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Alternate Cover Edition HereHis Life Was Like A Recurring Nightmare A Train To Nowhere But An Ordinary Life Has A Way Of Taking An Extraordinary Turn Add A Girl Whose Ears Are So Exquisite That, When Uncovered, They Improve Sex A Thousand Fold, A Runaway Friend, A Right Wing Politico, An Ovine Obsessed Professor And A Manic Depressive In A Sheep Outfit, Implicate Them In A Hunt For A Sheep, That May Or May Not Be Running The World, And The Upshot Is Another Singular Masterpiece From Japan S Finest Novelist From The Back Cover

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    Reading Murakami is like experiencing someone else s dream Trying to review Murakami is like trying to remember your own scattered events, confusing narrative lapses, inexplicable elements, petrified whale penises A series of images And then you wake up And wonder what that was all about.

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    A Wild Sheep Chase was the third book that I have read by Murakami I found out after I finished that it is that third book in The Trilogy of the Rat The first two books in this series are now out of print, but after reading A Wild Sheep Chase, I think I have to chase down some used copies of the novels and experience the trilogy in full.I interpreted the novel to be a story of emotion journey than a story of physical journey There was an actual journey involved as the main character went in search of the mythical sheep, but the true focus of the book was on the character s emotions Murakami didn t even give the protagonist or many of the other characters in the novel a name The main character could stand for any one of us I believe that the mythical sheep can be seen as either the meaning of life, which sounds cliche but bear with me, or, what happens when we lose sight of the true meaning of life.Our main character let s call him Max for discussion s sake finds himself at the end of his marriage His wife have left him for a friend of his, and he can t understand what that guy has that he doesn t, since the friend doesn t have a lot of money and he plays the guitar too much The girlfriend that Max hooks up with following the breakup of his marriage is a talented, quirky girl who compliments his own quirks nicely Yet throughout the relationship, he is obsessed with her ears, a part of her, instead of the whole of her She, on the other hand, has shown herself to be quite devoted to him, even supporting and joining him on his quest for the sheep.These examples, plus his long running friendship with his business partner and the company that they ran together, all worked together to form a meaning to his life that Max was unable to recognize or embrace He was on his own sheep chase looking for meaning that he already had When he finally caught up with The Rat and had their final chat on the mountain, he realized, to a small degree, what he had been doing wrong The Rat had left everything he knew behind, including a woman who loved him, in search of new environments and new adventure in hope of some new meaning in life What he ended up doing was forsaking the people and life that cared about him, that gave his existence meaning, and was overtaken by the mythical sheep The encounter and habitation with the sheep revealed to The Rat that he had wasted his true meaning and life and was now left with an empty existance, when he should have appreciated and found meaning in the path he was originally given The results for The Rat were thusly catastrophic Max , realizing this, leaves the mountainside with no girlfriend, no business, no business partner, and no wife, but with the enlightenment that it is not too late to find meaning in his life.As a side story, the Sheep Professor serves as a microcosm of the larger plot Having everything he needed in a profession that he loved and a family who cared for him, he gave it all up and sought the sheep He had the sheep as a part of him for a period of time, only to lose even that In the end he was left with nothing except a son who wished that his father had cared about him.I loved the way that Max s emotions were described throughout the novel and how through Max we can see the results of not appreciating what we have, and also the overall process of what it is like to develop emotionally and truly realize what is important to us, what fulfills us, and what we need to do to keep those things in our lives.

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    Hitsuji o meguru bo ken A Wild Sheep Chase The Rat, 3 , Haruki MurakamiThis quasi detective tale follows an unnamed, chain smoking narrator and his adventures in Tokyo and Hokkaido in 1978 The story begins when the recently divorced protagonist, an advertisement executive, publishes a photo of a pastoral scene sent to him in a confessional letter by his long lost friend, The Rat He is contacted by a mysterious man representing The Boss, a central force behind Japan s political and economic elite who is now slowly dying The Boss secretary tells him that a strange sheep with a star shaped birthmark, pictured in the advertisement, was in some way the secret source of the Boss power and that he has two months to find that sheep or his career and life will be ruined The narrator and his girlfriend, who possesses magically seductive and supernaturally perceptive ears, travel to the north of Japan to find that sheep and his vagabond friend As he discovers that he is chasing an unknowable power that has been exerting its influence for decades, he encounters figures from his own past, unusual characters, and those who have encountered the sheep before 2017 3 1392 360 9789647253628 20 1989

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    A Wild Sheep Chase is a trippy tale with a mix of detective story, myth, fantasy and philosophy Though it can be enjoyed simply as a fable at its face value, just a little thought reveals a multi layered allegory On one hand, the sheep could signify post war Japan itself At the same time, the protagonist s sheep chase also ends up being a search for his own identity, his emotions and meaning of his existence It is as much a physical journey as a spiritual journey There are also several references to Japan s history, its cultural and spiritual beliefs, which fit very smoothly with the obvious western influence and pop culture allusions For a multi layered story, the writing is deceptively simple It was mainly the last few chapters where the symbolism struck home and left me thinking about the novel long after I had finished reading it More than the plot, it is the little things about Murakami s writing which make this book memorable What I am going to remember the most is how Murakami captures the mood of a place or a moment of time It is as if a room or a rock or wind are really alive and that time, darkness, silence have several characteristics of their own There is marvelous imagery, astounding descriptions of natural landscape and beautiful metaphors The lead character is apathetic and mostly emotion less, yet he does notice the shimmer of water in the sunlight or chirping of birds He also has an interesting way of looking at mundane things and his thoughts often wander in strange directions And Murakami s sense of humor is so cute PS If I happen to see a sheep during the next few days, it might creep me out a little Damn you magic sheep

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    My first Murakami and I really enjoyed it.

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    A play on the old saying a wild goose chase , I m afraid this book reads like another old saying, a complete waste of time It felt to me that a random series of events had been linked together to form a very loose and aimless narrative I really had no idea what was going on or what I m supposed to take from this tale.I m a fan of the author and I believe he s written some stunning books, my personal favourites in order being 1 1Q842 The Wind up Bird Chronicle3 Kafka on the Shore4 Norwegian WoodAlthough the order of the first three is interchangeable, depending on my prevailing mood.I should have been forewarned regarding this offering as I d previously, randomly, read Dance, Dance, Dance which I found incomprehensible They re both part of the mini series of Rat books Murakami penned through the 80 s and 90 s and AWSC is the precursor to DDD I d rather hoped that the former would provide some structure and some background to the latter but I m afraid it just didn t hold my interest sufficiently to fully test this I found myself drifting off through sections of the book and the whole thing just washed over me without leaving much of an impression at all So, the answers might have been there I really don t know.So why two stars and not only one Well, at heart, this is a detective story and I like detective stories There are too many unlikely coincidences and shaky plot connections here but Murakami s natural flow is also evident it s easy to read and has some nice lines Also, I only ever give one star to books I can t bring myself to finish and I did finish this one.My advice is give this one a miss but do catch up with his better work, you won t be sorry you did.

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    Read for Popsugar s 2018 Reading Challenge 7 A book set in a country that fascinates you This was my first full length Murakami novel, and it was fantastic I was expecting it to be a bit weird and surreal than it ended up being, but near the end there it definitely got strange I sort of lost interest a bit near the end, but all in all I think this was a great book.Something I really liked is how every character is nameless, at least their real names are never mentioned The narrator, his ex wife, his cat, and his girlfriend among other characters are essentially blank slates with no names or faces, and it really added to the overall vibe of the book some other characters are The Rat, J, The Sheep Man, The Sheep Professor etc This book wasn t really about the characters or the plot so much, which sounds really weird and is hard to explain, but I think this wacky style for writing a book just somehow works perfectly for Murakami I don t know how he does it, but I ll definitely be reading of his books in the future.

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    I don t really know if it s the right thing to do, making new life Kids grow up, generations take their place What does it all come to More hills bulldozed and ocean fronts filled in Faster cars and cats run over Who needs it This is the first book Murakami wrote as a full time novelist, and his third overall The third book in the Rat Trilogy, the story revolves around a strange mystery surrounding an enigmatic sheep in Hokkaido, and how the narrator starts on an adventure to find something that even he can t grasp properly Here, Murakami touches up on themes like right wing politics in Japan, and ear fetish Take a dip into this fast paced mystery with a strange surrealistic undertone, as we smoke Seven Stars and enjoy the dull, cold weather of Sapporo, searching for a long lost friend.

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    When one is approached by a random person and asked to locate a life form that is physically unable to exist, but which you have a picture of, and you choose to do it because you have to, you know you re in for something fantastical Part noir thriller, part philosophical daydream, the wild sheep chase moves effortlessly along partially due to the brilliant translation , and scene by scene we are and drawn into the story of soon to be thirty year old J Philosophical detours into entymology, time and space, and the nature of what it means to have arrived just too late abound, and they re actually fun to think about too much philosophical jargon really gets me going One of my favorite themes was the notion of silence, especially one that follows some kind of dramatic action Several times throughout the novel the protagonist finds himself on a room, both alone and with other people, where different kinds of silence rest on things I was blown away by the different ways one could express a single concept, and in each new description bring a completely new meaning to the word For example, The silence was not unlike the feeling one could get when the last curtain closes after a performance, the audience now gone, and the janitor, perhaps a man in his fifties with a wheeze, stands for a moment to inspect the job before getting on with the sweeping Or A silence hung in the room as if a window, open since earlier in the day, had finally been shut, the dust now settling onto the furniture You see what I mean It s little things in this book And things that are not said Those always get me.Ultimately, this was a very satisfying read, and I highly recommend it And I m probably going to read others.