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GRAPHIC NOVEL Adaptation of CARDS ON THE TABLEMurder is an art form boasts the flamboyant Mr Shaitana not just a boring science for the little grey cells So Hercule Poirot has some reservations about accepting his invitation to a lavish party for four eminent criminologists and four criminals And his reticence proves to be well judged when an after dinner game of bridge turns into something decidedly nastier than just art

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    and all of a sudden it happened in front my nose and everybody noses and nobody had a clue of who might have done itOnly the one and only Agatha Christie did it again As always

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    Reason for Reading I loved my first read of these graphic novels and am now a big fanThis is a tour de force classic Christie where Poirot gathers together at a dinner party with some of his regular friends Here we have Superintendent Battle Colonel Race and Ariadne Oliver joining Poirot all at the same table Poirot has been invited to a strange little dinner where his host has bragged of collecting criminals who have gotten away with the perfect crimes Although reluctant Poirot accepts the invitation but is not surprised when the evening ends in a murder This is very similar to the locked room mystery that Christie was so clever with as we have five people in a room together where one of them kills another While Poirot has his famous friends at the uestioning table with him it really only takes his own little grey cells to put the clues together The outcome is a fantastic twisting mystery with a last minute shocker of 'whodunit'I love holding these large oversized graphic novels in my hands; they feel so decadent and make me want to take the story in slowly This one is uite a full story as the plot does get complicated with lots of twists and turns so there is a large amount of text bubbles and narrators But that doesn't stop the artist from making use of the odd wordless frame and occasional larger sized frame to include the atmosphere of the story I like this artist's rendition of Poirot very much; he has stuck with a David Suchet like portrayal though somewhat younger and with hair I really enjoyed this one even better than my first read in the series a few days ago

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    I unfortunately never got around to reading Agatha Christie novels I happened to stumble across a few of these in the graphic novel section of the library and thought I'd give them a shotThe books are very short which needless to say makes them very uick reads I'd recommend them to children to inspire them to read I'd also recommend them to adults because they are fun to readThey are well written and well illustrated The complicated story line is easy to follow Great afternoon read

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    PlaylistNew World Orchestra Theme from PoirotThe Pierces SecretThe Deck Poirot RemixI am blown away by the artwork in this volume It's simply perfect Wide clear black lines and utterly cute faces a great style just like I like it Frank Lecler is wonderful Just wonderfulThe story adaptation is also nice it really does the novel justiceMe like

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