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Bleeeeeh, I quit I need to learn to do this quit a novel after 10 chapters or so when I clearly realize that it will disappoint me in the end Call my policy discriminatory, but I can t give YA the same privilege as Classics or Booker Prize winners They are not allowed to be boring Or slow Or have a dull premise Or be average Plus, the character and the choices they make are so bizarre One moment the male protagonist is cribbing about dying, the next he is checking out some girl, next moment he has the urge to touch a different girl, who for some mysterious reason is at one moment mad at him, and other moment starts making out with him The novel asks too many questions, and if other reviewers are to be believed, it never gives satisfactory answers. 2016 edit I m demoting The Replacement to 2 stars Why Well, I read this book five years ago, and I honestly cannot remember anything about it Other than it took place under a slag heap What s a slag heap I forgot I seem to recall thinking that one, some, or all of the characters were morons So, The Replacement definitely didn t leave a lingering impression on me and certainly didn t call out to me during the last five years for a re read Cover art is still lovely, though original reviewI absolutely adored the originality of The Replacement I think the fact that this is the author s first published book is phenomenal The story s major strength was in its imagery and attention to detail The eerie town of Gentry and the House of Mayhem under the slag heap were so detailed, so vividly imaginative, that it turned Replacement from a fun book to an edge of the seat thrill ride.The characters were also fleshed out very well and very creepily, I might add The Morrigan and the creatures of her court were so hideously delightful, unlike anything I ve read before I liked how they were portrayed, too They weren t evil, and yet they were so creepy and so ominous that you couldn t help but feel apprehensive Side note Don t you just love it when books make you FEEL Though the story deals with changelings I liked how The Replacement seemed to have its own original, tailor made folklore Never once did the word faerie get attached to any of the characters, therefore I felt like I was reading a brand spanking new take on an old concept I m almost positive you haven t read anything like this before.As to the MC himself, Mackie Doyle is one of the most endearing, likable and heroic guys I ve seen in YA fiction in a loooooooong time You could not find a better guy to root for in a story like this His voice is perfect Months after reading The Replacement, I think that the book s actual story definitely held up to its awesome, breathtaking cover Cover design lures you in, story keeps you satisfied Period.All these things being saidI did have some issues with the pacing of the story Seemed like an emphasis on the high school drama subplots and not really enough of a focus on the creatures until halfway in Replacement s thriller suspense tone was offset by high school popularity issues and two chapter long parties which included underage drinking, of course y all know that I find that really annoying It may sound like nitpicking, but in a fantasy story with horror overtones, those things were distracting and threw the pacing off And personally, I could have done without the Alice character I didn t really see any purpose to her inclusion in the story, although I just loved it when Tate beat her up P As to content, be aware that there is strong language throughout this book, as well as some moderate level sexual content, again just FYI for the viewer s discretion.But did I enjoy this book Definitely Would I recommend it I d say it s one that would be worth your time, yes The Replacement was a fascinating, thoroughly original story that I absolutely devoured To my knowledge, it s a standalone novel, and in an age where most authors are birthing out random sequels after the fact, a good ol single installment story is worth its weight Check this out D Though He Lives In The Small Town Of Gentry, Mackie Comes From A World Of Tunnels And Black, Murky Water, A World Of Living Dead Girls Ruled By A Little Tattoed Princess He Is A Replacement Left In The Crib Of A Human Baby Sixteen Years Ago When It Was Stolen Away By The Fey Now, Because Of Fatal Allergies To Iron, Blood And Consecrated Ground, Mackie Is Slowly Dying In The Human World Mackie Would Give Anything Just To Be Normal, To Live Quietly Amongst Humans, Practice His Bass Guitar And Spend Time With His Crush, Tate But When Tate S Baby Sister Goes Missing, Mackie Is Drawn Irrevocably Into The Underworld Of Gentry, Known As Mayhem, Where He Must Face Down The Dark Creatures And Find His Rightful Place In Our World, Or Theirs I can without a doubt say I have never read a book quite like The Replacement before I m convinced Tim Burton needs to purchase the rights to make this into a movie I m sure we can find a role for Johnny Depp. If I had to come up with one word for this book, it would be disjointed I felt disjointed from the characters, disjointed from the plot, and the characters and plot felt disjointed from each other I just didn t understand it It wasn t that the book was complicated, it just didn t work I did not connect to Mackie, the main character, on any level, and I couldn t comprehend his actions Same with the other characters I just didn t know what was up with them Their feelings were up and down, they knew some information, but were ignorant at the same time The relationship between the town of Gentry and the underworld was shady and vague, so it was hard for me to understand the motivations behind the characters Besides that, Mackie was unremarkable, maybe even unlikable I m not very much into emo guys I wish I got out of this book than I did The blurb on the front from Maggie Steifvater describes it as an eerie and beautiful story of ugly things It should be read aloud after dark, at a whisper That is a lovely blurb, enough to entice me to read the book If only the book itself had as much finesse as that single sentence In the end, however, while I appreciate The Replacement s attempt at originality, I found it to be a muddled mess And why was the font so big Tree killers R is for Replacement, The An okay book with interesting ideas by a skilled author but overall an uninvolving experience.E 1 is for Entropy This book is full of it the protagonist and the town he lives in and the supernatural creatures he is dealing with all battle against it.P is for Prejudice I liked this novel s engagement with prejudice and how it literalizes othering Always an important topic, especially so with young adult novels.L is for Limp This is a good description for the final confrontation Quite disappointing.A is for Atmosphere The author knows how to create a strange and often bleak atmosphere when it comes to slag heaps and when it comes to dark, gothic underground lairs Unfortunately, skills at creating atmosphere aren t much there in bringing the town where these places are set to life.C is for Creepy The author also knows how to create creepy images and even creepier supporting characters Kudos E 2 is for Energy Or in this case, a striking lack of energy It s hard to put in words, but there is an oddly lifeless quality to the narrative and characterization This was the opposite of an exciting reading experience.M is for Music A key part of the book, and the most interesting thing happening in the story Music enthralls those responsible for that music live off of that enthrallment Temporary as that spellbinding may be.E 3 is for Escape I m not sure why the obvious solution to living in a town where faerie regularly kidnap children was not forcefully examined get the hell out of there It was mentioned but dropped pretty quickly That bugged.N is for Nice Try I like what the author was trying to go for here kitchen sink realism wedded to dark tales of changelings and faerie Unfortunately, the result was half baked as the supernatural elements and the realism of what makes this town a special place were unconvincing.T is for Time To End This So Called Review. While reading this I felt like I was in a dark funk, and that s because Mackie Doyle has been in this kind of funk for almost his whole life He has never felt like he belongs because he s just a replacement A replacement that has to keep that a secret at all cost, but that can t last for long can it His secret is jeoparized when Tate s little sister is thought to be dead, but Tate doesn t believe that and presses Mackie to give her some answers How can he do that though, when he doesn t even know what he really is himself The relationships that Mackie has are the strongest part of the book My favorite one being Mackie s relationship with his sister Emma, but his friends also were top notch What also was done well was the feel of the oppressive cloud that Gentry has over it s head You can tell the secrets are being buried, but no matter how hard the people try, the secrets bubble up to the surface again Now, I wasn t feeling the chemistry between Mackie and Tate at first I kept wondering why Mackie even liked her, but as the story progresses the romance between them does get better Then there is this scene where the ugly things undergound play a concert and I m assuming you were suppose to feel the music and just how great it was I guess I m not that intuitive because I tried but I couldn t get it All I kept thinking was,Ok, so they play really good andThose are little irks though because I could understand Mackie He tries so hard to be normal, and aches to be like everyone else, but he knows deep down he won t be able to do that Along the way he comes to learn that people do actually love him despite and because of what he is.The cover is very fitting to the book, and I think it s interesting how the author put old superstitions into pratical ways it would hurt a person like Mackie I m not sure, but it looks like there might be a series Either way the story can stand on it s own Just so people will know, there is teen drinking and some profanity Get lost in the world of ugly things, but coming out you might realize maybe, just maybe, they aren t as ugly as they seem. I ve always been intrigued by changeling storiesbut this one is pretty disappointing, as it has unmemorable characters and a fairly predictable, run of the mill plot. So to put it simply, I was not a fan of this book Like, at all Actually, I kind of hated it I m really not sure what I was expecting it to be, but I definitely wasn t thinking it would be a lame high school drama mixed with painfully dull characters and even painfully boring and lackluster writing I guess the cover is what attracted me to read this book in the first place, but honestly, great packaging and poor content does not equal a good book.First, there were the thoroughly unlikable characters Tate was an angry stalker full of contempt towards Mackie, Roswell was a total perv who treated women like pieces of meat, Mackie s parents were typical and stereotyped and completely unwilling to do anything useful, and everyone else was easily forgettable I didn t like these characters, therefore I didn t care what happened to them.Then there was Mackie Doyle, the tortured soul main character Usually I love reading from a guy s point of view Ship Breaker, Leviathanamazing but I could not connect with him at all All Mackie seemed to do was a be pale and emo b get nauseous or faint every time he was around metal or blood or loud noises or strong smells or slight air currents c lust after Alice the slutty hot girl in school, or d talk about how incredibly fake everyone is in town It got old very quickly I have a difficult time sympathizing with a character who does nothing but whine and complain all the time, even if it s for a legitimate reason In the end, Mackie was just a male version of Bella Swan empty, dull, bland, vapid and I couldn t bring myself to care about what happened to him either Speaking of tortured, the writing was just awful. It was serious work just trying to slog through each chapter To give you some idea of what I m talking about, imagine reading something like this for 340 pages, and you ll get the picture very quickly I yanked off my T shirt and pulled the shades down Then I lay down with my face to the wall and pulled the covers over my head I woke up with a jolt It was dark My phone was buzzing on my bedside table, and I rolled over I wanted to go to sleep The phone just kept buzzing Soooo have you fallen asleep yet I don t know, but for me, this kind of writing is incredibly bland and formulaic I woke up and did a It was b and c Then I did d I felt e Then blah, blah,blah I just can t stay focused on writing like this It s almost as exciting as watching paint dry And thenhow about character dialogues like this Come on, you don t want to miss this Tis the season for girls to dress like hookers We ll catch up with the twins, get a little socially lubricated I have this feeling that Alice is particularly looking forward to your company Are you kidding me First off Brenna, nobody talks like this In my 4 years of high school and 6 years of college, I ve not once heard anyone use the term socially lubricated Second of all, no one is going to like characters who either are hookers or who label girls as being hookers or obsess over girls because they dress like hookers Maybe people do this, but that doesn t make me want to read about them, and it sure doesn t lead me to care about what happens to them Further, I would not recommend a book that makes women out to be hoes or treats sex so casually I m not being unrealistic or a prude I just find it to be completely unnecessary when it has nothing to do with the plot or the characterization If you have an awesome story and brilliant writing, you don t need to waste your time or the reader s with cheap add ins about getting trashed and banging the popular girls at school Another aspect of the writing that drove me crazy were all of the contradicting statements I m guessing they were intentional, but I didn t understand the point of them, except to make me really confused She looked strange and fantastical and startling and normal How do you look strange and normal at the same time when I glanced in the mirror again, I recognized myself, and I didn t So did you or didn t you As soon as I reached the bottom of the ravine, I felt desperately relieved And much, much worse Umm relief means alleviation and the removal of pain, so how would you feel worse if you were relieved Finally, I hate obvious plot holes even little ones I consider myself to be a halfway intelligent person, and I don t appreciate books that try to breeze over contradictions like I m too stupid to notice So, if I m reading along and something clearly makes no logical sense based on what the author has already laid out, it drives me right up the wall For example Mackie is supposed to act like a normal kid and not get noticed Yet some days he has completely black eyes don t you think that someone would maybe, just maybe, notice something that freaky Mackie is hypersensitive to loud noises, like doors that close too fast and yet he can go to heavy metal rock concerts with mosh pits and be just fine WHAT So, Mackie can drink beer out of a can, huh I thought he was deathly allergic to metal in any form.Every seven years the town gives one of their children to the underworld demon creatures and they, in turn, make the town prosper So I was picturing something like out of the Stepford Wives beautiful mansions, manicured lawns, everything perfect to cover up something ugly But not once is the town described as perfect or prospering in fact, it s run down and poor So I don t get it what was the point of sacrificing a kid every seven years And on a completely different note, WHAT was UP with the rock concerts The Morigan and her crew had to put on heavy metal rock concerts to appease the people of Gentry so that they would still sacrifice their babies HUH I am so confused about that part ALSO, Brenna I am sorry but I had NO CLUE what bands you were talking about, besides maybe Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson who I don t listen to, and have zero interest in What the heck was this about anyways And then after that,it s never mentioned in the book again If you have any idea what was going on during this part, where Mackie was playing his bass guitar along with the other demon people, PLEASE let me know, because I am totally LOST I will end by just saying that this book wasn t for me That doesn t mean it isn t for anyone, but I personally disliked it to no end The writing was stale and stilted, the characters were completely unlikable, the dialogue was fake and cheesy, and the premise while intriguing was never able to reach its full potential I did finish this book, trying to give it a chance, but in the end, there really was nothing about this book that I liked.Lea LC s Adventures in Libraryland I love weird, and I love horror vibes with romance thrown in So this was all of my cups of tea Peppermint included The whole idea of a weirdly, sick, creature baby getting switched with a human one was pretty freaking awesome Mackie may just be one of my favorite MCs ever He was sweet and relatable At first he didn t want to get involved with things And to be truthful, I wouldn t either Especially when there is all kinds of craziness going on below ground Seriously loved all the side characters, especially Roswell And I can t forget about Emma, Tate, or the twins Yovanoff has wonderful descriptions that aren t bordering anywhere near tiring I could feel and see everything she described Seriously loved this story And I just threw my money out the window to order the rest of her books