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Ah, well, I was clearly in the minority on this one The narrator and MC, Boone, bugged the bejesus out of me He was sarcastic and snarky to a fault, and his motor mouthdear lordjust shut the fuck up already, Boone, before I ducktape your mouth I didn t find Wade, the other MC, a particularly sympathetic character at the beginning, although he grew on me The comedy here was too campy for my tastes I didn t find the book even remotely funny, and the interactions between the MCs felt tense and awkward there was too much banter and not enough relationship development Also, my pet peeve is a book without an ending I expect the book to wrap up in some way Sequels are all well and good, but I shouldn t HAVE TO read the second book to have a sense of closure Ethan Day can certainly write This just didn t work for me. Boone Daniels Seems To Have Trouble Finishing Things Along With The Half Dozen Or So Novels He S Started, Only To Abandon Mid Way Through, His Love Life Could Be Best Described As A Series Of Drive Bys Boone Has Spent The Past Week Staying At A Ski Lodge In The Tiny Mountain Town Of Summit City He S Been Using His Time Alone To Write While Waiting For His Boyfriend To Join Him For Their Anniversary What Happens To Boone When He Winds Up Dumped On The Eve Of His One Year Anniversary And Ends Up At A Bar Having One Too Many Cocktails Wade Walker Previously Published In The Anthology Melting The Slopes I started reading this book just to kill a little bit of time today, but once I started it I did not stop reading it until I was finished Boone and Wade were awesome together I loved how Boone talked fast and couldn t shut up when he was anxious and he always said exactly what was on his mind And Wade, sigh , what can I say about Wade He s absolutely perfect An athletic, tall, muscular, romantic wall man and completely smitten with Boone This was a cute, funny story with lots of LOL scenes and many aww, how sweet moments There were also some really HOT smexy scenes, too But I don t think they over powered the story.It also has a bit of cliff hanger at the end So be prepared to have Life in Fusion at the ready when you re finished I plan to read it ASAP A new author to me and a new series I m in And what a good start with this novella.Boone Daniels is cute, has a big mouth and uses it a lot, like in a mile in a minute, has strong bonds with his unconventional family and his long time BFF What he doesn t have any is a boyfriend and to forget about that while on vacation in Colorado, why not going for a drink or and get hit by a bulky and sexy guy, namely Wade Walker.I enjoyed Boone Daniels and Wade Walker s debuts a lot I had a great laugh, it s full of chemistry and hotness And I went straight to the second book, Life in Fusion, to keep following these 2 guys This had me laughing I enjoyed the hell out of it.Expecting a romantic getaway with his boyfriend Boone instead gets dumped over the phone and left to holiday alone in picturesque Summit City, a skier s haven He meets the town s golden boy Wade and they start a blazing holiday romance, will it lead to something Stay tuned I m heading off right now to find out DRecommended if you like a snarky, hilarious narrator and lots and lots of smoking hot sex This is worth it for just chapter one s morning after walk of shame Priceless. Review for Sno and the sequel Life in Fusion posted on the 1.5 StarsBoone Daniels thinks he is going to meet his BF at Summit City to celebrate their one year anniversary in the ski resort where they met Instead, his BF dumps him over the phone The now ex BF has paid for the cabin and ski lessons for the week for Boone s enjoyment Boone drowns his sorrows in a town bar and winds up in bed with hunky Wade Walker Wade is the golden boy of Summit City and works as a ski instructor Sno Ho is their story of getting to know each other over the holidays.I didn t like this book Yes, it was funny at times Yes, Wade is hunky and I liked him But Boone was a chick with a dick and f cking irritating beyond belief One of the things I enjoy about the M M genre is not having to deal with the power struggle and one upmanship that often occurs in M F relationships Well, no such reprieve here I loathed Boone s obsessive need to either shut Wade down, make a joke of him, or leave him hanging Equally infuriating for me was view spoiler the ending W.T.F The final scene is Boone laughing as he leaves in the stupid effing shuttle to go back to New Mexico They agree to try a long distance relationship for 6 months That s not an HEA it s not even an HFN for Christmas sake That s a butt f ck shitty ending is what that is I realize that their story continues on this book is part of a series , but it s still not enough on it s own to whet and keep my interest So the ending still sucks IMHO hide spoiler Update I just finished my re read of Sno Ho getting myself reacquainted with Boone and Wade Boone has always been my all time favorite character, I guess you could call him my book boyfriend I loved him the first time we met and after my re read that hasn t changed He s somehow survived the years and many, many books later I can t wait to read on and I especially can t wait to read the new addition to this series Life in Union Damn GR the insert book thing won t work Original Review Boone what an adorable, sweet, funny, crazy, snarky character I loved him He did have me almost rolling on the floor with laughter What came out of that boy s mouth, I want to say when he wasn t thinking, but I can t that boy never stopped thinking, he had me shaking my head with a big smile on my face, but at the same time wishing I knew someone like him.Wadeso opposite from Boone, maybe that s why they worked so well together Him I just wanted to hug, like Deeze said a big teddy bear that I wanted to just cuddle up too He turned out so different from the character he could have been He got everything he wanted, it seemed with no effort just a smile and by being the towns golden boy a big, arrogant, egotistical guy, the stereotypical jock, but he wasn t He was this gorgeous, romantic, quietwell maybe not quiet we don t really know because who could get a word in edge wise with non stop talking Boone around LOLWhat a great story that doesn t end here Thank goodness there is a second book about these two, the HFN ending in this book just screams for an HEA Now on to the second one 3.5 starsSuper fun holiday read I know everyone raves about how FUNNY this book is I guess it is kinda funnybut I think I really just enjoyed seeing two MC s playing off of each other with snark and banter It wassmart The dialogue was some class A stuff Boone is a kinda writer who is sent to a mountain resort only to be dumped by his boyfriend He meets ski instructor Wade, town hero, and new owner of my heart swoon I love this guy.It s total instalovebut in the most neurotic, zany, wackadoodle kinda waybecause Boone is certifiably nutso, but he s lovable and cracks me upthink Jory A Matter of Time Kevin Connor First You Fall Caesar from Catch Me If You Canbut smarter And by the end, well, I enjoyed myself But the end pissed me offand forced me to read book 2which I can t even explain howbut became one of my favorite books of the year only 5 days into the year, but still So check out Life in Fusion book 2 as well I loved this one It was so hilarious At first there s not much funny to it but then it turns into just nonstop funniness I loved it Ahh, Boone such a funny guy in that dry, sarcastic always have to make a joke type of way And even though he was sent to the mountains by his boyfriend and then dumped he still found some situations funny Of course, that was only after a night of drunken sex with a stranger but eh, it was bound to happen, right Lol Wade was so cute and always tried to get his way with Boone He loved the fact that Boone didn t know Wade was kinda famous and make a big deal about it or treat him differently for it Omg, and I absolutely love that town Curley and the Quad and all those people that were just gossiping about Boone and Wade nonstop was just hysterical to me, I couldn t help but laugh whenever Boone would get creeped out when he felt eyes following his every move and when he d make a run for it if he felt like he was about to be cornered by someone HeheheheThis was a cute and fun read with just a hint of romanticism in it even with how it ended I m off to read the sequel now Definitely recommended D