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Shawn Graham and Bobby Wilder couldn't be different Shawn is a devout Christian fundamentalist from northern Michigan Bobby is a street smart latchkey kid from southern Ohio From an early age they are both confused and troubled by their attraction to the same sex Shawn believes that homosexuality is sinful and a traumatic incident of childhood sexual abuse adds to his guilt and shame Bobby has an image to maintain and flatly denies the possibility that his same sex attractions even exist He's just too cool to be gay When they finally connect their preconceptions are suddenly dwarfed by what they feel for each other They become inseparable and fall deeply in love however love doesn't make life easy Plans are in motion that will surely devastate the young couple Painful experiences of the past overshadow happy memories and heartbreaking obstacles loom over the possibility of a future If Shawn and Bobby want to stay together they will have to fight with everything they have

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    ^^TRUST ME ITS THAT GOOD^^ 45 Jeff has done it again a book where I literally fell in love with both characters and later moved on to crying like a baby I might be biased but I think Jeff is one of the best his books always manages to touch something in me and Trust Me was no different Imagine the worst possible scenario for a young gay boy imagine the worst possible scenario for a young boy This book had it all the questions of self identity the stereotypes and all the love Moreover the hot topic of homosexuality and ChristianityShawn Graham is your average teenager he worries about fitting in and getting along with his peers The unique thing about Shawn is that he is a devout Christian a truly good person who loves god Thing is Shawn is a little on the effeminate side and that seems to drive people to bully him and adults telling him he is not man enough Combine everything with being just your average teenager this is a lot for Shawn to handle He questions his sexuality his self worth and if he is queer can he still be a man devoted to god or does god hate him nowBobby Wilder is your typical teenage bad boy with problems at home and doing what he wants when he wants to Only thing is Bobby seems to be attracted to other boys and no self respecting bad boy has those feelings He does the only thing he can and that is to ignore his feelings When situations leads him to live with his father these feelings come back and they come hard because Shawn Graham is everything he wants and everything he should not haveFrom the very beginning this book hit me hard there was an intense scene that had my heart breaking and the tears flowing Mr Erno manages to embody all the teenage angst and struggles within this book and it sure is effin believable The writing is edgy and truthful makes no apologies about the content and gives a big “WHY NOT” As a gay man why can’t I love god and have him love me back why not live be happy and comfortable with who I am Why not just loveI loved Bobby and Shawn together their innocence and growing affection for each other was written wonderfully I felt like a part of them I got to watch them grow cry and most of all fall in love and it was beautiful Through hardships man it was hardships and I read this at a time where so many young beautiful innocent lives were lost and it made me cry so much Being a teen is bad enough a time of questioning and self hatred and to bring bullying into the mix and not feeling acceptance it can be rough This book walked that line effortlessly and made me celebrate the small victories I am in love with these characters I am in love with this book and I guarantee that Bobby and Shawn will bring a little joy into your life Loved it