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Bloodlust by Michelle RowenParanormal Romance July 5th, 20114 starsMichelle Rowen s second book in her Nightshade urban fantasy series starts out with a bang The main characters are on the run from evil vampires and covert, deadly human forces Although this is the second full length novel, it can be read by itself but by doing so I think the reader will lose some of the intense dynamics between the two main characters which kept me spellbound.Jill was an ordinary girl, that is until she was accidentally injected with a top secret formula This formula makes vampires craves her blood but also kills them Unfortunately, the shot she was given was the only one in existence The vampires wanted to exterminate her while the people who were responsible for the creation of the formula wanted to study her To add to Jill s distress, the formula is slowing killing her and the boosters she used to help her adapt cause her terrible pain Thankfully she has the determined killing machine named Declan Reyes to protect her But Declan is half vampire and, as a result, unstable When he succumbs to his emotions, they can be brutally violent to everyone including Jill When the vampire King hunts them down, they are in even trouble as they fear for their lives But they find unlikely assistance when he asks them to help save his infant daughter Will Jill and Declan be able to save this innocent little girl Will Jill finally be able to find a cure or will Declan s instability cause further problems This was an exciting read I absolutely love Declan He is completely hardcore He is torn by his need to protect Jill but also driven by his uncontrollable and often violent vampire side which craves Jill in a very deadly way He loves Jill but knows that he is a ticking time bomb This makes for a tense relationship, especially as Declan relapses and Jill blacks out due to the terrible formula running through her veins I liked how the author really conveys their desperate love for each other since both feel that their time together is numbered Despite the risks, they still hang on to being together Jill is very soft hearted and sometime puts herself in unnecessary danger, which only ratchets up the edginess of the story This book was also thrilling as it delves into vampire society and the power struggle between two lethal vampire brothers who both want the crown.Dynamic, emotional and tense, this is a thrilling second installment.Reviewed by Steph from the Bookaholics Romance Book Club In Six Words liked plot but didn t like romanceWhy did I read this And am I glad I did I read Nightshade earlier this year and loved it I even had this pre ordered Now let me first mention that I read this front to back It held my attention with no issues well unless you consider me not wanting to stop to eat an issue So why only 3 stars I didn t like how the romance played out It seemed far too back and forth I was shocked to find that I had switched sides and then was ultimately disappointed in how things progressed.Jill seemed a little less in control Which considering all she had been through in the past few weeks is probably understandable, but still hard to like Matthias was the star I love guys that don t fit in a category He s not a good guy, but he s not a bad guy He s both and owns it Declan was hard to like in this book I believe it was done on purpose by the author, but that didnt stop it from breaking my heart.If you haven t picked up the first book yet, please do If you have read the first then I still highly recommend this one I really hope to see in this series. It has been two weeks since Jill has been injected with the Nightshade that made her a vampire s favorite flavor, a flavor that has the harmful side effect of death She is on the road with an emotionless Declan and they are searching for a cure or reversal or any piece of hope to her current situation With the minimal romance this book felt urban fantasy than paranormal romance The spine clearly lists this book as a paranormal romance I was intrigued by the idea of a hero that could not feel the emotions that would allow him to fall in love with his heroine This seems like a trait that could really amp up the sexual tension in a book There are so many potential hurdles for them to overcome as a couple Declan s lack of emotions made him a cruel jerk for the most part The attraction and desires seem one sided for the majority of the book Jill seemed overall weak and completely defenseless Her only strength is the fact that her blood is poison to vampires Even though she is continually physically harmed by vampires she is very optimistic in trying to find good qualities and traits in them She is extremely strong willed and has an immense desire to live I did not enjoy Bloodlust nearly as much as I did Nightshade The first half moved at a slower pace than I would have preferred The plot seemed like it was all over the place to me I thought Bloodlust was weighed down by having too much going on There were too many schemes and ploys to the big climatic ending The experiments also became tiresome I was pleased with where the numerous ploys and schemes ended Everything came together in the end. Series changed from Paranormal Romance to Urban Fantasy YA Rating 3.0 Genre Urban Fantasy Review Bloodlust is the second installment in the Nightshade series The story picks up shortly after the events of Nightshade and finds Jillian and Declan on the run from vampires who know all about the Nighshade virus that flows in Jillians veins They are also working with Noah, a former government scientist who has become a friend, to find a cure for the toxin before it s too late for her to do anything about it Please refer to Nightshade to what actually transpired that caused Jillian to have toxic blood and forced her and Declan to run Jill is one of those characters that you really have to have some patience with She believes that she is in love with Declan but he is having so many personal issues because of events that happened in Nightshade, that it s forcing her to take a realistic look at their situation This includes looking towards the one person she thought was dead after drinking her blood Matthias Jill also realizes that without a cure, she will be dead within the next two weeks, and none of this will really matter in the long run Jillian s mistakes and choices are tossed aside as being normal behavior for her character She is also pushed into difficult situations by not only Matthias and his actions, but in saving Noah and Declan as well She is the perfect pawn in a chess game played by others who want to use her toxic blood as a means to take out their enemies One bite from Jill s blood and the vampire who bites her dies a painful death.Others Reyes is a dhampyre whose father is a vampire and mother was human He has issues of his own after being forcibly injected with a new serum by Carson, the man Declan thought to be his real father The serum has rendered him emotionless, and unstable He is a walking contradiction, and as Jillian says, it s like dealing with a person who has bi polar disorder.Reyes knows that he has to try and protect Jillian from the vampires and from her own stupid actions, but it is also causing him to rethink some of the choices he s made along the way If he doesn t find a cure for his condition soon, he may end up going insane and hurting those around him Reyes is also forced to live with a difficult choice that Jillian makes in regards to his survival and his sanity as well as the cure for Carson s serum view spoiler Jillian chooses to ask Kristoff, his biological father, to sire him and turn him into the one thing Declan hates with his very being a vampire In doing so, it saves his life and cures him of the effects of the serum But, it also puts him fully under Kristoff s control hide spoiler Ahhhh, I m so happy I started and finished this duology in February While it didn t on a cliffhanger, giving me a satisfying ending, you can just feel the potential it would have for a longer series.I miss the world already. My English review avis en fran ais et fin donc de la s rie Belladone Autant vous dire que j attendais cette suite avec impatience pour enfin conna tre le d nouement de cette surprenante histoire Apr s un premier tome riche en action avec des rebondissements en tous genres, j tais curieuse de d couvrir ce que Michelle Rowen pouvait bien r server son h ro ne, Jillian Et on peut dire qu encore une fois j ai t bien servie On retrouve donc Jill et Declan, tous deux en cavale Deux semaines se sont coul es depuis qu on a inject la Belladone dans le cou de Jill Apr s tout ce qui s est pass dans le tome pr c dent, on pourrait penser que notre h ro ne aurait un bref moment de r pit mais il n en est rien Son tat ne s am liore pas vraiment, la Belladone peut la tuer tout moment Noah, l ancien assistant de Carson, le p re adoptif de Declan a donn rendez vous Jill dans un bar et au lieu de lui apporter des bonnes nouvelles concernant le poison qui circule dans ses veines, il s am ne avec Matthias Ce dernier, bien que tr s affaibli, est d termin r cup rer sa fille mais ce n est pas tout Kristoff, l ancien roi, est sur le point d tre lib r , ce qui est une tr s tr s mauvaise chose Et comme si ce n tait pas suffisant, Jill doit aussi g rer Declan qui est devenu une v ritable bombe retardement depuis que son p re adoptif lui a administr un s rum puissant Ce tome est dans la m me veine que le volume pr c dent Avec Soif de sang, Michelle Rowen continue sur sa lanc e en nous offrant une suite palpitante et bien rythm e avec encore une fois, beaucoup d action et de multiples retournements de situation Dans l ensemble j ai beaucoup aim m me si j avoue avoir t un peu d ue par Jillian et Declan Autant je les ai trouv s sympathiques dans le tome 1, autant ici, ils m ont un peu agac e Declan ne m a pas autant charm e que dans le tome pr c dent Bien au contraire, son attitude laisse un peu d sirer et franchement, par moments, je me suis demand ce que Jill pouvait bien lui trouver L efficacit du s rum qu on lui a inject semble bien remise en cause car au lieu d avoir un Declan froid et totalement priv de ses motions, on se retrouve avec un Declan de plus en plus instable et violent Il devient m me carr ment dangereux pour Jill et les autres, ce qui cr e pas mal de tensions entre lui et notre h ro ne D ailleurs, en parlant de Jill, je dois dire que son optimisme exacerb m a laiss e perplexe J ai trouv qu elle en faisait trop Je n ai pas beaucoup appr ci non plus le fait qu elle se serve de l absence d motions de Declan comme excuse pour justifier tous ses mauvais actes Elle a tendance pardonner et passer l ponge trop facilement et refuse d envisager qu il puisse devenir un monstre ce qui est assez tonnant tant donn qu il est sur le point d exploser Je ne sais pas, je crois que d s le d part, j avais une petite pr f rence pour Matthias et le fait de voir Declan se comporter ainsi m a conduit appr cier le roi vampire d chu encore plus D ailleurs j ai t tr s contente de retrouver ce personnage On apprend pas mal de choses sur lui, son pass mais j aurais tant voulu qu il soit davantage pr sent Il est si fascinant Apr s tout, il fait tout ce qu il peut pour aider Jill et pourtant, elle se montre toujours aussi m fiante vis vis de lui Dans ce tome on fait galement connaissance avec Kristoff, ce qui tait assez int ressant et on retrouve aussi Noah, qu on avait d j crois dans le tome 1 et je dois avouer que a m a fait norm ment plaisir de le revoir aussi Il se passe tellement de choses dans ce livre, c est incroyable A aucun moment je ne les ai vues arriver et je ne cessais de me demander comment nos h ros allaient bien pouvoir se d p trer de toute cette histoire Je suis tout de m me un peu d ue par le choix le l h ro ne et par la fa on dont les choses se terminent J aurais pr f r une autre fin que celle l mais bon tant pis Bien que l histoire ne s ach ve pas comme je l aurais voulu, a reste quand m me tr s satisfaisant et j ai pris beaucoup de plaisir lire cette s rie Bien s r j aurais aim que a dure un peu plus, et revoir tous ces personnages dans de nouvelles aventures mais qui sait, a reste quand m me assez ouvert, peut tre qu un jour Michelle Rowen reprendra cette s rie, comme elle l a fait r cemment pour Sarah Dearly. I read the first book in this series, Nightshade earlier this year and really enjoyed it Michelle Rowen set up a very engaging, action packed vampire world Bloodlust starts right where Nightshade leaves off Declan has been injected with a serum to control his dhampyr abilities This leaves him unable to love, or feel any emotion This is a problem since Jill thinks she is in love with Declan, but he can t return this sentiment Jill is still struggling with the poisonous Nightshade running through her veins Although it is useful to kill vampires one drink from Jill s vein and the vampire poofs into ashes it is also slowly killing her Jill is desperate to find a cure To make things even complicated, Matthias, the Vampire King has fathered an infant dhampyr who is in grave danger now Centuries ago, Matthias and his twin brother Kristoff killed a dhampyr infant in a ritual, giving them true immortality Kristoff is super evil, and to save the lives of many, Matthias has had Kristoff imprisoned for over 30 years, but as is the game of vampires, someone betrays Matthias and steals the key to free Kristoff, putting Matthias s infant in danger.But wait I m not done with the complications Matthias, once thought to be really evil by Jill, has proven himself..not so evil There is definitely a grey area, and Jill starts to put some of her trust in Matthias, especially when Declan starts to go into sporadic dhampyr rages Matthias may be the only one that can help him I know the set up makes it sound like there are a hundred different things going on in this book And well there are But it will make much sense if you read the first book which I highly recommend The name of the game in this book is betrayal There are so many twists and turns that it was hard to put this book down Did I like all of them I m not sure I was very excited to get to the end to see how it all turned out, but looking back, I don t know if I am 100% satisfied I love that Matthias starts as the evil, bad ass vampire king in book one, but in this book, you see another side of him I started to root for him I felt, dare I say a little pity A bit of compassion While I loved Declan in book one, Matthias steals the show in this one He becomes a much interesting character than Declan A love triangle is kind of set up I m not sure if all of the corners actually meet at a point But the three sides are there I very much felt Matthias s fondness for Jill But this is also where Jill started to annoy me She loved Declan she states it and you know it as the reader She knows Declan is struggling with his dhampyr side dhampyrs get violent the older they get which makes him very violent And after one argument, after Declan leaves, she kind of throws herself at Matthias It just felt very rash One minutes she loves Declan, the next she is lusting after Matthias, the next, she is back with Declan I didn t love that aspect of the triangle Especially when she has thoughts like these I grimaced at what Declan had said to me just before he left He d seen that I had feelings for Matthias, even when I was trying to ignore them And I would have ignored them forever if only he d stayed with me Meanwhile, Declan had left so he wouldn t attack her in his violent rage This selfish behavior doesn t sit well with me There is another time later in the book where she doesn t trust Declan again She has to be a smart girl to survive this far into the book yet sometimes she acts really dense and her actions don t make sense She is too quick to doubt Not to keep dumping on Jill Although there are a few times where I wanted to bop her over the head, I still like her She is tough, and funny, and I like that she makes hard choices, to stay alive and to keep those alive that she cares for As I said earlier, Matthias really steals this book Declan is still sexy in his eye patch with his stoic attitude, but Matthias is the one that stands out So do I recommend this book Yes although be prepared for crazy twists and never knowing what is coming next But that is fun And definitely read Nightshade first.Rating C 3.5 starsAfter Jill and Declan get away with the Vampire King s baby, a dhampyr female, Declan hides the baby This story picks up with Jill meeting up with Noah, to see about her and Declan s condition It is safe to say I recommend reading Nightshade before this one Declan is a dhampyr who has taken injections for years to suppress rage At the end of the first book he was injected with a permanent serum The serum strips away his emotions, even his sex drive In the first part of this story we see this permanent serum start to wear off.Jill on the other hand is dying In the first books she was given Nightshade, a chemical that turns her blood poisonous to vampires It is also killing her Noah is a human working to help both Jill and Declan With him comes Matthis, the Vampire King, believed to be dead.Matthis wants his daughter back, but because the blood of an infant female dhampyr grants true immortality to vampires, Declan refuses to tell him Declan at the same time is battling his rages, because the serum is wearing off Matthis soon tells Jill, Declan will become crazy He also tells her there is a way to help him, but he has to know where his daughter is first That s not all we discover about Matthis, his brother is also about to wake, and try to over throw his kingdom Kristoff, Matthis s brother, wants to take the world letting vampires rule.Jill has come to terms with the fact she is in love with Declan, but he hasn t Her character grows at the end of the story, and she finally starts to get the hang of things, but it takes her a long time Her blood is poison to the vampires, and her smell irresistible, so that means lots of nibbling, and lots of vampire death There are a lot of twists in this novel, and Jill seems to get a lot of the abuse, but she bounces right up again.Declan drove me nuts He is hot on minute, cold the next Jill said it right when she kind of called him bi polar In the first novel, we were lead to believe that people had lied to him, and he didn t need the serum In this we learn he needs it, or is going to need it I am not a fan of getting jerked around Declan is by far the most interesting character, he is one of our lead men Usually in a book like this the leads are perfect, from head to toe, Declan s not Declan is a giant muscle man, with scars everywhere, in fact he is missing an eye He goes through huge changes in this novel, and in the end I forgave him for his craziness.In the first book I was excited with Matthis, a mysterious, powerful Vampire King His mystery wore off He spends so much of the novel weak, or seeming weak His sexiness rubbed off as soon as he was half dead and bloody in Jill s arms He does help Jill greatly, and I think some interesting stuff will come out of the two of them.Because there are so many twists, I didn t give any of the plot Just the issues the characters have to resolve I had a hard time rating it There is one sex scene, and a few that edge on sex, but never get there It read far like an Urban Fantasy, than a Paranormal Romance Jill has the same problem as most heroines do in her position, she repeats her feelings again, and again I wish some of that focus was given to the setting, or description There is a lot of gore, but the descriptions sometimes felt bogged down The plot was exciting and action packed, but it wasn t as shocking as the first book I was a little upset at the turn Declan took, but still rooted for him There was growth, and character development The series could be stopped here, but I hope for another book Beth Guest Reviewer Jillian Conrad S Blood Has Killed The Vampire King Now An Enemy To All Vampires, She Is Targeted For Elimination So Is The Infant Daughter Of The Dead King If Jillian Doesn T Stand In The Way Of Her Death, Then Everyone, Living Or Dead, Is In Great Peril