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I ve been putting off writing my review of this book hoping I would come up with the right words to say But that s just it All I can come up with is ITS AMAZING Beautifully written, this is my favorite Ethan Day novel to date. Ten Years And Many Boyfriends Later, Cassidy Winters Finally Returns To The Ancestral Home Of His Grandmother, Sadie Hart, Despite The Best Efforts Of His Father To Prevent It Cassidy S Plans Of A Quiet, Seaside Ceremony To Wish A Final Farewell To Sadie Quickly Unravel As Interruptions Run Roughshod Beginning With Neil Who Walks Out Of The Ocean And Straight Into Cassidy S Bed The Dominos Topple One By One When The Little Dog He Rescues From The Hounds Of Hell Brings Him To Ben, The Hunky Vet Who Rescues Cassidy Right Back News Of His Arrival Spreads Faster Than Cassidy S Legs, Bringing His Boyhood Friend And First Love Nate Sommers To His Doorstep Leaving Cassidy Spiraling Into A Multi Layered Love Snafu As If The Island Wasn T Getting Crowded Enough For Cassidy S Good Taste And Bad Decisions, Best Friends Ollie And Spencer Arrive In Time To Witness The Uninvited Return Of Cassidy S Most Recent Ex, Teddy, Who S Refusing To Stay Dumped Fists Fly And All Hell Breaks Loose Amid Mojitos And Martinis As Cassidy Finds Himself Planning A Huge Party To Celebrate Sadie S Life Accusations Are Aimed As Arguments And Libidos Boil Over, But Even Through The Chaos Cassidy Knows Exactly What He Wants While He S Certainly Willing, He Isn T Sure If He S Ready Or Able For Love And Life At Pipers PointCopyright Ethan Day All Rights Reserved So I ve finally figured out what it is that resonates with me when I read an Ethan Day book, EVERYTHING is familiar From the music that these boys listen to, to the cocktail choices, to the allusions to Shrinkage it all brings back very good kinds of reminiscing for me.I love Ethan s books because they are funny, and sweet, but have real struggles and pain that he presents in a way that is just delightful to read.This book finds Cassidy Winters coming home to Piper s Point to reclaim his grandmother s house which he got after fighting his spiteful father in court and to bring her ashes home.It s been ten years, he is so nervous that those people he loved as a boy when he came to Piper s Point during summers, would judge him for leaving for so long, or if they would accept him back, particularly Nate, his first crush, his first love, his first EVERYTHINGThis book dealt with so many serious things, grief, not only for a grandparent but for the only person that showed him unconditional acceptance and lovehe is so frightened of love, of even giving into it with Nate who means everything to him..with this book I thought a lot about two thingsthe things that we do to ourselves out of fear, and the things that even those who love us may hurt us withCassidy s grandmother was a free spirit, and she may have left him with a sense of insecurity that really affected his ability to let goif the only person that truly loves you can t be depended on what does that say for others.And with all that you can still laugh of Cass sluttiness, his mess with men,love Nate s easygoing way, Ollie and Spencer who are like the guardian angels that nudge people in the right direction.The town and it s fortitudeI loved this book, Ethan made laugh at and with Cass, made me cry for him, yell at himwhile rooting for his slutty ass to get the happy ending he certainly deserved.A great bookI loved it. Ultimate uproar Gloriously gay Healing homecoming.Do you believe in soulmates That one person was created for you and you alone I do.This story celebrates that belief and I savored every bit of it A tale about best friends bonding eternally before they knew what wonders that involved They drift apart for a few years, but grief and death unite them once again.As much as this was a hilarious comedy, it was also deeply layered with notable lessons It touches on the challenges of surviving grief after loss of a loved one, forgiving yourself despite your shortcomings, and standing your ground while fighting the good fight.Young love slowly develops between Cassidy and Nate during their summers on Hart s Island Cassidy finds freedom and love at Pipers Point, the island where his grandmother lives He lives a cold and sterile life 9 months of the year, with strict parents that have no time for him His summer breaks however, are packed with all the love, harmony and laughs that he is missing His granny, don t let her hear that Sadie is a firecracker and does her best to give Cassidy what he is missing when he stays with her Sadie s dear friend and housekeeper resides with her, along with her son, Nate.Cassidy and Nate grew up connected at the hip, and before long, they discover new and hesitant desires Cassidy leaves for college, Sadie becomes ill, and soon slips away abandoning Cassidy in this world all alone Or is he Fast forward a few years and Cassidy finds himself face to face with Sadie s estate, wake planning, and other ghosts he would prefer to leave locked up Sounds kinda sad, right At times it is, but it is generously sprinkled with humor.Every man that wanders into the picture is delightfully gay and they seem to have a common denominator, which is Cassidy s bed Between his pair of hysterical best friends both castaways of Cassidy , his recent ex, and a beach beauty hook up, the testosterone is so heavy you can taste it I giggled, I chuckled, and I burst out uncontrollable belly laughs Pure frenzied awkward comedy at its finest I found the chaos addicting and thoroughly enjoyed the messy mash of characters This story should come with a smile guarantee, for I can promise you ll crack a grin or two If you re looking for a lovely tale of friends to lovers, with a touch of every emotion in the rainbow, this is the perfect story for you 4 joining jumbled jubilant stars I must confess, I ve owned this book since the day it was released but put off reading it because of thinking Cassidy would turn out to be an uber slut in the book and from the fear I d get sex from his one night stands than between the two MCs I m happy to report that I was completely wrong on that front I really enjoyed this book It was funny but at the same time lightly angsty and an easy read I smiled and I laughed but my heart also clenched a few times.I loved Cassidy and Nate They were both frustrating but I really liked the ease they had with each other for most of the book Even when they were awkward or uneasy around one another they still had a rightness to their time together It was nice to see since I like reading about guys that ll freely touch each other when they don t have to without making it into something too mushy I know when I read some books I m screaming in my head WILL YOU JUST HUG HIM ALREADY and this was the first book that actually heard my silent cries and followed them Lol Cassidy, though, he was a surprise He had a perfectness to him but still felt real He was loved by all but he didn t just brush it off, he had everyone s feelings at heart at least while he s at Piper s Point but it wasn t overly annoying how much attention he attracted Nate, aw, Nate How can you hate someone that gets jealous over Cassidy s one night stand I mean come on Seriously, Nate s jealousy turned me on like nothing else.The flow of the story is easy to follow and took me on quite a little ride The plot may seem simple and boring but it s honestly not It s interesting to say the least and meeting all Cassidy s friends who, yes, are almost all past boyfriends , learning about Sadie and all the townsfolk gave the book an appeal that draws you in but still holds you with the light angst and witty, sometimes snarky, banter With that said, I was so frustrated sometimes I wanted to smack Nate and Cassidy and tell them to TALK ALREADY Tiny misunderstandings led to a few moments that made me want to scream There were also a few scenes that couldn t hold my attention at all and they, surprisingly, weren t the ones of flashbacks since the flashbacks seemed to just make the story flow better It was actually after the flashbacks ended that I found it dragged a time or two However, there were freaking hysterical parts that had me falling off my seat laughing and still chuckling five minutes later when I was still thinking about it.All in all, this was a surprisingly, delightful story I really enjoyed it, the eccentric characters and the funny moments I wouldn t be opposed to reading about the guys gracing the steps of Piper s Point Definitely recommended. DNFI made it through about halfway and had to give up I really cannot stand characters who are so deluded that they tell themselves the truth, they know what the truth is, and they still choose to ignore it and lie to themselves and then act all hurt when the lies come to bite them in the ass This is where the book was going Both main characters are gorgeous men, of course, but one is supposed to be the kind that inspires others, engulfs them with his beauty or some such drivel, while the other is just a plain old gorgeous guy I stopped before they actually had sex because despite both wanting to and us readers knowing it was going to happen, we all still had to act surprised when it did Errrr no Update First read in October, 2012, this review is for the audiobook which I completed on 4 8 16 I first read this story in 2012, as I was just discovering the joys of reading M M romance, and it was also the first story by Ethan Day that crossed my path Now, over 1500 books later, I found this to be just as refreshing, just as humorous, and just as poignantly emotional as it was the first time I read it Couple Ethan Day s sense of humor with the delivery of Michael Lesley s imaginative narration, and it s an audiobook that is sure to be a hit This is the story of Cassidy Winters who returns to the island where he spent every summer with his grandmother, Sadie Hart It s always felt like home to him, as his parents were emotionally absent all his life, and he was well loved by Sadie, her housekeeper, Natalie, and Natalie s son, the very handsome, Nate Cassidy has inherited Sadie s home on Hart s Island after a long, protracted court battle with his father, the very wealthy, but cold, Lionel Winters On Hart s Island, Sadie was an essential member of the community, and it was on the beach near the lighthouse where she met the love of her life, the husband who then left her a widow at a young age after a boating accident Cassidy s mission on the island is to fulfill her wish to have her ashes scattered at Piper s Point He has another mission in mind as well he s finally back after than a ten year absence, and he s ready to claim the man of his dreams.The journey home, not just the physical journey, but the emotional one brought on by maturity and self awareness, forms the core theme of this story Surrounded by close friends, new and past lovers, and his one true love, Nate, Cassidy finds his way back and ultimately becomes a part of the whole community in both body and spirit It s the tale of his journey to finding his true place in the world that makes this story incredibly good from the day he first arrives and is seduced by the gorgeous Neil when he wades out of the water to discover a nude Cassidy sunbathing on the beach to the arrival of his best friends, both of whom were past lovers and the later arrival of Teddy, his most recent ex lover and finally, Nate, his first love, the man Cassidy has come to realize he loves with all his heart Michael Lesley truly displays his multi voiced talent in this one as he portrays each of the cast of secondary characters, and the many townspeople, with unique and interesting voices I enjoyed the special effects he used during times when than one person was speaking at once just as much as I enjoyed the humor and wit displayed by the very talented Ethan Day This is a great combo, and if you enjoy MM romances with slow burn, humor, men with pets, and a roomful of hot men, this one is for you Don t miss the chance to listen to the amazing audio version It s like getting the cherry on the ice cream sundae it just hits the spot perfectly. 3.5 starsWhile I enjoyed this book and the story overall, I had a tough time engaging with Cassidy and Nate as a couple Ethan Day s writing style, however was engaging and fully of wit I enjoyed the story of Cassidy s mourning his grandmother and trying to come to terms with the way he has been living his life and what he should be doing to move forward This was my first book by Ethan Day, but I look forward to reading.All of the characters had clearly written personalities and all of them engage with a different aspect of Cassidy s personality Some of the highlights of the book were when all of the men were just hanging out with each other I could probably read a whole book of them just hanging out The flashbacks to the summers Cassidy spent with his grandmother and the profound effect she had on his life were heartfelt and touching The flashbacks were also the most engaging parts of the story of Nate and Cassidy What I needed and didn t get, though, was a good picture of the current relationship between Nate and Cassidy There was a long separation between the last time they were together as teenagers and Cassidy s return to the island If the two hadn t run into each other there again, I don t think one would have ever sought out the other, yet neither of them was able to truly move on and be in a real relationship with anyone else With this much between them, there was actually very little time spent with them working things out You could feel the love between them, but at times it felt almost a brotherly love not in an icky sense of two men who had grown up together Other than this feeling that something was missing there, the book was an enjoyable read. As far as the actual story was concerned, I didn t think it was too bad, quite funny in parts and I was really happy that Cassidy and Nate finally got it together 3.5 stars for the story, null points for the narration as we people in Eurovision land say.And now she says dramatically we turn to the performance by Michael Lesley Mr Lesley s wildly flamboyant and exaggeratedly OTT performance as the narrator may have been funny at times, I ll concede, on The Lightning Struck Heart it was a wickedly funny story anyway so he couldn t really ruin it for me, BUT this is me saying no thanks to any of his vocal interpretations The phrase over acting clearly springs to mind and he would definitely win one of those coveted Razzie awards if I had a say in the matter.I was under the impression possibly mistakenly, what do I know that the story was the most important part of a reader s listening reading experience Of course, there are great, good and pretty bad stories just as there are unfortunately great, good and pretty ordinary narrators Some narrators add absolutely zilch, nada, nichts to the story and their storytelling voices are dreary and monotonous with hardly any or no distinction at all between characters no names being mentioned here, although I could obviously point a few fingers , while others lift a story to heights of perfection that you wouldn t normally achieve from just reading the story alone BUT and it s a huge but the narrator is nothing without the story to begin with, whether it s good, bad or indifferent Sadly for me on this occasion, Mr Lesley got rather too full of his own self importance, tried to let his narration overshadow the story and pimped up his characterisations of Cassidy et al to almost laughable levels his dramatic pauses, silly giggles and squeals and annoying Scarlett O Hara type Southern accents just succeeded in spoiling everything and make me want to get the whole experience over with as quickly as possible This was not a free copy generously provided by the narrator, my opinion wouldn t have been any different if it had been. Some Reviews for At Piper s Point 5 Stars and a Recommended Read from Dark Diva Reviews Wacky, loving characters, snarky humor, and screwball antics perfectly balanced by emotional depth make At Piper s Point by Ethan Day the best book he has written to date Aunt Lynn from Reviews by Jessewave gave it 5 Stars Run, don t walk, to pick up this latest story by the wonderful Ethan Day You won t be sorry 5 Stars from Michele n Jeff Reviews Ethan Day s quick wit and talent for character development makes At Piper s Point a genuine pleasure to experience 5 Stars from Literary Nymphs The exceedingly talented Ethan Day has created an excellent multi leveled story that I enjoyed immensely 4.75 Stars from the Bookwenches Day has an engaging writing style, a flawless sense of comic timing, and a flair for creating vivid and personable characters 4.5 Stars from Rainbow Reviews This romantic comedy drama is well written, humorous and with many sexy as well as sweet moments.