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Eden Black Walks Among Humans, Protecting Them From The Murderous Evil Of Other Worlders Who Abduct And Enslave And Though She Appears To Be Human Herself, Eden Is An Alien, A Raka, Distinguished By Her Golden Hair And Skin, And Gifted With The Ominous Ability To Kill Without Remorse And With Total Accuracy That Is, Until The Fateful Night She Has One Shot To Eliminate Her Target, A Human Slaver And Misses Failure Is Not In Eden S Vocabulary Neither Is Partner But That S What She Is Forcibly Assigned After Recovering From Her Disastrous Mission A Sexy, Steely Nerved Human Agent, Lucius Adaire Enjoys Nothing Than Sparking The Fury And Rousing The Desire Of The Fiery Female Assassin Too Proud To Admit Defeat Locked In An Assignment They Cannot Afford To Lose, Lucius And Eden Find Themselves Bound In Two High Stakes, Heart Pounding Games The Sensual Web Of Kill Or Be Killed, And The Erotic Dance Of Seduction

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    2.5The Alien Huntress world is interesting The issues other worlders face are really bad, but some also deserve to be dead Enter Eden Black, an assassin from the race nobody would expect to be anything but pretty The Raka are peaceful as you can get, but there aren t many of them left because they are hunted for their golden skin and hair Eden and Lucius are after a slaver who specialises in kidnapping, rapes, tortures Eden is of the let me show you how tough I am by hitting insulting you variety God, she was beyond annoying at first I can t say much about Lucius Adaire since the story is told from Eden s point of view so Lucius ended up being hot and tough His teeth grinding didn t help either There were some things that weren t well thought through Eden concludes that one of the characters who helps her is an honourable man I have no idea why she would think that since the guy helps his for his own amusement I think he even gets his own book later in the series Weird, that.Not a bad story overall, but I think I would have liked it if I d read it when I first started reading paranormal romances.

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    This was a fun read about two really intense people who go from dislike to love They are both badass agents spies assassins and are forced to work together by the heroine, Eden s, father They have crazy sexual intensity to match all the other intensity of their personalities The world Showalter has created is dark and disturbing people want to flay off Eden s golden skin to sell, yetch plus slaves, aliens have very few rights, etc Still, Lucius and Eden are the good guys who are willing to risk themselves to help out the defenseless Eden in particular is completely stubborn and unrelenting in her goals view spoiler which works out well with threatening and harassing her master into helping her hide spoiler

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    I liked this one better than the first Something hit home for me on this one Lucius was HOT That man was a jerk but he was so possessive of Eden , how can you not love that Their banter back and forth was truly funny New characters were introduced and I have to say that I wanted to hate Delvyn in the beginning but at the end I loved him Hope that there is of him later in the series Another great book.

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    I just can t deal with this.ZERO REAL STARS, ZERO ROMANCE STARS

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    The title and picture on the cover is kinda a misnomer you d think this is one of those books about kink but isnt It s better The heroine is an alien raised by a human who hunts alien baddies Attempting to prove herself to the man who raised her as daughter, she really wants to catch the off worlder sex trafficker who is capturing females human and alien and selling them to the highest bidder.In her first attempt, she failedbigtime Desperatly wanting to make up for it, she talks her father into letting her try again and he agreesif she takes on a partner Extrememly reluctant to have the big dude her father sics on her trailing her around, she fights it tooth and nail The big dude aint too happy about it either, but they need each other to complete the sting Imagine their surprise when they find out they are than either supposed and they make a good team.Plus The sexual attraction Whew, some hot stuff there.I really liked this one and can recommned both this one and the first in the series to anyone who enjoys Paranormal Romance.

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    Okay. This book is awesome I was laughing the entire time while reading this one But the story has a dept to it as well The plot, the characters, everything was well written and well put together I was actually in suspense the last 5 chapters of this one The Targon King, Devyn, okay Cynthia and Leah, YES HE S FINE But he was such a Bastard But the King, U can t help but love He grows on U immediately JERK MONKEY But Lucious and Eden are my Couple Lucious is my dude. U really believed that they loved each other and there was nothing they would not do to ensure the other s safety and well being Her relationship with her adoptive Father was very well written and emotionally deep I don t know how I would have dealt with what she and he had to deal with towards the end of this book This among other things kinda made me tear up Read this book It s really well worth the time.

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    First, let me say how much I loved the world that the author built Very cool I hope I can read of Showalter s Alien Huntress series The plot was fast paced and extremely fun with some nice little steamy scenes thrown in for good measure The reason I didn t rate it any higher than I did was because the writing seemed clunky Really clunky I know the author writes several series, so maybe she s just churning them out a little too fast I m not sure, but there were several times that I looked up from the pages and wondered how in the world I was enjoying such a badly written book so much I know that doesn t make any sense, but it s true.

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    Enslave Me Sweetly is the second book in Gena Showalter s fantastic Alien Huntress series Set in the same futuristic world as Awaken Me Darkly, this story takes part in a different area of the United States and within a different government organization, so it is able to stand on its own Eden Black is an assassin for a company owned by her adoptive father, Michael, that operates even farther outside of the law than A.I.R The government turns to Michael s company when they need an alien assassinated accidentally Eden is one of Michael s top operatives When she is sent after a slave trader and fails to kill him, Eden is crushed What s worse is that her father assigns her a partner sexy, smoldering, stubborn Lucious Adaire It s clearly a sign that her father no longer trusts her to get the job done, and Eden is determined to prove her worth But the farther along they get in this case, the closer Eden and Lucious become and their priorities are no longer quite so defined.I didn t like this story quite as much as the first one, but that was probably because I expected through no one s fault but my own to read about someone connected to Mia and her A.I.R team However, Eden and Lucious were both fantastic characters I also really enjoyed the first person point of view, same as in the first book, because it allows the reader to better get into the main character s head without outside input I think it allows for a much greater level of suspense, because if the MC doesn t know what s going on, then you don t either Another great aspect of this book is that it furthers the mythology of the series, and we gain a greater understanding of the world the series is set in The world building was well balanced against the general plot, so it was neither over or under whelming Many authors seem to have a tough time handling that balance, so this was a pleasant surprise The secondary characters were all multi dimensional, another pleasant surprise I have read two of Showalter s other series Intertwined and Tales of an Extraordinary Girl , and she excels in whatever she writes Can t wait to start on the next installment 4.5 starshttp amandasbooksand.blogspot.com

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    Enslave Me Sweetly4 StarsEden Black, an alien assassin renowned for never missing a target, discovers to her chagrin that there is always a first time Forced to work with a human partner, Lucius Adaire, Eden is determined to put a stop to the trafficking ring selling humans as slaves to otherworlders However, as Eden and Lucius go undercover and their attraction skyrockets, their mission takes a turn for the worse and they will have to utilize all of their skills and abilities to succeed before it is too late Series note Although this is book 2 in the Alien Huntress series, it can be read as a standalone as the plot and characters are unconnected to the first book Eden and Lucius are an engaging couple with explosive chemistry Nevertheless, the book suffers from the 1st person POV as readers are inundated with Eden s insecurities, which get old after a while, and Lucius s thoughts and emotions are missing Moreover, he comes across as of a beta hero that I would like The world that Showalter has created is very compelling with the various races and their reasons for being on Earth The human trafficking plot is a unique variant of a familiar theme and there are some interesting twists and turns, as well as a surprise revelation at the end The secondary characters are also intriguing, especially Devyn who is obviously a bad boy in need of redemption one of my favorite hero types and I eagerly await learning about him when his book comes along In sum, although Enslave Me Sweetly did not make as much of an impact as book 1, the story is action packed and entertaining, and the romance is sweet and spicy The audiobook is superbly read by Justine Eyre and I already have book 3 lined up.