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They Are Here They Ride The Four Horsemen Of The ApocalypseHis Name Is Ares, And The Fate Of Mankind Rests On His Powerful Shoulders If He Falls To The Forces Of Evil, The World Falls Too As One Of The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse, He Is Far Stronger Than Any Mortal, But Even He Cannot Fight His Destiny Forever Not When His Own Brother Plots Against Him Yet There Is One Last Hope Gifted In A Way Other Humans Can T Or Won T Understand, Cara Thornhart Is The Key To Both This Horseman S Safety And His Doom But Involving Cara Will Prove Treacherous, Even Beyond The Maddening, Dangerous Desire That Seizes Them The Moment They Meet For Staving Off Eternal Darkness Could Have A Staggering Cost Cara S Life

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    Let s start with the cover s Why do PNR books almost always have on them the half naked hot dude who s missing half of his face There was a time when I didn t really mind it but enough already See the UK version for this book AWESOME I really REALLY love it And I saw many book covers from the UK which were pretty good which means that the trends are different there Anyways, I m hoping that US books, especially from this genre, will change the cover style a bit because this isn t hot any.I ve always liked a good Armageddon theme The story was actually what I loved the most about Eternal Rider It been a while since the last time I ve read a PNR book and this one seemed good I m a real big fan of Larissa Ione and I was sure she wouldn t disappoint.The whole Apocalypse thing is popular lately so I see Larissa Ione s decision to shift Demonica into this as a breath of fresh air I respect the fact that she knew when to take this break and didn t lengthen Demonica into something well sh tty Eventually it would have turned out boring, trust me on this one It helps if you read the whole Demonica series before starting this but I guess you could manage if you didn t You d miss some details but nothing too important.Twenty ways to f ck up a human mind a good title for this book This poor chick, Cara, is going through a lot of sh t in Eternal Rider I never get tired of seeing a human react to the whole The Boogeyman Is Real story What should be the normal reaction to The Bogeyman Is Real This Yep Eventually she dealt with it and all was fine.Ares was a good character Ever since I watched Xena, 1000 years ago, I got my eyes on Ares It s not the same guy but the name makes me think of the actor don t know his name, I just know that he died so R.I.P sad face who was a major hottie badass assh le and I mean assh le in a good way.Anyways, back to the Ares at hand I loved those scenes when he went all badass on poor Cara The girl was a wuss at first so she needed a bit of training I ve always admired strong heroines so the thought of Cara being weak and the typical damsel in distress made me worry a bit She wasn t the typical strong and ruthless character but she did ok If she was than this she d clash with Ares and they d up kicking each other s ass non stop No good chemistry there, I m sure Now u go to Cara and Hal I ve always admired characters that can tame beasts and then form that friendship bond that results in love and devotion I wish I could do that, dammit I want my own hellhound sigh Btw wanted to find a great picture of a hellhound and guess what Didn t find sh t Why the hell is Google out of nice hellhound artwork This is like provoking me to start working on one And I will Later That s the best I could find hellhound sculpture 3D thing Good for references though Pestilence is one hell of a villain Even though at first I wasn t happy about the whole evil brother gig reminded me too much of Demonica with Rick or whatever his name was I Googled and it s Roag and the other guys it eventually got better and meaner and bloodier and I have to stop now cause I m using too many and s.I really love Larissa Ione s stories They are always fast paced, they never give you time to get bored There may be moments where she writes about unnecessary things but they are few and the book as a whole makes it up for them In Eternal Rider I had some of those moments but in the end the story and characters got to me and I didn t even remember the boring parts.Wraith s presence was nice also I really missed the guy.Great turn of events in the end I mean I knew Cara wasn t going to die but, as always, I was curious how the author will fix her up I m proud to say I was close enough At least I guessed the species that will save her That s something.And now some extra parts with some spoilers Just some thoughts Irrelevant so you may not read if you wish view spoiler Why am I not surprised that Cara is a good and perfect well, almost perfect person She takes pity in things like transferring the agimortus or whatever they call it these days to an asshole angel who called her stupid in her face and then makes the plot longer and complicated I mean yeah why would this be simple Why would a heroine be simple and say Hey angel dude F ck you Here s the damn thing, I hope you choke on it At least that would be me Wrong thing to do Yes Aaah pity then Btw I know this would have ended up bad in the end but how was I to know Pestilence is a genius so he s tough to predict Great ending even though Ares should have been surer of Cara s feelings for him I mean come on surely she loves him so much and will accept marrying him or wait, women are strange sometimes so she might have said no I take it back then But seeing Ares act like a kid was cute hide spoiler

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    Lords of Deliverance is a spinoff from Demonica , but I will always consider them same series The world is the same Demons are still around Angels, kind of angels, wolves, kind of wolves, vampires and other magnificent beloved monsters are still around And UGH and Aegis are still around.It is just now there are also some extra players in the scene And what outstanding players The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse I mean, think about it There is nothing else worse than this complication We have Ares War , Reseph Pestilence , Thanatos Death , and the only female of the four, Limos Famine The four horsemen are doing exactly what each of their names is saying But they are really nice guys deep down and they try to avoid bringing disasters The nicest of them is Reseph He loves to party, he loves to love Unfortunately he is also the unluckiest one.If you have read Sin Undone, you will probably know that humankind is in deep sh t, because Reseph s seal has been broken Reseph will not be nice any Pestilence is about to conquer Earth.Yes, the four horsemen come with four seals that they must not be broken The prophecy of the Apocalypsis is waiting to be fulfilled when all four of the seals are broken And the beginning of the end is here Reseph half mad, half determined will try to break the rest of the three seals and bring plagues everywhere in Earth No Mr Nice Guy any.His brothers and sister will try to stop him The first book is about immortal horseman Ares War and mortal Cara Ares seal will break if an angel dies Cara, without realizing it, will receive the seal before this happens and now Ares has to protect her in order to protect the seal There will be some complications of course Cara will also be the proud owner of a strange dog, named Hal, after she saves him Okay, he is not really a dog What Did you expect to find a normal dog in the Demonica world Cara will receive a Hell s Kiss from Hal who is definitely not a dog and who has a very important grandfather old dog.Great world building, awesome new characters, fast pace, nice love story and grand ending

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    5 stars Paranormal RomanceWhat a fan freaking tastic, brilliant Guinness Beer guy voice combination of unique paranormal elements and apocalyptic prophecies, Stephen King esque eerie horror, violent, gruesome action, intense, steamy romance, and wry, dark humor Larissa Ione s Demonica is one of my top favorite series that got impossibly better with each book, and she really delivers the goods in the first book in the spin off Lords of Deliverance series It was an amazing read, and I can t wait for Immortal Rider Big 5 stars This was one of my favorite lines It was a real fun stew of what the fuck.

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    4.5 STARS Ares s To Do List Stop sexy brother from obliterating the world with deadly disease Find the agimorti and keep her from getting killed Locate the Deliverance before Pestilence finds it Edited in by Anne And learn that having feeeeeeeelings doesn t make you a pansyass wanker I m a huge fan of the Demonica series so I was thrilled to hear about a new spinoff series with the four horsemen Eternal Rider has all the same great elements of Demonica Ione still has her great sense of humor She has that raw writing style that makes the narration sooo damn good and she s the shit when it comes to worldbuilding Ares aka War, the second of the horsemen has a lot to deal with With his brother, Reseph channelling his evil side as Pestilence, he s got his hands full with trying to keep him from obliterating the world I will admit, I liked him in the beginning but then somewhere in the middle, he kind of pissed me off with how he tried to hold himself away from Cara so much, fighting his feelings to the point where I was getting frustrated You are War Having feelings doesn t make you a ninny It s okay to feeeeeeeel But he does get better and I couldn t be happier with the end results.Cara was a skittish one at first and I was dying for a heroine with a little backbone And then suddenly, she grows a pair and learns to cope with the bomb that Ares had dropped on her I have to respect that I will admit, I wasn t feeling the chemistry between Ares and Cara at first With a few heated glances and one kiss, I was eager for something to happen But Ares controls himself so much that there are no opportunities for him to slip his control And Cara isn t one to initiate contact.But that doesn t take away from Ione s spectacular writing I love the rawness to it I especially love the violence in this one I can t remember if the Demonica series was as gory and bloody as this one since I read it awhile back, but I LOVE IT Gory Bloody Raw Love it And with that, I have to say how much I love Reseph, or rather, Pestilence because his bad side is so much appealing Ione writes baddies well I loved the venom in his tone when he speaks and his merciless outlook on mankind Pestilence is as badass as they come.Then there s Reaver, whom I loved from the Demonica series This Reaver is a little darker, one whose irritable and with his evil counterpart Harvester, chaos is bound to find them sooner or later.I ve mentioned Pestilence already so naturally, that leaves Limos Famine and Thanatos Death I LOVE them both Limos is friggin hilarious She kind of reminds me of the Valkyries from KC s IAD series She s great And Than is a hottie A tattooed hottie I cannot wait for either of their books For Demonica fans, there s reason to rejoice because there are familiar faces Sin is mentioned a few times Arik, Runa s brother from the R XR is present and him and Kynan get real chummy with one another Gem is there as well and there s wonderful news for my favourite Goth girl E, Shade, Wraith, Con and Luc are all there too It s one big party I m super excited for the next book Immortal Rider which is Arik and Limos book So if you re unsure about starting this series, please do It s great Just prepare for your world to be rocked, because the Horsemen have arrived

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    Three Horsemen 1 Horsewoman of the Apocalypse Only they have the power to start off or prevent Armageddon.If you are a fan like me, of Larissa Ione s fantastic Demonica books, you are going to love Lords of Deliverance, the spinoff from that series It s a good idea to read the Demonica Series before starting on this one Eternal Rider, the 1st book in the LOD series begins just after the end of Sin Undone, when Sin unintentionally initiated the beginning of the apocalypse, after breaking the first Horsemen seal.Get ready to take a thrilling ride to the imaginative, dark, witty, sensual and vivid world that Larissa Ione has created This is Ares, Lord of War s story Fighting to keep his seal intact and protecting his siblings and not never letting feelings of love ever entering his heart.But fate works in very strange ways Forced to protect Cara, a human who may be the one to either save or destroy him.Cara has a very traumatized past and has no idea of the supernatural world that surrounds her She s quiet, sweet and timid, kind hey is this the kind of heroine I wanted for gorgeous Ares But hey, Ares is smitten even the evil hellhounds who eat anything that comes their way love her so how could he resist her She s not sure about Ares he s arrogant and a total ass.But when she then discovers that she might not have that long to live well, why not I enjoyed the development of Cara and Ares relationship.hell, she almost brings him to his knees Fast paced, multi layered plot, dark and witty humor, amusing banter, sexy and wicked demons and devils.what could we ask for How happier could I be seeing some of the characters I have come to love from the Demonica Series make an appearance or two in this story.There was a huge amount of back story to the Horsemen s history which dragged on a bit in the beginning, it does set up the world of this series.Although the Demonica Series is still my favorite by this author, I did enjoy this book and I am looking forward to Limos book next.My favorite quote

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    If I could describe Larissa Ione s new book, Eternal Rider, in one word, it would be whoa , as in this book seriously blew my mind away Eternal Rider is the first book in Larissa s Lords of Deliverance series that s an offshoot of her very popular Demonica series If you thought Larissa Demonica series was dark, beyond steamy erotic and twisted, you ll be happy to know that Eternal Rider is all these things and much Larissa walks a fine line here because everything is intense I couldn t believe how far she went with things At one point I had to put Eternal Rider down and take a break I usually don t do this with the books I read, but the amount of fighting and the eye popping character s actions really sucker punches you in the gut.Also Larissa writes one of the most inventive, did she really do what I think she did sex scenes that not only shocked me senseless but was too good for words Larissa has written an upside down tree sex scene, and no, the heroine and hero don t have upside down sex with a tree, but with each other a vine is used in a creative way For that alone Larissa gets two thumbs up from me Surprises like this among other jaw dropping scenes makes Eternal Rider a book full of win and one paranormal fiction romance fans will eat up If you re looking for light and fluffy, look elsewhere.Eternal Rider introduces the future Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Ares is the hero of this story and the horseman of War His siblings, Reseph is Pestilence, Thanatos is Death and Limos, their sister is Famine The only way the end of the days aka the Apocalypse can come to pass is if their seals are broken As long as none of their seals break, the world is safe Unfortunately Reseph s seal breaks and he brings Pestilence across the land Reseph is now evil incardinate and Ares and his other two siblings must try and stop him.Ares has a past full or heartbreak and woe He once lived as a human centuries ago before he found out what his destiny was So much was taken from him and because of it he lives in seclusion with only his servants He refuses to give into love, but that all changes when Cara Thornhart falls into his life.Cara has a unique way with animals She can heal them, and because of her ability, she becomes a target When she tries to heal an injured dog, she s attacked by scary armed men who use their fists to get the answers they want The reason is the hurt dog is not a dog at all, but a hellhound Cara names Hal She s bonded with Hal by no choice of her own and because of that Ares must protect her Then a fallen angel transfers something called the agimortus onto Cara This agirmoty thing, as Cara calls it, gives her unbelievable strength and power, but will end up killing her if she can t transfer it back to another Also, if Hal dies, so does she Not only does Ares have to stop Reseph, but keep Cara away from his deranged brother and every other demon, hellhound and supernatural creature searching for her Plus Ares can t keep his libido quiet around Cara, and although he s willing to act on his desires with her, he refuses to care for her because loving another woman would weaken him.Cara is abused every which way to Sunday and is forced to do so many thing that would make another woman crawl into a corner and rock She s forced to accept things, even with Ares, who expects to be obeyed in everything So much happens to Cara, such as near death, torture, almost rape and mind numbing sex thanks to Ares that had my head spinning What could this woman go through that would finally make her break down and turn her into a drooling vegetable Ares has his ulterior motives as does those he s involved with He s a damaged soul who can t get over his past Cara is his savior and the perfect balm to help him move on, if he can Times are bleak and a HEA for these two may be questionable in the big scheme of things.Even though the majority of Eternal Rider has a large amount of dark undertones, there are some laughs and nice snark, mainly from Limos There s this great scene where a fallen angel has been captured and she decides to torture him with Ares s dvd collection of Miami Vice and Starsky and Hutch This is an example of a few lighthearted moments that are very much needed.The love scenes are beyond steamy and Larissa raises them up a notch The moment I read the upside down tree sex between Ares and Cara, I was floored, but in a good way.Eternal Rider is one book that may not be for everyone But it is one wild ride that I couldn t get enough of I look forward to the next book in this series, which will be about Limos and how one kiss or being too touchy feely with another man can make her the queen and breeder for Lucifer, the rule of hell I can pretty much assume that will also be a rip roaring, at times shocking read, but one that I would gladly climb aboard as a passenger of Larissa Ione train.

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    The Horseman of War has never been so sexy Ares is strong, courageous and he bears the fate of mankind on his shoulders Cara Thornton is the key to Ares safety and doom And the connection between her and Ares is quite amusing to watch as she keeps him guessing This is an engaging, engrossing, fast paced and totally delicious read The world building is fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed the glimpses of the characters in the Demonica series I would recommend reading the Demonica series prior to this, as it will help you set the scene to this fabulous world of immortals.

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    En realidad 4 5 Me ha gustado mucho m s de lo que pensaba, imagino que porque iba con las expectativas muy bajas, y me daba pereza empezarlo Le los 3 primeros de la serie Demoniaca, y la verdad que no eran para tirar cohetes, no s si porque estaba empachada de paranormal, o necesitaba otra cosa en se momento He dejado meses hasta que me he animado a leer Jinete eterno y no me arrepiento.Lo nico de lo que me puedo arrepentir, es de no haber le do el 4 y 5 de la serie Demoniaca, porque enlazar a directamente con los Jinetes Gracias editoriales espa olas por traernos al mercado lo que os conviene econ micamente.El Sello de uno de los Jinetes se ha roto, es Peste, y no descansar hasta que los sellos de sus hermanos tambi n se rompan y empiece el Apocalipsis Es en ste momento confuso, cuando Ares, el segundo jinete conocer a Cara, una humana aparentemente inofensiva, que no sabe nada de su mundo, pero que oculta un extra o don, que ser decisivo para la supervivencia de la humanidad.La historia de trasfondo me ha encantado, me ha parecido que estaba muy lograda a diferencia de la historia de la anterior serie , y la historia de amor de los protas ha sido muy bonita Se les puede achacar que Cara es demasiado noble e ingenua, y que Ares tiene demasiado genio y es muy impulsivo, no es extra o su car cter, siendo como es Guerra.Me ha gustado lo suficiente, como para no descartar en un futuro seguir leyendo la serie Quiero ver qu se traen entre manos Limos y Hades, pero sobre todo, quien m s ganas me ha dejado de su historia es Thanatos.

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    In this sixth book of the Demonica series, we switch over to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Eros, or War is after his brother, who has gone from being one of the good guys to Pestilence, and trying to plague humanity He s also trying to protect Kara, who has been marked by a fallen Angel and has all sorts of people after her I thought the introduction of the Four Horsemen was a cool change in the series, and we still get to see Idolin and the Sem brother gang pop in from time to time This book incorporates lots of animals, including hell hounds, which was really cute All in all, a great continuation of the series Please excuse typos name misspellings Entered on screen reader.