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RM Johnson the Essence bestselling author of Dating Games and The Harris Family delivers an absorbing and provocative new novel about the lowdown schemes and broken dreams that follow a fractured marriageSuccessful business entrepreneur Nate Kenny is thrilled to marry the beautiful and intelligent Monica chiefly because it means he can at last fulfill his lifelong dream of having a family While he isn't happy about it he agrees with Monica to wait three years before trying for pregnancy Once those three years are up and the couple discovers that she is unable to bear children any love he once felt for Monica is gone and Nate wants out of the marriage But he’s worried about losing half of his sixty million dollar fortune in a divorce settlement Desperate for an out he searches for a way to exploit the infidelity clause in the couple’s prenuptial agreement Enter Lewis Waters With his baby's mother addicted to drugs Lewis is already seriously down on his luck when he accidentally smashes his car into Nate’s Bentley Without auto insurance or any way to pay for the repairs Lewis is at the end of his financial rope But the scheming Nate sees another way for the attractive young man to repay his debt as sexual bait for Monica And so Nate sets up Lewis with all of the accessories he believes Lewis will need to earn Monica's love or at the very least her lust a big house a fancy car expensive clothes and a full bank account But as is often the case when it comes to matters of the heart things don’t unfold according to plan When Monica falls hard for Lewis Nate panics—was protecting his fortune important than trying to save his marriage? As he finds himself overwhelmed by second thoughts Nate is willing to do anything to get Monica back An inspired fusion of realism and romance The Million Dollar Divorce is an unpredictable caper of lust betrayal and family ties

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    My first read from this author It was definitely a page turner One of my sisters told me this was a good book and she wasn’t lying It’s was crazy how you going to set your wife up with the next man and she falls for him hard just because you don’t wanna give half of your money But deep down inside you got what you asked for because now you wife done fell for homeboy I tell you money is the root to all evil To know you gotta read the book for yourself

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    A well woven story that’s hard to put down

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    Imagine you're a wealthy man You find the woman of your dreams and marry her You're in love You're happy And business is good You've given your wife the three years she reuested before you start trying for children It's your lifelong dream to have a family Things are good and falling into place Any day now You can't wait to hear those words we're pregnant But the unthinkable happens You discover that you're wife can't have any children You decide you can't go on with this marriage But if you divorce her she gets half of everything you own and you can't have that Wait You've got a plan You hire a man to seduce your wife so that you can exploit a clause in your prenup if she cheats she walks away with nothing It's a good plan Perfect really What could go wrong?RM Johnson does it again If you liked his previous novels you definitely won't be disappointed Good book

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    I can't exactly say why I had not read this book before now but I'm oh so glad I finally read it The plot kept me intrigued as I completed this first part in a day The intro of the characters had me feeling as if I knew them personally as Nate's manipulation evil plan was set in motion Wonderfully written storyline that I'm sure will make a very interesting book discussion So looking forward to reading this entire series

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    There was too much going on in this story and all because of Nathaniel aka Nate's drama filled relationships Have a 🚼 not have a baby to can't make any 🚼s If nothing else there may be story to tell and I would wecome that I gave the book a 4 rating and highly recommend the author RM Johnson's work

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    This was a good example of how marriages can go wrong and what divorces can lead to This was a Goodread indeed One of the very few good books that I've read in a while

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    I enjoyed every moment of this book It keep me on my toes

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    Very good book I'd recommend this to anyone who likes good fiction not just people who like urban fiction this is an all around great book Johnson is a very talented writer and that talent shines through in the story I felt ever different emotion possible while reading this book Most people would think one character made this happen but that's not true EVERY character made me feel this Every single character in this book is made so strong so well and so real it's amazing I don't mean to say the character is strong in terms of how heshe acts in the book but how well they're all madeThe plot is awesome as well The main character Nate Kenny wants children so bad he's willing to do some pretty shady crap to get rid of his wife without losing about 30 mil His plan backfires on him in the end though and he's left having to figure everything outagain Read it

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    A Must ReadThis book held my attention from beginning to endit was difficult to put it down At first I felt sorry for NateI felt Monica should have been up front with him about everything But after reading on and seeing how selfish he was and the lengths he'd go tojust to keep his money which apparently was important to him than anythingI felt like he deserved whatever he gotand even though he came around and realized that his selfish behavior clouded his true love for Monicait was too little too late And the hopeless romantic in me was hoping that Monica would forgive Lewis and get back together with him This is the first novel I've read by RM JohnsonI'll definitely check out

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    This book was uite good from the beginning It all started with a selfish husband who wanted kids so bad he was willing to divorce his wife but not without making sure she didn't end up with half his money He hired a down on his luck man to sleep with his wife to make sure of that When the heart is involved things don't always go according to plan This had a great ending and I can't wait to read the next one