Novelization of the screen play by Neil Simon Various famous sleuths or their somewhat thinly disguised copies are invited by a mysterious millionaire to stay at his house and solve a who dun it with the winner getting millions

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    Murder by Death by Neil SimonA different version of this note and thoughts on other books are available at and a bizarre propositionThis is not a bad comedyBut given the circumstances it is not what we could expectJust look at the cast Alec Guiness as Bensonmum the blind butler David Niven as one of the five famous detectives Peter Sellers Peter Falk Maggie Smith andTruman Capote take part in this strange filmGuests are invited to this strange mansion to solve a mysteryBut as soon as they arrive the weird becomes outrageousAnd murder attempts are madeAs soon as they arrive they are targeted by falling weightsTheir flair and experience save their livesThere are humorous moments to be sureIt is perhaps just a uestion of expecting such a stellar cast to offer an infinite flow of jokes and laughsThe sound of the door bell is intriguing and amusing if in a dark wayIt is the cry of a woman that we think had just been stabbed to deathAlec Guiness has an amusing nameIt sounds as if he says Benson Madame for he is called BensonmumIndeed a few are taken in by this outer characterWhen he comes with the soup that he needs to serve he pours on the plate NothingThe man cannot seeSome lines are goodI trusted a dame andtwo hours later the Germans marched into FranceOther parts of the dialogue could be enjoyed depending on each individual's taste I smell gas I can't help it I'm old Did you see that? No Neither did IA critic could say that the portrait of Sydney Wang is racistIt reminds me of other roles in which Asians are depicted with arrogance and sillinessA stupid stereotype had actors with exaggerated eye brows simple to idiot conversationAnd bingoThere's your monkey type of characterGranted Sydney Wang is played by Peter SellersAnd he was a magnificent actorAnd Sydney Wang is not a helpless dumbAnd for all intents and purposes this is a comedy and personages have to engage in absurd acts

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    If you have never seen the movie you really must It like the book are hilarious A great spoof of the classic murder mystery with plenty of silliness thrown inThe movie ends very differently from the book In the movie the killer scolds each of the great detectives and accuses them of cheating their readers by making it impossible to solve the crimes They do this by with holding clues or introducing characters in the last two pages that were never in the book before The killer releases them and the movie ends with the best lineWillie Wang asks”so was there a murder Pop?”“Yes killed good weekend”

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    این کتاب با ترجمۀ مقتول قاتل چاپ شده است و ترجمۀ خیلی خوبی هم نیست بخشی از متن تغییر کرده بخشی هم حذف شده است متن دقیقاً نه نمایشنامه است و نه فیلمنامه یک داستان است که با دیالوگ جلو می‌رود یک پارودی از داستان‌های معمایی و کاراگاهی یک اقتباس سینمایی در سال 1976 نیز از این متن وجود دارد که به نظرم دیدن آن به خواندن متن ارجحیّت دارد نمره‌ای که دادم هم بیش از اینکه به متن کتاب باشد به فیلم است

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    It's a fun Romo full of famous detectives

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    Love this movie and loved this book

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    A wonderful mystery

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    Murder by Death written by Henry H R F Keating is based on the original screenplay by Neil Simon For those who have seen this mystery comedy film which stars Eileen Brennan Truman Capote James Coco Peter Falk Alec Guinness Elsa Lanchester David Niven Maggie Smith Nancy Walker and Estelle Winwood there are a few surprises in storeI'm not sure if Keating was working with an earlier draft of the screenplay or if there were changes made on the spot when filming was done but there is a definite difference in the ending as filmed and as it appears in the book And when checking a few things on Wikipedia I was reminded that the televised version but apparently not the theatrical release used to have an added scene with Holmes and Watson arriving as the other Great Detectives are leaving I had forgotten all about thatbut do remember that ending from the very first time I saw it There are also some added exchanges between Twain and his butler to enhance the funJust as a reminder or a teaser for those who have never seen this campy spoof of the country house murder mystery Lionel Twain mystery story aficionado and the 17th richest man in the world has become disgusted with the tricks and cheats and unbelievable solutions that he has found in the stories based on the real cases of the Greatest Detectives on earth He invites five of them with their spouses sidekicks what have yous to a dinner and murder where he challenges them to solve a murder of his own devising If any of them reach the correct conclusion he will give that detective a million dollars If none of them solve the murder then Twain will by default take his ahem rightful place as the Greatest Detective What follows is a fun send up of a number of familiar sleuths and some of their most famous plots from Poirot and Miss Marple to Charlie Chan and Sam Spade as well as Nick and Nora CharlesThe book is a uick read and makes for a nice jaunt down memory lane for those who either saw the movie in the theater or like me who grew up watching it on television Clearly intended as parody there is no effort on the part of Simon andor Keating to make this a fair play mystery but it's pretty obvious who culprit is meant to be Read it for the humor and to recognize the various standard mystery tropes Watch the film for some good in your face comedy First posted on my blog My Reader's Block Please reuest permission before reposting Thanks

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    ادیشنِ فارسی‌ش رو پیدا نکردم و حوصله هم نداشتم بسازم «مقتول قاتل» ه اسم‌ش یه انتشاراتِ ناآشنای عجیب‌وغریبی هم بودخیلی معمولی بود انتظار نداشتم از نیل سایمونیه جورهایی هجوِ داستان‌های کارآگاهی دیگه بود خودِ طرح اصلی داستان من رو یاد «ده بچه زنگی» می‌نداخت که قاتل و مقتول بین اون جمع ن و معلوم نیست کی ن و اینا کاراکترها هم پنج تا کارآگاه معروف و هم‌راه‌هاشون، صاحبِ خونه، پیش‌خدمت و آش‌پز بودن که اون کارآگاه‌ها هر کدوم هجوِ یه کارآگاهِ داستان‌های پلیسی بودن ولی جدا بامزه نبود هیچ م خوش‌م نیومد اون ته‌ش که قاتل معلوم می‌شد ولی خوب بود ی اول پیش‌خدمت بود، بعد معلوم شد وکیلِ صاحب خونه بوده، بعد معلوم شد وکیله رو حساب‌دار صاحب خونه کُشته، بعد معلوم شد دخترِ صاحب خونه بوده که حساب‌داره رو کشته‌بوده، بعد معلوم شد یکی از کارآگاه‌ها بوده که از صاحب خونه متنفر بوده و اون کارآگاهی که توی جمع ه بازی‌گر ه و اجیر شده، بعد معلوم شد خودِ صاحب خونه بوده تهِ ته‌ش که همه‌ی مهمون‌ها رفته‌ن از خونه، صاحب خونه ماسک‌ش رو برمی‌داره و معلوم می‌شه آش‌پزه س از ترجمه‌ش هم انتظار نداشتم که خوب باشه؛ ولی خوب بود

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    The film version of this book was made in the early seventies with an amazing all star cast The film is one of my favorites The book is an exact copy although that's not a criticism I would highly recommend both The book is a fun and light read so either option would be a nice way to pass an evening with

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    Somewhat amusing who dun it If you are a fan of the classic sleuths Charlie Chan Miss Marple et al you will enjoy this send up if only because you are going Ok I know who that is and who that is and himher too