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Graphic Novel Adaptation of ENDLESS NIGHTGipsy's Acre is a truly beautiful place In fact it is the perfect location to build the house of your dreams so long as you don't believe in ancient curses Michael and Ellie don't They are young rich and far too happy to be put off by an old woman's warnings Even when accidents start to happen

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    نهايه متوقعه

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    4 StarsI can't wait to read the full adaptationI must say I was very intrigued Such diabolical stuff Clever smart people thoughPossibly one of the best if not the best Agatha Cristie books I've ever read Considering it was written towards the end of the career she didn't fail to suprise audiences of the time or me and the audiences of my time I am sure I had no idea of what would happen especially if there would be murder most foul like in her other crime novels I didn't think there would be murder and who the murderer turned out to be shocked me but I guess I should of seen it coming I was dumbstruck like I was to Sara Shepard's seuel to The Pefectionists The Good Girls But if you look closely you may be able to piece it together The ending confused me as well as the start with the Gypsy of Mrs Lee and how Rudolf Santonix figured it out Did she know of the plan already after HE told her or did she piece it together and therefore try to warn HER What was her death? Another murder by the person whom murdered Ellie? Or was it the work of the OTHER HER It left me baffled and there were a few loose ends Like how does the title or the poem by William Blake Auguries of Innocence fit in with the story and the final declaration by Michael Roger the snitch Was he put in prison? What was his Endless Night what does it mean when he proclaims Ellie Fenella Guteman was born to Sweet Delight and he to Endless Night? Explanations please It was very addictive I couldn't really put it down without having it in the back of my mind My brain did get tired but I was always thinking of it the wisp was there It only took me about 2 hours to read with breaks in between I found the characters to be very obnoxious though the mains ones anyway especially Mike and I had firm reason to You couldn't trust him not Uncle Frank or Cora They were trustworthy than him I think though clearly selfish Or maybe Ellie was telling the truth? Perhaps she just didn't get on with her stepmother but she did her dad otherwise why else would he leave the fortune to her and not his 2nd wife? So many uestions I feel sorry for how the characters died because of one man's selfishness Santonix seemed to die a painful death too What would become of Mike? Anyone know?There are definitely gaps in this graphic novel which is why I may have so many uestions Reading the actual novel should clear things up a bit I reckon as I understand graphic novels have to cut stuff out that is apparently unimportant I am sure I'll like it as much

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    Michael Rogers and Ellie Goodman meet at an old ruins rud to be cursed The two fall in love marry purchase the property and build a grand new home on the land where they met scoffing at the rumors of the curse But everything is not perfect in paradiseI've seen a movie adaptation of this Christie and so I knew what was coming but even so it is still one of Christie's most shocking and diabolical twists in her mysteries This graphic novel adaptation is able to convey all the shock of the real story That said it is not a very happy tale and features one of the most conniving of Christie's killers A testament to Christie's skill though not a fun readNotes on content Two or three mild swear words No sexual content beyond a kiss Two fatalities on page neither of which is bloody

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    What could go wrong with a comic adaptation of Agatha Christie's murder mystery?The answer would probably be nothingEspecially when the characters or some scenes were drawn with dramatic references to other pop culture icons A distant aunt that looks like Meryl Streep A blonde devilishly smart woman which bore similarities with Sharon Stone's character in Basic Instinct And the male protagonist which final pose resembled Richard Gere's famous pose for American Gigolo official posterI never read the original novel version Can't remember why That's why this comic book adaptation was the first of its series I bought and read uite interesting though And one should applaud its twist

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    Aku suka versi novelnya tapi imho^^ di adaptasi komiknya ini kerasa garing dan hambar mungkin terutama karena ekspresi karakter 2nya keliatan datar — ga jelas apa lagi marah senang khawatir dllDan mungkin sulit juga meringkas novel jadi komik?Jadinya malah kelewat ringkas dan ga jelas motif pembunuhannya kisah masa lalunya dsb ^ ^;

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    Great illustrations capture a feel of Christie's time and while I felt it may have been a bit too abridged I haven't read this novel so don't know if the abruptness of the ending was faithful to the original or particular to the comic book adaptation it was fast and well paced

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    Adaptasi dari cerita Agatha Christie Menurut saya kurang tergambarkan dengan baik di sini Ketegangan dan suasana misterius tidak tertangkap lewat adaptasi ini

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    I admit it I read these Christie graphic novels for the cover designs At least I understand now why this one was in the bargain bin

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    much better graphic than Ordeal by Innocence story a bit abrupt could have added graphic on the part how great taking over their lives