocery shopping, receives a meticulous and perfect bracelet from her friend, vacuums the shag carpets, washes the wood paneled walls with sweet smelling Murphy Oil Soap, wipes down the marbled Formica counters, and scrubs the pink ceramic toilet in preparation for movie night with the same friend The friend is light, airy, chuckling Another trip to the movies and kissing with Boy 2 Immediately afterwards, she has a conversation with Boy 3, who explains about the curse He s been hiding secrets, but he s also made for her and if they fall in love, they can both be free.People play pool, Girl has hungry kissy time with Boy 2, has an immediate encounter with Boy 3 afterwards, breaks up with Boy 2 the next morning She goes to the beach with Boy 3, who brings a beautiful, worn out handmade quilt to watch the sun set Nevertheless, she still wants Boy 2 The next day, Boy 3 takes her to the boardwalk where they play putt putt golf and drive Go Karts They have an amazing kiss and he shows her his quaint little beach shack with adorable clapboard accents and round, aggregate steps They go to a Harvest Festival Girl is worried about looking slutty in her short denim skirt Boy 3 is obviously thrilled and they kiss on the Ferris Wheel But oh noes, Boy 2 shows up with a date But they go swing dancing and everything is okay It s a warm night for Autumn hide spoiler

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    Ripple was one of my most highly anticipated books I love mermaids and sirens, and the synopsis sounded intriguing And I love the cover Which is usually what draws me in So I started this book with excitement, and was at first intrigued in the story, but then the excitement started to slowly fizzle downward I don t know exactly what I was expecting I guess just a dark, modern fairytale type story with forbidden love and an enchanting feel to it But whatever I may have been wanting from this book, I didn t get it.The base plot was intriguing enough A young siren who killed the boy she loved, isolates herself because of it, then falls in love but knows it could never be for what she is and what she could do to him or how he would treat her when he learned the truth I liked the beginning You can feel Lexi s loneliness, can see how everybody hates her, and how she can t them blame for it, because she knows the truth And then when Lexi s ex best friend reconciles with her, it was such a sweet, precious moment, enough to bring me close to tears And the beginning of her romance with Cole was nice, and could have enfolded into something truly beautiful if not for Erik The love triangle is what stalled the enchantment for me The synopsis clearly states there is one, so it s not like I was disappointed that there was one, I knew there would be I just didn t quite appreciate the way it was done And since the love triangle was pretty much the plot, I didn t quite care for the story as a whole I still liked the book, for the most part It was a nice story, it s just nothing special and not highly recommendable from me at least.

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    Oh, this looks good jul 15th

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    THE FAERYS VIEWRipple by Mandy Hubbard explores the Siren theory in a completely new light from the recent rash of siren books that have taken us by storm lately Ms Hubbard s managed to capture a young girl s nightmarish secret life and describe it through her eyes in a way that you really feel what she s going through Lexi s story is told in the first person, starting two years after a dreadful occurrence that led to her boyfriend, Steven s drowning and the end of life as Lexi knew it At Lexi s 16th birthday party given to her by her bestest friend since childhood and also Stevens sister, she comes into her siren powers and feels an urgent pull to go into the ocean Nothing is the same after that midnight swim Lexi soon figures out that she must swim nightly and finds a secluded lake up in the mountains where she knows she can t kill anyone with her song That is until Cole, Steven s best friend shows up there just as she s stripping down He doesn t see her but she fears her hiding place isn t as safe as she once thought Since the death of Steven, Lexi s guilt and fear of harming another has kept her distanced from everyone once an extremely popular and outgoing girl, she is but a shell of that person now Those that were once her best friends now say nasty things to her and treat her unkindly Cole is the one person left in school who doesn t treat her like she has the plague or like she s a murderer He s extremely good looking and hangs with the popular crowd but Lexi has seen him look at her with sympathy in his eyes Enter Erik, a handsome new student that bears a striking resemblence to Lexi, someone who says he knows her secret and claims he can help her and take away the siren part of her but there s a big catch Before Lexi realizes it, she s caught in a sort of love triangle She is really falling for Cole, the one person who really never gave up on her, he s the boy that put s the flutter in the flutterbee s in her stomach and spending time with him reminds her of who she used to be even when he knows her secret he stands by her Then there is Erik, handsome and polite, the one who says he can cure her of being a siren Lexi doesn t know who she can trust, if anyone I don t want to give to much of the story away, there is so much to it This isn t just a story of a siren it s a story of Lexi and her struggle with the guilt she s endured, her selfless forced isolation and the fight to keep her hidden from others as she swims Lexi has given up everything to hide from others in order to distance them from her This is a story of her struggle but it s also a story of treachery, deceit and murderous intent From whom you ask Well, read the story I would recommend this book to any and all friends and family, young and old It has all the fixings for a great Young Adult Paranormal Romance but it entails mystery, intrigue and danger Ms Hubbard s done an excellent job making her characters so realistic that you feel as if you know them The storyline itself is unique and the plot twists were fantastic The Faery says READ THIS BOOK

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    I loved this book for a lot of reasons One, is that I think Mandy Hubbard is an absolute genius Two, it s not in a series I really love coming across these novels where I can read the whole book and not have to wait for the next one to come out While I have my favorite series out there and tons of people are putting out trilogies, I really look forward to books like Ripple.I loved the story I am really getting into these unusual paranormal young adult novels Lexi is a siren I haven t read a whole lot with sirens and I loved how this was different and stood out The book was very gripping and I couldn t put it down for anything Obviously I couldn t imagine the pain and loneliness that Lexi has lived with, but I was able to connect with her from the very beginning Lexi s such a strong character who is able to take torment from her peers, even from herself, and still manage to keep her head up high At least when anyone is looking My heart ached for Lexi as I saw how far she s fallen I don t know how many times I found myself on the verge of tears because of her story Brilliantly done And Cole, well, he s just the icing on the cake I really loved how he reached out and took a risk and it was to befriend Lexi Very well done.We learn so much in this book and it keeps you guessing I didn t see the ending coming At all I was completely broadsided and loved it I was glued to the pages, anxious to see how it all would turn out It was excellent writing right up to the very last word Again, Mandy Hubbard Genius I must insist that everyone pick this up Because it s amazing Incredible.

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    1.5 stars Lexi is cursed with a dark secret Each day she goes to school like a normal teenager, and each night she must swim, or the pain will be unbearable.At the beginning we are introduced to Lexi with all her self pity, anger and guilt We learn of her secret and why she hides from the world she unintentionally killed her boyfriend by luring him to the water and can t stop blaming herself it isn t spoiler, it s on the first page At the start of new school year two guys start to care about her and she has to choose which one to be with.The problem is that not long after start, it turns out to be a teenage drama, nothing supernatural about it There are dresses, friends, homecoming and the pathetic love triangle If I wanted this kind of thing I would pick up another sort of novel This way you don t get enough of supernatural elements nor romance Don t get me wrong, the romance or at least kisses and descriptions of looks and clothes is all over there, almost on every page, but it s so lame, it never works for me And I don t believe she could really spend two years punishing herself for some guy she had been in love with maybe a month I know that she had killed him, but all in all it hadn t been her fault and she had been only sixteen.Ripple holds no suspense, no thrill, I just pushed myself through it and hoped for something to happen It was boring and I kept thinking Where is the plot When will something happen The thing is you get one final scene full of action and that s all, nothing else And does every character have to be hot, beautiful, stunning and smart with A grades I admit I skimmed a little All right, I skimmed a lot But I did it only for fifty pages The ending was a little bit better because something actually happened, still it wasn t worth the effort.

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    I really enjoyed Mandy Hubbard s first two books They were cute and perfect for those days that you d like something fun and light to read Ripple has definitely topped both of these books Somehow she managed to make a book that seems like it would fall under the paranormal genre into a contemporary one I love that because contemporary is my all time favorite.I just want to gush about how much I loved this book I read it when I was in a reading slump and it yanked me right out of it The beginning had such a somber tone, you could really feel what Lexi was going through She used to be popular Used to have a slew of friends to hang out with every weekend Then she fell in love with Stephen and killed him Because of the guilt, she let everyone blame her She pushed them away, and instead of having those friends in her corner, they re against her, taunt her sometimes All except for Cole.Cole is straight up smexy Sure he could make a lot of people walk into the room and swoon, but he cares for people He s not afraid of pushing Lexi either He knows there is something going on, and he wants that wall that she has built up to be brought down Obviously, I just loved seeing these two characters together I loved the resistance that Lexi had and how badly she wanted to tell her secret and all the reasons why she couldn t.Then came Erik There are so many things I would like to say about him, but I can t due to giving one of the biggest parts of the book away Let s just say I could feel the connection and almost spell he seemed to put on Lexi What makes his character so great is what he brought to the plot Mandy really surprised the heck out of me in the last few chapters At one point I actually yelled WHAT This book had such great elements to it Great characters, easy visuals, and a plot that keeps moving with great twist And Mandy has said that she would like to expand on it and turn it into a series which I think would be awesome These characters and her own spin on Sirens was fantastic, and I d love for there to be about them So go buy this book so it can happen

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    Soooothis wasn t half bad, actually I can t say I m floored but I think it s safe to say that Ripple was an entertaining read and I don t regret reading it The paranormal aspect of the story was ok, the romance cute and the story managed to keep my attention most of the time Every now and then I felt like the author was giving me a little bit too many descriptions and I found myself mentally urging her on to get on with the important stuff already but otherwise I don t have any complaints So, do I recommend this I don t really knowif you have it lying around somewhere or if you re interested in the whole mermaid or siren business, in this case and you can get it from the lib or borrow it from a friend I d say go ahead and give it a try I wouldn t recommend you to go out and buy it, though That s all I ve got to say.

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    This book disappointed me cause cringe There were two main love interests in this book and if you know me you know I love my reverse harem stories but like there was no chemistry between any of the characters so I didn t really enjoy this book.